The Silent Revolution of Truth

From Future Of Mankind

A phrase created by a young, 11 year-old girl from planet Erra in the Plejara star system, called Cladena-Aikarina, as her entry in a planet wide "contest" to come up with the phrase that best embodies and expresses what Billy Meier's mission on Earth is at this time.

“The Silent Revolution Of Truth” is the title of a popular feature-length documentary on the Meier Case available for purchase at by Michael Horn and can be found on YouTube through a UFO network publisher with a search.

Stille revolution der wahrheit, German - as a translation also translates well as - quiet revolution of truth - because being still and quietening one’s self to a state of calm, is considered to be being quiet. It’s also been established and noted that being silent tends to be particularly difficult because even space makes a load of old racket. Quiet in English respresents something is going on, the volume is low but somethings still going on, while silent tends to denote much less than something and tends to be more of an ideal than realistic. Quiet revolution of truth. FLAU (FIGU Australia) for example uses the phrase “Quiet Revolution Of The Truth” acceptably so -

It’s not silent or quiet necessarily by choice, it has to be for various reasons, one of which being the principles of civilization, another principle being community, establishment and another the quantity of time it takes for anything to unravel and unfold upon the world and all its many peoples and cultures. And that’s not even mentioning the sensitivities of the truth and the time it takes to come around to it.