Why the WCUFO?

From Future Of Mankind

Perhaps the most strange and extraordinary photos of UFOs taken by Billy Meier are the ones that show a flying machine composed by several complicated parts (figure 1). Most of the UFOs have a shape of a disk, a simple disk (like flying saucers). Why this object is so complicated? We have found no matter it looks like a little toy, it is a big object that comes in two different sizes, 3.5 and 7 meters. So why ETs are showing us such a complicated device?

Billy Meier took dozen of photos of this curious UFO, conformed by several reflecting spheres and little parts, like colored lenses and several crystals. Because of his peculiar form, it has been called “The Wedding Cake UFO”, or WCUFO as it is known. (figure 1)

Why this WCUFO is so complicated and it does not look aerodynamic? We think other UFOs also have spheres inside. There is one of Meier’s photos, of a UFO that is called the “Plejaren Miniscout” (figure 2, bottom UFO), that has three spheres on the bottom. Maybe the sphere is some kind of little engine, which has something that rotates in its interior and produces a magnetic field that interacts with the Earth's magnetic field.

We think most of the “Beamships” (as the Plejaren call their flying disks), may have these spheres. In the Miniscout three are visible, but in the WCUFO we see around 42 spheres. In other Beamships, like the one on the top part of Figure 2, these spheres are not visible since they are inside the craft.

There is another clear difference from the WCUFO and other Beamships Meier recorded on video: the WCUFO is very stable, performing completely static, while the flying disk beamships have a wobbling movement, like floating on the Earth´s magnetic field. It seems to us having several spheres makes it more stable in our environment, or saying it in another words, perhaps the WCUFO was designed for the Earth’s magnetic field.

So, why this WCUFO has so many details and it does not look like an aerodynamic ship? May be their creators are showing us how it is inside, and this WCUFO does not have an external cover like the other beamships.

Imagine in the future we are space travelers and we arrive to another planet. We want to give some ideas to the inhabitants of this planet about how to construct an automobile that may help them to progress. So we construct one automobile that works fine in their environment, and we show it to them, but we take off the auto cover, so the engine and mechanical parts are visible to their young scientists. Perhaps the creators of the WCUFO want us to learn how to construct a similar ship.

The initial designs of this WCUFO come from the 20s, according to what the contact report #254 suggests (transcribed by Billy Meier from his conversations with the ETs). Ptaah, an extraterrestrial Plejaren human being, and friend of Billy Meier explained him the origin of the initial designs. This is an extract of contact report #254 (28, November 1995), with the original German text:

Contact Report 254 (extract)

English German
Ptaah: Ptaah:
4. We already worked with those flying apparatuses, which you call the cake-ship, in the twenties, but it was indeed only at the end of the seventies that they were brought to the required status for their use on the Earth. 4. Bereits in den zwanziger Jahren arbeiteten wir mit jenen Fluggeräten, die du als Tortenschiff bezeichnest, doch für den Einsatz auf der Erde wurden sie erst Ende der siebziger Jahre auf den erforderlichen Stand gebracht.
5. The form of these flying apparatuses was specially thought up for the Earth, for which reason we made the effort to transmit the entire necessary specifications for the design to terrestrial scientists through impulse-telepathy so that, out of that, flying disks could be developed. 5. Die Form dieser Fluggeräte war speziell für die Erde gedacht, weshalb wir uns auch bemühten, impulstelepathisch die gesamten notwendigen Angaben für die Form an irdische Wissenschaftler zu übermitteln, damit daraus Flugscheiben entwickelt werden konnten.
6. This impulse-telepathic information went predominantly to aerospace technicians, as I will designate these persons, whereby especially German engineers were included for this, to whom we transmitted exact plans for the external form as well as certain technical particulars which were responsible to transmit. 6. Diese impulstelepathischen Informationen gingen vorwiegend an Weltraumfahrttechniker, wie ich diese Personen bezeichnen will, wobei besonders deutsche Ingenieure dafür einbezogen wurden, denen wir genaue Aussenformpläne sowie gewisse technische Einzelheiten, die verantwortbar waren, übermittelten.
7. Thereby the German scientists also actually experimented, whereby they could construct halfway suitable flying disks, which according to our thinking at those times should have been used to constitute an air power through which an early-brought-about world peace should have been achieved. 7. Damit experimentierten dann die deutschen Wissenschaftler auch tatsächlich, wodurch sie halbwegs taugliche Flugscheiben konstruieren konnten, die unserem Sinn gemäss damals dazu benutzt werden sollten, eine Luftkraft zu bilden, durch die ein frühzeitig herbeigeführter Weltfrieden erlangt werden sollte.
8. However, the political machinations changed very quickly into a bellicose direction, for which reason we brought an end to further impulse-telepathic information to the German scientists and allowed the project to expire, whereby we however initially transmitted false information so that the flying disks could not be created specifically for warlike purposes. 8. Die politischen Machenschaften jedoch veränderten sich sehr schnell in kriegerische Richtung, weshalb wir von weiteren impulstelepatischen Informationen an die deutschen Wissenschaftler absahen und das Projekt fallenliessen, wobei wir jedoch erstlich noch Falschinformationen übermittelten, damit die Flugscheiben nicht zweckgerichtet für kriegerische Zwecke erschaffen werden konnten.

So the original designs, of these flying machines were designed for operating on Earth. Unfortunately, because of our bellicose behavior, Earth’s human beings, we lost this opportunity to develop flying disk like this one.

There is another piece of information given by the ETs for future scientists and technicians that can give them more information about how it works. It is the sound of this UFO, recorded by Billy. In the 80s, experts on sound analysis, after investigating this recording, they found it comes in several different frequencies that alternate each other in a variable pattern that oscillates between 5 to 10 hertz, which, how these scientists said: it falls in the range of the Shcumman resonance (7.8 Hz as average). In other words, there is a “coincidence” between these frequencies and the Earth's magnetic field. Imagine each one of the spheres on this WCUFO has a rotating mechanism inside, spinning a variable and different speed, but coordinated to produce a magnetic field that can interact with Earth’s magnetic field. This sound shows the effect of the rotation of different pieces inside this machine.

If some scientists in the future, watch carefully this object and study the recorded sounds, without asking themselves if it is real or not, but knowing it may contains key clues to teach us how to build a new technology, they could develop a flying machine that can surf in our magnetic field. I hope at that point of time we will be ready to use it for our common progress, not for war purposes, and we may not waste another opportunity like the one we missed by 1920s.

Rhal Zahi

July 16, 2015