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Stephen Moore (User "Ufofacts") 06/09/2009

The following is my own words and thoughts and are not the words of Billy Meier or any FIGU member:-

The time is long overdue for all Humans on Earth progressing on their incarnation cycle to put down their differences, childish nonsence and hate for eachother. The rain of hatred, greed, lust for power and lust for material wealth is rampent on the Earth. Responsible ones, who through the subservient masses of Humans, maintain their power at the cost of innocent life. Earth Humans have given their power away through hundreds of years of electing and supporting criminal men in positions of power, who care not for the people but for themselves and their own interrests.

Armed with their war machines, lies and threats they trample on the Earth and the Earth Human. Taking in ever more money at the cost of the poor man/woman. They live a life of self indulgence and self importance with the delution that they are the right full ones to hold power over the Earth Human. Taxes rise, the Earth is exploited, wars rage, suffering and poverty continue as the responsable ones play their war games in the delusion that they will be successful in obtaining power, wealth and control over their fellow Earth Humans.

Money is wasted on the technology of more powerfull, destructive and insane weapons and research into more destruction leads only to one thing. Self destruction. Ignorance that wars and destruction bring peace is a delusion of a sick mind. True peace comes not from war, hatred, greed but from knowledge, wisdom, understanding and true love. Self responsability, respectively taking responsability for our own actions and thoughts as we continue the learning process of evolution will bring us forward and make us wise and knowledgable. We would realise that the resposable ones who hold power over us on this Earth by our own actions of voting and supporting them is wrong and can no longer be tollerated. A wakening to the knowladge and understanding that the responsable ones are responsable for their own actions and thoughts too and if they fail in their responsability of their position in power then they can not be aloud to hold their position of power.

The time for the Human of Earth to take resposability is long overdue. We are responsable for the wrongs that happen on Earth. Religious wars and hatred, hatred for a skin colour, hatred of a country, hatred of a fellow human and the irresponsible exploitation of Planet Earth. We are responsable for voting and supporting criminal men in positions of power. We are responsible therefore the removal of the criminal men that we voted for and support. Put down your religions, machines of death, missions of making enormous wealth and join together as a one, united human race and take responsability for yourselves and your own well being and never be subservient to criminal, self interested, greedy rulers who will ultimatly bring the world to a desert waste land where only few of Creations creations survive.

Hawaiian 07:08, 7 September 2009 (UTC) I totally agree with your comments! These power lustful, selfish greedy individuals currently in power will stop at nothing to further "gain" more power at the expense of others. They are even trying to manipulate the other realms beyond the 5 basic senses to further their evil agendas. Could it be that these individuals are the re-incarnated evil spirits that once destroyed the planet Malona or others that abused Earth and other humans that lived here, manipulating the process for their own gain?

The High Council was once "providing" guidance to the Hyperboeans here on Earth in pass time...maybe they know the answer to this question or resolution? Somehow it now goes into their realm of existence that is beyond the capabilities of more than 99.99 percent of Earth humans at this time.

Stephen Moore (User "Ufofacts") 08/09/2009

From my own thinking I think it is not possible that these are "evil spirits". In the Goblet of Truth under chapter Good or evil – what is human nature? Billy explains that no spirit is Evil or born Evil. Evil is something that Humans learn. Also when a Human dies his consciousness-block of the life that has just been lived is processes and the usefull, knowledgable, wisdom is merged with the overall consciousness-block and thus this process it in the fine matter or spiritual energy form. The rest of the consciousness-block is desolved or deleted.

When a spirit incarnates the overall consciousness-block creates a new consciousness-block once the spirit enters the body at the 21st day. This new consciousness-block is void of any past knowledge, wisdom etc so no knowledge of past evil things lernt in a previous life is stored. The overall consciousness-block "downloads" to your sub conscioussness stored information, knowledge and wisdom from previous lifes. Plus the overall consciousness-block impulses your sub consciousness as we go through life.

This is my understanding so for me I think it is not possible for Humans to know there past lives until we have evolved consciously much more to be able to use our consciousness related powers and energy to look back in time.

I would love to read about the high councel providing guidence to the Hebraon (if this is what you ment by Hyperboeans). Would it be possible to post here where I can find that information.

Thanks for your comment above. Much appreciated

Just to add another thought to this ..... If a human does something wrong in life then there is a good possibility that the human will learn from that mistake and gain wisdom. But that means the human must recognise the mistake and know why it was wrong. Thus the human is being responsable. If however the Human does not learn from the mistake then there is a possibility that the human may make the same mistake again in the present lifetime or future life times due to no knowledge and wisdom being learnt from being responsable for the humans actions. Which is one reason why capital punishment is wrong. THe human being is not given time in his/her present lifetime to be responsable for their actions and learn from them.

Hawaiian 00:25, 13 September 2009 (UTC) spirit is evil, but to allow "its" personality to continue its evilness onto others is a violation of Creational law...and makes one ponder why Nokodejion with the approval of higher spiritual beings to withhold re-incarnation of those responsible for the great oppression of his people in this DERN universe during past times. It was upheld for such a long period of time, that the memory banks was about to be deleted, thus re-incarnation was allowed to happen.

Chaos and wars soon re-appeared when his people again split into two factions, on one side the current Plejarens, on the other the Creator Overlords and their co-horts along with the manipulated DNA warriors (Earth). And it continues to this day..the lust of power exists, causing more disharmony, therefore one has to conclude that the past and current Creational laws need to be "adjusted" in order to maintain harmony amongst the various realms of spiritual as well as coarse material energies for this DERN universe. It is just not working and another type of Nokodejion intervention may be in order to restore balance?

I was referring to the Hyperboreans not the Hebraon (Jews), although their language spellings are very familiar to the Plejarens. At that time, the Hyperboreans was actively waging war against those in Atlantis and Mu. The High Council was summoned when the Hyperborean leader finally grew tired of yes their are part of the picture here on Earth and their involvement could be most advantageous in bringing the necesary harmony.

What good is for the spirit if the personalty continues to oppress others throughout its life without remorse or any cause or affect? Yet allowed to continue...therefore not just violating Creational laws, but most importantly restricting or eliminating another human (spirit) of its necessary growth. Degeneration occurs at both levels, one living off another...just like human parasites at the expense of the unfortunate. Thus one has to ask, if capital punishment is wrong, then what about killing another through more suttle ways, like oppression? All this happens while those in higher spiritual levels sit by and let it it because they are only concerned about their "evolution" and not those they are obligated to assist?

That is why I have much more respect for Nokodejion, who forgo his further spiritual development from the Arahat level and returned to the physical plane in his honorable attempt to bring his peoples back into Creational harmony. This in effect is the "solution" for this DERN universe, how the others left in higher spiritual realms react is their progrative and are also included in this "cause and effect" inter relationship.

One must look at the whole picture, before stating "its all the responsibility of Earth humans to find and resolve "their" misgivings" I've heard this "explanation" far too many times and getting rather mandane of hearing it!

The "normal" Creational approach as depicted by BEAM's interpretation may not be "written in stone" as not to allow "adjustments", simply because if everything was, then Creation will no longer be Creative and in no need for "evolution". It will come to a longer evolving. This is logical reasonings and open for further discussions. Aloha ka kou....and Salome

Neckel - All this happens while those in higher spiritual levels sit by and let it it because they are only concerned about their "evolution" and not those they are obligated to assist? - By all dear Respect Hawaiian, also the other, in your opinion "normal" people let it occur without assisting others. By all due respect, i think you are not aware of the whole picture. There are no persons with higher spiritual levels, except Billy, and noone will save you if you don't act yourself. You seem to be really convinced by your big knowledge, but the wise ones know that they know nothing. FIGU members and also members from other organisations like amnesty international or "BUND" in germany or others, are doing a hell of a work besides their regular jobs ! to make the governments aware of the overpopulation/climate change/environmental destruction problem and are fighting for the environment or for human rights and at the same time are trying to keep their famillies in a harmonious stage. Are you doing the same or are you waiting for extraterrestrials saving you ? Instead of making big and illogical talks here you could do the same outside the internet.

If one lives in a own house and destroys everything, then one can't expect the neighbour to clean the self produced mess up, or do you ask your neighbour to clean up your house after a big party ? I don't. You have much more respect for Nokodemjon but you have less respect for the others helping Nokodemjon in his task, or for other people not related at all to Ufology and FIGU ? Das nennt man mit zwei Massen messen. You really should talk to Billy and send him a Fax, about your statements.... I know what he will tell you :)) Salome from Europe ! P.S. I recomend you to also read my open letter Open Letter To All Fellow Men and this Excerpt from “Stimme der Wassermannzeit” (“Voice of the Aquarian Age”) #146, pp. 1 – 3 - FIGU USA (Which i find extremely good)

Hawaiian 05:35, 15 September 2009 (UTC)Unfortunately your ego has gotten the better of you for stating such ridiculus assumptions that I expect some ET to "save" me? It may just be the opposite of who "saves" who? Much of what is mentioned are for those that know all the "interconnections" that occurred throughout this whole episode, unfortunately these statements "I" have made was not meant for you, considering your negative responses...yet know nothing of the real "hidden" meanings which the High Council and other higher beings have the ability to understand, for written words have essence and unfortunately is too primitive for conveying true thoughts.....and I salute you for trying in earnest to interpretate.

FIGU, and those at the Sejase Silver Center are doing a magneficant job...but the majority of Earth are not disciplined enough, nor will those in power allow such changes to occur, rather destroy Earth. I've read the Open Letter and as expected, however noble...pretty much fell on deaf ears! I don't know of BEAM's fax number....and at this point....don't know if it will make any difference at all...since most of his "desired" knowledge has been "classified" by the Plejarens..

So there we have this trod along...using the most peaceful means of evolutionary changes...that have proven very much not affective or the most direct approach? That question is for others with the ability to do so to ponder before even "they" are threatened, then more drastic measures will be forthcoming. Bear in mind that even the Plejarens are humans and prone to mistakes and that Creational laws may be universal...but not necessary unique for each universe, there may be reasons for a "particular" adjustment?

There my friend...we may be at odds...but certainly we share the same goal...that humans as well as other intelligences are to be honored as One of the Whole and should live in Peace and Harmony...not with aggression and exploitation! You can fax any of the posting I've done or do whatever...I won't bother he has much on his mind, but I will continue to analyze anything new for the challenge it invokes are quite intoxicating!