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What is a Srut?

From the FIGU Forum (Questions Answered by Billy):

hello billy

i have been researching your information and am a believer i have taken your information seriously. i would like to know what srut is i found it in

thank you


Srut is the next higher training grade (Ausbildungsgrad) to an IHWH (with regard to spiritual teachings). The highest training grade is called „ban-srut“.[1]

Who is a Srut?

From the Contact Statistics, it is known that Sfath was a Srut.

In Contact Report 228, Quetzal finds out Billy is a Srut and Billy finds out Quetzal, Ptaah, and Semjase may have also reached the Srut degree level of evolution. In Contact Report 453, Ptaah states that he has achieved the first degree of the Srut level.

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