Who is Vivienne Legg?

The short answer is, nobody in particular.

 I've got no formal qualifications. But I have spent a decade now helping my partner Dyson (gaiaguys) expose the corruption presented on this web site. My free ebook "The Dobbing Stones" covers the original (relatively local) scandal from which the rest of this monstrous web site has grown, and also tells a little more about who we are. The current version is not quite complete but covers the most important information. It provides plenty of evidence of a widespread, corrupt political / bureaucratic landscape that has resulted in the part destruction of one of Australia's remaining (Australian Heritage Commission Registered) gems. 

Why am I now writing articles about extraterrestrials, covert military/industrial 'black' projects and how that relates to the destruction of the environment? Because someone has to help make the connections, and quickly! I make no great claims about the quality of my work. It is simply my attempt to help the enlightenment process along. It seems to me that since our institutions and traditional authority figures are not attending to this dire situation it's us 'nobody in particulars' that must roll up our sleeves if we can.

I don't see that we have a choice.

 Please help if you can.

 (November 2002)

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