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Hawaiian 01:39, 26 September 2009 (UTC)"However, the book “OM” will also only supply you with vague clues when the time comes; thus, in spite of everything, you will still have to strive diligently around the full solution to the mystery."

Billy Meier, because of being re-incarnated with Nokodejon a spiritual form of the Arahat Athersata level, the original founder of Lyrian and Sirian white races, coming from beyond the confines of the DERN universe, his "inter connections" goes beyond the Plejaren's spiritual and technological level. Even though the Plejarens come from the same lineage, they lack the necessary "experiences" and "spiritual" encounters that Nokodejon has and continue to evolve that BEAM is the embodiment of all the evils done to Earth humans, the interferences from both ET's and other re-incarnated Earth humans coming from various segments throughout the universes at different spiritual and technological phases of development...he is at last, the final 7th prophet and "INTER-CONNECTION" to bridge a final solution to this most chaotic inter-relationships amongst ALL the entities in this and other universes.

Nokodejon's noble decision to "de-elevate" his spiritual development(if that is the right termonology?) from the Arahat Athersata level to a physical level as BEAM, in order to bring balance and harmony from his people's barbaric conquest of the DERN universe, then to again suffer another 60-80 million years of re-incarnation to the High Council level and another 60-80 billion years just to get back to his original Arahat, speaks of much honorable sacrifice. Not just for himself, but for laying the foundation for others still in physical, half-physical as well as the Arahat Athersta level to be equally "involved", through free will in bringing harmony and logically applying the laws of Creation, which in this case, some "adjustment" is justified according to one's desire of sacrifice.

That is the reason why BEAM will not fully disclose the answer directly to Quetzal...he needs to learn the truth himself, one how good is feeding someone food, when they need to digest it first? Also, there are times when opportunity presents itself for commitment and sacrifice, but are no longer valid once one leaves then decides later to resolve it.

Hawaiian 22:17, 26 September 2009 (UTC)Just to ponder...if truely what the Plejaren says that the DERN universe is 46.5 billion years old, then Nokodejon and his peoples are much older, thus one can conclude that (correct me) there are no Arahat Athersata that has yet to evolve in this universe for it takes another 60-80 billion years, unless "they" are in realms connected somewhat by Nokodejon himself coming into the DERN universe? Nokodejon is the "bridge" that inter-connects a much larger and more complex "reality" amongst the universes and the foundation he laid down and Billy Edward Albert Meier (BEAM) is a blueprint for the logical resolutions regarding all entities in this universe and others connected by Nokodejon himself. In addition other Earth humans being re-incarnated by other ET's and their particular "agendas" have this interconnection for bringing harmony and resolution for pass injustices (at least on their particular level) or attempts in sacrificing for the good but for some reason did not give fruit, have the opportunity to participate by logically following BEAM's advice and teaching....for each has an unique character of free will to do so....including those no longer in physical form.

For one can conclude that on a massive scale, humans as well as other intelligent entities in the DERN universe through wars and especially the insane conquest of Nokodejon's people, was not given the natural interference free environment to develop spiritually and had to resort to degenerative behaviours in other to simply survive. Thus, Nokodejon laid down the foundation for logical intervention to correct this and other degenerative activities coming from the Arahat Athersata level to the physical one as well.....we are all involved in this and will require each to play their part, no more "sitting on the fence" and doing so, one need not ponder why others (seemingly very less advanced or developed) suddeningly by passed them? Salome

Bigfoot said ...

Creation Exists in all times it is hard to understand this because we are coarse matter and not spirit evolved.Degenerate Humans see positive or negative answers True Humans see answers that are simple to understand.

--Bigfoot 09:13, 9 May 2010 (BST)

Hawaiian 21:16, 9 May 2010 (UTC) Your explanation appears perplexing, yet if one logically analyze the reason(s) for Nokodemjon's "re condensing" from a purely spiritual BEING into a coarse physical Being in order to bring order from chaos by his peoples in this DERN universe, does that mean that his prior connections to the spiritual world begins again at square one?

Yet, the Nokodemjon spirit "resides" in Billy, who has direct communications with the Arahat and Petale levels, an ability far beyond even the Plejarens who can only access the half-spiritual level of the High Council. Just by this fact alone, indicates a much more complex relationship between the coarse and fine material world that when one "finds" the inner connections which are NOT expressed, but in "essence" form, he/she will then realize that there are additional avenues besides the accepted Creational laws of evolution.

Because, I think Nokodemjon's intervention has been a precedence that never occurred before, since Creational laws as currently known, is a progressive method of spiritual evolution from a coarse to half-spiritual to pure spiritual (Arahat level) to the various developmental stages up to the Petale and finally the Absolute.

Thus, Earth humans have these "potentials" to also evolve at a much higher rate, if he/she only disciplines themselves and apply the necessary attributes to evolve instead of finding more excuses of not doing so.

Alive said ...

I wrote a comment about mister Billy and Elsi, but then, after the second thought, I erased it. I think it is better not to talk about the case of mister Billy-Elsi anymore, not because of privacy (I do not care much about their privacies), but because of the possible confusions triggered by my comment. It would be better if I only say that I have a sympathy for Elsi and I wish her a long simple life, which is more peaceful and more solemn than any other woman ever had.

---- M -- 21:05, 24 August 2012 (BST)

Markvd said ...

You know there are many in need of Council from every direction no matter how high or low far or near it would be good to have a group for every 5 persons in our world of mazed minds. If Earth as they say is a halfway point, I am already confused and lost in the maze. I am extremely filled with joy that we have eternity to improve our overall level of everything. :)

--Markvd 22:18, 24 August 2012 (BST)