"The Earth Human Must Learn to Bear His Own Responsibility...Thinking, Feelings and Actions."

(April 2003)

My partner Dyson and I (Vivienne) started the gaiaguys web site in order to expose unchecked political corruption which is destroying people's lives and our local environment and which has spread like a disease through our local and not so local government and community organisations. With the benefit of that drawn-out whistleblowing experience and after being jolted into further awareness of global corruption by the September 11, 2001 tragedy, we became aware of the extraordinary cover-up of... the politically real extraterrestrial presence (!!!??). (Look at the evidence. Disclosure Project "And Still They Fly" by Guido Moosebrugger FIGU website  www.theyfly.com Majestic Documents) Hence the current prominence of ET material on our site. In order to try to help our surprised, dismayed, angry or puzzled readers understand what the evidence is and what critical  relevance zany sounding extraterrestrials and the associated conspiracy have to environmental and political matters, I wrote a series of articles which are probably best read in the order given below as the earlier ones provide the necessary foundation for the later ones.

You can also read Dyson's insightful article "Extraterrestrial Ethics" as published in Australasian UFOlogist Vol.6 No.1, 2002.


 10th January 2005

The Gods of the Earth Were Human

Around the world there continues to be interest, as well as heated dialogue concerning the mass of physical evidence of extraterrestrials provided by the Plejaren, the human extraterrestrial people who have maintained intense contact for several decades with Swiss man, Eduard Meier. But there’s far more to this story, which goes a long way to explaining why the facts surrounding this case have been so successfully and relentlessly obscured. 

The Plejaren have facilitated the re-delivery of the uncorrupted, universal spiritual teachings for Earth humanity, and thus they have exposed the spirit-enslaving, evolution-stunting nature of religion.

OM – The Book of Books – The Book of Truth

The Jschwjsch is Human

True State of Earth Humanity

The Creation itself is your spirit


Please visit our OM page for more about the book OM and the message of the Plejaren and our (human) prophet (ie. announcer/teacher) for Earth Humanity.


Just to complete the collection of articles I have on this web site I include the below, which concern top police and government protection in Australia for violent, elite pedophile networks, (and my fairly basic summary of (or introduction to) Freemasonry based mostly on the book "The Brotherhood", by Stephen Knight. Find out what kind of role secret societies play in the cover-up.)

Be advised that this material deals with EXTREME violence, sexual references and adult themes.

November 2003 PARLIAMENTARIAN DOES NOTHING TO STOP PEDOPHILE PROTECTION. ("It's Not My Role To Instigate any Enquiries")

April 2004 NO MORE EXCUSES!  Victoria Police and Premier’s Justice Department turn to blaming child welfare advocate and whistleblower for stalled "investigations" into the elite pedophile/pornography network.

July 23rd, 2004,  OMBUDSMAN'S OFFICE COVERS FOR PEDOPHILES  (Concealing evidence of Police Involved in Ritual Abuse)



OCTOBER 2007 Knowledge and Wisdom Spell the End to Anti-Semitism



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