From Future Of Mankind

Be forwarned. The Secret Intelligence Agencies along with the Military Industrial Complex, World Wide Bankers, Corporate Leaders, Religious Leaders (Also Occult Leaders in some cases), Royalty (Kings & Queens) are all connected to the NWO and its plan to create a One World Government. The 9-11 Attacks were planned from within and were carried out by Certain Key individuals that have connections to Top Military Intelligence and equipment. This was done so they could begin invading other smaller countries and occupy them while they move to spread the US Army thin and reduce the number of people that could help the civilian population to survive or resist Martial Law.

 There are Deep Underground Military Bases setup all over the Planet and Cloning technology is being used there.  Also Genetic Manipulations are taking place and some of the results are being released into the wilderness.  These Genegic Alterations were discussed by Ptaah and Billy in the contact notes and now I have confirmation that they are indeed taking place.  I would also like to prepare and forwarn anyone reading this that the Comming Pole Shifts are going to cause a lot of damage.  Please check the Edgar Cayce predictions for a possible view of what your country will look like after the poles shift.  This is very important and I am unaware if Billy Meier was ever provided with any maps of what Switzerland would look like after the Earth changes.  However I do know that they are comming in the year 2012 and may last into the year 2013.  I do not know the extent of the damage but be assured that there will be earthquakes and Volcanic Eruptions and Massive water movement.  It is not the end of the world just as the Plejaren stated in the contact notes but there will be much hardship and change for everyone.

Peace in Wisdom Kevin