Dr. Bearden is one of the 70 military, government/intelligence community witnesses of the Disclosure Project who have already made their testimony about Extraterrestrials and related technology publicly available.

  Dr. Bearden's WONDERFUL and TERRIFYING Website: http://www.cheniere.org/

Dr. Bearden (Lieutenant Colonel U.S. Army - Retired), is presently the President and Chief Executive Officer, CTEC, Inc., a Fellow Emeritus of Alpha Foundation's Institute of Advanced Study (AIAS) and a Director of the Association of Distinguished American Scientists (ADAS). He has a Science PhD, a MS in Nuclear Engineering, BS in Mathematics, with minor in Electronic Engineering as well as a graduate of C&GSC, U.S. Army and graduate of the U.S. Army Guided Missile Staff Officer's Course (equivalent to MS in Aerospace Engineering). He also has graduate courses in statistics, electromagnetics and numerous missile, radar, electronic warfare, and counter-countermeasures courses. He had twenty years of active service in the U.S. Army. His field Artillery, Patriot, Hawk, Hercules, Nike Ajax, and technical research experience was followed by nineteen years of technical research in re-entry vehicles and heat shielding, computer systems, C4I, wargame analysis, simulation and analysis, EW, ARM countermeasures, and strategy and tactics. He has spent more than 20 years personal research in foundations of electrodynamics and open EM systems far from thermodynamic equilibrium with the active environment, as well as novel effects of longitudinal EM waves on living systems and founded the beginning of a legitimate theory of permissible COP>1.0 electrical power systems. He is the author or co-author of approximately 200 papers and books and has been connected with four successful COP>1.0 laboratory prototype EM power systems. He is one of the world’s leading theorists dealing with the hard physics of over-unity energy systems and scalar weapons technology.


 "Bearden is the C.E.O. of CTEC Inc., a research and development company working on free energy projects. He's right in there at the cutting edge and boasts some prestigious and respectable positions. A Fellow Emeritus of the Alpha Foundation's Institute for Advanced Study, Bearden is one of the 70 military, government/intelligence community witnesses of the Disclosure Project who have already made their testimony about Extraterrestrials and related technology publicly available. Another 400+ wait in the wings. In March this year Bearden was awarded United States Patent number 6,362,718 for his revolutionary Motionless Electromagnetic Generator (MEG).[3] That's a smallish device that generates electricity from what we commonly understand to be nothing. In fact it is something, well understood in some scientific circles yet, remarkably, still scorned and ignored in most. To get that patent, Bearden had to provide the Patent Office with the theory and a working prototype. He did just that! Bearden's device extracts energy from a permanent magnet, with energy replenishing from the active vacuum. He explains for the layperson , ".. it is rather like dipping bucket after bucket of water from the same spatial volume in a rushing river, with the river instantly filling the hole up each time a dip is made." (Significantly, Bearden's paper on this device lasted for only a few months in 2000 on the U.S. Department of Energy website.) Bearden was not the first to come up with a free energy device. Studies in free energy have been going on, the Disclosure Project reveals, since the 50s and long before.

Bearden had this to say in 2000 in an interview for the Disclosure Project, which is committed to revealing the truth about classified, advanced technologies which can solve our environmental and poverty problems in relatively short order: "The energy crises going right now, in my view, will probably evoke a great Armageddon that we've all feared so long in about 2007, if we don't solve the [energy] crises. If we back up from that, it means the first quarter of 2004. These new energy devices had better be rolling off of the assembly lines like sausages or we can all forget it and go home. It's too late to change it. That is how short a time we have." Tom Bearden has some startling answers but nobody in the spotlight, not even the social activists and environmentalists, seem prepared to acknowledge them. Why? " (Taken from Vivienne's article)

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