The Ballad of UFO Disclosure

a song by Vivienne


A doctor from North Carolina,

A man of courage and rare morality,

Has launched a bold and massive project,

Which is changing the world as you will see.


This movement, it's called the Disclosure Project,

It's huge behind the scenes, don't be deceived.

That the media and government aren't talking about it

Demonstrates just why the project was conceived.


Now, any day this work could tip the balance,

Th'work of emergency physician Steven Greer.

Because hundreds of government insiders and others

Are rising to his call as you will hear.


Did you know that hundreds from the Military

are coming forward now to say that there've been lies, lies, lies!?

Did you know that what they tell is quite contrary

To the news that our media supplies?

They have first-hand evidence of secrecy on UFOs,

This story isn't all that you'd suppose, here's how it goes.


Did you know that 20 government insiders,

Provided data at the Press Club in the USA?

They have documents, yes, proof! and whose reacting?

They released all this news last year (2001) in May!

Radar cases, ET meetings, seeing bases on the moon and

Revelations not a bit too soon, and more in June.


Now Greer provides this evidence of contact,

From ET races and the secrecy,

But stresses that this truth is secondary,

To the threat we're facing to democracy.


This threat , it doesn't come from ET monsters,

Insisting on control of everything!

It comes from certain folks who are maintaining their power,

Thus denying us the good these ETs bring.


Did you know (a retired Defence Secretary),

Is pushing for Greer's big disclosure on UFOs?

Astronauts, scientists and more are very,

Very keen for the Congress to expose

Special interests, corp'rate power exploiting the fossil fuels,

Who keep our leaders playing by the rules, some men are tools.


Did you know that certain military projects,

Have escaped control of Congress in the USA?

Privatised, unaccountable, tax funded,

They exist and intend to have their way!

These powerful, illegal groups control the ET secrecy.

It's all about suppressing the advanced technology.


Yes, these hundreds all agree

The danger isn't from ET.

There's talk about an ET hoax,

To terrify God-fearing folks.


Did you know the father of our modern rocket

Told of plans to hoax false dangers to put nukes in space?

First the Russians, then the terrorists then asteroids.

Plans to weaponise that realm are a disgrace.

Radar operators, pilots, weapons silos men and more

Are coming out to tell us what they saw, unlike before.


Did you know that astrophysicists and others

Have been engineering flying discs for fifty years?

Now they're proving that their work can solve our problems,

And that reality is not as it appears.

Saucers from back-engineering, secret projects underground,

We're talking speed of light not speed of sound, it's so profound!


They just launched a power company,

That's based on (over-unity).

It means that fossil fuels will go.

That's why folks don't want you to know.


Have you heard of times like 1997,

When Arizona saw the strangest wave of UFOs?

Seen by thousands, also videoed by many,

For 100 minutes, so the story goes.

Triangles and orbs and v shapes, some were lights all in a row,

Stranger still, they travelled really slow, just like a show.


Did you know that at this crazy rate we're going,

We'll be lucky if we make it thru to '23,

Without chaos, anarchy and mass destruction,

Unless we're prepared to set this knowledge free?

Meanwhile see our ET neighbours gently cranking up the heat,

With complex new impressions in the wheat. So very neat!


Yes these hundreds all agree,

The danger isn't from ET.

However plans advance apace,

To put more nuclear arms in space.




(See the work of Colonel Bearden, also Paul La Violette.

Check it out next time you're on the net , please don't forget.)




Look to the) Skies, skies, skies, Oh,

For a big suprise, Oh,

And if you're wise wise wise, OH,

You'll question all of what you 'know'.


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