Supreme Justice and the Unified Field

By Vivienne Legg

12th February 2003

On the 30th of January 2003 Dr Steven Greer the Director of Space Energy Access Systems Inc., a company attracting investment in free energy devices, was interviewed on Coast to Coast AM radio in the United States. With millions of listeners as his protection he excitedly announced and 'demonstrated' a hand-held, over - unity (zero point, free energy) device. He told the audience, "If the testing and development of this holds up, it will be the single most important scientific breakthrough in the history - the recorded history - of the human race, and that is not an overstatement..."

Greer and his team took the device out on the street where it gathered, very passively, less than one watt of power from the environment. It generated hundreds of watts of power in usable form. They were astonished to see this. It ran a 300-watt light bulb, a 100-watt light bulb, a stereo and an oscillating fan with an electric motor, all at the same time with literally no artificial manmade input of power. Greer explained, "This is a significant moment ...People have been murdered, people have been imprisoned, people have had these things bought out only to sit on the black shelf at a major corporation." (This, he says, can be proved in a court of law.) Importantly, the brilliant and independent, un-named inventor of this device has not had contact with the unacknowledged black-budget military projects who have these devices already. The good news is that nobody has given this inventor any trouble to date.

Significantly, during this exciting, historic interview Greer pointed out that none of his Disclosure Project military and government witnesses who are speaking out about suppressed technologies and the UFO cover-up have been approached by people wanting to silence them. "Protective measures" are in place, Greer tells us. And the tide has turned. As Disclosure Project representatives, we can attest to that. At any rate Greer insists he will take a bullet before he gives up this device. .".. I just hope and I pray and I hope others will be praying with us that we can be guided aright to get this out as quickly as possible to a world that, at this virtually the twelfth hour, certainly needs to find some way of living on this planet without cannibalising the Earth that sustains us."

Greer explains that the kinds of operations that have kept these things secret do so only in the shadows. They cannot do it with a spotlight shining on them. Coast to Coast A.M. provided a very important service to humanity by letting the people know about this.

As well as saving our environment and preventing so much unnecessary starvation and suffering, what these wonderful devices will do for our planet is decentralise power. There will be no need for power lines and power companies. Each village or house can have it's own completely independent system at no more than the initial cost of the device, no more than an electric generator. There will be no need for oil. Water purification systems will be affordable. However, more importantly to many, it will cause the decentralisation of political power, something which George Bush and those who align themselves with him fear more than anything. Hence the maniacal impatience to push us into this terrifying and horrendously distracting war, which we know is not about justice. It's more about world power than it is about fossil fuels. Who needs oil when you have free energy?

Greer and his team hopefully predict getting the free energy devices on the assembly lines in 2004. The third world will be able to share the table with the first. The race is on. These are strange times. Even the Sydney Morning Herald published an article this February which suggests that Australia's involvement in the war could be related to it securing for itself secret anti-gravity technology which the U.S. has.

The wall of deciet and silence that still prevents the truth from being known is phenomenal and ancient, and it is being sustained often by many who are not even aware whose cause they are serving. Our own experience could be cited as an example.

The Australian National Party or National Party's Ian Causley (Deputy Speaker of the Federal House of Representatives) one who has been quick to align himself with those in favour of this evil war, has apparently attempted once again to thwart the spreading of damning truth in his own back yard about widespread devastating political corruption. This is the sort of corruption that serves the wishes of corporate and other powers. He and his associates hope that the war will steal your attention away. The Australian National Party versus - defamation proceedings in the Supreme Court. Ironically these power mongers don't seem to realise that in the immediate term, they have just advanced the cause tremendously. Thanks to advanced technology, developed by the military/industrial complex (from back-engineered extraterrestrial vehicles) news of this unjust action spread like lightning across the globe within hours of us updating our website! However, if they succeed in thwarting us this act will be seen as just what it is, a cruel and blatant abuse of power to prevent the truth from being known!

Of course we are also doing all we can to spread the news, like lightning across the globe, of free energy developments on our thousands - of - hits - a - day website. This has not gone unnoticed.

The potential for extraordinarily positive change is as great, if not greater than the potential for escalating tragedy. At this very moment an army of more than 8000 trained and funded meditators are sitting cross-legged by the Ganges, directing waves of positivity into the world! This is the project of Dr John Hagelin, world authority in Quantum Unified Field Theory. This Invincible Defence Technology, unofficially supported by many Congressmen and women, may save our bacon.

Hagelin explains, "We're talking about harnessing this Unified Field that is at the foundation of the universe, and using it to generate indomitable waves of unity and possivity, spreading that influence into the collective consciousness of the world." Dr. Hagelin heads the Institute of Science, Technology and Public Policy. The Institute's "Preventing Terrorism" web site explains that the proposal has been validated by studies that have appeared in the world's top scientific journals, (more than 50 replications and 19 published research studies). It has also been endorsed by respected independent scholars.

A group of 8,000 trained Vedic meditators (already surpassed) has been calculated to be sufficient to create a measurable effect and as mentioned, the funding, 83.5 million U.S. dollars of it, has already been secured. Are we feeling the effects of this already? But 40,000 meditators are being organised to dramatically transform the whole direction on Earth, and funding for this is still being sought. Hagelin explains that with 40,000 meditators, negativity will have trouble finding a foothold in this world! Interestingly funding is coming from the corporate sector.

The status quo depends on a wall of deceit, which, like the Berlin Wall, will come crashing down as soon as we are informed and as thousands more join in meditation and tapping into that great one mind, the unified field.

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