The Earth Human Speaks Of A Love That He Does Not Know

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March 2006 – a compilation of Meier/Plejaren excerpts on love, by gaiaguys' Vivienne Legg, FIGU-Landesgruppe Australia

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"Reverence, human of the Earth, is the fundamental element of all existence, so it is therefore also the fundamental element of love itself, which is built on this all-embracing reverence. And since this is so in truth, it is also an impossible thing that love, once awakened and built up in truthfulness, can ever weaken again and become cold, or could transform into hate or be annihilated." – Billy Meier, in his book, Law of Love. "Ehrfurcht, Mensch der Erde, ist das grundlegende Moment aller Existenz, so also ist sie auch das grundlegende Moment der Liebe selbst, die sich aufbaut auf dieser allumfassenden Ehrfurcht. Und da dem so ist in Wahrheit, ist es auch ein Ding der Unmöglichkeit, dass eine einmal erwachte und in Wahrheitlichkeit aufgebaute Liebe jemals wieder sich abschwächen und erkalten oder aber sich in Hass umwandeln oder vernichtet werden kann."

In the renewed teachings provided by (Billy) Eduard Albert Meier, and his Plejaren extraterrestrial helpers and teachers, we are repeatedly faced with the words knowledge, wisdom, truth, logic, spirit, and cognition. Especially the importance of truth, knowledge and wisdom is stressed. Truth. Knowledge. Wisdom. This is very striking to me, coming from a Christian background.

Semjase's Introduction to the Spiritual Teachings reiterates these concepts over and over.

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"51. Wisdom is a distinguishing feature of Creation that, as a fragment, inhabits the human as spirit. "51. Weisheit ist ein kennzeichnendes Merkmal der Schöpfung, die als Teilstück, als Geist im Menschen wohnt.
52. Therefore, the human shall increase his knowledgeable wisdom, and he will recognize Creation. 52. Daher mehre der Mensch seine wissende Weisheit, und er wird die Schöpfung erkennen.
53. He shall increase his search for truth, and he shall know about the power of wisdom. 53. Er mehre seine Suche nach Wahrheit, und er wisse um die Kraft der Weisheit.
54. Cognition of the truth brings liberation from all restrictions. 54. Erkenntnis der Wahrheit bringt Befreiung von allen Begrenzungen.
55. It brings boundless knowledge and wisdom." 55. Sie bringt grenzenloses Wissen und Weisheit."

The same is also stressed in the original, (un-falsified) teachings of Jmmanuel, relayed in the text, Talmud Jmmanuel, (discovered in the actual burial cave of Jmmanuel by Billy Meier in 1963). Aware that some Christians, or people with Christian backgrounds dismiss the original teachings of Jmmanuel as lacking "the Christian love ethic" or even misinterpret them as being "full of hate" because of Jmmanuel's strident criticism and identification of falsifiers and other wrong-doers, I have been very conscious of how the concept of love is dealt with in these teachings over-all. A clear example is provided in Talmud Jmmanuel where a Pharisee asks, "Jmmanuel, which is the foremost commandment in the law?" Christians expect to find, "Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind." But instead Jmmanuel says, "The highest directive in the law of Creation is this: Achieve the wisdom of knowledge, so that you may wisely follow the laws of Creation." This is no denial of the importance of love. Jmmanuel was telling the people how to come to experience love.

Semjase's teaching continues,

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"56. Wisdom is a powerful means to recognize the laws of Creation. "56. Weisheit ist ein machtvolles Mittel, um die Gesetze der Schöpfung zu erkennen.
57. A human who is filled with love is also rich in wisdom, and a human who is rich in wisdom is also full of love." 57. Ein Mensch, der von Liebe erfüllt ist, ist auch reich an Weisheit, und ein Mensch, der reich an Weisheit ist, ist auch voller Liebe."

In no way is love absent or of secondary importance in these teachings. The following is from Billy Meier's book Arahat Athersata, in which he relays to us the message of the "We-Form" called Arahat Athersata, which is beyond space and time, and which, we are told, relayed this teaching also to Jmmanuel around 2000 years ago.

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"733. The law of love is the basic law of all Creational laws, and this law also embodies the basic law for you Earth-humans. "733. Das Gesetz der Liebe ist das Grundgesetz aller schöpferischen Gesetze, und dieses Gesetz verkörpert auch das Grundgesetz von euch Erdenmenschen.
734. Who therefore does not exercise universal love to all offends against a directive of the order and against a law of the determination. 734. Wer sich daher nicht in universeller Liebe übt zu allem, der verstösst gegen ein Gebot der Ordnung und gegen ein Gesetz der Bestimmung.
744. Love in the universal sense alone enables the bringing forth of the required power for the attainment of knowledge, wisdom and truth through which, altogether, an abandoning of all pure worldly, negative and degenerated things and striving would be achieved." 744. Die Liebe im universellen Sinne allein ermöglicht das Aufbringen der erforderlichen Kraft zur Erlangung von Wissen, Weisheit und Wahrheit, durch die insgesamt ein Ablassen von allen rein weltlichen, negativen und ausgearteten Dingen und Strebungen erreicht wird."

Rather than this emphasis on truth, knowledge and wisdom being a denial of the importance of love it is, in reality, entirely the opposite. The renewed teachings lay the necessary foundation for the true understanding and development of love, a foundation which is not provided at all by Christianity. Despite the repeated Christian teaching about God's love, love for neighbors, love for enemies, and so on, the requisite understanding and reverence is denied followers, not only with the omission of teachings about the necessary acquisition of knowledge, wisdom and reason, but with the active discouragement of these things through the requirement, instead, for complete faith and trust in God through which all problems would be solved.

But how does Billy Meier define love? In Law of Love, he tells us repeatedly:

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"Love is the absolute certainty that one lives with and coexists with everything, thus, in everything which exists: In fauna and flora, in the fellow humans, in every material and spiritual life-form, no matter which kind, and in the existence of the entire universe and beyond. "Liebe ist absolute Gewissheit dessen, selbst in allem mitzuleben und mitzuexistieren, so in allem Existenten: In Fauna und Flora, im Mitmenschen, in jeglicher materiellen und geistigen Lebensform gleich welcher Art, und im Bestehen des gesamten Universums und darüber hinaus.
Love in its essential definition therefore means: Liebe in ihrer eigentlichen Definition bedeutet also:
A feeling of absolute certainty that one lives together with all that exists in absolute certainty and in the absolute feeling of this: that the existence of the other is a part- existence of one's own existence, no matter whether it deals with a plant, a spirit-form an animal, a planet, a stone or a fellow human. Absolute Gewissheit fühlen, dass man in allem Existenten mitlebt in absoluter Gewissheit und im absoluten Fühlen dessen, dass die Existenz des anderen eine Teilexistenz der eigenen Existenz ist, ganz gleich, ob es sich um eine Pflanze, eine Geistform, ein Tier, einen Planeten, einen Stein oder um einen Mitmenschen handelt.
Love is the absolute certainty and the absolute knowledge and the absolute feeling and comprehension that all life is a fragment of ones own life, because everything together is an entire We-Form in the Ur-eternal BEING of all existence, and only may exist in the knowledge and perception of love as the entire existence. Liebe ist die absolute Gewissheit und das absolute Wissen und das absolute Fühlen und Erfassen, dass alles Leben ein Teilstück des eigenen Lebens ist, weil alles zusammen eine Gesamt-Wir-Form im urallzeitlichen SEIN aller Existenz ist und nur im Wissen und Empfinden der Liebe als Gesamtexistenz zu existieren vermag.
Love, therefore, is the absolute knowledge and feeling, the absolute perception and empathy, in communion in original form with all existing life in all the entire universal forms and beyond, in the absolute wisdom of this: that one's own existence is also a part- existence of every other existing life-form, which is, however, just as much a fragment of ones own existence, and that, collectively, entire universal life-forms only therefore exist because that truly is so." Liebe also ist das absolute Wissen und Erfühlen, das absolute Empfinden und Mitleben in Gemeinsamkeit in ureigener Form mit allem existenten Leben in allen gesamtuniversellen Formen und darüber hinaus, in der absoluten Weisheit dessen, dass die eigene Existenz auch eine Teilexistenz jeglicher anderen existeierenden Lebensform ist, dass jene aber ebenso ein Teilstück der eigenen Existenz sind, und dass sämtliche gesamtuniversellen Lebensformen nur darum existent sind, weil dem wahrheitlich so ist."

This understanding is expressed in the Talmud Jmmanuel. Yet there are teachings in it which are interpreted by Christians as being "full of hate".

"You have heard that it was said, an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth. But I say to you: Exercize justice according to the natural law of Creation, so that you find the verdict in logic. Offer your love wherever it is warranted, and punish wherever, the law of nature demands punishment. [5:39-41]"

As Talmud Jmmanuel Scholar, Jim Deardorff, confirms for critics,

"Indeed, there is no TJ verse ordering one to love one's enemies, or to turn one's other cheek to an abuser in order to receive more unwarranted punishment."

Nowhere in the spiritual teachings of Billy Meier and the Plejaren are we directed to submit to the unrighteous behavour of others. Instead we are admonished to punish unrighteousness and to learn to become wise and judge what is good and what is bad. But we are equally sternly directed to exercise humanity, reason and love and not to condemn or be hypocritical. There is a section in OM, the newly delivered book of the teachings of the truth from this source, about loving our enemies. It should be remembered that the Talmud Jmmanuel, as we know it, represents only a quarter of the original text of Jmmanuel's life and teaching, which was discovered by Meier in the tomb in Jerusalem. Meanwhile OM is the complete teaching provided for the Earth human again, this time by the very advanced human extraterrestrial, JHWH Ptaah, and his prophet. Its teachings are consistent with, and indeed contain more complete versions of the lessons taught by Jmmanuel, as were translated from the original text of the Talmud Jmmanuel.

In the following the JHWH is speaking to the Prophet.

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"Kanon 20, 158. And speak instructively to the people: Do not revile your friends, and do not revile your enemies and do not revile the righteous and not the unrighteous, because they are altogether creatures of Creation. "Kanon 20. 158. Und spreche belehrend zu den Menschen: Schmähet nicht eure Freunde, und schmähet nicht eure Feinde und schmähet nicht die Gerechten und nicht die Ungerechten, denn Kreaturen der Schöpfung sind sie allesamt.
159. Bring love to enemies, as to friends, and bring love to the unrighteous as to the righteous, yet be vigilant and protect yourselves from the falseness and the lies and deceit of the enemies and the unrighteous, so that you do not suffer damage through them. 159. Bringet den Feinden Liebe entgegen, wie den Freunden, und bringet den Ungerechten Liebe entgegen, wie den Gerechten, doch seid wachsam und hütet euch vor Falscheit und Lug und Trug der Feinde und der Ungerechten, so ihr nicht erleidet Schaden durch sie.
160. If there is an enemy or an unrighteous one, so are they humans like you, so you should think and behave about them and with them and for them as people, and therefore in love, even if you are directed to be vigilant so that you do not suffer damage if they secretly want to bring you damage and falseness and lies and deceit. 160. Ist da ein Feind oder ein Ungerechter, so sind sie Mensch wie ihr, so ihr über sie und mit ihnen und für sie auch denken und handeln sollet als Mensch und in Liebe also, auch wenn euch geboten ist Wachsamkeit, dass ihr nicht Schaden leidet, wenn sie heimlich willens sind, euch Schaden und Falschheit und Lug und Trug zu bringen.
161. Be friendly and loving and humane to enemies and unrighteous ones, and give them shelter, food and drink and everything necessary, and offer them appropriate honour and respect, because they are human, as also you are human, and you are all creatures of the same Creation, thus the righteous as well as the unrighteous." 161. Seid freundlich und liebevoll und menschlich zu den Feinden und Ungerechten, und gebet ihnen Obdach, Speise und Trank und alles Notwendige, und entbietet ihnen gebührende Ehre und Respekt, denn sie sind Menschen als auch ihr Menschen seid , und alle seid ihr Kreaturen der gleichen Schöpfung, so die Gerechten als auch die Ungerechten."

There is certainly no teaching in OM about turning the other cheek. After-all, love is based on wisdom.

We are also taught to judge (not condemn), but judge correctly and justly using logic. (Christians seem to forget Jmmanuel's broadside against the Scribes and Pharisees in their Bible which still reflects the heat of the original un-falsified version, if not the complete meaning, which includes condemnation of their falsification of the truth.)

Logic tells us that it is correct, for example to despise the abuse of children or the falsification of truth. Love does not mean that we agree and approve of the behavior of others – rather that we understand it and revere all life, and thus respond appropriately. Love depends on reverence for all life. There is much emphasis in these teachings placed on paying attention to nature, and thereby learning to revere it, and thereby to revere all manifestations of Creation.

With the help of these teachings we can at last come to understand what love is. And we can now understand what was truly meant by "Love your neighbour as you love yourself", one of the Prophet Jmmanuel's teachings which survived the falsification process. In Law of Love, our prophet says,

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"Love your neighbor as you love yourself means, in the explanation of this directive, that you, Earth human, (as also any other human or non-human life-form in the entire existence of the universe), should love your neighbor in cognition and obedience to the law of love, so therefore in accordance with the law: "Liebe deinen Nächsten wie dich selbst' bedeutet in der Auslegung dieses Gebotes, dass du, Erdenmensch ( wie auch jegliche andere menschliche und nichtmenschliche Lebensform im gesamten Bestehen der Universen) , deinen Nächsten in Erkennung und Befolgung des Gesetzes der Liebe lieben sollst, so also nach dem Gesetz:
Love is the absolute certainty that one lives with and coexists with everything, thus, in everything which exists: In fauna and flora, in the fellow humans, in every material and spiritual life-form, no matter which kind, and in the existence of the entire universe and beyond." Liebe ist absolute Gewissheit dessen, selbst in allem mitzuleben und mitzuexistieren, so in allem Existenten: In Fauna und Flora, im Mitmenschen, in jeglicher materiellen und geistigen Lebensform gleich welcher Art, und im Bestehen des gesamten Universums und darüber hinaus."

He also explains:

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"Love, human of the Earth, is the first and last law of all BEING, therefore of life, altogether. Without love no creation may form, and without love no transformation may be completed. Love is required for all changes of life, for being and not-being, for light and darkness, for the coming and the passing away, for life and death, for everything in everything, and for everything in the existence altogether." "Liebe, Mensch der Erde, ist das erste und letzte Gesetz allen SEINs, also des Lebens überhaupt. Ohne Liebe vermag sich keine Kreation zu bilden, und ohne Liebe vermag sich keine Wandlung zu vollziehen. Liebe ist erforderlich für alle Wechsel des Lebens, für das Sein und Nichtsein, für das Licht und die Finsternis, für das Werden und Vergehn, für das Leben und den Tod, für alles in allem und für alles im Existenten überhaupt."

And from Arahat Athersata, in regard to the new age, which is characterized by great upheaval:

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"742. More than ever the highest directive of the hour has become to exercise selfless, true love. "742. Mehr denn je ist es höchstes Gebot der Stunde geworden, selbstlose wahre Liebe zu üben.
743. All thoughts, deeds and behaviour must be raised from true love." 743. Alles Denken, Tun und Handeln muss von der wahren Liebe erhoben sein."

And finally, (for this collection), again from Law of Love:

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"Love, therefore, is the absolute wise comprehension, understanding, cognition, knowledge, ability, mastering and logic and certainty, as well as the feelings and feeling, and the absolute perception of one's own co-life in the life of the neighbour and in all else that exists, as a factor of the communion, in original form, with all existing life in all entire universal forms and beyond, in the absolute wisdom of this: that ones' own existence is also a part-existence of any other existing life-form, which is however, just as exactly a fragment of one's own existence, and that collectively the entire universal life-forms, of every kind and form, only exist because it truly is so that, everything and anything is bound together in love and forms one entire universal oneness." "Liebe also ist das absolute weisheitliche Erfassen, Verstehen, die Erkenntnis, das Wissen, Können, Beherrshen und die Logik und Sicherheit sowie das Gefühl und Erfühlen und absolute Empfinden des eigenen Mitlebens im Nächsten und in allem anderen Existerenden, als Faktor der Gemeinsamkeit in ureignener Form mit allem existenten Leben in allen gesamtuniversellen Formen und darüber hinaus, in der absoluten Weisheit dessen, dass die eigenen Existenz auch eine Teilexistenz jeglicher anderen existierenden Lebensform ist, dass jene aber genauso ein Teilstück der eigenen Existenz ist , und dass sämtliche gesamtuniversellen Lebensformen jeglicher Art und Form nur darum existent sind, weil dem wahrheitlich so ist; dass alles und jedes miteinander in Liebe verbunden ist und eine gesamtuniverselle Einheit bildet."