Clean, Free Energy and the Politics of Extraterrestrial Life.

 (by Vivienne Legg) September 2002


2002 U.S. patent for free energy device (Motionless Electromagnetic Generator)

Space Energy Access Systems Inc. attracts investment for free energy devices

anti-gravity paper - American Institute for Aeronautics and Astronautics

Disclosure Project's 500+ military & govt. witnesses on UFO's


Global Anarchy caused by climatic change according to Pentagon report

'The Pentagon report, commissioned by Andrew Marshall, predicts that "abrupt climate change could bring the planet to the edge of anarchy as countries develop a nuclear threat to defend and secure dwindling food, water and energy supplies", The Observer said....

"Catastrophic" shortages of potable water and energy will lead to widespread war by 2020. '



It's September 2002. The environment is under siege, according to the United Nations' study, the "Global Environment Outlook", released this year in time for the Johannesburg Earth Summit. This study explains the obvious, that the collapse of the environment is a serious possibility if urgent steps are not taken to prevent this. Such steps are demonstrably not being taken, yet clean, free energy devices exist now that can solve this problem quickly, devices that are far superior to solar, wind, wave technology or fuel cells. So why the horrendous silence?

 What was the outcome of the Earth Summit? There was a lot of talk about technology transfer to poorer countries. But the closest the world leaders got to agreeing on change was a vague commitment to diversify energy supply and "substantially increase the global share of renewable energy sources". But, as Australian Greens Party leader Senator Bob Brown complained to the media, the summit negotiators agreed to drop any specific goals for achieving this. No binding, concrete target exists. There are no indications that there will be any improvement on what happened in the last 10 years since Rio De Janeiro, which was nothing. Leaders have actually made attempts to roll back agreements made ten years ago. In the "Global Environment Outlooks'" discussion on renewable energy sources for the future, there is no mention about the now existing, even patented free energy devices. The International Council for Science, who contributed to the U.N.'s report on the environment remarks in it's report to the U.N. on how there has even been a general decline in funding on renewable energy projects since the 80s. In fact, as much as 50% over all! So what is going on? 

Are some of our leaders pushing for global conflict and destruction? Of course, the security implications of the environmental crises were touched upon in the U.N.'s report. In the wake of the September 11 attacks in the U.S., people are more conscious of the relationships among resource depletion, environmental degradation and social unrest. According to the International Institute of Sustainable Development, "Evidence is emerging that many conflicts around the world are driven by natural resource scarcity or inequitable access and benefit-sharing".  

This brings us closer to some even more dire predictions for planet Earth, but also to the exciting, mind-blowing solutions. A leading U.S. energy, intelligence and defense analyst, Lt. Co.l (Ret.) Tom Bearden, had this to say in 2000 in an interview for the Disclosure Project, [1] an organisation committed to revealing the truth about classified, advanced technologies which can solve our environmental and poverty problems in relatively short order: "The energy crises going right now, in my view, will probably evoke a great Armageddon that we've all feared so long in about 2007, if we don't solve the [energy] crises. If we back up from that, it means the first quarter of 2004. These new energy devices had better be rolling off of the assembly lines like sausages or we can all forget it and go home. It's too late to change it. That is how short a time we have." [2] Bearden, a leading conceptualist in alternate energy technologies has some startling answers but nobody in the spotlight, not even the social activists and environmentalists, seem prepared to acknowledge them. Why?  

The Disclosure Project also has many startling revelations about the reality of extraterrestrials, the clandestine study of ET vehicles and the associated decades-long cover-up. But the ET factor per se, surprisingly, is not the biggest obstacle. The biggest obstacle is the fact that the super-secret military projects who were assigned the exquisitely sensitive ET topic back in the 40s and 50s have, over the decades, totally escaped legal and Congressional oversight in the U.S. and elsewhere, and have become corporatised. The world's leaders do not have access to these projects. 

Bearden is the C.E.O. of CTEC Inc., a research and development company working on free energy projects. He's right in there at the cutting edge and boasts some prestigious and respectable positions. A Fellow Emeritus of the Alpha Foundation's Institute for Advanced Study, Bearden is one of the 70 witnesses of the Disclosure Project who have already made their testimony publicly available. Another 400+ wait in the wings. In March this year Bearden was awarded United States Patent number 6,362,718 for his revolutionary Motionless Electromagnetic Generator (MEG).[3] That's a smallish device that generates electricity from what we commonly understand to be nothing. In fact it is something, well understood in some scientific circles yet, remarkably, still scorned and ignored in most. To get that patent, Bearden had to provide the Patent Office with the theory and a working prototype. He did just that! Bearden's device extracts energy from a permanent magnet, with energy replenishing from the active vacuum. He explains for the layperson , ".. it is rather like dipping bucket after bucket of water from the same spatial volume in a rushing river, with the river instantly filling the hole up each time a dip is made."[4] (Significantly, Bearden's paper on this device lasted for only a few months in 2000 on the U.S. Department of Energy website.) Bearden was not the first to come up with a free energy device. Studies in free energy have been going on, the Disclosure Project reveals, since the 50s and long before. 

Why aren't even the most vocal of the most environmentally and socially conscious who attended the Earth Summit, like Australia's Greens Party leader Senator Bob Brown, calling attention to the now wide, publicly available body of evidence that there exist in the U.S. and elsewhere illegally withheld, ready to go, clean, free-energy technologies which provide the definitive solution to our environmental and poverty problems? The evidence of the existence of these devices, which would make not only our fossil fuel use virtually redundant, but also our solar and wind power systems, was announced to the world just 18 months ago in the United States at a packed National Press Club media conference organised by the Disclosure Project. In a paper which outlines the wide-ranging, Earth changing implications of these and other revelations, Disclosure Project director Dr. Steven Greer explains that he has, "identified insiders and scientists who can prove, in open Congressional hearings, that we do in fact possess classified energy generation and antigravity propulsion systems capable of completely and permanently replacing all forms of currently used energy generation and transportation systems."[5] 

The May 2001 Disclosure Project media conference was reported by news services[6] in the US and was reported in Russia, Europe and the UK, (briefly, with tongue in cheek in Australia) and yet although there has been a proliferation of generally humorous ET related TV programs and news articles (and others that hint a little more strongly about this reality), the serious attempt at getting to the truth about this topic remains the world's biggest open secret. But clearly not all of this technology and knowledge is totally controlled now by rogue corporate/military entities, described compellingly by the Disclosure Project. The cat is already out of the bag as demonstrated by Bearden's patent.  

Bearden is also scientific advisor to Space Energy Access Systems Inc. (SEAS)[7], a new energy company also directed by Dr. Greer, already attracting investment, and which has devised an ambitious plan for implementing the changes required to make these new technologies a commercial reality. The SEAS team has a good understanding[8] of the many, sometimes lethal, methods by which such technologies have been thwarted over the decades. These include the acquisition of the device by a front company who then prevents the device coming to market, denial of patents by the Patent Office, illegal seizure by the Patent Office and/or by the illegal use of national security legislation, financial sabotage through scams, financial traps and by funds interception, harassment and intimidation and inducements (financial or other to co-operate with suppression). On top of all this is the continuing and often vicious prejudice from the scientific community and the existence of clandestine liaisons between scientific entities, media entities and those illegal, corporate/military projects controlling the suppression. But SEAS, Inc. has big plans for getting around these obstacles and says it now has extensive, high level support in government, intelligence and media circles who will assist in making these technologies come to light.  

With growing citizen awareness about the Disclosure Project (with 6 million+ visits to their web site), SEAS is set to succeed where many, many others (mostly individuals) have failed. But SEAS requires resources sufficient, among other things, to hire an advertising company and launch a large scale promotion of it's products. And in case the media obstructs, which SEAS knows is quite on the cards, it will budget to buy massive advertising space. A huge educational program will accompany the development and marketing of these technologies. And there will also be steps taken to include and work with nations who now rely heavily on the income of the sale of oil, so that rather than being in opposition to this development, they will benefit from it's success. 

It is recognised that there has to be a substantial phase-in period for the new technologies so that industry and the rest of society can adapt to the dramatic changes with a minimum of disruption. However this is balanced by a need to bring these technologies into commercial production before it's too late. The scientists on the Disclosure Project team see the point of no return as being 2003/2004. And this is what Bearden and others advised a U.S. Congressional scientific committee in 2000. A 10 to 20 year period will be required for the changeover. And eventually the even more fantastic sounding applications of this technology will follow - technology like flying saucers. 

Among the still classified, totally non-polluting technologies that exist and could be declassified and put to peaceful use, include domestic devices not unlike Bearden's Motionless Electromagnetic Generator. No bigger than a shoebox, no more expensive than a conventional internal combustion electrical generator, these devices do not require the central power plants, transmission lines and the related multi-trillion dollar infrastructure required to power the current system. And such a device never wears out because it has no moving parts. Disclosure Project witness Dan Morris, a retired Air Force career Master Sergeant who had a 'cosmic' top secret clearance (38 levels above top secret, a level never enjoyed by a U.S. President as far as he knows) explains what's behind the suppression of these devices. "So it's not that our Government and the world doesn't want us to know that there are other people on other planets that have existed for thousands of years. What the people in power right now don't want us to know is that this free energy is available to everybody." [9] 

Think what this means for the poor and remote nations of the world. Each home, office and factory could have a device to generate whatever energy is needed. Each village, city and nation could be independent for its energy supplies. Wouldn't anyone concerned with the future of this planet be supportive of getting to the bottom of these claims? Well!?! 

What about anti-gravity? Another scientific adviser to SEAS Inc. and witness for the Disclosure Project, Dr. Ted Loder has written a paper[10], published in 2002 by the American Institute for Aeronautics and Astronautics in which he reviews the development of anti-gravity research in the U.S.. Loder, a respected scientist and oceanography lecturer at the University of New Hampshire notes how the anti-gravity research activity was taken on by many of the major defence and technology companies in the 50's including Glenn Martin, Lockheed and Douglas. Others recorded as having evinced interest include Boeing and General Electric. In 1954, the source of this information, a trade press magazine, The Aviation Report, said, "...indications are now that the Pentagon is ready to sponsor a range of devices to help further knowledge." "Tentative targets now being set anticipate that the first disk should be complete before 1960 and it would take the whole of the sixties to develop it properly, even though some combat things might be available ten years from now."  

The open study of anti-gravity seemed to disappear by the mid 1950s but in his paper Loder shows how recent scientific findings, and witness testimonies, including those of the Disclosure Project, "show us that this research and technology is alive and well and very advanced". (In 1993 another DP witness, Paul La Violette reverse-engineered the B-2 Bomber's propulsion system based on information disclosed in 1992 to "Aviation Week and Space Technology". He proposes that the B-2 is using the electrogravitics technology of anti-gravity pioneer Townsend Brown.[11]) The Disclosure Project reveals the existence of man-made vehicles known as Alien Reproduction Vehicles which, as the name suggests, have been created from back-engineering ET vehicles. If this isn't way out enough, the project's deepest sources suggest that there are more than a few vehicles like these in existence and that the intended use of this fleet is to hoax an extraterrestrial attack for the purpose of justifying further weaponisation of space, generating war and controlling through fear. Unbelievable sounding to most, this news has been enough to make grown men in high office cry. Men in government positions who have been left out of the loop and denied access to these black, corporatised projects want change. 

And so the Disclosure Project has had, and does have some government support behind the scenes, and has met with, and briefed, officials on different occasions. In 1997 Greer and a dozen of his witnesses, including astronaut Edgar Mitchell, met with Clinton administration officials from the Whitehouse, Pentagon and Congress and were promised Congressional action if a citizen-led media conference was organised first, which is what the Project did in 2001. The May 2001 event was sponsored by a Whitehouse correspondent. But still no Congressional hearings. The administration changed. Supporters and participants of the Disclosure Project have also been active in promoting the new technologies. Loder headed a scientific briefing[12] in 2000, requested by the Chair and the Chief of Staff of a Senate Committee on the Environment and Public Works. Loder presented his own work, that of Disclosure Project Director Steven Greer, Tom Bearden and others. The Disclosure project is continuing to call for open Congressional hearings on this vital subject in the U.S. and elsewhere.  

The U.N.'s Global Environment Outlook does acknowledge that "Promising new technologies can help to secure basic goods and services, especially for the poor in developing countries, but they remain largely the province of commercial interests in developed countries." But the report goes no further than listing wind and solar power and fuel cells as future alternatives. This is hardly surprising. Once these claims are determined to be true they will kill the mighty fossil fuel industry and all the associated power structure. These revelations will turn the world as we know it on it's head. They will completely change the geopolitical power structure of the globe and will show us that most of the misery, poverty, environmental degradation and even illness that we have suffered over the past few decades, could have been prevented through the introduction of these, and related technologies. These revelations will likely cause massive social upheaval and calls for retribution once acknowledged. But we should keep our heads because they will simultaneously bring about the change we must have if we are to enjoy a future, a future of decentralised abundance. A future that we must share peacefully with our cosmic neighbours. 

This year, as we contemplate those penguin-laden chunks of glistening Antarctic ice breaking off into the ocean, historic cities submerged once more by raging floodwaters and the millions of suffering people starving around the world due to unprecedented and widespread drought conditions, war and disease, we should be aware that the world's leaders are doing what amounts to worse than nothing to turn this situation around. This is insanity. We must take the necessary steps for change by publicising the monumental efforts of this Disclosure Project.


Why on Earth wouldn't we?


Vivienne Legg

September 2002





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