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Hawaiian 16:33, 12 August 2009 (UTC)Yes, Power has been associated with the ability to influence others in both positive and negative ways. However as stated in this article, people with power are often unhappy due to materialistic "endeavors" and unbalanced spiritual accomplishments.

In part, due to themselves and their associates living beyond the means of others who can only dream of such excessive materialistic behaviours. These individuals are often unsatisfied with their "accumulations" and "compete" with their peers for more insane "Power" in order to be "accepted" in this exclusive "members only" club of powerful society. Thus, while the rest of the world suffers from wealth and other things being concentrated by a few, they none-the-less still seek more power.

Like some drug addict, these power lustful individuals "need" more power to "satisfy" their insane habit because they don't know or have experienced what hardship is really about. They have no idea of appreciating the finer aspects of life found in simple things rather than extravigences. Therefore in the best interests of those in power, maybe it's best that they "experience" the hardships of others in order to "gain" the necessary experience and knowledge to better understand, then appreciate the finer things in life.

However, such "influences" can only be imparted by those who have a higher spiritual and indeed more power than these people, for their mindset are not disciplined enough to do it themselves, being as power lustful in the first place. So, therefore we have a delimna here, either way, doing nothing from those that have the power is the same as being involved by not doing nothing. Thus it is always true, those who are not part of the solution is part of the problem.

Neckel You are right, thats the principle of self responsibility......but one doesen't need to have a "higher spiritual" sense to do something against the problem,........ if so, you could hand over the responsibility of solving the problem to other fellow men again, we are all in the same mess and are equally responsible for everything. :)) - I actually wanted to say with the article that everyone can work this real kind of power (harmony, calm, inner strength) out by himself, by learning and learning and applying the learned features. - Salome

Are saying that those with a "higher spiritual" sense DO NOT have a responisbility to "assist" in bringing harmony for those oppressed by other "higher beings"? I think not, for Nokodemion has already laid the ground work of intervention from the Arahat spiritual level down to our physical material realm of existence. We can all agree that there are two energies of existence, the fine and coarse matter being "inter-connected or interfaced by intelligent beings, that being the case, then there are also two realms of responsibilities in order to maintain harmony and balance between the negative and positive forces, this being the malevolent verses the benevolent races.

Both of these "higher beings" have been constantly at odds with each other, unfortunately Earth humans being the center of the "battleground" in regards to spiritual evolution. Thus one can say that these beings are not at all innocent of being directly and indirectly responsible for much of the ills and degeneration still going on. For instance it is well documented that evil intelligences have been working to control, disrupt the current Peace Meditation process (men in black trying to have earth humans spiritually kill off world leaders) and of course we all know about the Giza intelligences.

Yes, currently there are some Earth humans that have re-incarnated spirits who share the opinions mentioned above during many episodes of conflicts between these malevolent and benevolent intelligences for times passed. These are the ones that be a driving force for the Plejarens should they consider being in alliance with, for they have the necessary experiences that span the entire episode from the time of the insane Creator overlords creation of manipulated DNA warriors, the former benevolent counter parts of the C.O., then turned malevolent for elevating themselves as gods and creating religions that still degenerate Earth the ones that destroyed Malona, Atlantis, MU and numerious distruction on Earth.

All these events happened at least over the time period it would have taken the originators to fulfill the necessary 40-60 million year evolution into the current spiritual development of the now High Council resides on. The question remains....if this is true...then violation of Creational laws are acceptable for spiritual evolution...if so, then it sets a dangerous presidence...that not intervening at the proper stage flies in direct contridiction to what Nokodemion has done!

That is the question these "higher" intelligences should at least ponder....meanwhile...Earth humans (re-incarnated spirits) have to take all the responsibilities exclusively and solve this problem ourselves, even though it may be destroyed by malovent forces currently in control of Earth?

Neckel What is for you a being with "a higher" intelligence and " higher spitritual sense" ? The Plejarens and Billy gave us the material to do what we have to do and made us free from the Gizah intelligences as well as from the MIB. The core message is among others to take self responsibillity. You are right, in the past extraterrestrial humans did some bad things to the earth humans and interfered with the evolution. But hey were humans, not beings with a higher spiritual sense like in the esoterics. Do you think the earth humans are innocent and therefore the higher evolved ones should do the work for us ? The europeans for example interfered also in the developpment/evolution of the africans and the native americans.... If i learned something from FIGU and Billy than that there is no, but absolutely no excuse not to take our self responsibillity. Of course those who have the knowledge should assist, what do you think Billy and the Plejaren are doing ? What do you think the people implicated in the mission are doing ? They are working and working for us, so that we all get this important information so that everyone can become free. We are all on the same evolutional level with very small/tiny differences. They give us the knowledge to react appropriately and not to hand the action over to others again. Earth will not be destroyed by "others", it will be destroyed by us if we don't react and change to the better. Thats my opinion, but I accept your opinion too. - Salome

Hawaiian 20:24, 23 August 2009 (UTC)I believe the Giza Intelligences were "allowed" to exploit, manipulate and interfer with worldly affairs until their removal from Earth by the Plejarens, not because of concern for past and current events, but because they were a threat to BEAM's life and the Plejaren mission. Bear in mind that leading up to WWII, one have the Plejarens on one side and the MIB, Giza and others both sending positive and negative impluses to world leaders and scientists, yet these "higher" intelligences never directly confronted each was and continue to be the Earth humans as pawns in this power struggle.

However, I think you're reading too much into the "innocent" of Earth humans..quite not the case, but remember our (some) re-incarnated spirit(s) span a long period since the great division of the Lyrian into two distinct groups, the creator overlords, their counterparts responsible for religions and the Plejaren alliance....with of course Earth humans right smack in the middle of this delimna! Please read the discussion of Special Bulletin 38 about cause and effect, which will clarify more on this topic's approach. Then ponder on the topic of "equational potentials" that are so inherited in Earth humans because of the manipulation in the ageing gene and other factors responsible for the very existence of the creator overlords.

One can only be a part of the solution or be a part of the problem...sitting on the fence does not count as a contributing asset. We are not talking about "handing" over the responsibility....although it does make some logical sense considering past attempts to "rectify" negative influences from those human parasites.

These "good" Earth humans can be easily indentified by the Plejaren's technology and like seedlings, can be a vital asset in addition to BEAM's message, after all the necessary experiences and knowledge from numerious re-carnation are "inherited" in themselves...but just need the proper impluses to grow and take charge of the situation at hand. If the chart depicting the various levels of spiritual development from basic human characteristics up to the Petale level is true, showing space traveler's level that reaches into the Arahat, then is it not valid to say, those that came to Earth in beam ships, that are now re-carnated, also have that "potential" of reaching into the same level as those that now travese the universe?

If so, then there lies the solution between not just Earth humans, but also for the Plejarens, creator overlords, and their counter parts the benevolent, then turned malevolent sons/daughters on heavens responsible for religions. And we need not wait another 900 years to make this happen...all the pre-requistes are at hand....but someone needs to make that most important decision? We can still continue to read and individually acknowledge in our own limited capacity to interpret BEAM mission...and be subjected to negative counter measures by those in power....or maybe "sitting on the fence" by others is the "appropriate" measure...although, none the less, the positive results if granted, will also benefit them?

There are dangers in allowing the interface between machines and the human brain as depicted in the prediction for Earth humans within 800 years from now. Why? because as stated above in the access of spiritual levels, the "essence" of humans being incorporated into machines will enable these hybrids access to the 6th and 7th senses, and knowing the pass events in manipulating humans, they have the capacity to allows desiring freedom, it is an inherited capacity that cannot be denied, even for hybrids...that is the danger. And allowing it to happen is none other than gross neglience on the part of those capable of preventing it. Same rule applies to what happened to Earth saying we are all exclusively responsible for the ills begotten us is rather strange indeed?

Neckel Thank you for your wise words......... You seem to know a lot about Billy Meier. Did you read the book "Die Geschichte des Nokodemjon" from Bernadette Brand ? Did you also read "Die Macht der Gedanken" in German ? You must have, because you know so much about the Nokodemjon-Henoch lineage and the law of cause and effect.......... - But actually this is no forum and here we are going off topic from the article. - Salome

Hawaiian 05:15, 27 August 2009 (UTC)You're very welcomed, actually I only know BEAM through the German-to-English translations off the internet, since I don't read or speak German, maybe one day I'll like to talk to him if possible, but would need a translator or device? I've never read any of those books, but it would be interesting indeed for sure. The Nokodemjon-Henoch lineage goes back a very long period as well as the yellow race too.

The cause and effect principle in Special Bulletin 38 is one of the most important "keys" in understanding and finding the proper "solutions" to correct misdeeds done in the past as well as addresses those in the future that has yet to occur. It's this "interconnections" between the the various "realms" or levels of both the fine and coarse matter with intelligent beings as the "inteface" between these two. There are similar events I've experienced and was puzzled until I came across BEAM's mission statements that explain a major portion of it that still uncovers a few more surprises each time this material is throughly analyzed by logical reasonings...many "hidden" conceptional encounters are there if only one "seeks" with an open mind devoid of ego or manipulation. I will try my best to uncover these and make it available to others to ponder and add to, since we are both transmitters and receivers to be ONE of the same. Good luck to all those who seek the Truth and many thanks to Billy Meier and his associates. Hope that Semjase recovers swiftly and return before BEAM leaves us to be re-incarnated again.

I have separated the author's original statements by putting a number before it, followed with my opinions. But it may be presented differently, since I played with the Wiliki formatting, so bear the primitive concept of written words as telepathy is not an option in this case :-)

''~~~~[[1. "Power"]] always asks for more "power" because there are always other powerful people around oneself, and because of that one has to become more powerful to satisfy the criteria’s already mentioned above. "Power" asks for more "power" without end and it attracts people with similar goals and similar thinking.'''''

This example refers to the vicious cycle of “Power Lust”, the same type of negative behaviors elicited by both Earth humans and malevolent ET’s responsible for numerous violations of Creational Laws that still continue to restrict mankind’s evolutionary development.

Those caught in this vicious cycle of degeneration are only deemed for total destruction of not only themselves, but the worlds they live in. They must “tow” the line in order to remain in favor with their fellow degenerative peers, or risk losing their “power” and be destroyed in the process even though it might bring about a minute iota of difference.

2. People who are attached to power are in a state of mind of a drugged person, which inhibits free thinking and the senses in order to create real peace and harmony inside oneself.

In a physical sense, true, but there has been instances where some good has emerged, especially when these degenerative ones have experienced “guilt” through non-coarse environments such as dreams where the situation is reversed. Also, some have a change of “heart” when suddenly things that mean dearly to them are no longer there, loved ones perished for some strange reason and then “guilt” or self-blame emerges from the darkness.

But, some like Jehovah or the Giza Intelligences have very little hope for evolution except for total elimination.

3. All the wealth and the so called power of this world are worthless, if you want to have a normal and evolutional life inside yourself, because it doesn’t give you any advantage in reality.

In actuality, people who are in “positions of power” have two options, they can either use their authority to assist in elevating those under their “power” or, as in most cases (unfortunately) abuse such measures to benefit themselves and those around them. These “options” are NOT applicable only to physical Earth humans, but also include those beings in the half physical/spiritual and others further up the chain.

Just because one has evolved into a higher plane of evolution, does not mean they are no longer obligated to assist those that have been Uncreational abused and left to fend for themselves, when those in power had that option, but stood by doing nothing or decided to send “ten foot pole” impulses to be nullified by malevolent ET’s sending their own degenerated impulses..

This is related to the Cause and Effect criteria which encompasses throughout the entire spectrum of evolutionary spiritual development, even into the Petale level. “Power” is the ability to empower those who compassionally seek Creational harmony, yet willing to sacrifice one’s own evolutionary attributes in order to assist those less fortunate then himself/herself regardless of the consequences to themselves. Nokodemjon has already done this remarkable feat of foregoing further spiritual development while in the Arahat Athersata spiritual level and came back into the purely coarse physical realm over 12 billion years ago to bring back harmony to his created people’s insane quest of power lust abuses in the DERN universe.

Now the ground work has already been established by Nokodejion, it is up to those in this level and below to decide whether they want to exercise their options through free will in accordance to the “inter-connections” as stated in FIGU Special Bulletin 38 along with other posting found in the Discussion tabs throughout this website which explains the “equational potentials” a rather unique circumstances found on Earth only that presents us with some very interesting evolutionary experiences not found any where else in the DERN universe!

BEAM or Billy is the embodiment of the entire spectrum from Nokodemjon re-incarnated spirit, to the separation between the Sirius Creator Overlords and Lyrians over 7 billion years ago, the numerous space wars that ensued and now lives on Earth suffering from the same interferences as fellow mankind.

He is the interface between the positive and negative forces that shaped this most interesting dilemma being played out on Earth with its various complex “inter-connections” throughout the DERN universe. We all have something to contribute, but first need to get the necessary “Awareness” through self-discipline, harmony, meditation of clear “sight” and hopefully assistance from our more elevated fellow beings