Overpopulation Bomb

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A book by a similar name "The Population Bomb" is often cited due to being a best-selling book and it was written by Stanford University Professor Paul R. Ehrlich and his wife, Anne Ehrlich (who was uncredited), in 1968, which made claims which were scary at the time, making a number of predictions, yet none of them coming true, or so the critics have said. Even today strangely the book is still referenced when the subject of overpopulation is brought up, with some of its outlandish ludicrous claims being cited as never happening and to shut up about it.

Billy Meier however disagrees, saying it continues to be a big problem. That it's causing unnecessary problems that we should manage and would eventually lead to a planetary oxygen collapse if it went on for long enough. It's a strange situation because we currently have the highest standards of living and quality of life in history, so it's difficult to say having more people has lowered the value of life. It's complicated and that's why discrimination against women has been thrown in as well as our religious beliefs and all the other factors.

The Henoch prophecies indicate the planet will be placed under a dictatorship if we do not place these limits ourselves, presumably because of the combination of being space faring by that short future time.

Overpopulation Bomb; Destruction of the Earth; Discrimination against Women

The world's population will double and triple very rapidly unless the insanely uncontrolled procreation of children is stopped very soon. Undeniably, all social, political, economic, natural, environmental, climatic and ecological problems on the Earth can be traced back to the population explosion, respectively overpopulation. From the population explosion to the collapse of the ecology, and the immediate future of our planet Earth.

When the population growth for the year 1993 is observed, one discovers with alarm that during this single year nearly 100 million additional humans populated the Earth. More closely scrutinized, the result shows that three newly born human beings arrived in this world every second:

1 second 3 humans
1 minute 180 humans
1 hour 10,800 humans
1 day 259,200 humans
1 week 1,814,400 humans
1 month 7,884,000 humans
1 year 94,608,000 humans

The year 1994, by comparison, was once again a year in which procreation of children far exceeded the norm, and twice as many humans were born, computing the following results:

1 second 6 humans
1 minute 360 humans
1 hour 21,600 humans
1 day 518,400 humans
1 week 3,628,800 humans
1 month 15,768,00 humans
1 year 189,216,00 humans

TThis is a fact that was neither discovered nor realized by the "World Watchers", other organizations or statisticians concerned with these matters, for they stubbornly abide by a pseudo-calculation scheme that establishes results only by rule of thumb. The fact is, however, that some years run contrary to the statisticians' rule on population growth, and it is possible that fewer or more additional inhabitants of Earth are born during a particular year. And 1994 was such a year when twice as many children were born than was anticipated. An additional element that comes into play is the fact that the world's population is considerably larger than the rule-of-thumb statistics lead others to believe, because many nations are capable of only providing population approximations, whereby many people are overlooked and this amounts to between 200 an 500 million people at any given time who are not counted in the overall population totals. Hence, the "World Watchers Record" and their statistics are not correct when their figures show that at the beginning of 1995 the Earth's population consisted of 5.75 or 5.85 billion humans. The truth is, instead, that on February 14, 1995, the total population amounted already to 6.27 billion human beings, a substantially larger figure than the statistics indicated. The "World Population Watchers" apparently do not take this discrepancy too seriously; evidently, several hundred million people are of no great significance to them. But this is where they err immensely. The population on Earth has reached the point where each and every human being is significant since each person contributes to the destruction and annihilation of all life on Earth, indeed the planet itself, in a constantly increasing proportion.

By the beginning of 1995, the world was populated by more than 6.27 billion humans; from this time onward, four more people per second are being added to this figure. The rate has since decreased marginally but, nevertheless, compared to the 1993 figure it has increased by one person per second, which was the inevitable result when in 1994 many more individuals became sexually mature and are now bringing more children into the world. Nearly three quarters (75%) of th Earth's inhabitants live in the developing countries; 2 billion of these people are starving, and every day 40,000 children die of hunger and malnutrition for a total of 14 million a year! Hunger generates every type of human adversity such as social tensions, revolutions and, ultimately, civil and international wars, whereby the battles for goods become increasingly more brutal and inhumane. For the people involved, a human life no longer has any meaning. Entire nations are plunged into terrorism, anarchy and chaos. Hunger, misery, distress, war, persecution and massacres force people to flee their homelands and immense human migrations occur in proportions never before experienced. In the Spring of 1995 alone approximately 200 million refugees existed. The exodus from the Third World is set into motion like a gigantic human steamroller, which begins initially within their home regions, but will soon increasingly expand in a northern direction – toward the lure of the industrial, economic and welfare nations with their full cooking pots, wealth, luxury and employment opportunities. However, through migration these opportunities become constantly rarer once the immigrants increasingly begin to occupy the jobs and are willing to work for lower salaries than the local residents, who lose their own livelihood and become welfare recipients as a result.

The wealthy 33% of the world's population reside in the northern industrial and economic nations, and on an average earn over ten times more per capita than the people in the poor Third World's nations to the South. This wealthy third produces 4/5 of the economic output in the world. In their unrestrained consumption craze, however, the inhabitants of the northern economic nations use 2/3 of the planet's natural resources, raw materials and energy reserves. The total environmental destruction initiated by the northern industrial nations is by far more devastating, more destructive and annihilative than that produced by all Third World countries put together, even though the industrial nations have on hand more advance technology, and are more capable of protecting their environment and of preventing damage to their surroundings than the developing nations.

Approximately 70% of all motor vehicles in the world are in the northern hemisphere, and they greatly accelerate the industrial nations' share of atmospheric and environmental pollution. Furthermore, people living in the northern industrial nations use nearly 100 times more water per person than inhabitants of the Third World – therefore they generate the largest and most massive share of water pollution, e.g., creeks, rivers, lakes and oceans. The steady increase in agricultural industrialization and its constant, unrelenting utilization of chemicals completely leach the soil and result in steadily decreasing harvests, increasing erosion and the rapidly escalating death of various species. Likewise, animals of all types are shot and exterminated in the "spirit of the sport" and for other threadbare reasons which, of course, exclude their protection and care by gamekeepers and wardens. Additionally, the world's oceans, creeks, rivers and lakes are overfished by small but highly mechanized fishing crews and fishing fleets with state-of-the-art technology. They negligently and irresponsibly decimate the supply of aquatic animals. Today, the fish yield by these expeditions is rapidly diminishing and many types of fish and other aquatic dwellers are threatened with extinction, while others have been exterminated altogether. However, the Third World nations to the South irresponsibly and criminally deplete nature as well. People, criminally and systematically, are cutting down the tropical rain forests; and as of the beginning of 1995, the forests have already been reduced, destroyed or annihilated to half of their original size.

The irresponsible degree and speed of environmental changes generated by humans can be clearly witnessed through satellite surveillance. Indeed, remote sensing photos prove that the Aral Sea in the lowlands of Turan in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan has shrunk by 50% in just 30 years, whereby 40% of that reduction occurred within a few years. This outlet-free salt lake is fed by the Amudarja and Syrdarja rivers, which can only reach into the lake during wet years, measured 54,400 square kilometers (21,004 square miles) in area. By 1990 the lake had shrunk by 40% over a period of 15 years, due to water depletion for irrigation. This shrinkage has led to the irrecoverable death of fish in this once fourth largest lake on Earth and has brought to an end the fishing industry and utilization of its fish. The blame rests upon agriculturists technicians, scientists and the government. One group drained water from the lake for intensive irrigation of gardens and agricultural grounds, the other groups provided the means and ways to do this, while the government in charge authorized everything and looked on without intervening. Such actions occur in nearly all nations on Earth, but are simply modified in one way or another depending on the circumstances. In the Mediterranean Sea, enormous destruction results, therefore, when various types of fertilizers and sewage drift into the sea from the Po river plains, and the Adriatic Sea becomes constantly polluted. The result from this pollution is a growing, horrendous annual algae plague that suffocates all lower life in the sea. Likewise, the harbor towns of Naples, Genoa, Brindisi, Catania, Syracusa, Trapani, Palermo, Marseille and many others contribute their share to this pollution as they simply route their poisonous sewage into the sea. A further gigantic, global threat is occurring as the Earth's ozone layer is depleted as a result of Man's fault and irresponsibility. Not only is the opening in the ozone layer above the South pole growing larger from year to year but elsewhere as well, for Man is destroying this indispensable protective layer against UV rays. These life-threatening UV rays from space now strike the Earth's surface more powerfully and endanger every terrestrial life-form. Above the Northern hemisphere a rapid thinning of the ozone layer is taking place as it, too, becomes dangerously depleted. The hole in the ozone layer is measurably and noticeably expanding and now reaches the temperate zones, resulting in "black cancer", or skin cancer in humans.

Concurrently, an artificially created greenhouse effect, generated by Man, is developing on a global scale that threatens life on Earth with total climatic collapse. Every type of unnatural catastrophe in nature directly results also from the human destruction mania. Meteorologists are today registering an increase in natural disasters, such as tropical hurricanes or cyclones, and abnormal droughts and floods. Even earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are a part of this scenario, although scientists continue to maintain that these events are purely natural, which is not consistent with the truth. Indeed, every one of these events has not been a totally natural occurrence in the customary, natural extent for a long time.

The ice caps at the Arctic and Antarctic poles, the icy plains of Greenland and the mountain glaciers are melting down rapidly and may raise worldwide ocean water levels. Entire low-lying island nations, as well as coastal regions will b endangered and could eventually vanish beneath the rising waters.

In his absurdity and selfishness, Man, who loves to call himself the crowning glory of Creation, has proliferated to such a degree that he has now become a vicious threat to all life throughout the globe. Man is the greatest menace to the Earth. He has by now initiated dangerous changes to countless lives worldwide, while humankind's population continues to grow incessantly at a furious, constantly increasing pace. For this reason alone Earth continues to turn into a wasteland. Man's insane desire to procreate is now leading him to the point where every social, ecological and economic woe is climbing immeasurably beyond the point of recovery.

Man is a part of Earth but he fails to understand the way of life. In his view not every human being is identical to the other, and if one belongs to another color, another race or variety, or if that person is simply a stranger, he or she will not be accepted, but is disregarded or hated, debased and persecuted. Power hungry and powerful individuals grab land an possessions from the helpless – and Man is dealing likewise with his native land, the Earth. He treats the Earth as a complete stranger, lives strictly for his own benefit and not for harmony between Earth and all life on it. He creeps in like a thief in the night, as a stranger, and robs the Earth of whatever he relishes; or, conversely, he destroys and annihilate everything on the planet as he pleases. He fails to live in harmony with the planet, his own Mother Earth and, instead, he has become her enemy; immediately upon conquering and subduing one part of her, he moves on to effect the same destruction elsewhere.

Man treats his native land, the Earth, its atmosphere, its bodies of water, its entire environment and its diverse life-forms and species as objects, which he may simply utilize, use, destroy, plunder and then discard and destroy when he is through with them. Man's voracious appetite for everything the Earth has to offer, and his excessive urge to procreate will ultimately devour and destroy the planet and all life on it, where he will leave nothing behind except for a dead, barren wasteland. How did terrestrial Man fall into this current dreary and destructive situation? To answer the question, the development from Man 's initial beginnings through to his current development must be considered. Over the past several million years, the human species, known as homo sapiens, continually multiplied to such an extent that it inhabited the entire world. In the first year (year 1 AD) of Christian time calculation, a mere 102.4 million human beings lived on Earth. By the year 1000 AD, Earth's entire population had grown to 300 million. Wars of all types, plagues and epidemics repeatedly killed millions of people, particularly during the Middle Ages. In Europe, especially during the 14th century, the "black death" decimated the population, whereupon the plague raged and prevailed to such a degree that humans died in great numbers, which ultimately amounted to many millions of deaths. Then, with initial major successes in medicine, Man's deathrate rapidly dropped off again, which resulted in more births than deaths. The population began growing at an accelerated pace, and by 1810 the population reached its first billion mark. Of course, not only did the number of new inhabitants increase on Earth, but the speed at which they multiplied also escalated. A dramatic problem arose that laid the path for the future destruction of all available living space, all life-forms and the planet itself. Inevitably, early warnings were expressed in regard to humanity's rapid growth increases and their destructive consequences. These warnings were disregarded, however, in the same way they are ignored today, at a time when the entire world is speaking of the global destruction caused by overpopulation. Meanwhile Man continues to suppress the overpopulation problem instead of doing something about it.

By 1926, in a world of 2 billion inhabitants, humankind observed a doubling of its population – after only 116 years. By 1960 the human population had already reached 3 billion, and by 1977 it was 4 billion. Therefore, it took just 51 years for the next doubling of the population. Ten years later, in 1987, the Earth's population totalled 5.1 billion; and by February 1995, after only a mere eight years – believe it or not – the number climbed to 6 billion. This figure is approximately 300 million higher than the incorrect worldwide statistics indicate. Clearly then, homo sapiens took several million years, about 4.5 million years beginning with the first human being, to reach the population mark of 1 billion, and then it took a mere 185 years to reach a number of human beings on Earth six times that large. These statistics should not come as a surprise, however, when overpopulation advocates such as the Catholic Supreme Shepherd, the Pope, vehemently and cunningly entice people; indeed, through their religious faith they practically force their followers to produce unlimited numbers of children in order to establish for themselves unlimited followers who, in turn, can be exploited by the Catholic Church. The Pope often quotes a biblical edict, which is, mildly put, irrational and criminal. The edict promotes the insanity of cultivating an overpopulation and is expressed in Genesis, Chapter 9, Verse 7 with the following words:

"And as for you, be fruitful and multiply; bring forth abundantly in the earth and multiply in it."

This is precisely what happened – and it continues even to this day. The edict is still fostered as a criminal deed against humanity, life and the planet not only by the Pope, his cardinals, bishops, priests and others, but also by their faithful believers. Even some governments, communities and other authorities officially pay large procreation and child support funds to the duped followers of these religions. Furthermore, by blindly adhering to the Pope, followers stifle all common sense from the very start. The Pope not only prohibits an often life-saving or otherwise vital abortion, but also all preventive measures and other birth control devices that would avert a pregnancy and procreation. He and his followers look upon abortion or any type of birth control device as blasphemous and inhumane. Yet, the Pope says nothing about the fact that innumerable women fall into need and misery when they become pregnant and give birth to children, or when the children are abused and mistreated by one or both parents – many women are also abused and mistreated – or when the children miserably starve to death because there is no longer any food for them. Is this demeanor not more abominable and inhumane? Apparently, the Pope's position bothers neither him nor any of his followers. When one of the faithful questions this approach, he or she pays a small offering as vindication to calm the guilty conscience. Certainly, neither this particular approach nor the sectarian phrases and flowery language will advance terrestrial humanity, nor will they resolve any of the many problems facing mankind – in particular, they will not resolve the greatest problem of them all: the planet's overpopulation from which all other existing evils and problems throughout the world arise. Humanity's growth rate is outpacing food production by leaps and bounds. Only a drastic reduction in terrestrial population, such as through plagues epidemics, starvation and wars, etc., can the equilibrium reestablish itself, that is if Man fails to come to his senses and does not stop the further increase in overpopulation by logical actions and countermeasures. He must initiate and effect strict, radical birth controls; he must encourage deliberate cessation of births, and must enforce these measures without clemency.

A few words must be directed toward food production. A mere 12% of the entire Earth's landmass surface is entirely arable for agricultural and horticultural purposes. The remainder of the planet's surface consists of areas that cannot be cultivated, such as mountains, rocky terrains, tundras, arid regions, forests and deserts. However, the 12% arable land is not proportional to the mass of humanity, because one single human being requires by nature a living space of 83,333 square meters (99,665 sq. yds.), and 4000 square meters, or 63.245 x 63.245 meters (4784 sq. yds. or 69.166 x 69.166 yards) of fertile ground or garden soil is required to feed him- or herself. Calculated for 6 billion people, this amounts to a total arable landmass requirement of approximately 24 million square kilometers (9.3 million square miles). Such an expanse is not available, however, because the entire planet's 12% arable land amounts to 18 million square kilometers (7.0 million square miles) – 6 million square kilometers (2.3 million sq. mi.) less than the 6 billion-strong humanity requires for adequate food production.

This discrepancy widens with every newborn child because the 12% arable landmass neither increases nor remains constant. On the contrary, the surface is reduced daily and dwindles through erosion, desertification and the construction of homes, streets, airports, villages, mega-cities and all types of large sport facilities, etc. etc.

Nine kilograms (19.8 lbs.) of grain are required to produce one kilogram (2.2 lbs.) of beef. One kilogram of meat is equivalent to 1 person's daily food requirement. By comparison, these same 19.8 lbs. of grain would feed 16 people.

Today three million fishing boats operate on the world's oceans and are greatly depleting the supply of fish and other aquatic life-forms. Over the past 40 years fishing quotas have tripled. In 1950, 20 million tons of fish and water inhabitants ended up in Man's food chain. By 1990, this amount increased to 100 million tons per year. Fishermen not only unscrupulously plunder the oceans but also lakes, rivers and creeks for the sake of income and profit – as long as their cash registers are ringing up returns. Business in this regard is conducted at a very professional level, albeit with total nearsightedness and irresponsibility in every aspect. The depletion of fish stocks has led to overfishing in all oceans and other bodies of water. Many ocean and lake creatures no longer have the ability to reproduce, or are depleted to such an extent that they are dying out or have already become extinct.

Man now faces the unfortunate situation where the fishermen, farmers, gardeners and others cannot keep pace with the demands of population growth. This means that the many tens of millions of people who are born every year, and who add to the current population masses, will only be fed if the people already alive now restrict their own food consumption. A totally new scenario now comes into play for Man, but he will not adjust to it. Consequently, millions of people will continue to starve to death; indeed, they will starve in ever-increasing numbers.

The Earth's atmosphere and climate present problems as well. In comparison with the size of this Earth, the atmosphere is actually only a very thin layer. Over the past 500 million years, a well-excogitated natural and complex cycle of patterns kept the ratio of various breathable gases for terrestrial life-forms at constant levels. Likewise, the temperature range of the air was kept within an extremely narrow range. A natural protective shield formed beneath which a moderate, equally natural greenhouse climate developed and, step by step, a multitude of life-forms began to flourish. However, over the last 100 years everything has changed because Man, his technology, production of poisons and other things, interfered with this sensitive equilibrium. He even changed the Earth's climate and is producing a new, dangerous, life-preventive and destructive greenhouse effect that threatens to slowly destroy everything. This is Man's self-betrayal that will lead to his own destruction and the annihilation of all life-forms and of the planet itself. Every year 23 billion tons of CO2 are released into the atmosphere through fossil fuel burning and motor vehicle engine combustion; 1 million tons of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) are released into the atmosphere by the chemical industry and consumers; 380 million tons of methane gas are generated by cattle farming, rice cultivation and garbage dumps in addition to 11 million tons of nitrogen-monoxide from nitrogen fertilizers and biologic mass burning.

Beyond a doubt, Man alone is responsible for the depletion of the ozone layer, the greenhouse effect and climatic changes on Earth – the larger the human population on Earth, the worse and more irremediable the situation becomes. Unquestionably, the climatic changes now evident will lead to increases in hurricane activity and other destructive natural events with catastrophic consequences. The overpopulation blight prevails simply because women are suppressed, disregarded and abused; they are considered inferior to men and are, therefore, condemned. A great many women have no rights. As a consequence, the men, especially through their religious faiths, threaten and strictly prohibit abortion and the utilization of birth control. These forms of discrimination occur not only within Christianity and its sects, but also in other religions and their associated sects, as the following brief excerpts prove:

Islam/Koran – Sure 4

"Men are above the women, because Allah has given the one part a superiority above the other."


"One hundred girls are not worth as much as one boy."


"A woman must never enjoy independence."

Christian Bible: Paul to the Ephesians in the New Testament

"The women shall be vassals to their men who are their masters."

The above quotes clearly demonstrate the value of women based upon a religious viewpoint and one upheld by many men. Still, these discriminatory words against women, though spoken in the past, nevertheless prevail even today. Such attitudes also guarantee the abuse of women as being mere birthing machines without being provided the necessary means with which to fight back. This, in turn, ensures that overpopulation is able to freely forge ahead, at an accelerated rate and in a more irretrievable manner.

The Catholic Church has erected an influential and powerful defense against the prevention of having children, respectively birth control. The Church holds a totally irrational attitude against any form of birth regulation and birth control, hence, it is adamantly against all rights of women and their own decision-making aspirations on children or pregnancy termination. Politicians as well curb women's rights in this manner. They sit in judgement and rob the women of their freedom by way of national laws. The result: unrestricted increases in birthrates are allowed to thrive in Catholic circles (along with those of other religions) and endanger all life on Earth, indeed, the very existence of the planet. The unrestrained procreation of children without the capability to introduce birthrate cessation and birth control is equivalent to fostering a culture of death. The criminal Holy Chair of Rome, respectively the Pope and all his lieges, have a horrendous power, whereby its occupant (as well as other religions and their representatives) leads all humanity and all life on the planet into misery, desolation, devastation and destruction.

The Pope and the College of Cardinals at the Vatican constitute the highest authority of the Catholic Church, which has a worldwide following of approximately 1 billion believers of all races. In 1968, Pope Paul VI's Encyclical Humanae Vitae came into force, whose title reads as follows: "On the correct order of passing on human life." Item # 14 describes the forbidden means of birth control in great detail, in the exact manner by which the means were concocted by the Pope, his cardinals and others in order to discriminate against women; to curtail their rights and to permit the continuation of the world population's uncontrolled growth – to the detriment and destruction of mankind, all life and planet Earth.

Encyclical Humanae Vitae, Item # 14 The direct termination of a procreation that has already begun, particularly by direct abortion – even when undertaken for curative purposes, is not a legitimate method to curb the number of children and is, therefore, an absolute abomination. Likewise, the direct, permanent or temporary sterilization of the man or the woman must be condemned. Equally objectionable is any action that intentionally prevents propagation, or is employed as a means to this prevention in anticipation of, during or after the consummation of the matrimonial act. 
One last item must be mentioned here: Anything the Pope says is hostile to humanity and life, and must simply be ignored, therefore, His prattle is irrelevant. What he says is without actual correlation to the issues now confronting the world and humanity.