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To: Correspondent

(Slightly edited).

It is difficult to make an understandable comment on the business of life, because presently scientists have not the foggiest notion what mind, being, life, death, time, etc. really are. For that matter, we don't really know what matter and energy and charge are either, as can be seen by Feynman's cogent remarks on the subject in his three volumes of physics. In the scheme of things, our modern "science" is only about three hundred years old, and that's a snap of the finger in even just the existence of this earth. To give an inkling, here is a quotation generated by George Zebrowski, "The holdouts," Nature, Vol. 408, 14 Dec 2000, p. 775 intended to express the thinking of Stephen Hawking, one of the great physicists of our day:

"All we ever know is our models, but never the reality that may or may not exist behind the models and casts its shadow upon us who are embedded inside it. We imagine and intuit, then point the finger and wait to see which suspect for truth turns and runs. Our models may get closer and closer, but we will never reach direct perception of reality's thing-in-itself."

Zebrowski (ibid.) also highlights the cogent observation of Hermann Bondi, who reminded us that

"…the power of science comes from being able to say something, without having to say everything. Absolute truth is too exacting for our creative needs, finite beings that we are."

The modern biogenesis experiments, e.g., never took place in the absence of life. Quite some time ago, we worked out the nature of mind, and also the mind-matter coupling mechanism (which is engineerable). We did that in pursuit of the mechanisms in the KGB/Russian psychoenergetics weapon work. I've just had the last of a 3-part article published in Explore, dealing briefly with mind control technology both the way it is probably done clandestinely in this country and then how it is done by the KGB/Russians.

In the interactions of photons with matter, present physics has largely (and erroneously) omitted from accountability the time-domain actions of the time increment carried by the photon. Therefore they fail to realize that photon absorption by a mass momentarily adds a time-tail to the mass, so that the mass turns into the entity masstime instead of mass. Masstime is as different from mass as impulse (Ft) is from force (F). Photon emission from masstime (never from mass!) then tears away that time-tail momentarily, turning the masstime entity back to mass momentarily. The sum total of all the photon interactions-both quantum and subquantum in size-with a mass generates the "bigger" changing of mass to masstime to mass, etc., which is the mechanism propelling that mass's "flow through time". At the same time, that "flow of time" is immensely structured by jillions of infolded, smaller "streams through time" of differential pieces of that mass. I recognized that mechanism as the generatrix of a mass' flow through time, while at graduate school at Georgia Tech in 1970.

The overemphasis on the so-called transverse EM wave (which really does not exist as such in vacuum, as is fairly readily shown) has led to our missing the greatest part of electrodynamics: the longitudinally polarized EM wave and the time-polarized EM wave, although these do appear in quantum field theory, at least theoretically. In 1903, e.g., Whittaker showed that every potential decomposes into bidirectional EM phase conjugate longitudinal wavepairs. Note that the phase conjugate EM wave, prior to interaction with the charge, exists in the complex plane (in the time domain). After interaction with a unit point charge, the "time-domain" LW that is the phase conjugate is transformed into a 3-space LW but directionally reversed. Electrodynamicists considered only the waves after interaction-in short, they replaced the causal time-domain EM longitudinal wave with the effects EM longitudinal wave after interaction and observation.

As another example, mind and mind operations are time-like and in the time-domain, rather than in the "transformed" 3-spatial EM energy domain. Mind and mind operations are totally electromagnetic in nature, but use time-polarized EM waves rather than the standard stuff. We do not even have detectors for LPWs and TPWs yet; the Russians do. Note that time-polarized photons (scalar photons) do appear tortuously in quantum field theory, but until I published a proposed method for making t-polarized EM waves, no one in the West seems to have figured out how to make one. I had to come to grips with time-polarized EM waves to handle those phase conjugate LWs that Whittaker discovered, but prior to their interaction. That was necessary to understand the form of the phase conjugate EM LWs prior to their interaction, and while they were incoming to the dipole. I was decomposing the potential between the poles, using Whittaker's technique. That realization-that the incoming EM phase conjugate LWs were actually in the time domain prior to their interaction-was necessary in order to decipher how Prioré had unwittingly succeeded in pumping cells and the body with time-polarized EM waves in the time domain, rather than in 3-space with normal EM waves.

Let me give one example of how fouled we are in the West. We still use Aristotelian logic primarily. Yet it is an incomplete logic, and always has been. Let me show this instantly. Take the simple Venn diagram of a rectangle lying on its side, divided in half by a vertical line in the middle. Label the left rectangular area A. Label the right rectangular area "not-A". What is the line in the middle and what is the line around the outer perimeter line (the outer border)? Both A and not-A, so that A is identical to not-A on the boundary (any boundary). Yet the third law (law of the excluded middle) forbids A identical to not-A, and thus forbids any boundary. Apply the third law to the Venn diagram itself. The outer border disappears, and the middle dividing line disappears. Indeed, the Venn diagram disappears. So the Aristotelian logic self-destructs. Yet so far as I can determine, no one seems to have noticed that very simple thing before-although the philosophers did sometimes speak of the "accursed necessity for the identity of opposites". Aristotelian logic cannot be applied to the very Venn diagrams used to establish and "prove by demonstration" the propositions that are said to come from that logic!

We corrected that problem and extended Aristotelian logic nearly 20 years ago. And we promptly got called every kind of lunatic imaginable. In some quarters, one is still considered a lunatic if one challenges Aristotelian logic, which is dogmatically thought to be absolute. It isn't. And neither is mathematics itself. These days I simply point out Morris Kline's "Mathematics: The Loss of Certainty" to the die-hard Aristotelians, and tell them to go and read it, and then we will discuss the foundations of logic. Few will actually take the trouble to do so, but instead engage in ad hominem name calling, which is not science but a personal attack. With a 5-law logic (or if one prefers, a 4-law logic with an additional applications rule), one solves the boundary problem quite nicely. Then suddenly things like spacetime and being and mind and nothing etc. can be solved-in the 5-law logic, but never in the 3-law. They can be solved because anything can then be modeled in terms of its own appositive. So mind can be modeled as if it were physical, and also the physical domain can be modeled as if it were totally mental. Yet the problem of life itself-whether terrestrial or extraterrestrial-has no solution in 3-law logic. This accounts for the 3-law logic difficulty with questions such as "Is there life after death?" Implicitly we think of death as the absence of life, so the question really asks, "Is there life in the absence of life?" The question has an answer in 5-law logic. It is a nonsensical question in Aristotelian 3-law logic.

The entire method of Zen is to try to break up the iron Aristotelian bent of the conscious (serial processor) mind, and get into the far broader unconscious (massively parallel processor) mind. Few have done that. But one cannot present a 5-law solution to a 3-law processor; it just "does not compute". It's like putting a thousand slides at once on the slide projector; the "conscious mind" can see only a single slide at a time. So it just sees "black" or "nothing at all".

As we pointed out so long ago, identity is not absolute, but relative to the perceiver, who must decide whether two things are identical or not, based on a comparison process and a decision algorithm. We used the old analogy of a red marble and a black marble. To the color blind observer, the two are identical. To the observer who also sees color, they are not identical.

The serial processor conscious mind cannot deal with such 5-law logic situations. The massively parallel processor unconscious mind-which is totally conscious, just multiply so-can deal with it. Just as in aikido we were admonished that we must practice in the "no mind" state (meaning without conscious thought, but control from the unconscious), in a sense we must learn to practice logic in that same "no mind state" past the limitations of the serial processor conscious mind. Aristotelian logic is fitted to the single photon interaction, as is the conscious mind, and massively simultaneous photon interaction produces results "outside" Aristotelian logic and outside the conscious mind. Logic is not absolute; any logic system is itself just a model. So is mathematics. So is physics.

When one adds time to science, one must realize that time is never observed, and no observable exists prior to the observation process, and no observable is a cause (which a priori must exist prior to its interaction including with the observation process). An observable is only 3-spatial and therefore is the output (effect) of the observation process. The causal entity is what exists prior to the interaction with the observation process. Further, since it persists, the causal entity must occupy the time dimension and hence is 4-spatial, not 3-spatial. The observation process is a d/dt operator operating upon LLLT spacetime entity, so to speak, and results in an output LLL entity, having stripped the T completely away.

However, in considering what exists prior to observation, thinking, perception, etc., one moves far away from much of present Western physics, particularly the classical physics. The philosophers, e.g., never were able to resolve the vexing question of the "thing-in-itself", which really was an expression of the violation of 3-law logic (and conscious perception) by the very phrase. Think of it this way: For a thing to exist, it must have a boundary, and that requires the thing to be nonthing simultaneously (as per our previous little exercise). Yet the phrase "thing-in-itself" refers to the "thing without externality", which means that thing disappears per our little Venn diagram example. That is, the phrase "thing-in-itself" self-destructs in Aristotelian logic. It does not necessarily self-destruct in higher topology logic. The philosophers were struggling to get at "what is there when there is no ear to hear it, no eye to see it, and no mind to perceive it or think it." That effort is doomed to failure in Aristotelian 3-law logic.

Physics has nearly hopelessly confused the causal side of the observation mechanism/process with the effect side, everywhere, throughout physics. And sadly, most physicists do not seem to have properly realized it! [Although, occasionally they do; e.g., as when Feynman and Wheeler pointed out that the field cannot exist in space a priori, but only the potentiality for the field exists in space, should a charge be available for the "thing that exists in space" (the cause) to interact with the charge and form the field (the effect).] Not a single university text in the West, e.g., illustrates an EM wave in spacetime prior to its interaction with a unit point charge. None ever has. All illustrate what is thought to be the EM wave in 3-space, with a successive set of 3-space "snapshots" then taken to "show" the wave's travel through time at the same time it travels through space. But never is the spacetime wave shown.

Further, contemporary classical electrodynamicists do not calculate either the field or the potential; instead they calculate the reaction cross section of each, after the field or potential has interacted with a unit point charge assumed out of nowhere for every point. Again, they mistake the effect entity existing after the interaction as the causal entity existing before the interaction. Well, after the interaction, that is the effect, not the cause. This is so hopelessly snarled throughout many areas of physics that it will require 50 years before scientists even sufficiently realize it and admit it, and it will require another 50 years after that to straighten it out.

Anyway, years ago we did model how mind and mind operations operate, including their precise nature, how they fit into all this, etc. We uncovered the mind-matter coupling mechanism as well as the matter-mind coupling mechanism, and how mind-commands (intent) are changed to 3-space energy commands in the living body In so doing, we solved the age-old philosophical problem of intent, which the philosophers struggled with so mightily and never solved. Indeed, the Sachs-Evans theory can be utilize to generate that solution rather magnificently. Spaceless, time-like mind operation can indeed generate a spatial energy input to a spatial body and vice versa, etc. and the mechanism does appear in general relativity and thus in Sachs' unified field theory.

Out of that work also came the mechanism by which the mind perceives self, how it perceives non-self and the external world, and how it perceives itself as separate from the external world and yet living in it. As can be seen, these are proposed solutions to formidable problems.

Using the GR fact that the effect change produced by the interacting cause, reacts back upon the causal system to change it as well, we also worked out how to use "effects" systems to generate "causal" systems, completely independent of mass. In short, we worked out the fact that functioning EM systems of longitudinal EM waves can be made, and they can travel right through the fields and potentials and waves in space and inside mass. I called these beasts "causal system robots" (CASRs) to give them a name. At the time, the KGB had recently completed a completely different kind of weaponry based on this "back engineering of the cause from the effect", and these CASR systems were different from anything that had ever existed in the history of mankind (at least on this planet!). The Russians of course were already there and elegantly; I got there much more crudely by intensely working on how to explain what they were doing.

At any rate, it turns out that the entire universe is already "alive" in a very special sense. There is no death as such, but transition from one state to another. There is mind (I use the term "mind" in the most general sense, not just as the conscious mind which is merely a "periscope" put up and down from the unconscious) separated from body. Further, any life that has "ever existed" still dynamically exists in a special kind of more fundamental electrodynamics infolded inside all normal EM fields, waves, and potentials-including inside the infolded structures and dynamics comprising the vacuum potential itself. The Tibetans knew much of this very well, but of course in terms that our materialistic science rejects or completely fails to understand. Most of our Western scientists believe the human is a robot and that a human being is something like a "meat computer".

Since ambient spacetime may be modeled as a special kind of "scalar" potential with intense energy density, it then decomposes into a series of bidirectional EM longitudinal wavepairs, a la Whittaker 1903, except one must use impulse waves rather than forcefield type. The entire thing-mind, life, matter, fields, waves, spacetime, etc.-then becomes structurable and directly engineerable by novel EM means.

Longitudinal EM wave technology by use of longitudinally polarized EM waves (LPW) is the key to it developing it all. One only gets the time-polarized EM wave technology after developing the LPW technology-the time-polarized technology is far and away the most powerful. And low frequency photons have far more impressed energy than do high frequency photons, if one includes the time component. Time is spatial energy compressed by c2 and has the same energy density as mass. Since spatial energy and time are canonical (the product is always the same number) in an observable photon, then reducing the spatial energy linearly reduces the energy of the photon, but in increasing the time linearly that also increases the time-energy as the square. Hence low-frequency photons have far more internal energy than do high frequency photons. However, to use this enormous time-energy, one has to be able to transduce it-decompress the time-energy into spatial energy, so to speak.

Time, being highly compressed energy, also has a potential, has gradients which can be regarded as forces, and leads to a new kind of charge: time-charging, or time-excitation.

At least four to six nations on earth now have longitudinal EM wave technology to one extent or another. Eerily, several of them-hostile to one another-are using Western Australia as a convenient nearly uninhabited target range.

Anyway, when one comes at the problem of the Crosse experiments (materializing living biological systems) with that perspective (which unfortunately required about 20 years of hard work!) there appears to be no great difficulty in explaining the Faraday, Crosse, Fox, Miller, and Urey biogenesis experiments. And yes, there appears to be no great difficulty in explaining the "appearance" of "life on earth" in the prebiotic soup. Life did not really appear in inert matter out of nowhere spontaneously at all, but was a sort of sympathetic resonant coupling of physical forms to mind-forms already there in all the EM potentials, fields, waves, and in fact in the vacuum potential and its infolded Whittaker structure as well. None of the biogenesis experimenters realized that the great energy flow -and one must add back in the missing nondiverged, nonintercepted Heaviside component which is some 10exp13 times larger than the Poynting diverged or intercepted flow component alone-around the earth parallel to the equator and from West to East, is already internally structured with every possible form of life and life function ever in the universe anywhere. The creator in fact created a living universe, not an inert one (as best we can speak it in the inadequate 3-law logic). If one believes in big bangs, then life emerged right along in all the fields and waves and energy, right in and out of the big bang. There is not a single point in the universe anywhere that is absent of the energy and dynamics of life forms and life dynamics. We were able to use this approach to also get at modeling the deeper levels of unconscious mind (of massively parallel mind processing). This allowed modeling of Jung's collective species unconscious mind and also of Gaia, if one prefers that term.

In deciphering (after 14 years of effort!) the Prioré mechanism, I found that-incredibly-the cellular regenerative system does retain the form and "memory" of all the precursor cellular forms of the development all the way from the original anaerobic primitive cells. Cancer, in fact, is very often due to a direct "order" by the cellular regenerative system to a suffering cell or cells (aerobic) to start back down the "chain" to an anaerobic cell, primarily because of severe hypoxia and the sustained inability of the regenerative system to maintain the cell in aerobic form. The cellular control system doesn't just send an "order", but it sends a "precise set of spacetime curvature engines" that change the local spacetime interacting with the cell. The altered and structured local spacetime curvatures go to work on that cell and all its parts at every level, including the genetics. The first major step back toward the anaerobic cell condition is to break the aerobic cell loose from centralized control of its growth-whereupon we recognize it as a tumor cell. However, the cellular regenerative system still recognizes that cell as "its own" or "self", and so it continues to try to care for the tumor, because caring for its cells is its task.

As is well-known, there are two requirements for the appearance of a tumor cell: (1) cellular damage, and (2) "promotion". Biologists do not really understand "promotion", because they do not understand the cellular regenerative system-which uses higher symmetry electrodynamics, time-polarized EM waves, and nonlinear optical pumping of the cell and all its parts in the time-energy domain rather than in the spatial energy domain. That time-domain sort of pumping creates an amplified "antiengine" to the forward-time engine (GR theory) resident in the sick cell, thereby time-reversing the cell and all its parts back toward a previous state on the trail from the early anaerobic single cells to the present aerobic cells.

To cinch the matter of "engineering living forms", I once participated in a accidental and unplanned experiment where we materialized both living things and nonliving things. Not little bitty things, but big things. In my view we actually materialized thought forms, since much later we were able to piece together exactly what engendered each part of the phenomena. There were multiple (scared) witnesses who prefer never to discuss it. These experiments altered all the clocks in the area for four days before the "time-energy charge" we had inadvertently created gradually dissipated. Let me just say that that experiment really got my attention! We never repeated that experiment again, but I learned a great deal from it.

Consider the so-called "physical form-where almost always one is speaking of as purely 3-spatial, in short, the observed physical form. Most scientists have not yet understood that a priori a piece of 3-dimensional mass cannot even exist in time, because no observable persists in time unless an ongoing process continually converts it to nonobservable, back to observable, etc.! Masstime exists in time, but "mass" is a frozen 3-spatial intersection of the spacetime entity (before observation) during its interaction. Hence mass existed in that frozen momentary 3-space snapshot and at that "point in time" only. After all, a "point in time" is where time is broken or ceases.

The SETI problem will not be solved, in my personal opinion (understand, I do not object at all if others do not see it this way), until a far greater and deeper understanding of science is reached. Forget communicating to the stars with "transverse" EM waves; longitudinal EM waves can travel at any velocity, limited only by how much "residue" of the normal junk is still hanging in there-i.e., how much "transverse EM wave noise" is still present. A pure LW moves at infinite velocity. Simply download the Rodrigues and Lu papers carried on the Los Alamos National Laboratory Web site. It appears that now most major weapon labs in all the nations have "discovered" the fact that there can be longitudinal EM waves, and if one has such technology, all the rest is obsolete.

Any technological civilization that has not solved the fundamental "self-killer" problem of the technological species-a problem we addressed some 30 years ago-must self-destruct. The KGB is working on a "solution" that is far along: engineer the entire human species quantum potential (i.e., Jung's entire collective human unconscious mind) so that the human species turns into an "ant-like" species. To many Communist theoreticians, that would be the "ideal" communist state. To free peoples, it is a repugnant thing, much like the concept of the Borg so sickeningly portrayed in science fiction these days on the television tube. Meanwhile, our guys haven't even got started yet. They have not yet even discovered that ball park, let alone that ball game.

Anyway, these are just some comments for your personal information. What really is happening in the "hidden weapons" area and "hidden weapons science area" is already so advanced in some quarters that science fiction pales by comparison. The real question is whether we survive very much longer.

It's still the "Lady or the tiger" problem, as we pointed out thirty years ago. And in those three decades, precious little progress has been made toward a solution to what I called the "One Human Problem".


Tom Bearden

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