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Markvd said ...

Although it is filled with correctness let us take it from another perspective. Let us say those that wrote the letter were in the same predicament as Earth. Greed, power, control has been the mainstay qualities passed down from generation to generation. It would be very difficult to convince man of Earth when they are controlled and obseesed by material objects such as money. It would be nice if Earth as a whole had more scientific and intelligent leaders rather than smooth talkers but let us just say they are working on it.:) Earth's current mathematical calculations are somehow awakened when it pertains to dollars and cents but gets lost and when they most need it and is lacking common sense when the most important matters arise. The observation is accurate but I think until man can balance there desires they will not heed any warnings until disaster has befallen them. The responsible folks are already present in each nation it is up to the corrupt leaders to step down and allow them to add there 2 cents and balance out the worlds course.

--Markvd 22:17, 6 March 2011 (UTC)