The mysterious photo of Asket

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Main conclusions

There are some aspects about the photo #110 on Billy Meier’s collection that make me conclude (and speculate):

  1. This picture might show the real Asket.
  2. The pictures with the Greek columns on the background are from Dean Martin’s show (like picture #111)
  3. The way the picture #110 is presented in most of the books, and presenting it among the other (fake) pictures, help skeptics to keep his already established belief that these pictures are fake; all of them.
  4. The negative of the picture #110 looks like it has been cut, or there is a mask on the photo that hides Nera face.

Please consider these findings, at this time, as speculations that have to be confirmed with Billy Meier directly. They are not necessary the truth, but here I will present the facts I have found.

Asket or the Model?

The lady on picture #110 has a symmetric face. The model face is not symmetrical. They are not the same person. You can do your own analysis and compare it to mine. Enhance the picture and draw a straight line joining the center of her eyes, and a straight line crossing the central axis of the face. Check the angle these lines make on picture #110 and on the face of the model. Enhancing the brightness of these pictures helps to see clearer the eye.

Testing several photos of the model:

The model has her right eye higher than the left, by 3 to 4 degrees in angle. The symmetry of the face is something that cannot be changed, as the hair style or the makeup. They are not the same woman, no matter the Model is very similar (or somebody wanted her to look very similar) to “Asket”. Since the Lady on picture #110 is not the same as the model of Dean Martin Show, is she Asket? The picture #110 shows this ET woman? It is very clear that other pictures, like #111, the ones that have the Greek columns background, show the model; just check the face symmetry. Mr “S” maybe gave Billy Meier fake photos, but why one of them (#110) is different?

What is the right orientation of the Photo #110?

The photo I bought at the SSSC (figure 1) has a different orientation as most of the images on books and in Internet. In my photo #110, Nera (her hair) is at the left side on the photo. But most of the photos (especially recent books or articles) shows Nera as located on the right side (only her hair is visible, not her face). See figure 6.

This is an example of an old article, showing an orientation of the photo #110 same as the photo I bought at the SSSC. Nera is not visible in this photo, but is the same orientation as my photo.

So, which is the right orientation? Is this important? I think it is. In all the photos and videos from Dean Martin show, the lady that represents “Nera” is at the right side, not at the left side. So having the opposite orientation than the photo I bought at the SSSC, makes the photo #110 more similar to Dean Martin show images. Not convinced yet? See the comparison of the Lady on photo #110 with the model. Notice how similar they are in one orientation, but not on the other one. If it is the same orientation of my photo, not only Nera would be on the opposite side but “Asket” would look different too. Please note that since the Lady in picture #110 is symmetrical, it does not matter the orientation of the photo, it will be always symmetrical.

So which orientation is the right one? I do not know. But I know that using the orientation of the photo that I bought at the SSSC, shows Nera location at the left side, which is opposite to all of the Dean Martin show´s photos and videos. It is done on purpose, having an opposite orientation, to make picture #110 similar to Dean Martin show models? Who did this? I do not know. I do not have evidence to answer these questions. The fact is that one of the orientations favors the skeptics in their claims that this photo is from this show.

As in other aspects of Billy Meier´s case, the evidence presents an “exit door” that helps skeptics to scape easily from the idea that all of this is real. It is a gentle way to do a slow transition. It is the same happening here with Asket´s picture? On purpose? A coincidence?

Is the negative of photo #110 cut?

Scanning photo #110, the one I bought at the SSSC, and enhancing it, it looks that there is a missing section on the left side, just where Nera face must be. Was Nera or Semjase in this location? Billy Meier has already cut other negatives of pictures of a Plejaren woman holding a laser gun. Did Billy do the same here? It might be a good question for him. Did Billy receive this photo with this portion already cut? At this point we do not know, but the evidence shows there is a missing portion on photo #110, at the precise location of the face of the other woman close to Asket. If you have this photo, you may do the same, enhancing the photo and displaying the missing part. See figure 9.

Notice that the hair of the lady on the left looks black. The model “representing” Nera has her hair brown.

What do I think about all of this? I think photo #110 shows Asket. The orientation of the picture I bought at the SSSC is the right one. I do not know if Billy cut the negative, but it does not surprise me to find that the evidence is presented in a way that it makes it easy to Skeptics to not feel themselves threatened. It is clear to me the models of Dean Martin Show are not the same as photo #110. The photos with the Greek columns on the background that Billy received are from the show (like #111). Somebody did it on purpose, by making these fake photos and through Mr “S” infiltrated them in Billy´s collection.

Rhal Zahi - February 2015.