In the following article I’ve pulled out only snippets of information from the vast collection produced by the Billy Meier extraterrestrial contact case in order to give just some more idea of what it consists of in light of there being so much deliberate (and non-deliberate) disinformation about it. This effort is really intended only as a stop-gap measure, which is the case with all of our writing about the Meier contacts, in the hope that it will inspire the kind of genuine attention the case deserves. Please keep in mind that the following topics are only barely touched on here and need to be considered in that light. We are not experts or even members* of FIGU, (the Free Community of Interests for Fringe and Spiritual Sciences and Ufological Studies). We just feel obliged to make a start on this mammoth task. Please explore the official FIGU material further  to reach your own understanding of this huge subject.


Although almost all UFO/ET research organisations stupidly avoid the Meier case, we have chosen to focus this article on the attitude of CSETI, the Centre for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence, because of it's critical Disclosure Project work  ( which is similarly maddeningly ignored by most UFO "researchers", and yet towers above the other information (except Meier's) in quality and importance. We continue to be astonished at the fact that the published Disclosure Project evidence hasn't been eagerly grasped by the ufologists and compared to the extensive and often corroborative information provided by the Plejaren extraterrestrials, through Billy Meier. In the following I make an attempt to begin that long overdue process. I should point out finally that Dyson and I, having been active volunteer Disclosure Project representatives since early 2002, were recently "let go", ostensibly because of our promotion of the Meier materials on our web page and on the CSETI discussion list, (which invited fairly general discussion about "extraterrestrial intelligence"). Our challenge to the Disclosure Project about its position regarding the Meier case began with our posting from Michael Horn, America's authorised media representative for the Meier case. Michael's earnest letter to CSETI's director, Steven Greer, received no response from him, or from CSETI.


(A word about our amateur German to English translations.)


* (I, Vivienne, became a passive member in 2006.)





What CSETI, the Centre for the Study of Extraterrestrial

 Intelligence, Needs to Know


7th September 2005 - by Vivienne Legg


1993, CSETI director Steven Greer –The best available evidence suggest that no, we are not alone, and yes, they have already found us. The real question at this point may be ‘what are we going to do about it?’ …if we are correct in our assessment, and we are being visited by advanced ET civilizations, then the risk of doing nothing are immense, and the benefits of acting wisely will change the world as we know it.”



With these words Dr Greer began gathering the extremely important and sensitive data which became the Disclosure Project, officially launched at the Washington Press Club in May, 2001. Twenty government/military witnesses addressed the Press Club in an effort intended to raise awareness, in a non-alarmist manner, about the cover-up of the extraterrestrial topic, and focusing on their over-all observation that the intentions of the extraterrestrials are non-hostile. With around 450 military, government/intelligence/corporate insider witnesses to the cover-up of the UFO subject, the corroborative and document-supported testimony ranges from radar returns of UFOs, to programs of ridicule and intimidation directed at witnesses, to the development and suppression of advanced technologies which could have freed us from our polluting, war-inducing fossil fuel dependency 50 years ago, and even reports that ET vehicles have been targeted and “downed” by rogue military interests. The Disclosure Project is (unsuccessfully) demanding congressional hearings to allow more of this information to come out in a way that protects the witnesses, many of whom are fearful of repercussions.


Disclosure Project witnesses have included astronauts Edgar Mitchell and Ian Cooper, British defense officials including former Minister of Defence, Admiral Lord Hill Norton. It includes NASA photographic technicians, NSA officials, officers trusted with monitoring nuclear weapons facilities, pilots, high level CIA, and so on. However while gathering and presenting this extraordinary body of work at great personal cost - work that has been shamefully avoided by the press and other ET research groups - Dr Greer has chosen to omit the openly available wealth of information provided to the citizens of this planet by the extraterrestrials themselves. The information, delivered through the Billy Meier contacts, the only case that provides proof beyond a reasonable doubt, actually corroborates a great deal of the least palatable Disclosure Project revelations which deal with the cover-up.


In seeking the co-operation of government officials and patriotic retired U.S. servicemen and women in revealing the nature of the covert UFO related projects, it is easy to understand that it would seem pragmatic to avoid the Meier case. For a start, the Meier case cannot be honestly publicized without acknowledging the Plejaren extraterrestrials’ strident criticisms of the Earth’s most powerful political leaders and scientists, not to mention all the world’s religions. Dr Greer and his CSETI team have opted for a diplomatic approach to both UFO/ET disclosure, and attempting to form personal relationships with extraterrestrial visitors. This diplomatic approach is intended to contrast the paranoid, militaristic and hostile approach reportedly being secretly implemented by The Powers That Be. But the Centre for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence takes its non-confrontational approach to the extent that truth about real extraterrestrials is being obstructed. The very humane and peace-loving Plejaren and their Federation take a humane, and loving approach, but not a diplomatic one, because diplomacy amounts to dishonesty, and ultimately it only serves to trivialize and obstruct the truth – and the appropriate response to the true state of affairs here on Earth. The Plejaren have provided necessarily honest, harsh messages that offend many Earth humans. Their criticism of the United States and its leaders, while not isolated, is particularly strident.


Steven Greer, “…widely regarded as the world’s foremost authority on UFOs and extraterrestrial intelligence”, according to CSETI‘s own material, stresses the dire need to tell our leaders the truth about extraterrestrial intelligence to counter the disinformation that prevails. And yet the Meier case, officially beginning in 1975, did not warrant a mention in his 1999 book Extraterrestrial Contact, The Evidence and Implications, described as “…a definitive account of the UFO/ET subject”, featuring, “the best UFO/ET cases and the evidence for them”. Nor is it now seen as warranting a link from the Centre for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence web site.


Of course, CSETI is not alone. But when CSETI’s stated goal is to honestly, boldly and scientifically reveal the truth about extraterrestrials for the benefit of Earth humanity it is obliged to inform us about the true nature of our extraterrestrial visitors, as far as it can be ascertained, whether we like what they say, or not. To promote these goals, but at the same time play such a role in obscuring this information, is gravely misleading and raises enormous questions about the true goals and scientific methods of the organization. As Steven Greer puts it so well in his critically important book (which we continue to promote!) Disclosure: Military and Government Witnesses Reveal the Greatest Secrets in Modern History,


“As daunting as disclosure may be, with all its potential for short-term instability and change, continued secrecy means that we will destroy the earth through our folly and greed. The future of humanity, which has been delayed and hijacked for the past 50 years, cannot be hijacked for 50 more. For we do not have 50 more years – the earth’s ecosystem will collapse before then.”


The Plejaren extraterrestrials continue to say that we Earth humans are mostly irrational and illogical. They say we need to act quickly and get onto the right path to prevent terrible catastrophes on this planet and we must become reasonable and logical and respect the truth to achieve this. I can think of no clearer example of how we are not reasonable and logical and dedicated to truth than how our extraterrestrial study organizations consistently shun the biggest, most compelling, evidence-rich ET contact case on the planet. For an excellent summary of the proof for this case please visit Michael Horn’s web site at .

The Plejaren people from the beyond the Pleiades region have demonstrated to us their far superior technology in the form of extensive, close up audio, video, movie and still photographic evidence of their craft. They have provided metal alloys. They have demonstrated their far superior knowledge of our physical world and of astronomical events effecting our solar system, some of which they told us about or warned us of well before the same information was discovered by Earth scientists. They have demonstrated their detailed understanding of Earth politics and world events through hundreds of accurate explanations and predictions concerning Earth, again recorded often many years before the mentioned events unfolded. Through these announcements the Plejaren have also demonstrated their far more advanced prophetic ability which, in part, demonstrates their advanced knowledge of the non-physical component of our existence, as do the renewed spiritual teachings they provide. They have demonstrated their advanced intelligence and ability to reason, which becomes more evident the more we apply our own reason and logic to the case. They have demonstrated their greater level of ethics and morality and self-responsibility in the nature of their advice and dire warnings and teachings whose results, were they followed, could still lead to a safer and more humane existence for Earth humans.

1. For the earth humans, we wish that they, in all love and reason, tend toward bringing an end to all aggression, acts of violence and wars, as well as all criminality, all hate, all discord, every bondage as well as any craving for vengeance and retaliation.

2. In order that correct justice and humanity, as well as true reverence for life can prevail, it is our desire that in all countries worldwide, torture as well as the death penalty be abolished and laws be enacted where every life and the right to soundness of the body and psyche are respected and placed under legal protection.

3. We wish that a normal state of population and births be strived for on Earth and in this regard, effective worldwide birth control be enforced, because only through this can too excessive an overpopulation be avoided and even further privation, criminality, hate against fellow men, wars, exploitation of Earth's resources to the utmost, as well as new diseases, epidemics and misery be avoided and contained. …

(Please read the entire statement, "What the Plejarans Wish for the Earth Humans", presented by Quetzal in Contact Report #215, on Saturday, February 28, 1987, at 2:09 AM.)


New extraterrestrial intelligence continues to pour forth from the Plejaren and is available for exploration by individuals who make the relatively little effort required to search the incongruously modest appearing FIGU web site and book shop and related websites. Billy Meier’s contacts with the Plejaren and others never came to an end, as is often asserted, but they have evolved and undergone various phases in accordance with the development of the Plejaren mission here, and their relationship with Meier. The FIGU  webpage  says,


“Since 1975 and until Thursday, August 13, 2005, there have been 774 personal and 915 telepathic contacts with Pleiadian/Plejaren extraterrestrials and members of their Federation. The contacts are still on-going. 397 contacts are documented and available as contact reports.”


The fact that vital extraterrestrial intelligence worth more than its weight in gold has been coming forth for the benefit of Earth people for a further three decades since the 70s is demonstrated in part in the newly published hundreds of pages of discourse from the 80s and early 90s, mostly between Billy Meier and Plejaren men Ptaah and Quetzal. Apart from a few excerpts here and there, published in the FIGU bulletins, it’s only in the German language at present, a fact which causes some in the English speaking world to dismiss the case as a hoax. After-all, why would it not be just as easily available to the dominant culture? Of course, it would be already, if only there had been an honest investigative effort geared towards funding the appropriate further translations. How extraordinary and telling that in the enormous din of interest and expenditure of resources surrounding the extraterrestrial topic – all the conferences and seminars and documentaries - this has not been done. But the reason becomes clearer the more you delve into the material.


Steven Greer writes and talks about the immense implications of a UFO/ET disclosure, of not only the profound changes that would result from an end to our dependence on fossil fuels, but of the broader social, political and religious challenges we would face.


“Theological and philosophical implications will immediately be discussed among the world’s religions and religious leaders, as they come to terms with a universe in which humans are no longer the only intelligent, sentient children of God. In this respect, concepts of God, creation, life and religious meaning will evolve in the direction of accommodating the existence of intelligent life elsewhere in the universe, and this will cause an increasing ‘universalization’ of God and religious meaning.”   - Extraterrestrial Contact, 1999.


But it goes much deeper than that. It soon becomes obvious that an understanding of the extraterrestrial reality demands that we confront an ancient and enduring history of extraterrestrial intervention on Earth. This strikes at the very root of our religious and ideological views, which today are strongly influencing, if not controlling, our approach to the extraterrestrial topic. Put simply, the Plejaren tell us that the gods of the Earth were humans from distant worlds who misled the more primitive Earth people.


This really explains the kind of attitude held towards Meier by the ufologists, one that author Garry Kinder came up against when he researched ufology in general in the mid 1980s.  In his letter to ufologists, explaining how he came to have written a book (Light Years) which focused on the Meier case in favour of the other material, he wrote, “Everyone I talked to in the UFO community, except Lou Farrish, warned me that the Meier case was poison.”  Almost 20 years later it seems like that attitude hasn’t changed much.


Steven Greer makes the good point in his writing that it is a mistake to demonize or to deify extraterrestrials. This view is totally shared by the Plejaren extraterrestrials who report all kinds of different beings in the universe and in our galaxy, who are neither devils nor saints, nor supernatural, and should certainly not be worshipped as gods. Greer goes on to dismiss a troubling view related to him by a particular foreign head of state that all major set-backs on Earth have been as a result of the actions of the extraterrestrials. This man, along with a network of associates, was actively promoting abduction research to expose what he saw as the evil, sinister and manipulative agenda of the aliens.


Greer, p.42. “Later I learned of this person’s ties to fringe religious groups, and also a network of similar leaders and benefactors of abduction ‘research’ which has ties to bizarre end-of-the-world religious groups, who demonize the ET presence to fit the current religious paradigm. And the anchor for all of this is the abduction ‘phenomenon.’”


Considering the anti-ET propaganda being generated by certain powers on Earth, determined to provoke further war at any cost, and evidence of hoaxed ET events, Greer’s is likely a sensible reaction to that extreme view. But, as he so well expresses in his excellent article DDT (Decoy, Distract and Trash), good disinformation contains a dose of truth to make it more likely to be swallowed. While extraterrestrials are neither devils nor saints, the Plejaren do report the former existence here of a group of bloodthirsty, vengeful, extraterrestrial Humans, a malicious splinter group from an ancient previous civilization on Earth, who did indeed have major, long term plans for world domination and, over the millennia, covertly used any means available to them to try to achieve it - from their base deep below the pyramids of Giza.


Although never successful in their goal, and finally deported in 1978 by the Plejaren, who are a kind of cosmic police force, the profound influence of the Bafath - the Giza Intelligences - lingers on. It will have to be understood before we can begin to comprehend the depths of our predicament, the way our ability to judge, to reason and take personal responsibility has been hijacked, and the reality of what amounts to a spiritual enslavement here on planet Earth.


In a conversation with Billy Meier, Plejaren leader Ptaah made the comment that Earth humans reject the truth about extraterrestrials because for them it is either too bizarre or too mundane. Of course, as with all else relayed to us by the Plejaren and their federation, they ask us to scrutinize and test their fantastic sounding assertions, (as well as the mundane ones) and search for the corroboration we need. Under no circumstances do they want us to accept it without the necessary logical thought.


Of course, bizarre as the above sounds, there is a wealth of evidence connecting significant political and religious movements on Earth to Egypt and the pyramids of Giza.



Masonic International Dollar



 Interestingly, in the book They All Told The Truth: The Antigravity Papers, promoted by Greer on the Disclosure Project website as “the other side of the coin” of the Disclosure Project, physicist, Richard Crandall, shows and describes a picture he says is found in Freemason lodges which contains information, in encrypted form, regarding advanced Antigravity Physics. (You can read a little more about that here.) His comments  support the Disclosure Project evidence that our technological development has been hijacked in relation to secrecy about the extraterrestrial topic. He writes,


“The modern Masons are actually descendants of the Knights Templar. The Knights Templar were supposedly organized in order to keep a ‘Great Secret’  (antigravity?).”


We find it ironic that the CSETI has a member active on the discussion list who claims to be a 32 degree Freemason. The official title for this position amongst those who it is well know have sworn loyalty to one another is “Sublime Prince of the Sacred Secret” .


"Should he reveal the secrets of the Brotherhood, the Apprentice accepts, among other penalties, to have his tongue torn out; the Fellow Craft to have his heart torn from his breast; the Master Mason to have his bowels burned to ashes; and the exaltee to the Royal Arch accepts in addition' to have the top of his skull sliced off.”  From THE BROTHERHOOD The Secret World of Freemasons" by Stephen Knight 


Extraterrestrial, Asket, (a Timor woman, not a Plejaren) who was responsible for guiding Billy Meier during his young adult years, told him the below on the 3rd of February, 1953. She had been teaching him about significant historic religious events of which he would have to be aware. She also explained that her people were not here to interfere in the religious and political things on Earth, or to lead the Earth people in these things, but to carry out their own mission, to prevent a catastrophe and to help prepare Meier for his burdensome task.


(Sfath, mentioned in the following, was Meier’s elderly childhood extraterrestrial teacher.)


Asket : 184. Sfath aber sprach die Wahrheit, denn ebenso wie alle anderen Religionen ist auch die christliche Religion nur ein böses und irres versklavendes Machwerk von Erdenmenschen, die ihre Religionsbegründung in dem ihnen versprochenen Reichtum und der Macht über Mitmenschen fanden, die ihnen von einer ausgearteten ausserirdischen Intelligenzgruppe zugesprochen worden waren, wenn sie die irren Religionslehren verbreiten würden.


Asket: 184. But Sfath spoke the truth, because even as with all other religions, the Christian religion is also only an evil and wrong enslaving, poor piece of work of Earth people, who, in their establishment of religions, found the wealth promised to them, and power over the fellow men, and found that they would be addressed by a degenerated group of extraterrestrial intelligences if they would spread the erroneous religious teaching.


This kind of comment from the extraterrestrials is the first real assault for many who start to learn about this case. The objection from many to these assertions is so great that it clouds their reason to the extent that any exploration into the reality of the extraterrestrials who provide this information is derailed. This happens even within the extraterrestrial study organizations. Just because you don’t like what someone says, doesn’t mean they don’t exist.


Asket continued.


185. Ich spreche hierbei von der ausserirdischen Rasse, die seit alters her die Oberherrschaft über die Erdenmenschheit erlangen will und demgemäss die verschiedensten Religionen und immer neuen Sekten immer wieder zu neuer Glut und Flamme entfacht, weil sie nur dadurch ihr Ziel zu erreichen vermag.


185. I hereby speak of the extraterrestrial race, which here, since ancient times, wanted to obtain supremacy over the Earth humanity and, accordingly, to always again unfold the glow and flame of the various religions and always new sects because only through that could they obtain their goal.


186. Sie täuschen seit Jahrtausenden die Erdenmenschen mit religiösen “Wundern“ und  “Erscheinungen“ aller Art, um den Religions-Wahnsinn zu erhalten und noch weiterhin zu steigern.


186. For thousands of years they deceived the Earth human with religious “miracles” and “visions” of every kind, in order to maintain, and to yet further increase, the religious delusion.


187. Aus diesen Gründen haben sie auch unter der Pyramide von Gizeh eine gewaltige Station geschaffen, um von dort aus die religiös-wahnsinnigen Geschehen der Erde zu lenken.


187. Out of these grounds they have also created a mighty station under the Pyramids of Giza, in order to guide, from there, the religious delusional events of the Earth.


Above all else, the Plejaren say their obligation to us now is providing true spiritual instruction which corresponds to reality, to correct for millennia of distortions largely set in motion by their own distant ancestors here on Earth. They certainly do not deny a spiritual reality and the creational power which is expressed as a result of correct prayer, and so forth. Nor do they deny the requirement for love for all forms of life. On the contrary, these are of prime importance.


In 1945, Billy’s childhood Plejaren teacher, Sfath, told him,


124. Die Lehre der Wahrheit soll in weiter Zukunft zur Erhöhung der ganzen irdischen Menschheit führen, und zwar dadurch, dass jeder einzelne Mensch in sich sein höheres Selbst, seinen schöpferischen Geist und dessen Wesenzüge bewusst erkennt und die geistigen Werte auch in seinem äusseren Wesen, in seiner Persönlichkeit, zur Geltung bringt.


124. The teaching of the truth should lead in the far future to the raising of the entire humanity, and indeed through that, that each individual human in himself consciously knows his higher self, his creational spirit and its characteristics and to bring into effect the spiritual values also in his external being, in his personality.


Sfath explained that this teaching is best delivered in the German language and that this is the language which is the most valuable and offers the finest possibilities to bring forth the fine nuances of the teaching of the truth. Very Old German, the Plejaren say, is one of the Earth languages in which the teachings were relayed from the earliest times by their early ancestors, the Lyrians, from the Lyra-Vega star system. It is certainly true that there are words in the German language, used in the spiritual teachings, which simply can’t be adequately translated, which is one reason the spiritual teachings have really not been translated yet.


The Plejaren contact conversations from the 70s provide some extraordinary insights into human and other life on other planets, different races existing in the universe, some extensive and critical migration history, renewed spiritual teachings based on love and wisdom (which are “two sides of the same coin”) personal responsibility, logic, knowledge, peace, freedom, the Creational spirit in all of us, the enormous power of thought and elemental power of truth. They discuss topics including the preparations surrounding the physical evidence the Plejaren provided Meier.  From just one preliminary read through the most recently published material we can report that these Plejaren-Meier conversations are particularly topical and relevant to events going on today. Page after page bursts with detailed and specific data and commentary of profound relevance to Earth’s scholars, scientists, leaders and specialists in almost every conceivable discipline – anthropology, archeology and archeological dating, astrophysics, atmospheric physics, biology, botany, chemistry, cosmogony, cosmology, cryptobiology, electrodynamics, epistemology, etymology, exobiology, genetics and genetic engineering, geology, geopolitics, history, linguistics, medicine, meteorology oceanography, paleontology, particle physics, planetary physics, psychology, religion, seismology, taxonomy, tectonics, vulcanology and zoology, to name but a few.


All of these texts just wait for Earth humanity to swallow its stupid pride and do the necessary rational investigation which will enable us to move forward in unimaginable ways. If done responsibly, this will also allow us to develop an understanding of our true position in the cosmic community.


The following is a tiny glimpse into the background of our history here on Earth as told by the Plejaren. (It really should be read in the context of the other contact notes to begin to grasp the complexity of the story, which, in places, is quite confusing, as bits and pieces are relayed here and there in the contact conversations by different contact people over the years.)  In contact five, on the 16th of February 1975, between Billy Meier and the Plejaren woman, Semjase, Semjase related a fantastic sounding story of the history of her people leading up to their latest significant migration to the Earth 50 thousand years ago. Semjase also told Billy that, naturally, not all events and dates are exactly known, even to them. The following is only a snippet from that account.


182. Auf dem Heimatplaneten entstanden wieder einmal Meinungsvershiedenheiten, weil sich die Wissenschaflter wieder zu Göttern aufschwangen und die Völker in Knechtschaft schlugen.


182. Once again differences of opinion came about on the home planets, because again the scientists raised themselves to gods and forced the people into servitude.


183. Daraus ergab sich, dass sich eine Gruppe von andersdenkenden Wissenschaftlern und sonstigen Menschen zusammenrotteten und sich verschiedener Raumschiffe bemächtigten.


183. From this it came about that a group of scientists who thought differently, and other people, banded together and commandeered different space ships.


184. An die 70 000 Menschen flohen und liessen sich auf der Erde nieder.


184. About 70,000 people fled on these and descended to Earth.


185. Ihr oberster Führer Pelegon wurde von allen freimütig als JHWH (Gott) anerkannt und führte ein straffes Regiment.


185. Their highest leader, Pelegon, was willingly acknowledged as an JHWH (god) and led a strict regime.


186. Er hatte an die zweihundert Unterführer, die je für ein spezielles Wissensgebiet zuständig waren.


186. He had around 200 sub-leaders who were responsible for a certain area of knowledge.


187. Sie waren sozusagen Untergötter, oder auch Wächter genannt.


 187. They were, so to say, under-gods, or were also named guardians.


188. Auf den Heimatplaneten aber brach Krieg aus und vieles wurde wieder vernichtet.


188. But on the home planet war broke out and much was again destroyed.


189. Doch die Menschen erlangten endlich die Freiheit und den Frieden.


189. Yet the people finally obtained freedom and peace.


190. Das ist seither so geblieben und wird sich auch niemals mehr ändern.


190. That has remained so since then and it will never change again.


191. Der irdischen Zeitrechnung nach war das vor runden 50, 000 Jahren.


191. According to the Earthly time reckoning that was around 50,000 years ago.


192. Nur auf der Erde selbst ging es nicht immer so friedlich zu, und viele Fehler wurden begangen.


192. Only on the Earth itself it was not always so peaceful and many mistakes were made.


193. Und durch einen dieser Fehler wurden die Urmenschenrassen der Erde gezeugt, deren Nachkommen heute noch leben und im Begriffe stehen, dieselben Fehler zu begehen wie schon unsere Vorfahren.


193. And through one of these mistakes the original human race of the Earth was begotten whose descendents live yet today and stand in terms of making the same mistakes as our forefathers already did.”



You can read this document in English, contact 251 which provides a mind-bogglingly detailed and extensive account of the migration history.


This is not what we’ve come to know as channeled information, but largely conversations technically/telepathically retransmitted after hundreds and hundreds of real face to face meetings with contactee Billy Meier in which, not only a vast amount of knowledge was exchanged, but also a few objects, and physical ailments were sometimes healed as well. There have been numerous witnesses to these comings and goings. FIGU currently lists 120 witnesses to Billy’s contacts, the photographing of the craft and other related events. When it wasn’t practical for the extraterrestrials to meet with Meier the conversations took place using a kind of telepathy, of which, we are told, there are different forms. Meier was trained, from a very young age, to communicate with the extraterrestrials this way. Of particular interest in more recent years, regarding the actual visits to Meier by the extraterrestrials, is the following, reported by Michael Horn in his, They Fly Newsletter, August 2005 edition, in which he posts a few more corroborative pieces of information that support the credibility of the Meier case.


“3. 1998: Swiss Military Airspace Safety Monitoring Unit informed Swiss ufologist Luc Bürgin and the MUFON-CES research group about recorded data pertaining to radar sightings of unknown flying objects in the Swiss air space. According to their information, 236 UFO radar sightings took place in the airspace above the land of the Swiss confederates between the 25-month period from April 1, 1993 to April 31, 1995. Particularly noteworthy were the clusters of UFO radar positions above the Zurich highlands—precisely in the area where Billy Meier has his contacts.”


This massive, solid, well-established case, to which no other case or combination of cases compares, is not considered of prime importance in the inquiries of the Centre for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence. It is not reasonable to suggest that it’s because of the success of savage debunking efforts of opponents which began in the 70s, because the Centre for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence has itself revealed compelling, corroborated evidence through its Disclosure Project that genuine ET events have been subject, across the board, to concerted, organized debunking and ridicule campaigns. Disclosure Project witness Dan Morris has described how he was personally involved in teams sent out to apply pressure on any civilians claiming to have had real UFO sightings or knowledge about extraterrestrials and how ridicule and disinformation were utilized along with more sinister methods of truth suppression. Numerous others confirmed the fear and intimidation that was engendered if the topic was raised within the military/intelligence communities. Dr Greer claims that some ufologists are themselves employed to spread disinformation which serves the ruling powers, and that the media have employees among them who are also actively involved in the cover-up. There certainly has been sophisticated interference with some of Meier’s evidence - slides stolen, films cut, false photos mixed in with the genuine ones to discredit Meier, and lies fabricated. There has been a massive effort on the part of people like Kal K. Korff to discredit the case, although when subjected to scrutiny, as it has been by Joroen Jansen as well as  Professor James Deardorff, his work is shown up as a tissue of lies.


Also we have looked with horror at distortions of the Plejaren information promoted by Randolph Winters from whom the Plejaren and FIGU have now disassociated themselves. You can read some of Billy Meier’s comments on these matters here. and here .


The damage to the Meier case continues today with the assistance of various skeptics’ organizations and, of course, the shunning of the case by the Centre for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence and other organizations, which misleads people who are honestly seeking answers. CSETI knows only too well that to discover the genuineness of a case, the researcher has to take more that a superficial look at it and certainly go beyond the second-hand information and disinformation.


In view of knowledge of these advanced disinformation programs Steven Greer wrote in 1994 (published in his book in 1999),


“CSETI and its affiliated scientists and researchers are committed to obtaining reliable data by way of direct, real-time observation of and interaction with the ETI phenomenon. We feel that empirical research of this type is more useful, accurate and reliable than other secondary means which are prone to disinformation contamination.”


Why is first-hand experience not prone to disinformation contamination? Why is second-hand information impossible to evaluate? And what if the extraterrestrials do not choose to convey significant information directly to CSETI and its affiliates?


This unscientific, direct-experience-only, CSETI policy has since been confirmed in an April email to us personally this year, 2005, by the CSETI coordinator.


“We are teaching people to do the contact work for themselves and not rely on other people. The Billy Meier materials aren't appropriate for us to use as witness materials in the Disclosure project since we are using only military and government witnesses.”


Of course we are not suggesting that anyone relies on the Meier material, but that people study it, scrutinize it and compare it to whatever else is available. Similarly we did not ask that it be used as part of the Disclosure Project as it exists now because we understand that it is primarily intended for revealing the nature of the cover-up and covert projects in military/intelligence circles.


Critically, Dr Greer’s vital Disclosure Project work has uniquely uncovered evidence about how hoaxed UFO/ET events have been staged by certain quarters using unimaginably sophisticated technology including mind control and even cloned, fake, extraterrestrials. This calls into question any first-hand experience regardless of motives, and it would take more than a little intuition to determine the difference and then persuasively argue your case to those who need to know. However Dr Greer and his team should be uniquely qualified to judge the Meier case with their particular knowledge in mind. Were they to do so honestly and scientifically they would see that the genuineness of the case reveals itself, despite the distortions and disinformation.


Ironically, the material provided by the Plejaren in many cases corroborates what Steven Greer has concluded and some conclusions he is otherwise very much alone in promoting. For example, that the so-called “alien abduction” hysteria is baseless, that rogue interests have been hoaxing extraterrestrial events and that secret cloning programs are underway. Other points agreed upon include that contact examinations of humans by ETs have indeed taken place but nowhere on the scale claimed by abduction researchers, that rogue groups have ET-like technology but it is still at a low level compared to the real thing, that genuine ETs interacting with Earth now are often working in concert, with specialized tasks and their net motives are non-hostile. ETs concerning themselves with Earth in an organized fashion are mostly concerned that we do not destroy the planet and take our aggression and technology out into space. Others are carrying out scientific expeditions. ETs landing on Earth or being detectable around the planet are in danger of being attacked by covert Military/Intelligence organizations.


Both Doctor Greer and the Plejaren maintain that the story that the little grey Reticulans are in a pact with the American Government and are allowed to carry out abductions and animal mutilations in exchange for technology is a malicious lie perpetrated by selfish shadowy interests. They also agree that Government organizations around the world are indeed in possession of various extraterrestrial craft and bodies. It goes on.


The following is from a conversation in 1991 between Billy Meier and Plejaren leader Ptaah. It is the 238th contact, on the 18th May 1991. Please keep in mind that the information gathered for the Disclosure Project was gathered after this, during the 90’s. Meier’s contact notes are printed and shared with members of his group shortly after they meetings take place.


Billy:…Ich noch eine Frage hätte im Bezuge auf Dinge, auf die ich immer und immer wieder angesprochen werde, so nämlich die „little greys“ in Amerika. Wie verrückte Amerikaner ja behaupten und eine immense Propaganda dafür schüren, soll die amerikanische Regierung Kontakte zu diesen „little greys“ unterhalten und diesen gar erlauben, dass diese unmenschliche Experimente an Erdenmenschen durchführen könnten, nebst grauenhaften Tierversuchen usw.


Billy: … I still had a question in regard to a thing on which I am always and always again addressed, namely the “little greys” in America. As crazy Americans assert, and therefore stir up an immense propaganda, the American government maintains contact with these “little greys” and allows them to carry out inhumane experiments on Earth humans, as well as horrible attempts on animals.


Es soll zwischen diesen „little greys“ und den Amerikanern sogar ein Austauschprogramm geben und die Amis sollen von der Technik der kleinen Knilche profitieren, wovon ich bis heute allerdings noch kein Jota festgestellt habe. Auch ein angeblicher ehemaliger Geheimagent des CIA mit dem Decknamen „FALCON“ soll dabei eine gewisse Rolle spielen, als auch das Sternbild RETICULI oder wie das heissen soll.


There is supposedly an emerging program between these “little greys” and the Americans, and the Yanks profit from the technical benefits from the little squirts, whereon I have not up to today, at any rate, determined this one jot. Also an alleged former secret agent of the CIA with the cover name FALCON thereby plays a certain role as also does the constellation of RETICULI or however that should be called.


Ptaah: 246. Schon mehrmals sagte ich dir zu früheren Zeitpunkten, dass diese ganze aufgebauschte Geschichte und das gesamte Drum und Dran nichts mehr als ein irres und betrügerisches Hirngespinst machtheischender Elemente ist, die viele Arten von Profit daraus schlagen, wobei selbst Regierungsstellen und Geheimdienste dazuzählen.


Ptaah: 246. Already more times I told you at earlier time points that this entire puffed-up story, and with all the bits and pieces, is not more than an erroneous and deceitful fantasy of power-demanding elements, who strike many kinds of profit from it, whereby people in government positions and secret services must be counted.


247. Ähnlich oder fernstähnlich oder gar in gleichem Rahmen verhält es sich mit unzählbaren anderen gleichen oder ähnlichen Geschichten und Behauptungen in bezug auf angebliche Kontakte mit Menschen oder sonstigen Wesen von erdfremden Welten, wobei ich demgemäss ein andermal darauf hinweisen möchte, dass du zum gegenwärtigen Zeitpunkt der einzige Mensch auf der Erde bist, der zu ausserirdischen Lebensformen einen tatsächlichen Kontakt aufzuweisen hat, dies sowohl in telepathischer als auch in physischer Form.


247. Similarly, or remotely corresponding in the same framework, it is the case with uncountable other same or similar stories and assertions in regard to alleged contact with people, or otherwise beings, from worlds foreign to Earth, whereby I want to advise once more, that you, at the present time, are the only human on the Earth who has actual contact with extraterrestrial life forms, either in telepathic or in physical form.


248. Alle andern diesbezüglichen Behauptungen irgendwelcher Menschen auf der Erde sind entweder reine Erfindung, halluzinogen, irre, wahnmässig, bewusst oder krankhaft betrügerisch, fanatisch religiös bedingt oder sonstwie unwirklich.


248. All other assertions regarding this from such people on the Earth are either pure invention, hallucinogens, error, delusional, consciously or pathologically deceitful, conditioned by religious fanaticism, or are otherwise unreal.


(Previously, in contact 235, on the 3rd February 1990, there had been some more explanation about this, shedding some light on how the Plejaren are using the word "contact". Billy asked Ptaah how long it would continue on Earth that he was the only one with contact with Extraterrestrials, higher spirit forms and high spirit planes.


Ptaah: 64 Meine Rede war nicht die, dass du der einzige seist, sondern dass nur du als einziger Mensch in offizieller Form solche Kontakte, aufzuweisen hast, während aber noch fünf (5) weitere Personen wahrheitliche Kontakte haben, die aber in keiner Weise gleicher Art und auch nicht gleicher Verpflichtung sind wie bei dir.


“Ptaah: 64. My talk was not that you are the only one, rather that you are the only one that has such contact to show in an official form, while yet five further people have truthful contact, but which is in no way the same kind and also not the same obligation as it is with you. …”


The Plejaren explain that there are, and have been, many who have had a kind of contact with the Plejaren. But, mostly these people have simply viewed their craft. The ones who have had personal contact have had contact in the form of telepathic impulses and mostly fear to go public. The Plejaren tell us that there are some real contacts taking place with Earth Humans and extraterrestrials other than that with Meier, but they are of a very different essence and are very limited. These include occasional examination contacts by scientific expeditions who mean no harm, and a very occasional kidnapping by others who are barbaric. But this is nothing on the scale of the hysteria and stories generated by some sections of the ufology community. Mostly visitors simply come and go and perhaps observe or collect plant and mineral and other samples for their scientific examinations. So when they say Billy is “the only one” it has to be understood to mean the only one with face to face, official, on-going contact in the context of the particular mission.)


But, back to the previous conversation about the “little greys”.


Billy:  Das erklärtet ihr schon oft, doch lassen sich die Irren und Gerngläubigen auf der Erde einfach nicht belehren. Wie steht es aber z.B. mit den Machenschaften der Südamerikanergruppen, die ja entsprechende Fluggeräte besitzen und die sich so gerne als „Ausserirdische“ ausgeben?


Billy: You have already explained that often, yet the erring ones and the wannabelievers on the Earth will simply not allow themselves to be taught. But how, for example, does it stand with the machinations of the South American groups that possess corresponding flight devices and that so like to masquerade as extraterrestrials?


Ptaah: 249. Das ist eine Geschichte für sich, denn diese machtgierigen Irren haben ihr Treiben bisher nicht um ein winziges bisschen eingestellt.


249. That is a story in itself because these power-hungry erring ones have not, up to now, adjusted their pursuit a tiny bit.


250. Andererseits ist aber zu sagen, dass es immer und immer wieder, jedoch sehr selten, in Erscheinung tritt, dass menschliche Lebensformen auf der Erde landen und ungewollt oder durch Unvorsichtigkeit von Erdenbewohnern gesehen und beobachtet werden.


250. On the other hand, there is to say that always and always again it comes about, however very seldom, that human life forms land on the Earth and unwillingly, or through carelessness, are seen and watched by Earth inhabitants.


251. Dies jedoch hat in der Regel keine weiteren Folgen, als dass beidseitig grosser Schreck entsteht und sich die Besucher so schnell wie möglich wieder absetzen, ohne Kontakte aufzunehmen.


251. This however has, as a rule, no further results, than that great terror comes about on both sides and the visitors take off again as fast as possible, without taking up contact.


In the 231st contact on 9th November 1989 Billy asked Plejaren base commander Quetzal what he knows about the development of flying discs in Germany.

.Tatsache ist, dass nicht nur in Deutschland seit den Zwanzigerjahren Projekte hinsichtlich der Planung und Entwicklung von Flugscheiben liefen, sondern auch in Russland, England und Amerika.


285 As a matter of fact, it is not only in Germany since the 1920s that projects ran regarding the planning and development of flying discs, rather also in Russia, England and America.


286. Gleichermassen wurden damals auch schon von Amerika, Deutschland und England sowie Russland Planungen erstellt in bezug weltenraumtauglicher Fluggeräte, um den Mond und das ganze Sonnen- system zu erobern


286..In the same measure at that time also plans were already put in place by America, Germany and England, as well as Russia in regard to flying devices suitable for plunging into outer space in order to conquer the Moon and the entire solar system.

 Alles geschah jedoch unter strengster Geheimhaltung, wie ich schon sagte. 288. Als dann bei Kriegsende die Amerikaner und Engländer sich widerrechtlich als Kriegsbeute grosse Teile der deutschen Flugscheibentechnik aneigneten, die schon sehr weit fortgeschritten war, da hatten die Kriegssieger gewonnen.


287.But everything happened under the strictest secrecy, as I already said. 288 As then, by the end of the war, the Americans and English wrongly acquired great parts of the German flying disc technology, which was already very far advanced, as war booty won by the war victors.

 So wurde es gerade mal ein Jahr später, als die Briten und die Amerikaner gemeinsam in Kanada sowie die Amerikaner danebst auch in ihrem eigenen Land die erbeutete Technik testeten, und zwar mit Erfolg.290. Seither blieb der Fortschritt nicht stehen, folglich viele Flugscheiben mancherlei Art entwickelt wurden, die immer wieder gesichtet werden können, wenn sie zu Test- oder Spionageflügen unterwegs sind.

289  It was exactly a year later as the Britons and the Americans together in Canada, as well as did the Americans next door in their own land, tested the captured technology, and indeed with success. 290 Since then the development did not stand still, subsequently many flying discs of many kinds were developed, that always again could be sighted if they are underway for test or espionage flights.

 Letztendlich soll diese ganze Technik dazu dienen, die gesamte Erde zu überwachen, wie das auch in bezug der Menschen selbst geschehen soll, die durch implantierte Kontrollchips einer totalen Über- wachung unterworfen werden sollen.292. Solcherart Pläne existieren bereits im geheimen, wobei in Europa die bereits im Kommen begriffene Europäische Union die massgebende Diktatur sein wird.


291 Finally, these entire technologies should serve to watch over the entire Earth, as that also would be in regard to the human himself, who, through implanted control chips, would be subjected to total surveillance. 292. Such kinds of plans already existed in secret, through which, in Europe, the already-coming-into-comprehension European Union would be the authoritative dictator.


293 Die Flugscheibentechnik jedoch, wenn ich darauf zurückkommen will, ist auch eingebunden in die Weltraumtechnik, denn schon seit langer Zeit bestehen Bemühungen, die Flugscheiben derart weIten- raumtauglich zu konstruieren, dass damit der Weltenraum bereist und andere Planeten erreicht werden können, die erdengleich geformt und besamt werden sollen.


293.However, the flying disc technology, if I want to come back to that, is also bound up in the space technology because efforts have existed already for a long time to construct the flying discs that are suitable for space with which outer space could be traveled and other planets would be reached which should be formed like the Earth and would be seeded.

 Diese neuentwickelten Flugscheiben führen schon seit längerer Zeit immer wieder zu UFO-Sichtungen in aller Welt, wobei dann bewusst fälschlich von verschiedensten Stellen behauptet wird, dass es sich um Fluggeräte Ausserirdischer handle. 295 . Dabei gibt es viele verantwortungslose Trittbrettfahrer, die mit den UFO-Gläubigen grosse Geschäfte und immense Profite machen, weil sie durch die Lügner, Betrüger und Schwindler sowie Scharlatane betrogen und finanziell ausgebeutet werden.


294 These newly developed flying discs lead already since a long time always again to UFO sightings in all the world, whereby then it would be consciously, falsely asserted from various positions that it concerns the flying devices of extraterrestrials. 295 Thereby there are many irresponsible hangers-on who make great business and immense profits with the UFO believers, because through the liars, deceivers and swindlers, as well as charlatans, they would be deceived and financially exploited.


296.  So treten auch viele in Erscheinung, die wissentlich lügenhaft und betrügerisch behaupten, dass sie in direktem oder telepathischem Kontakt mit Ausserirdischen stünden, wobei ihnen von Unbedarften der ganze Schwindel geglaubt wird.


296 So many also appear who knowingly, mendaciously and deceitfully assert that they stand in direct or telepathic contact with extraterrestrials whereby, those not required (to know) would believe the entire swindle.

Dagegen aber werden deine wahrheitlichen Kontakte mit uns von Besserwissern und Gegenspielern sowie von Neidern, Selbstherrlichen, Imagesüchtigen und Sektierern usw. vehement bestritten und du als Lügner und Betrüger dargestellt, und zwar trotz all der unwiderlegbaren Beweise, die du vorlegen kannst; Beweise, die keine angeblichen Kontaktler vorweisen können.298.  Das alles wird sich aber in kommender Zeit noch sehr verstärken, wobei die UFO-Gläubigen bedenken- los all den Kontaktschwindlern nachlaufen, diese hofieren und in die Irre laufen.


297 But against this your truthful contact with us would be vehemently disputed by know-it-alls and opponents as well as from the jealous, the tyrannical, image addicts and sectarians, and so forth, and you would be presented as a liar and deceiver, and indeed in spite of all the indisputable evidence that you can produce; evidence that no alleged contactee can show.  298 All that would itself greatly strengthen in the coming times, whereby the UFO believers thoughtlessly run after the contact swindlers, flatter them and run the wrong way.


299 . Je länger je mehr werden viele durch Lügen und Betrügerei behaupten, dass sie mit Semjase, mit Ptaah, mit mir oder mit anderen von unseren Völkern sowie mit höheren Geistformen unserer Ebenen in persönlichem oder telepathischem sowie in kanalisierendem Kontakt stünden.300. Doch alles wird nur Lüge, Betrug und Schwindel sein, denn ausser dir vermag kein menschliches Wesen auf der Erde mit uns in irgendwelchen Kontakt zu treten, wie auch wir einzig und allein nur mit dir in Kontakt zu treten vermögen, wofür du die Gründe kennst.


299 Always longer and more would many assert through lies and deceit that they stand in contact with Semjase, with Ptaah, with me or with other of our people, as well as with higher spirit forms of our levels, in personally or telepathically as well as in channelised contact. 300 Yet all would only be lies, deceit and swindle because apart from you no human being on the Earth may step in some such contact with us, as also we, singly and alone, may only step in contact with you, where for you know the grounds.

301. Nichtsdestoweniger jedoch wird sich in den nächsten Jahren eine Kontaktler-Psychose über die Erde ausbreiten, wie auch in bezug der Gläubigkeit an alle möglichen und unmöglichen Ausserirdischen ein wahrer Ausserirdischen-Wahn und ein Entführungswahn durch Ausserirdische in Erscheinung treten wird. 302. Dadurch, durch die Ausserirdischen-Mär, wird ein finanzienes Gewaltgeschäft aufkommen, das das bisherige noch sehr weit übertreffen und sich mit der Esoterik und Parapsychologie koppeln wird.


301 Nevertheless however, in the next years a contactee psychosis would spread over the Earth, as also in regard to the belief in all possible and impossible extraterrestrials, a true extraterrestrial delusion and an abduction delusion would come about. 302 Thereby, through the extraterrestrial tale, a mighty financial business would come about that, up until now, very far surpasses, and would be coupled with, esotericism and parapsychology.


303  Das kommt den geheimen Plänen der Länder zugute, die ihr Unwesen mit den Flugscheiben treiben, weshalb sie sehr fleissig Machenschaften betreiben, die sie dann durch ihre Informationskanäle Ausser- irdischen zuschreiben, wie z.B. gewisse Machenschaften mit Kornkreisen, Tiermassakern und ange blichen Entführungen und Harmungen 'usw. durch angebliche Ausserirdische, wobei durch Hypnose allerlei vorgegaukelt wird und gar Fremdkörper den eingepflanzt werden usw.


303 So that the secret plans of the countries come to their advantage they push their mischief with the flying discs, wherefore they drive many industrious machinations that they then, through their information channels, describe as extraterrestrial, like, for example, certain machinations with crop circles, animal massacres, and alleged abductions, and harming and so forth through alleged extraterrestrials, whereby, through hypnosis, all kinds of leading up the garden path would happen and indeed foreign objects would be implanted, and so forth.

304  So werden alle möglichen und unmöglichen Ausserirdischen erfunden, damit die geheimen Pläne und Machenschaften unbehelligt durchgeführt werden können, wobei jedoch auch die Angst vor Ausser- irdischen geschürt und hochgetrieben wird.


304 So all possible and impossible extraterrestrials would be discovered, therewith the secret plans and machinations could be carried out undisturbed, whereby, however, also the anxiety about extraterrestrials would be incited and driven high.


. 305So ist es Tatsache, dass seit 1945, als die Pläne der Flugscheibentechnik in die Hände der Amerikaner, Russen und Engländer gefallen sind, mit wenigen Ausnahmen die ganze irdische Menschheit belogen und betrogen wird, und dazu ist jedes Mittel recht - auch angebliche Aktivitäten Ausserirdischer.


305 So is it a fact that since 1945, as the plans for the flying disc technique fell into the hands of the Americans, Russia and England, with few exceptions, the entire Earthly humanity have been lied to and deceived, and for this any means is right, also alleged activities of extraterrestrials.


306. Und all jene Dummen, Verantwortungslosen, Kriminellen, Betrüger, Lügner und Schwindler usw. in Sachen angeblicher Kontakte mit Ausserirdischen, Geistern, Toten und höheren Wesen sind mitverantwortlich dafür, dass die geheimen Machenschaften in bezug der Flugscheiben vorangetrieben werden können, denn mit ihren Lügen und Betrügereien fördern sie alles noch.


306 And all any stupid, irresponsible, criminal, deceivers, liars and swindlers, and so forth  in the situations of alleged contact with extraterrestrials, spirits, dead and higher beings, are therefore responsible along with them, that the secret machinations in regard to the flying discs could be driven on, because with their lies and deceit they advance yet everything.

307. Also helfen sie denen, die seit 1945 die Menschheit belügen und betrügen, im geheimen gewaltige technische Flugscheibenerrungenschaften machen und ihre Geheimprojekte verwirklichen können, um die ganze Menschheit und den Planeten bis zur Totalität zu kontrollieren und zu unterjochen.


307 Therefore this also helped, that since 1945 humanity was lied to and deceived in the secret, mighty technical flying disc procurement activities and they can bring about their secret projects, in order to control and subjugate the entire *humankind and the planets up to totality.


(* The Plejaren say that humankind is not confined to Earth, but exists throughout this and other Universes.)

. Und all das wird finanziert mit riesigen Geldsummen, die den Menschen mit ungerechten Steuer- geldern gestohlen werden.


308 And all that would be financed with giant sums of money that would be stolen from the people through unjust taxes.


This is like another claim made by Greer, (and verified by the Iran-Contragate Congressional hearings) ie. a huge black budget exists which funds these criminal operations and yet the citizens of America are not benefiting from the technological advances their taxes are paying for. Rather they are being terrorized, the economy is destroyed and their very existence is being threatened with it.)

  Doch zurück zu den Flugscheiben in Nazideutschland: 310.  Die einflügligen Flugscheiben aller Art der Nazizeitwaren ebenso rein irdischen Ursprungs, wie sie das auch heute noch sind, da sie technisch sehr viel weiterentwickelt und häufig zu beobachten sind. 311. Tatsächlich sind sie aber nichts anderes als irdische Flugzeuge.


309 Yet back to the flying discs in Nazi Germany.310  The flight tests of the flying discs of all kinds, in the Nazi era, were likewise of pure Earthly origins, as they are also yet today, and they are technically very much further developed and are frequently observed. 311 Actually they are nothing other than Earthly aeroplanes.

Auch in Nazideutschland waren die Flugscheibenplanungen und Flugscheibenkonstruktionen ebenfalls strengst geheime militärische Projekte, dabei jedoch unter der Führung von Adolf Hitler.


312 Also in Nazi Germany the flying discs plans and flying disc constructions were likewise strictly secret military projects, thereby, however, under the leadership of Adolf Hitler.

An diesen Projekten waren viele massgebende Wissenschaftler mit Rang und Namen beteiligt, wie z.B. ein gewisser Belluzzo, ein Miethe, ein Epp und ein Schriefer, um nur einige wenige der wichtigsten zu nennen.


313 Many authoritative scientists with rank and name did take part in these projects, as for example, a certain Belluzzo, a Meithe, an Epp and a Schriefer, to name only a few of the most important.


314 Damals war die Technik der einflügeligen Flugscheiben eine völlig neuartige Technik, die sehr zukunfts- weisende Formen hatte und bis heute erhalten wurde.


314 At the time, the technique of the flight tested flying discs was a completely novel technology that had very futuristic forms, and would be maintained to today.

Nichtsdestoweniger jedoch beruhte und beruht diese ganze Entwicklung auf der irdisch-normalen Luft-fahrttechnik, folglich also auch keine ausserirdische oder andersdimensionierte Flugtechnik oder An-triebstechnik zur Geltung kommt.


315 Nevertheless, however, this entire development is based, and depends on, the normal Earthly air travel technology, subsequently therefore also no extraterrestrial or other-dimensional flight technology or propulsion technology comes into effect.

Es spielten also weder Anti-Gravitationsantriebe eine Rolle oder konnten verwendet werden, noch irgendwelche Konvertergeräte, die angeblich von Ausserirdischen oder Andersdimensionierten stamm- ten, denn tatsächlich sind das alles nur wilde und unsinnige, der Phantasie entsprechende oder ganz bewusst lügnerische und betrügerische Behauptungen.


316 Neither does anti-gravitational drive play a role, nor could some sort of converter device be utilized that allegedly stemmed from extraterrestrials or other-dimensionals, because actually all that is only wild and nonsensical, corresponding to fantasy or quite conscious mendacious and deceitful assertions.

Gleichermassen gilt das für Behauptungen, dass die Deutschen mit ihren Flugscheiben zum Mars oder gar in ferne Galaxien geflogen seien.


317 The same goes for the assertions that the Germans have been flying to Mars with their flying discs or even into distant galaxies.


Quetzal goes on to detail some of the techniques employed for the development of these craft. It’s important to remember that this advice was given in 1989 and it might have been revised or updated in more recent conversations that have either not been fully published yet, or of which we are unaware. Being human, the Plejaren have given contradictory advice about some things from time to time. Our article, What's been said in extraterrestrial Circles, shows an example of this in relation to crop circles. (The article already requires further revision.) One possible reason to bear in mind for this is that the Plejaren may only reveal so much to us about Earth intelligence as they are not permitted, by their directives, to interfere to that extent in our affairs. After all, their whole mission to provide the renewed true spiritual teachings, would be too threatened if Billy Meier provided too much sensitive Earth intelligence before it was known from other sources. Already his life is frequently threatened.


An extensive detailed comparison could be made between the testimony and documentation of the Disclosure Project and the advice and evidence provided by the Plejaren which would contribute enormously to genuine understanding of the extraterrestrial reality, especially as it relates to the high level intrigues and power plays of the powers on Earth threatened by these revelations, keeping in mind that Billy Meier has survived 21 assassination attempts. And such a study would make clearer the profound deficit in the mainstream ufological community which has born the brunt of Greer’s criticism as well as the Plejaren’s. The role the ufologists have played in thwarting the truth about extraterrestrials is something Greer and Meier seem to agree on.


One of the Disclosure Project witnesses, Dr Carol Rosin, testified to being present at a meeting at Fairchild Industries in 1977 where the first gulf war was planned. “Well, they continued the conversation about how they were going to antagonize these enemies and that at some point, there was going to be a war in the Gulf, a Gulf War.” Rosin was the first woman corporate manager of Fairchild Industries and spokesperson for rocket scientist Werner von Braun in his last years.


 In a conversation between Plejaren commander Quetzal and Billy Meier, recorded in 1989 they reveal knowledge of plans by George Bush senior and junior and cohorts to organize a second war in Iraq, and their related scheme (including ballot fraud) to organize the election of George Bush junior to make it happen in order to secure the oil resources of Iraq. Quetzal and Billy also talk at that time, 1989, of the coming destruction of the World Trade Centre with the use of commercial airplanes causing thousands of people to die, and with the knowledge of George Bush Junior and his various trusted criminal cohorts, who did nothing to prevent it. 

From the 230th contact, 11th October 1989,

Billy: Ungeheuerlich, wirklich ungeheuerlich. So ungeheuerlich wird es aber auch sein, wenn das WHZ durch Terroristen mit gekaperten Verkehrsflugzeugen zerstört wird, wobei Tausende von Menschen sterben werden, dass Bush junior - und verschiedene seiner kriminellen Vertrauten - das dann weiss, jedoch nichts dagegen unternimmt. Ein verbrecherischer Akt, dass Bush die Oberhand gewinnt und gegen den Islam losziehen kann, natürlich immer unter dem Deckmantel dessen, die USA und die Welt vom Terrorismus befreien zu wollen. Dass aber, zumindest für die nächten 15 Jahre, die Bushs den grössten Terror über die Welt bringen werden, davon wird nicht gesprochen.

Billy: Monstrous, really monstrous. It would also be just as monstrous if/when the world trade centre would be destroyed by terrorists with captured commercial airplanes, through which thousands of people would die, that Bush junior – and various of his criminal trusted ones- knew that then, however undertook nothing against it. A criminal act that gains Bush the upper hand and he can let lose against Islam, naturally always under the cloak that they want to free the USA and the world from terrorism. That it would be the Bushes who would bring the greatest terror over the world, at least for the next 15 years, would not be discussed.

From the 231st contact, 9th November 1989,

Quetzal: Bush junior und Blair werden sich miteinander gegen den Irak verschwören, wobei Bush durch einen neuerlichen Krieg gegen Saddam Husain seines Vaters Niederlage im Golfkrieg rächen will, wie dies heimlich schon beschlossen wird von beiden Bushs und ihren engsten Anhängern, zu denen auch die höchsten Stellen des CIA gehören, wenn der angezettelte Krieg im Jahr 1991 nicht den gewünschten Erflog bringen wird.

Quetzal: 38. Bush junior and Blair would plot with one another against Iraq, whereby Bush, will avenge his father’s defeat in the Gulf War through a new war against Saddam Hussein, as already would be resolved by both Bushes and their closest followers, to which also the highest positions of the CIA belong, if the plotted war in 1991 would not bring the desired results.

From the 232nd contact 17th November 1989,

Ptaah and Billy are discussing the various Terrestrial circumstances and powers that thwart the truth in general and world peace in particular.

Ptaah: 24. Sehr viel Schuld daran tragen auch die westlichen und sogenannten freien Staaten, die Hass und Antipropaganda gegen die Oststaaten und auch die Südstaaten in Afrika und Amerika schüren, so leider auch in mörderischer Untergrundkriegsführung.

Ptaah: 24. The Western and so-called free countries also carry very much guilt for inciting the hate and negative propaganda against the Eastern countries and also the southern countries in Africa and America, also unfortunately in leading murderous underground wars.

25. Die grössten Schreier und Schadenbringenden sind dabei die Amerikaner sowie die Deutschen, nebst verschiedenen anderen und hauptsächlich westlichen Staaten, die annehmen, dass sie den Oststaaten Vorschriften und Vorhaltungen machen müssten, nebst dem, dass gewisse westliche Mächte untergründig in den Ostländern infam deren Regierungen verunglimpfen und unterwandern, durch Intriganten das Volk gegen ihre Regierungen aufhetzen und Unfrieden in jeder ihnen nur möglichen Form säen.

25. The greatest screamers and damage bringers are thereby the Americans as well as the Germans, next to various others and principally Western countries, that take it that they must make themselves the directors and rebukers of the Eastern countries, next to which certain Western powers in an underground manner in the Eastern lands defame and derail their governments with infamy, (and) through intrigues they stir up the people against their governments and sow disharmony in any form they are able to.

26. So wird sich alles leider wieder wandeln, und eines Tages werden wieder böse und blutvergiessende Kriege daraus entstehen.

26. So everything would unfortunately change again, and one day again evil and bloody wars will thereby come about.


Carol Rosin also testified about who the wars are benefiting.


 “Not only are they benefiting financially, but from what my experience is there are people who actually believe that Armageddon should happen so we have to have these wars.”


The Plejaren have made specific comments regarding the religious delusions of Condaleesza Rice and George W. Bush who they label as the most dangerous leader to have ever lived and the greatest threat to world security at this time. The following is from  

contact 372, Friday, January 14th, 2005, 12.55 AM, excerpted in FIGU Special Bulletin no.16 ( Extraterrestrial Plejaren Leaders Comment on U.S. American President Bush, the Tsunami, Overpopulation and more.)


Ptaah: Der Mann Bush ist grössenwahnsinnig und der festen Überzeugung, dass er seines Gottes Stellvertreter auf Erden sei und die Welt von allem Bösen befreien müsse. Dass er aber selbst gegenwärtig wohl das böseste Übel in bezug auf Krieg und Terror ist, das verdrängt er in seinem sektiererischen Wahn vollkommen.


Ptaah: The man Bush is megalomaniacal and of the firm persuasion that he is God’s representative on Earth and must free the world from all evil. But (the fact) that he himself presently is indeed the worst evil, in regard to war and terror, is completely repressed in his sectarian delusion.


In diesem ist er dermassen gefangen, dass er auch alles Andersgläubige, das nicht seinem eigenen sektiererischen Glauben entspricht, ausrotten will, wobei er ganz besonders den Islam ins Visier genommen hat. In diesem Sinn spielen seine Wahnvorstellungen die grösste Rolle, dass er im islamischen Raum die vollkommene Macht ergreifen müsse, um alles unter amerikanische und christliche Herrschaft zu bringen.


In this he is imprisoned (with the idea) that he also will exterminate all other beliefs that do not correspond to his own sectarian belief, whereby he has Islam quite especially in his sights. In this sense his delusional imagination plays the greatest role, that he must seize power in the Islamic world in order to bring everything under American and Christian control.


Diesbezüglich ist das Nächstliegende für ihn, dass er ein Band amerikanischer Herrschaft von Afghanistan bis zum Irak aufbauen müsse. Und zwischen diesen beiden Staaten liegt nur der Iran, der daran interessiert ist, eine nukleare Waffentechnik aufzubauen. Genau das aber nimmt Bush zum verlogenen Vorwand, Pläne für einen Angriff auf Iran ausarbeiten zu lassen.


 In regard to this, the next move for him is that he must build a band of American control from Afghanistan to Iraq. And between both these countries lies only Iran, who is interested in building nuclear weapon technology. But exactly that leads Bush to a mendacious pretext to allow plans to be formulated for an attack on Iran.


 In gleicher Form hat er schon im Irak gehandelt, wobei aber Ähnliches auch in Afghanistan der Fall war. Was sich daraus ergeben wird, steht leider noch nicht endgültig fest, denn es liegen noch verschiedenste Faktoren offen, die das Ganze noch nicht in einem endgültig klaren Licht erkennen lassen. Unbestreitbar fest steht jedoch, dass bereits US-amerikanische Geheimkommandos im Iran operieren und Spionage usw. betreiben.


He has already behaved in the same form in Iraq, whereby the case in Afghanistan was similar. Unfortunately, what will actually come about from that cannot be finally ascertained, because various factors still lie open, so that it does not allow the entirety to be recognized in a clear light. However, it stands indisputably clear that already US-American secret commandos carry on operations and espionage etc in Iran.


As long ago as the 3rd of February 1952 Meier’s extraterrestrial teacher, Asket, from the DAL universe said,


“218. Lebt der Erdenmensch aber weiterhin im Anhang an die Religionen, dann dient er damit nur den Wünschen und Machtgelüsten jener, welche seit langen Zeiten auf die Eroberung der Erde, und damit auf die Weltherrschaft, hinarbeiten.


218 If the Earth human lives further in the dependency on religion then he thereby serves only the wishes and the power lusts of any who, since a long time, work on the conquering of the Earth and therewith on world domination.


219. Der Erdenmensch achte auf diese Dinge sehr genau, denn sonst droht ihm ein weltweiter Vernichtungskrieg, der als Dritter Weltkrieg, die endgültige Niederlage und Versklavung über die Erde bringen könnte, gelenkt und gesteuert von den bösartigen ausserirdischen Lebensformen unter der Pyramide von Gizeh.


219. The Earth human should pay attention very exactly to these things because otherwise a world wide annihilations war will threaten him, that, as the third world war, could bring the final defeat and enslavement over the Earth, guided and steered by the malicious extraterrestrial life forms under the pyramid of Giza.” (As mentioned, since deported, but their influence lingers on.)


When Ptaah was further pressed for information by Billy, in the 372nd contact, about Bush’s plans in Iran and the likelihood of a third world “fire”, Ptaah said,


Ptaah: Noch ist alles offen, doch die Erdenmenschheit hat unter der blutigen, sektiererischen, kriegerischen und zerstörerischen Diktatur des Präsidenten Bush sehr schlechte Karten. Unsererseits haben wir nur sehr vage Hoffnungen, dass sich der Mann noch besinnt und sich von seinem Wahn befreien kann, dass er der Retter der irdischen Menschheit sein soll. Er bildet mit seiner direkten und ebenfalls sektiererischen und grössenwahnsinnigen Beraterin Condoleezza Rice ein Gespann des Bösen, das tatsächlich selbstherrlich, grössenwahnsinnig und völlig verantwortungslos die irdische Menschheit in einen Dritten Weltenbrand führen kann.


 Ptaah: Everything is still open, yet the Earth humanity has very bad cards under the idiotic, sectarian, war- mongerish and destructive dictator, President Bush. For our side we have only very vague hopes that the man yet becomes sensible and can be freed from his delusion that he should be the savior of the Earthly humanity. With his direct, and likewise megalomaniacal adviser, Condoleezza Rice, he builds a team of evil that can, tyrannically, meglomaniacally and fully irresponsibly, actually lead the Earthly humanity into a third world fire.


On another topic, the Meier contacts corroborate Greer’s evidence regarding the reality of so-called free energy or “quantum zero point” energy which can be taken from the space all around us. Greer tells how technologies have been developed in secret which, if put to use for the good of humanity, would entirely replace the need for polluting fossil fuels, etc. Plejaren leader, Ptaah, explained in1990 on the 238th contact, that the entire universal space is full of electrons, and the space is not simply empty, as the lay person erroneously thinks, and that this has already been known by Earthly scientists for a very long time. However, electrons exist not only in one kind or form, rather in very many different forms. He said that on the Earth there is no longer a secret about this because they already authorized scientists for a long period of time to receive appropriate (thought) impulses.


410. Um deiner Frage jedoch gerecht zu werden, darf ich dir erklären, dass unsere Vorfahren das Prinzip der Elektronenenergie entdeckten, die auf allen Planeten und Gestirnen sowie in allen Lebensformen ebenso vorhanden ist wie auch in unerschöpflicher Form im gesamten Universum.


410. Ptaah: In order to answer your question properly, may I explain to you that our forefathers uncovered the principle of electron energy that is available on all planets and stars as well as in all life forms, as it also is in inexhaustible form in the entire universe.


411. Wir machen uns selbst heute diese Elektronenenergien noch ebenso zunutze wie einst unsere frühen und späteren Vorfahren, nur dass wir Energieumwandlungen vornehmen und im Gebrauch dieser Energien und in deren Anwendung sowie in der dafür erforderlichen Technik unvergleichbar weiterentwichelt sind als dies unsere Vorfahren waren.


 411. We make use of this electron energy still today as once did our early and later forefathers, only we undertook energy transformations and developments which are incomparable to those our forefathers had in regard to the use of these energies and their employment as well as in the technology required.


412. Tachyonentriebwerke sowohl als auch Strahlentriebwerke und Antimaterietriebwerke sowie auch unsere neuesten Fortbewegungsmöglichkeiten mit Transmittern fundieren auf Elektronenenergie, die wir shon seit vielen Jahrtausenden nutzen in immer prefektionierterer Form.


412. Tachyon propulsion as well as also beam propulsion and anti-matter propulsion, as well as our newest propulsion possibilities with transmitters, are founded on electron energy, that we have already used for many thousands of years in always more perfected form.


413. Auch die kosmisch-elektromagnetische Lebensenergie, von der eine jegliche Lebensform lebt, ist ein Produkt der nie erschöpfbaren Elektronenenergie des Universums.


413. Also the cosmic electromagnetic life energy from which all life forms live is a product of the never exhaustible electron energy of the universe.


414. Auch eine jegliche Daseinsform, egal welcher Art auch immer, lebt davon, sogar die Geistformen, auch wenn deren Energie um unendlich vieles feiner ist.


 414. Also any form of existence, no matter which kind, always lives from it, even the spirit forms, although their energy is infinitely much finer.


In this conversation Billy realizes that essentially an electron impulse drive could be activated which would find a hold on the electrons in free space, against which, through the electron vibrations/oscillations, it would be repelled and moved forward. He realized that Ptaah’s information also explains why the Plejaren craft never lack energy, either in space or on a planet, and also how it is possible that they divert the light around their ships to make them appear invisible. And also he concludes that, because they employ a shell, a kind of cloak, of electron oscillations, the Plejaren can travel along at unrestricted speeds without being roasted by the heat that would otherwise come about from the friction caused by traveling through the atmosphere.


Billy also goes on to explain that electron power should replace atomic power on Earth, and that it would solve the pollution problem, replacing the use of oil and diesel with independently electron powered air and land vehicles, and that medical scientists should get behind the problem of electron medicine because through certain electronic effects not only can any sickness be healed, rather also life can be increased by hundreds of years at which point it should be possible to live as long as the Plejaren.


Billy: … Wenn die Erdenwissenschaftler clever genug sind und diese unerschöpfliche Energiequelle wirklich ergründen und für die Menschen nutzbar machen, dann wären alle Probleme gelöst im Bezug auf die Umweltverschmutzung. Alle Arten von Fabriken und Produktionen würden nur noch durch die Anwendung der Elektronenenergie betrieben und erfolgen, und selbst erforderliche Insektizide und Herbizide usw. könnten durch Mittel elektronenenergetischer Form ersetzt werden usw.usf.


 Billy …If the Earth scientists are clever enough and get to the bottom of this inexhaustible energy source and make it useful for the Earth human then all problems would be solved in regard to environmental pollution. All kinds of factories and productions would only yet be driven through the engagement of electron energy and the self-demanding insecticides and herbicides could be replaced through the means of electron energetic form, and so forth.


Here is what Steven Greer wrote in his article, Implications for the Environment, World Peace, World Poverty, and the Human Future, published in his book Disclosure in 2001.

“We have identified insiders and scientists who can prove, in open Congressional hearings, that we do in fact possess classified energy generation and anti-gravity propulsion systems capable of completely and permanently replacing all forms of currently used energy generation and transportation systems. These devices access the ambient electromagnetic and so-called zero point energy state to produce vast amounts of energy without any pollution. Such systems essentially generate energy by tapping into the ever-present quantum vacuum energy state - the baseline energy from which all energy and matter is fluxing. All matter and energy is supported by this baseline energy state and it can be tapped through unique electromagnetic circuits and configurations to generate huge amounts of energy from space/time all around us. These are NOT perpetual motion machines nor do they violate the laws of thermodynamics - they merely tap an ambient energy field all around us to generate energy. 

This means that such systems do not require fuel to burn or atoms to split or fuse. They do no require central power plants, transmission lines and the related multi-trillion dollar infrastructure required to electrify and power remote areas of India, China, Africa and Latin America. These systems are site-specific: they can be set up at any place and generate needed energy. Essentially, this constitutes the definitive solution to the vast majority of environmental problems facing our world.” 

(One of the scientists Greer refers to is Dr.Tom Bearden, who holds a patent on such a device, and whose website is essential reading.)

Several of Steven Greer’s Disclosure Project witnesses reveal the existence of secret black budget projects in the U.S. and elsewhere in which these unimaginable advances in science have taken place. One of the aerospace companies they list as being involved in these clandestine developments is McDonnell Douglas.


According to Garry Kinder, author of Light Years, (his book about the Meier case), David Froning, who worked for 25 years as an astronautical engineer at McDonnell Douglas in highly classified military defense became interested in Meier's accounts of Plejaren starship travel. In particular, Meier’s notes included information about tachyon propulsion which was only beginning to be discussed by a very small and select group of theoretical physicists.


“Besides working in the highly classified field of military defense, David Froning, an astronautical engineer with McDonnell Douglas for 25 years, has done exploratory research to develop ideas and technology for advanced spacecraft design. As a long time member of the British Interplanetary Society and the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, he has presented many papers on interstellar flight at technical conferences in Europe and the United States.”

“Froning told me, ‘If what this Meier is saying is just a hoax, he's being cued by some very knowledgeable scientists. I've only discussed this Meier case with scientists who are fairly open-minded about interstellar flight, but I'll tell you, the majority of them think it's credible and agree at least part, or sometimes all, of the things talked about by the Pleiadians.’”


In Kinder’s letter to the ufologists he relates a lot of valuable corroboratory comments provided to him by various experts and scientists who tested the different parts of the Meier evidence as part of Wendelle Stevens investigation, and is well worth reading along with Michael Horn’s site and Wendell Steven’s reports, (see Michael's site for the detailed photo analysis), in terms of understanding the breadth of the physical evidence for this case which is so audaciously dismissed by purported UFO/ET study groups.




 (We apologise for this abrupt ending. As time permits this article will be presented as part of a larger work.)




You can now read our January 2006 translation of a bombshell article Extraterrestrials, written by Billy Meier in 1997 and shown to Plejaren JHWH Ptaah during the 257th contact on Monday, February 3rd, 1997, 12:03AM 


"The consequences of this unofficial, secret edict of which also US Presidents Warren G. Harding as well as Calvin Coolidge, Herbert Hoover and Franklin D. Roosevelt, whereby especially Roosevelt, were finally the driving power, was that the angst for extraterrestrial conquerors would be incited to panic, and indeed through a perfidious machination, together with the secret service, through which book authors would be threatened with death in order to start an extremely effective horror scenario."


"Naturally, in respect of all these things there are also charlatans, deceivers and swindlers and every other sort, yet the secret service machinations are probably indeed the worst, because it is precisely through these that disinformation is established, through which the genuine and actual events in this regard are bedeviled and made laughable."


"The nasty machinations of the government, military and secret service people in respect of the demonizing of extraterrestrials have increased ever more since 1938 – indeed slowly and successively, thus, however all the more incessantly and expansively, until in the eighties, essentially, the greatest machination for the bedevilment of extraterrestrials began – through a shifty structure in the fashion of the secret service, as well as miscellaneous UFO and extraterrestrial enemies."








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