"Gaiaguys are free to think for themselves, and since their translations of our texts - even if these are of a preliminary nature - are sought for by many people, we see no reason for withdrawing our permission." - Billy Meier answers one of our many passionate attackers, December 2006.

 The Silent Revolution of Truth

 Thanks to eleven year old Cladena-Aikarina of Erra for thinking up this brilliant description, above, of FIGU's mission.

Pleiadian or Plejaren? Which is it?

Billy Meier, in An Interview with a UFO Contactee:. "We (FIGU) are not a religious nor a sectarian group, nor are we a political, military nor civil community group based upon any totalitarian and autocratic truth. Neither are we perfect in any way or all-knowing, and for this reason we cannot disseminate perfect teachings – many questions remain for which we have no answers. But we can disseminate the truth about the Creational-natural laws and directives with which we are familiar and for whose accuracy we can vouch. We state that it is the sole, pure truth for which everyone can search within and by themselves, in nature and one’s surroundings everywhere, and that everyone can experience and see it, provided the person is willing to look for and retrieve it. To this end there exists no other truth than the one that actually exists. And this is the precise truth we advocate." 

This is a www.gaiaguys.net webpage providing:

Billy Meier Information in the English Language


Four of Meier’s photos (Nos. 65, 119, 57, 71) superimposed on the 2001 background panorama. Courtesy of J. Jansen. (Thanks to Professor Jim Deardorff @ http://www.tjresearch.info/moretree.htm ) Please click on our above cropped & enhanced image for the entire unaltered original of the above.

 Just a little excerpt from The Book of Truth for the mockers and the know-it-alls


This above-linked rapidly evolving what's-new webpage contains material which has not yet made it onto this main Billy Meier index webpage.

Please read this explanatory word about gaiaguys' authorized unofficial preliminary translations and the importance of this material being delivered in the German language

Please be aware that we, Dyson and Vivienne, are still just learning about this enormous body of teaching and information ourselves, and all our Meier-related work is just our personal effort and, unless otherwise stated, is not yet officially approved by Billy Meier’s group FIGU (ie. Free Community of Interests in Fringe and Spiritual Sciences and Ufological Studies) We have made this un-official effort in an attempt to help the English speaking world get up to speed on the broader content of the Billy Meier/extraterrestrial contacts. BUT, IT IS VERY IMPORTANT that you refer back to the web page and publications of Meier’s group, FIGU, in Switzerland www.figu.org to learn all you can there. Also, be sure to visit www.theyfly.com for Michael Horn's excellent hard-evidence and prophecies focused introduction to the case. (Michael is FIGU's approved media representative in the U.S.) Above all, if you have a sincere interest in this material we stress the importance of striving to learn the German language and read and test the source material for yourself. Please DON'T take our word for it! 


Introducing Eduard "Billy" Albert Meier

March 2003 article. (One of our first on the Meier case.)


Discoverer & Promulgator of the Ancient Text THE TALMUD JMMANUEL

The term prophet, used here, has nothing to do with religion, or perfect, exalted beings. As explained in Billy Meier's texts, a true prophet is not a being of higher value than any other being, but is only a conveyer and announcer of teaching, truth and prophecy.

Eduard Albert Meier.  Bülach, Switzerland, aged about four.

Gratefully scanned (and cropped) from page 2 of Vol. #1 of the Contact Notes © 2002

"Eduard, it will be your task to awaken the Earth humans out of their sleep of untruth and ignorance. You must teach the humans further that they must hold themselves ready for the revolution of truth as well as for the fact of their duty which they have to fulfill with regard to Creation and its laws and commandments. The obeying of this fulfillment of duty also comes like a revolution, because only few will take it upon themselves to consciously fulfill this obligation. This comprehensive revolution is however not built on politics and also knows no parties at all, because real freedom is arranged in its essence, accordingly, every single human has the free choice of his thoughts and feelings as well as his actions and his dealings, as every individual can therefore freely decide whether he will further turn to untruth and ignorance or to knowledge, wisdom and true love, peace, welfare, and balance and harmony."  - Sfath, 1945

Click here to read the original German language of the above, and much more.


Books about this case currently available in English


    Our review of Through Space and Time              Read more about And Yet ... they fly!          Click on above image for a legible scan of the covers

                                                                                                                                     Buy the 4th edition now.

From the late 70s, the Plejaren extraterrestrials provided Billy Meier with extensive photographic and
other evidence of their existence in order, as they explained, to cause the controversy required to
bring about the necessary awareness in Earth humans in regard to the truth of existence of
extraterrestrials. As predicted, that controversy rages today and as Michael Horn's emails reveal,
there is no shortage of individuals who are determined, in books, on radio programs and on the
internet, to savagely, and often underhandedly, brand Billy Meier a hoaxer and fraud.


Media release (in five languages) by Michael Horn and Professor Jim Deardorff

“Gospel of Judas” Irrelevant in Light of Even More Startling Ancient Text

and please don't miss one of our Michael Horn pages!


Official FIGU translation  - "The basic rules of Man".
 (I, Dyson, seriously think that this is the most important document in Earth's history.)

Basic Rules of FIGU or Basic Rules of Man
by Eduard Albert Meier (14 years old)
Regensdorf/Switzerland, Saturday, February 3, 1951, at 8:02 pm


What the Plejarans Wish for the Earth Humans

(21 points)

For the earth humans, we wish that they, in all love and reason, tend toward bringing an end to all aggression, acts of violence and wars, as well as all criminality, all hate, all discord, every bondage as well as any craving for vengeance and retaliation.

December 5th, 2006

Sfath’s Explanation

provided in 1945 to Eduard Meier on his eighth birthday, has now been unofficially translated in full.  

The entire 191 verses are now provisionally complete.  

This is a very important text and represents the earliest contact conversation which is now published. I think it provides a uniquely valuable overview of the momentous mission awaiting Billy as an adult, and reveals many fascinating details of his role and responsibilities as Prophet of the New Age. 

There is a chilling allusion to the nuclear holocaust coming to Hiroshima and Nagasaki six month later, and our appended notes provide some details about the REAL horrifying history of World War Two in the Pacific, and how is was deliberately PROVOKED by the USA in order to test its super-weapons (in a blood-drenched forerunner of the World Trade Center Massacre in 2001). 



The year is 1951.









Sent to 3000 world leaders in 1951

FIGU-Special-Bulletin No. 16, January 2005 Open Letter to all Human Beings of Earth (July 5th, 1951)

"Also make everything public for all the humans of Earth through instructions in all media, in order to achieve an alteration and transformation in a positive sense and in order to protect Earth and its entire mankind from all iniquity, from all evil, from all degeneration, from the many deaths and destruction and from the step into annihilation." 14 year old Billy



Let's set the scene for 1958.


This is a translation of a 37 page long .pdf file originally entitled,

(Warning to all the governments of Europe! Prophecies and Predictions by Eduard A. Meier 1958)


June 21st, 2007

Meier prophecies

and more information about his early years

September 16th, 1964

Quo vadis humanitas?

"Humanity and individual human, whether poor or rich, whether small, big, beggar or worker - human in every position, it concerns you - my words are directed at you." Billy, September 16th, 1964

Please go here for the 2007 predictions, which update these 43 year old prophecies.


 Various miscellaneous topics:

(You can scroll way down the page for our   "More about the spiritual teachings" section.)

December 17th, 2006

An important excerpt from

FIGU Special Bulletin #31


 November 29th, 2006 

A very important new authorized unofficial preliminary contact conversation translation is now on line featuring Billy and Ptaah speaking eight weeks ago, about various (failed and viable) past, current and looming critical geo-religio-political catastrophes, international conspiracies, etc.

" ... in the beginning of November, with the election in the USA's House of Representatives/Senate, the irresponsible US president Bush, as well as his vassals and all his Republican followers, will suffer a grave defeat and the Democrats will win the upper hand. Thereby it will be that the Bush government's secret and crazy plans can no longer be translated into reality, whereby many factors fall away through which a Third World War still threatened before the end of the year 2006. Therefore the prophecy, that this year this war threatened, will not be fulfilled." - Ptaah, October 15th, 2006.


October 27th, 2006

An important excerpt from

FIGU Special Bulletin #30


October 2006, pages 14 -19,

in which Billy pulls some very ugly threads together about the USA's "secret world government", being the terrible Central Intelligence Agency, and in what way it was involved in the WTC Massacre, and how it represents the largest and most powerful criminal organization that Earth has ever seen - with a REAL "license to kill" .

"The press was muzzled and the CIA was given freedoms which are so unbelievable that a normal citizen of the country cannot conceive of these."

"To this end, [world domination] the SOG [Special Operation Group] team, respectively the SOG army, is thereby the most radical weapon, which is unique in the history of every secret service in the world, and their elite soldiers are numb and pitiless killer-robots, which, when they are merely obeying their orders, murder out of delight for killing, giving not a thought to law and order, rather go about blindly murdering."

September 22nd, 2006

 gaiaguys article


 (Includes corrections and update of Plejaren comments about crop circles.)

The overall body of Plejaren/Meier advice is so intelligent and refreshingly reasonable, whether regarding spiritual knowledge, Earth Human behavior, politics, prophecies, environmental concerns or geological phenomena, and so forth that, in these chaotic and troubled times, the inclination is to turn to this source for the answer to everything – without thinking it through. But, try as you might, it simply doesn’t let you.

Left: Bishops Cannings Basket (detail), August 5/6th 1999 

September 15th

Asked about WWIII and the current (Aug. '06) world situation, Billy tells it like it is.

"If the whole thing is regarded with a clear view then it can very much be said that the situation corresponds to an early stage in a third world war, whereby quite especially US-America is working on allowing such a war to become reality because the completely irresponsible political vultures and corpse-robbers of the USA openly scream for more wars, murders and destruction."


September 12th

Richard Boylan's jaw-dropping audacity finally triggers a very forthright response from a REAL extraterrestrial.

"This man (Boylan) with his delusional imaginings and his crazy and insane machinations, is very well known to me because, through our three year clarifications, our attention has also been turned to him, along with many others who, in the same or similar ways, are damaged in their consciousness." Ptaah, August 15th, 2006


September 11th

Billy explains why the Plejaren will never intercede.

The question is: why won't the Plejaren take the same action with our current insane Powers That Be, that they took with the Bafath/Giza Intelligences in 1978, and enforce a planetary peace for Earthlings?

Billy also takes the opportunity to again stress that only by fighting evil will we ever overcome it.

"... every individual must grasp the initiative, learn to behave correctly, carry the ideas of love, peace, freedom and harmony from his side into the world and fight for that. ... because only he who really fights can also win, and carry a victory from it." - Billy, August 2006


September 9th

 An update from Ptaah on Israel's most recent war.

Extracts from the official 432nd contact dialog between Ptaah and Billy, from August 15th, 2006.

"I personally observed the war zone in Lebanon today in respect of the ceasefire ... It is unbelievably primitive, the destruction that was caused down there, especially through the Israelis, who have raged like the insane who are no longer in command of their reason and understanding." - Ptaah


August 2006

About the events in Israel, in the Gaza Strip and in Lebanon


"... Israeli sets itself above all human rights and agreement in regard to a supervised conduct of war, and grins maliciously in the face of the entire world ..."

"That, quite especially then, if the Islamic world suddenly openly unites against Israel and razes it to the ground, as it has been brought to expression in various prophecies since ancient times."

 (IF that occurs) "In Jerusalem the few still living people will wade in ankle-deep human blood."

"For their purpose they do not shrink in horror from either any kind of war crimes, or from knowingly killing children and women through well-considered attacks of the air force and ground troops, which they, however, deny in every case, and meanwhile describe the entire thing as oversights and the like. Today I stayed in the Lebanese war area and, with horror, had to recognize the real truth  which is not recognized by the world and also is kept secret from the Israeli people." Ptaah, July 11th, 2006

"In my opinion, keeping silent does not mean neutrality, rather tolerance and the promotion of the political, punishment-related, religious, militaristic and terrorist atrocities. Every human who knows these things, and thereby the truth of the facts, and is silent over them, makes himself guilty of irresponsibility and of a crime against all humans who come to death or damage through political, militaristic, religious, sectarian, war-related, criminal and terrorist behaviors and actions. Neutrality means, therefore, also to be active in relation to bearing responsibility in regard to the open naming and denouncing of the existing facts and the wrong ways of behavior of all those who govern the world, as, however, also all their myrmidons and vassals who carry out their orders in ways of war, terrorism or other ways unworthy of humans. Silence is never compatible with neutrality, because this requires that the effective facts of war, terror of destruction, murder, torture, wrong punishment-orders and rape, and so forth, become openly and clearly named, and indeed in regard to all contracting parties and persons. He who is silent is not only cowardly and not neutral, rather also absolutely irresponsible." Billy, July 11th, 2006


Asket's explanation to Billy on February 3rd, 1953

continues with verses 154-200 about some of the many important people who were killed as a result of the plans to keep the planet from being blown up. USSR's Joseph Stalin, U.S. President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, U.S. Attorney General Robert Kennedy, Pope John the Twenty-third, Pope Paul the Sixth, King Paul the First of Greece, the Emir of Kuwait, Egypt's President Gamal Adbel Nasser and  the king of Saudi Arabia, King Faisal.

on November 18th with the final 62 verses

Asket finishes her explanation to Billy with verses 201-262 just added, and this monolog provides some more detail into the protocols and technical methodology of the Bafath, (a.k.a. “Giza Intelligences”), those ET puppetmasters hiding under the Great Pyramid of Giza who pulled the strings of about 625 world religious and political leaders (and ufologists) at any given time, for millennia, and whose malign influence still lingers, in spite of the fact that they were kicked out in 1978.

(This section also contains some corrections to serious errors published in the first editions.)



(This section contains some corrections to very serious errors published in the first editions.)


July 31st

Billy asks Ptaah about the effects that hormones in foods have on women and girls

"And although it is hardly to be believed, there are also substances in fruit and vegetables that likewise function as growth stimulants." - Ptaah, March 10th, 2001


July 30th

Billy and Ptaah discuss aspects of Mad Cow Disease as yet unknown to our scientists

"That is known, as is also that the epidemic can spread to many other forms of animal which however is always still disputed by our scientists, because they have not yet recognized and investigated the different forms of disease of the different animals that come about through the transmission of the BSE." - Billy


July 22nd

Billy and Ptaah reveal the genesis of today's human blood sacrifice cults

 "A method unworthy of humans, that is extremely painful for the animals, which also the depraved sacrifice-priests knew, as they joyously gloated in their sadistic torture when they murdered humans and animals in this manner and way on the sacrificial blocks, and rejoiced in their insane belief and fanaticism in the monstrous torture of their sacrifices who would often writhe for many long minutes in their pain." - Ptaah, April 4th, 2002


on September 1st

July 19th

Semjase delivers a history of the Aryans on Earth and some dangerous truths about Israel

Billy: "But, in spite of that, this means quite a damned danger."

"That also is correct, and it especially means a very great danger for yourself and for your life, because the fewest Earth humans will understand and want to understand, that we only speak the truth and only spread the truth regarding these things, and that we ourselves, as well as you, in spite of that, regarding the people themselves, do not possess anti-American and anti-Israeli ambitions in any form and in regard to the integrity of these countries." - Semjase, January 6th, 1977


 July 24th

You can read more history relating to Aryans and Hebrews in this 1975 section from Quetzal.

"Like no ruler before, Kamagol the First forced all terrestrial religions into the frame of blood-demanding cults which, unfortunately, were able to be maintained on the Earth up to the current time. In spite of many efforts of the righteous celestial sons they were not able to prohibit his evil machinations, therefore he could grasp the cultic religions around himself more and more and control the world. Mighty in many kinds of technical and consciousness-related resources and powers, Kamagol's assembly was able to force the Earth humans into its power and completely lead them into a cultic religion confusion." - Quetzal, November 13th, 1975


June 28th

The United States of America will burn


"... a still much worse fire will rage, that will move there across the United States and leads back to an origin of an act of war." - Ptaah, August 3rd, 2002

June 27th

Ptaah reveals how Mad Cow Disease was spread across our planet


 "Also, deliberately infected livestock from them, such as specific cattle and sheep, were processed into livestock meal, or the permission was granted for that, thereafter, then, this infected livestock meal was likewise exported to many areas of the Earth, and indeed to more than 100 countries, as we can determine." Ptaah, March 20th, 2001

  April 2004 Plejaren leaders condemn terrorism. Extraterrestrial leaders are providing regular commentary on world events. (But you won't read about it in the media or hardly anywhere on the  internet.)


www.gaiaguys.net/Meier.Mondv6p70.htm    - Surprises on the Moon

www.gaiaguys.net/meier.mohammed.05.htm  - Mohammed's Teachings were also Falsified

www.gaiaguys.net/fermi.htm - WHERE IS EVERYBODY!? (Enrico Fermi's famous paradox explained & much more)

www.gaiaguys.net/nokodemion.htm - who is Billy Meier REALLY?

www.gaiaguys.net/specialbulletin16.htm - FIGU - SPECIAL- BULLETIN - No. 16, Feb. 2005 - Regarding world events

 www.gaiaguys.net/meierv6p379.htm - Malicious religious influences, and, the truth must be delivered harshly.

www.gaiaguys.net/meierv6p261-262.htm  - The Chronology of the Arrival of the Different Earth Peoples

http://www.gaiaguys.net/Meierv6p406-413.htm  - The Ages of the Various Celestial Bodies, etc., and the Establishment of the Conditions on Earth. (This dialog then leads into the saga of Nokodemion, see above.)

 www.gaiaguys.net/meierv5p207-210.htm A brief account of some of a younger Billy's little-known heartrending personal tragedies

 www.gaiaguys.net/meierv5p252.htm A short but somewhat encouraging look into our future.


www.gaiaguys.net/meier.sww.p186.htm Consciousness Revolution




www.gaiaguys.net/meierv7p430.htm  Attacking machinations on the aliens

www.gaiaguys.net/meierv7p432.htm "... we distance ourselves from America." -  Ptaah

www.gaiaguys.net/meierv5p316-317.htm  "... cow's milk, contains many substances that cannot exactly be designated as promoting health."

www.gaiaguys.net/meierv2p78-79&84-86&v3p12.htm  About "Saint Germain" "In his lifetime he was the greatest deceiver, charlatan, liar and spy, and indeed in the service and commission of a sect in Germany which was obsessed with world domination at that time." - Semjase

(and more)

Some valuable information about neutrinos for the ignorant/arrogant Earth scientists who play with fire.

And a bit more is revealed about why these good ET people are so concerned about our planet.

"A gleaming explosion would transform the Earth into a glowing white cloud of gas in less that five one-hundredths of a second, while the chain reaction would race out into free space with the speed of light ... "




"...talposbacteria exist in their thousandfold diversity wherever heat exists."

Something different for Earth's high temperature physicists to think about ... not to mention the biologists, who also ..."stand yet seemingly at the start of their efforts and research and yet have no idea about how far-reaching the talposbacteria are in their functions, and how multifaceted in their number."




Eduard Albert "Billy" Meier in 2005

FIGU authorized photograph courtesy of Claes Elmberg and a short word about the picture



 Other information on the www about Billy Meier

Please note that the gaiaguys website has more about Billy and his ET contacts on other web pages that are not listed on this page. Please check the "English language bibliography" and "excerpts", below, for more details on where they are. (Hint: in order to quickly locate pertinent gaiaguys articles, etc. on this site, simply Ctrl+F "gaiaguys" in the below applicable text files.) And more contributions from gaiaguys in the English language can be found on the www.figu.org  Discussion Forums up until April 2007, when our contributions ceased.



The following are mirrored files followed by links to the original files.

(These updated files are now in user-friendly .html, which permits active hypertext links)

Questions To Billy Meier--Answered



Billy Meier: An English-Language Bibliography



FIGU Publications: English-Language Excerpts and Where They Are Located



The Contact Reports of "Billy" Eduard Albert Meier: a topical listing



FIGU Publications: German-Language


 Please visit our nascent PREPARE4CONTACT & RANDY WINTERS EXPOSÉ pages

 George Green is not to be trusted.

 Nor is Jani King.



Handy 138kb .zip version - http://www.gaiaguys.net/contactplieades.zip  

In the future we hope to be able to point out more of the glaring errors and undeclared omissions in the Stevens' material, which is sadly slanted in a pro-religion direction.


 More about the spiritual teachings



December 26th, 2006

From FIGU Bulletin #57

A reader asks Billy if we'll ever read the lost three-quarters of the Talmud Jmmanuel



October 29th, 2006  A quite short (but sweet) unofficial translation about the common characteristics of enemy attacks, from Billy's wonderful book, Die Art zu Leben, is now available @ www.gaiaguys.net/meier.AZL.p187v459.htm

August 8th  A short excerpt from Billy's 1997 book, Die Art zu Leben The Nature of Life (or) The Manner of Living (or) How to Live

The seven steps of formation/development

And two brief, but important, accompanying excerpts from the  Talmud Jmmanuel which pertain to the above


June 27th compilation of excerpts from the books OM and Arahat Athersata




June 22nd

Selected excerpts from Billy Meier from the FIGU book

Arahat Athersata

"The Precious One Who Contemplates the Times"


"Were the masses of humanity to discover the knowledge of the secret sciences - what their monstrous life-affirmative uses, progress and success would bring - then, in the shortest period of time, religions and politics would be exterminated." - Billy

(Important note from gaiaguys: It is PRECISELY these same "secret sciences" - for the first time in their original and unfalsified form -  that Billy Meier is now bringing to our planet for ALL of Earth's humanity. NOW you know why he's survived 21 assassination attempts.)

Revealing the Agenda of the Fake New Age,

featuring Jani King's The P'taah Tapes - An Act of Faith
  October 25th, 2006 -article by Vivienne Legg 

This article is largely for those who are coming new to the Meier case and are still confused about the central teachings, but it also contains some newly translated excerpts from the German language Meier texts about striving, reverence and judgment.


  January 12th, 2005 -articles by Vivienne Legg 

Around the world there continues to be interest, as well as heated dialogue, concerning the mass of physical evidence of extraterrestrials provided by the Plejaren, the human extraterrestrial people who have maintained intense contact for several decades with Swiss man, Eduard Meier. But there’s far more to this story, which goes a long way to explaining why the facts surrounding this case have been so successfully and relentlessly obscured. 

The Plejaren have facilitated the re-delivery of the uncorrupted, universal spiritual teachings for Earth humanity, and thus they have exposed the spirit-enslaving, evolution-stunting nature of religion.

OM – The Book of Books – The Book of Truth

The Jschwjsch is Human

True State of Earth Humanity

The Creation Itself is Your Spirit

Please don't miss our growing OM page.


Please study our NOKODEMION page carefully.



Given in the name of Creation, so that it be praised and honored for all time.

         OM Kanon 49

With a brief introduction from gaiaguys'  Vivienne Legg

Kanon 49, (being the missing part from the English translated Contact #11 with Semjase (left) on 15th April 1975,) provides for the first time in the English language that which Lt. Col. Wendelle Steven's left out of his groundbreaking translations and which forms a follow-on companion piece to Semjase's beautiful 10th Contact - The Introduction to the Spiritual Teachings.


Update on Semjase (above) : She has now successfully completed the study, and passed the required examinations, to qualify her for the rank of full Jschrjsch - "Goddess/Queen of Knowledge" and continues to live and work in the DAL Universe while making a full recovery from her fall.                Quetzal is also now a full Jschwjsch like Ptaah.


From contact 18, not previously translated in English.


Drawing from excerpts from Arahat Athersata


Article with Meier/Plejaren quotes about love

An officially approved glossary of FIGU-related terms

(by Jacob Smits)

And there Shall Be Peace on Earth

 an important (officially FIGU translated) article by Billy Meier.

In the name of Creation, the wise, the righteous.


We put together this page of Plejaren and Billy Meier quotes

to indicate the philosophy which drives our entire gaiaguys website


Published January 2006!

A BOMBSHELL 1997 article from Billy Meier.

"And that I now do not hold my tongue about that which the Plejadian/Plejaren explained to me in regard to this … what comes of that remains to be seen..."


Below are just a few excerpts from this major and historic article:


The consequences of this unofficial, secret edict of which also US Presidents Warren G. Harding as well as Calvin Coolidge, Herbert Hoover and Franklin D. Roosevelt, whereby especially Roosevelt, were finally the driving power, was that the angst for extraterrestrial conquerors would be incited to panic, and indeed through a perfidious machination, together with the secret service, through which book authors would be threatened with death in order to start an extremely effective horror scenario.


The darkening, slandering and obscuring machinations of many governments, militaries and secret services, etc., of different countries, began therefore already very early, and indeed much earlier than would be generally accepted by the real UFO researchers.


And (so) that the population should be left in ignorance about the truth of the existence of extraterrestrials, nevertheless, however (that) fear must be developed in the peoples against the extraterrestrials, out of which a far-reaching hate must be established against the invaders, and, thereby, once again a defensive rage steered by hate should result, the US presidency, as well as the leading officers of the military and the secret services, etc., came upon a psychologically sophisticated idea to work out a horror scenario in extraterrestrial matters and to start it in such a way that not only America would be seized by it, rather also great parts of the rest of the world. 


In the most secret of missions, it was therefore resolved to create a horror scenario which would agitate the population on one hand, who, however, should be left in ignorance of the truth of the existence of the extraterrestrials who already maneuvered in terrestrial air space and also landed sporadically on the Earth, as it has been established from secure sources, and through that, on the other hand, that fear and hate be sown against the strangers from other worlds.  


Naturally, in respect of all these things there are also charlatans, deceivers and swindlers and every other sort, yet the secret service machinations are probably indeed the worst, because it is precisely through these that disinformation is established, through which the genuine and actual events in this regard are bedeviled and made laughable. 


The nasty machinations of the government, military and secret service people in respect of the demonizing of extraterrestrials have increased ever more since 1938 – indeed slowly and successively, thus, however all the more incessantly and expansively, until in the eighties, essentially, the greatest machination for the bedevilment of extraterrestrials began – through a shifty structure in the fashion of the secret service, as well as miscellaneous UFO and extraterrestrial enemies. 


Yet even that is not enough, because still many other assertions, slanderings and lies, and clearly to be recognised as feebleminded, are put about, through which the humans are led into error and would be shifted into angst and terror, as has had manifold success, and certain mass hysteria has been released by a worldwide group of certain earth humans, which also leads to feelings of hate, etc. 



 May 16th, 2006

from the June 2006 FIGU Bulletin #56


Die Welt bedarf weiser Ratgeber ...

The World Requires Wise Advisors

"Were today's state of humanity observed in general, then it would be horrifyingly determined that, in spite of all the welfare, the high standards of living and the conjured up solidarity, a valuable and arresting moral power emanates neither from the religions or sects, nor from the country, nor legal corporations, nor out of the majority of humans."  - Billy, January 9th, 2006.

 JULY 26th, 2006

Symbole der Geisteslehre

aus den Speicherbänken von Nokodemion und Henok

Eine Auswahl von 601 Geisteslehre-Symbolen aus einem Speicherbank-Bestand von mehreren Millionen Symbolen.

Symbols of the Spirit Teachings

from the Storage Banks of Nokodemion and Henok

A Selection of 601 Spirit Teachings Symbols from a Storage bank Inventory of Several Million Symbols

This page displays a very poor and low-resolution THUMBNAILS ONLY sample of the full page (A5 size) symbols available from the FIGU shop.


Who is this man and why is he here?

 It's Wayne C. Jaeschke, Jr.

Please click here to learn more about the immutable creational law of cause and effect.



From: "FIGU - Christian Frehner" <christian.frehner@figu.org>
To: "gaiaguys" <gaiaguys@nor.com.au>
Cc: "Michael" <michael@theyfly.com>
Subject: Re: FIGU Switzerland
Date: Monday, 21 March 2005 12:22 AM

Dear Vivienne and Dyson,

Thank you for your work to bring some light in darkened brains. :-)


I wish you all the best in your work and efforts.

Best regards,


 Articles relating the Billy Meier case with other topics


What CSETI, the Centre for the Study of Extraterrestrial  Intelligence, Needs to Know

(contains many translated excerpts from the Billy Meier/Plejaren extraterrestrial contact notes)

In this article I, (Vivienne) pulled out only snippets of information from the vast collection produced by the Billy Meier extraterrestrial contact case in order to give just some more idea of what it consists of in light of there being so much deliberate (and non-deliberate) disinformation about it.

 February 2004   What's been said in extraterrestrial Circles

 This one links messages for Earth Humanity relayed through Crop Circles, the U.S. - based Disclosure Project and through the Swiss contactee Billy Meier.

What the Extraterrestrials are Telling Us: The Hard Language of Truth

provides some direct, specific ET advice which is now available to us about the state of Earth humanity as a whole, and why we must act quickly.

Preliminary report  about CSETI (and Disclosure Project) director, Dr. Greer’s latest book

Tragically, but importantly, Steven Greer’s explanations about the cosmological and historic side of things particularly demonstrate his rejection and consequent unfamiliarity with the more extensive (scientifically supported) information provided by the Plejaren Federation through long term contactee Billy Meier. This information (www.theyfly.com ) should self-evidently at least be referred to and studied by someone claiming to promote the truth about extraterrestrials in preparation for any attempt to relay the truth about the bigger cosmological picture.  


"Verdammt harte Sache, doch wer nicht hören will, muss fühlen. Genauso, wie es ein altes Wort besagt."

 (A damned hard matter, yet he who will not listen must feel. Precisely as is said in an old saying.)

  - Billy to Quetzal at the 188th contact, June 1st, 1983, V5 p102.


"... every individual must grasp the initiative, learn to behave correctly, carry the ideas of love, peace, freedom and harmony from his side into the world and fight for that. ... because only he who really fights can also win, and carry a victory from it." - Billy, August 2006 www.gaiaguys.net/meier.p1.s27.htm



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