OM (AUM in Sanskrit) is an ancient word derived from the old Lyrian language, which was long since lost on Earth. The actual meaning of the acronym OM is disclosed when the full significance of both letters are revealed by an explanation of the two words whose first letters are the "O" and the "M"- OMFALON MURADO. When abridged as O and M, these two words OMFALON MURADO possess the identical, indeed, an even greater tonal-harmony significance than when the two are fully pronounced as OMFALON MURADO. For this reason, the abbreviation "OM" was used and became the traditional form. The ancient Lyrians referred to their writings about the truth--the BOOK OF TRUTH--also as the OM, OMFALON MURADO, LIFE'S NAVEL or the NAVEL OF LIFE. The text, entitled "OM" incorporates all Creational teachings, that is to say, the book holds all teachings of wisdom and life as a written record.    Voice of the Aquarian Age  Number 50, OM



The lack of recognition of the truth is the root of all evil. But evil is poison for individuals, peoples and nations. And this poison confuses the thinking, the consciousness and the psyche. But man would first recognize this, through the truth, if the truth has already set him free.

(Translation from the original Old German language by one of your website authors, Dyson)

Om (Page 433, Canon 55, verse 8, lines 20-23), by Eduard Albert "Billy" Meier, from telepathic transmissions from Jschwjsch Ptaah  Above: Drawing of Ptaah by Christian Krukowski from self portrait. Gratefully copied from the FIGU web site

Eine wichtige Nachricht an den Leser dieser Schrift / An Important Message for the Reader of this Document




  January 12th, 2005 - Vivienne Legg 

Around the world there continues to be interest, as well as heated dialogue, concerning the mass of physical evidence of extraterrestrials provided by the Plejaren, the human extraterrestrial people who have maintained intense contact for several decades with Swiss man, Eduard Meier. But thereís far more to this story, which goes a long way to explaining why the facts surrounding this case have been so successfully and relentlessly obscured. 

The Plejaren have facilitated the re-delivery of the uncorrupted, universal spiritual teachings for Earth humanity, and thus they have exposed the spirit-enslaving, evolution-stunting nature of religion.




(Translations of)

OM, Kanon 34, V 196-200

"Creation is my companion, and I would not want."

Given in the name of Creation, so that it be praised and honored for all time.

OM Kanon 49

With a brief introduction from gaiaguys'  Vivienne Legg

Kanon 49, (being the missing part from the English translated Contact #11 with Semjase (left) on 15th April 1975,) provides for the first time in the English language that which Lt. Col. Wendelle Steven's LEFT OUT of his groundbreaking translations and which forms a follow-on companion piece to Semjase's beautiful 10th Contact - The Introduction to the Spiritual Teachings.

Update on Semjase (above) : She has now successfully completed the study, and passed the required examinations, to qualify her for the rank of full Jschrjsch - "Goddess/Queen of Knowledge" and continues to live and work in the DAL Universe while making a full recovery from her fall.                Quetzal is also now a full Jschrjsch like Ptaah.

OM, Kanon 52

"In that the human understands the truth and knows the difference between God and Creation."


September 21st, 2005

OM Kanon 9 has finally been translated.

"And those who deny Creation, and those who set next to it other powers, gods and idols, receive no signs from it."




 According to OM's introduction, the below proverbs were known in Lyran as the wise saying of peace, and were drawn from directly by King Solomon, who was wrongly given credit for them, and who, to a large extent, greatly falsified them.

The below text explains that the proverbs (a tiny handful selected below) were originally provided by the ancient Lyrans about 389 thousand years ago. Translated into German from the ancient Lyran language, these proverbs were called "WeisheitssprŁche des Friedens", (literally; "wise sayings of peace"), and remain in the original form here in spite of the existence of many translation variations.

The text below is gratefully scanned from page 16 in the introduction to OM.,


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It's written in collaboration with gaiaguys.


Below are a small selection of some of the shortest of the 2534 proverbs which make up Canon 32.

These little proverbs do not adequately represent the profound wisdom available in this great book, nor are they intended to do so here..

These are loose translations by Dyson, who will finish supplying the original German language (shown above each line) here as soon as time permits.

 If you click on the page number, it will take you to a .jpg scan of that entire page.



 p. 202  507. Ignorance is impermanent, like clouds driven before the wind.


 p.206  632. Blessed is he who has learned to wait joyously.


 p.210  716. Where fire finds nothing dry and flammable, it goes out.


 p.215  834. Work is better than senseless prayer.


 p.219 988. A wise man does not sleep in a soft bed.


 p.219  992. He who praises himself is a fool or has bad neighbors.


 p. 221  1068. Beautiful words are seldom true, true words are seldom beautiful.


 p. 221  1076. First man drinks alcohol, then alcohol drinks alcohol, finally alcohol drinks the man.


 p.223  1117. A humanís honor is more important than money and possessions.


 p.223  1126. Fire purifies gold and consumes wood.


 p.224  1169. The golden key of truth opens all doors.


 p.224  1183. Bad books are the greatest thief.


 p.224  1189. No matter how fast a lie can be it can always be overtaken by the truth.


 p.226  1244. No teacher can replace a mother.


 p.229  1363. He who loses his honor loses everything.


 p.230  1386. Golden jewelry does not make a person better.


 p.230  1421. The smaller the cage, the more beautiful freedom appears.


1480. No answer is a clear answer.


1482. Where there is fire there is also smoke.


1692. He who has many enemies also has much honor.


1729. Knowledge moves mountains. Belief makes slaves.


1766. He who does not crack the nut will not come to the kernel.


1979. There are not enough shovels to bury the truth.


2059. The dawn breaks even without the roosterís crow.


2145. All wise people are brothers and sisters.


2164. The more a wise person gives, the more he has.


2168. The palaces of the powerful and the priests are full of gold; the huts of the wise are full of love and righteousness


2171. The most priceless treasures are the truth, the knowledge the love and the logic in wisdom.


2196. When you are thirsty itís too late to dig a well.


2202. In the teeth of the fox, the chicken has no more choices.


2256. One cannot clean a spot with dirty fingers.


2304. He who holds back the truth buries all the gold in the world.


2339. He who is afraid to ask is ashamed to learn.


2414. Words are like leaves; acts are like fruit.


2415. The dead always go with the flow.


2419. Ignorance is freely chosen unhappiness.


2423. Proverbs are made by the wise, but fools copy them in speech and writing and falsify them.


2465. To be without guilt means to be without worry.




Canon 8, Verses 78 and 79 

Life proceeded along its path all the way to humankind, which evolved and became established as a separate, independent and the highest-developed life form of Creation, originating from the Ur*-substances of the Earth and the life within it in a substance-bonding form. It established itself as human life in a substance-bonding form of the Earth and of the already existing floral and faunal life, without possessing a direct species-link with floral and faunal life forms. 

*Ur=archetypal, original


Canon 30, Verse 36

The wise person is sagacious and without pretense, and for this reason such individuals either utter few words on any issue or they remain silent-- fully aware that the truth requires very few words. Hence, these persons sparingly open their lips to form words or to counsel. 




On January 5th, 1979  Earth was formally offered the assistance of highly advanced extraterrestrial humans.

This desperately needed help was rejected by the government of the United States of America, who clearly has her own plans for our planet, and doesn't appreciate any interference with her well-coordinated demolition derby.

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