A Freemasonry Summary

( by Vivienne Legg (gaiaguys) - August 29th '03)


Drawing heavily on "THE BROTHERHOOD The Secret World of Freemasons" by Stephen Knight 

but first....

Excerpts from the Ritual for the Degree of the Elect of Nine (9th degree of Freemasonry)

THE VERY SOVEREIGN: You must remember, my Brother, that, when you were accepted to be Free Mason, when you were given the Light, you saw all your Brothers with their Swords. They serve to defend you and to save you from danger. But at the same time it was their destiny to touch you, to punish you and to stab you in your chest to revenge the Freemasonry if you deceive and violate yourself to the pledged Vows that you have made...

The Brother Inspector: I am willing to practice revenge against all traitors of the Freemasonry.

THE VERY SOVEREIGN: I must announce to you that the man may be someone that you know. Possibly even a friend of yours, with whom you may have very strong ties. In that case you must suppress all your fellow-feelings, to only keep the feelings of revenge. Thus, this is a very good chance to show your courage and to prove your diligence, and this is the only possibility to access your desired Degree. ...

The Brother Inspector: I,--- , promise solemnly, in presence of the Great Architect of the Universe and the Honorable Brothers of the Gathering of the Chosen Ones of the Ninth to never reveal the Secrets of this Degree to whom ever which are mine, thus will still be trusted, unless I know him and know that he is of the same Degree as I.

I promise to revenge the Freemasonry, as well as in general as in special cases. I join additionally to be as a support pillar for the Order, to help my Brothers with all my heart and all power, to obey the Grand Council of the Princes of Jerusalem...

THE VERY SOVEREIGN:... The first Symbol is made by doing as if one is stabbing the forehead of another with a Dagger; he must answer by feeling his head with his hand as if he wants to see if he is blood-stained.

The Second Symbol is made by doing as if one is planting the Dagger in the heart of the Brother; beside that one says 'Nekam'. The other brings his right-hand up to the heart and says 'Nikar'.

(In the "Historic Construction" presented as the basis for this ritual the overzealous Brother, in loyalty to the Brotherhood in revenging the enemy, stabs him in the head and chest, thus denying the King his plan to carry out the most cruel torture against the offender. The Brother was to himself be punished for denying the King this pleasure, but All Brothers threw themselves onto the ground to beg his mercy and forgiveness and he was spared.)

Near the close of the ceremony the lines read,

...how easy the heart of a good King can be touched, and, how important it is to have true friends that can warmly defend you under all circumstance.  



There is, " …a danger inherent in all secretive societies for their cellular form devised by the founders for the security of the movement, can as readily be used to 'hoodwink' the leadership, who thus become unwitting 'front men ' for activities they would never countenance." [from Stephen Knight's "Chinaman" report. See more below]

Knight's "The Brotherhood" is rather dated but is widely recognized as the book that introduced Freemasonry to the non-Masonic world. It's also much quoted on the Internet, so I thought it made sense to attempt a bit of a summary of it myself. This should provide a more thorough foundation for our own claims of Freemason-related criminality. But I hope serious readers will follow the links to further reading for a more complete picture. I'm continuing to learn, but I feel there's no time to waste in making this information easier for people to absorb. In my estimation, Knight's work is very balanced, or even tending toward conservative. As a non - Freemason he relied heavily on informers and was thus limited in how far he could go with his exposé. But this is the difficulty anyone faces when trying to learn about a secret society. It denies itself justice this way. Meanwhile non-professionals, like me, attempt to educate people about this very important topic in the absence of the remiss mainstream media.

So Knight obviously only touched the surface, yet he very reasonably demonstrates that at even the most innocent levels this secretive society is deceitful, unethical and dangerous, despite it's active charity work. The charity work does not eliminate any negative effects of the organization and so should not be used to argue that Freemasonry is good over all. You can have charity work without all the other components. Of course, unthinking, trusting Freemasons are as much victims of this corrupt system as anyone, but regardless of their intentions they are nevertheless participants.

My first ever impression of Freemasonry, by the way, was extremely vague. The most I knew was that it was an obscure, old- fashioned, silly and pompous secret society of no particular significance. I now feel compelled to help demonstrate that this impression was false and dangerous. The demonstrably disproportionate continued influence of Freemasonry in everyday modern life, means that, as with any other major component of reality, we should be compelled to learn what it is and what it represents. And we should be prepared to think clearly about this. Otherwise how do we hope to be informed or hold opinions about politics and the state of the world, or attempt to affect change? We must continue to incorporate this knowledge with the rest of our understanding. And be aware. The strong social pressure (the ridicule, scorn and intimidation) to avoid doing this bit of homework serves this and other secret societies very nicely.

Knight's book focuses on Freemasonry in Great Britain but Freemasonry is still well and truly alive in Australia in 2003. The former Grand Master of the New South Wales/ACT Lodge is former New South Wales Police Commissioner Tony Lauer.

"Christopher [a very senior civil servant in Whitehall who had responded to an advert placed by Knight] explained that Masonry's nationwide organization of men from most walks of life provided one of the most efficient private intelligence networks imaginable. Private information on anybody in the country could normally be accessed very rapidly through endless permutations of masonic contacts - police, magistrates, solicitors, bank managers, Post Office staff ('very useful in supplying copies of a man's mail'), doctors, government employees, bosses of firms and nationalised industries etc., etc."

I think one of the most important points to make about Freemasonry is that it demonstrates so well what an illogical and unthinking people we are, both those who are members and those who are not. Why can't we think rationally about this?

"One of the problems with Freemasonry is that you don't really know what it is before you join."

So you don't really know what it is before you join, yet you swear to keep the secrets and you swear loyalty to an organization which is "one of the most efficient private intelligence networks imaginable". How responsible and noble an idea is this?

Briefly here are some main problems with Freemasonry, on a purely theoretical level.

1. Freemasonry deliberately deceives its' own members about what it is and who its' god figure is, which is one reason why there is so much denial at the lower levels about what Freemasonry really is.

2. According to Knight Freemasonry's god figure is Jah-Bul-On, a composite of three gods, Yahweh, Baal and Osiris, at least one of which was known to demand child sacrifice, another who was vengeful, angry and demanded the murder of innocent people. (Of course Yahweh also poses a problem for Jews and Christians.) Freemasonry chooses not to openly address this violent, bloodthirsty historical theme. But even at a metaphorical level the murder theme is very much alive in its' rituals and oaths.

3. Most Freemasons on the lower rungs are similarly kept oblivious to other goings on at higher levels. At the time of writing Knight explained that most think there are no higher degrees than Master Mason, the third of three in Craft Masonry, which is controlled by Grand Lodges. (It's hard to imagine this is the case now.) The Majority rise no further than Master Mason, but there are many degrees above which go beyond the jurisdiction of Grand Lodges. Many higher ranking Freemasons confirmed to Knight that ordinary masons are probably completely unaware of what goes on at the highest levels amongst their Brethren.

4. As mentioned, people who join Freemasonry without knowing what it is do know that when they join they are swearing to keep it's secrets without knowing what they are! There are no prizes for figuring out what's wrong with this.

5. Freemasonry membership creates an instant conflict of interest. You can't have a first loyalty to your Brotherhood but also act in an impartial manner within the police, government departments, judiciary, media etc. You are required to favour your brethren.

6. Freemasonry is a perfect tool for utilization by intelligence organizations, (the KGB has seen it in this light) other secret societies, and criminals in general because of, for instance, the sworn secrecy, the loyalty, and the spanning of professions, religions and social classes. Also, the instruction to assist fellow brethren in times of need is very useful.

At the time of the writing of his book Knight reported that England and Wales had in excess of 600 000 initiates into Freemasonry. All have sworn on pain of death and ghastly mutilation not to reveal masonic secrets. "Should he reveal the secrets of the Brotherhood, the Apprentice accepts, among other penalties, to have his tongue torn out; the Fellow Craft to have his heart torn from his breast; the Master Mason to have his bowels burned to ashes; and the exaltee to the Royal Arch accepts in addition' to have the top of his skull sliced off. But as the rituals themselves express it, the 'more effective penalty' for doing anything displeasing to Masonry is to be shunned by the entire Brotherhood, a penalty adequate to bring a man to ruin, the more certainly so as Freemasonry expanded in every in every profession and every branch of society." In addition, "The religious element creates awe and so adds to the effectiveness of the oath of secrecy."

Knight clearly demonstrates that Freemasonry has an enormous presence in the established public and private institutions. This, in and of itself is quite worrying, especially when we learn of Freemasonry even being a requirement for employment in certain professions. It's more disturbing when we combine this knowledge with the endless anecdotal evidence (not all is anecdotal) that this presence is used to further the careers and goals of certain Freemasons, especially when those individuals are some of the most powerful and least ethical people on the planet.

Knight quite rightly makes the point that the fact that a criminal may be a Freemason doesn't mean that his criminality was necessarily caused by Freemasonry, or even facilitated by Freemasonry. To help make his point Knight uses a terrible tale told him in 1978 by a Sydney man, about high-level abominations involving Australian politicians and others. After a radio interview in Australia focusing on Knights book, "Jack the Ripper - The Final Solution", which connects the Ripper story to Freemason ritual and cover-up, the Sydney man told him that he had a story which confirms Knights. "The same secret society is still doing the same things here" - misdeeds ranging from murder to cannibalism involving some famous, wealthy and politically powerful people, including one in one of the top political offices in Australia. Knight concluded that this man's tale, while involving some Freemasons, in no way established that Freemasonry was where the crimes stemmed from.

It is possible to jump to false, illogical conclusions. People commonly do. But while taking on board this good point we have also to ask why it is that stories keep popping up linking Freemasons with terrible things. Stephen Kent, a sociologist at University of Alberta, who researches cult practices and deviant religions made the point in his revelations about increasing reports of sexual abuse at the hands of Freemasons, in Masonic lodges, that he did not get reports of this happening with the Lions Club, or the Rotarians or any other charitable community group. And so this is why we are compelled to investigate. Now you can't have it both ways. These people from the Royal Arch and above are calling on and praying to their God figure, by his supposed real name, Jahbulon, according to Knight, comprised partly of the god Baal whose business was undoubtedly blood sacrifice (especially children) and licentiousness. If these Freemasons do not want to be associated with such a god figure, or such violence, why are they? Knight reported that the Royal Arch Masons he talked to, who had been introduced to this secret name of God, were all decidedly awkward and evasive about this matter. More on that later.

We shouldn't lose sight of the ugly fact, metaphorical or otherwise, that much of Masonic Ritual centers on Murder. Don't forget who the Masonic Gods were. Knight reveals the Jack the Ripper murders were perpetrated according to Masonic ritual. The subsequent police cover-up was led by the Commissioner and Assistant Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, both Freemasons. Knight demonstrates in his book that the murdered prostitutes shared a secret dangerous to the throne regarding the illegal marriage of Prince Albert Victor Christian Edward, (grandson of Queen Victoria and Heir Presumptive to the throne) to a Roman Catholic commoner. (Royal Freemason Patronage is historic, with Queen Elizabeth II currently the Patroness, but Charles apparently refusing to become a Freemason.)

Knight demonstrates in detail how Freemasonry provides/creates a 'formidable chain of contact' in society which can be utilized by any powerful member for all kinds of purposes. He starts by describing the well established Freemason presence in the British Police (see "A Firm in a Firm" by Martin Short) We're pretty used to hearing about this now (and experiencing it) that this is almost tedious, but in and of itself a high Freemason - police presence has serious implications. In 1984 Knight wrote that more than 60 percent of all police chiefs in the UK were Freemasons. He then goes on to describe the high levels of Freemasonry amongst Barristers, the least willing of all to talk about or admit to their membership, despite (or because of) having a tight historic relationship with the old Knights Templar. One major part of the exclusive authority responsible for appointing new recruits to the bench was the former Knights Templar Headquarters. Barristers are selected purely by these Freemasonic run establishments.

Even more common than Freemason Barristers are Freemasonic Solicitors. Knight outlines Freemasonry's grip amongst solicitors and whole firms of solicitors. (Barristers in England depend on Solicitors for their livelihood.) "Christopher" told Knight in regard to the Brotherhood's potential to destroy someone - "get your man involved in something legal - it need not be serious - and you have him." "Knight reports that many of the largest and most prestigious firms of solicitors in London are "masonic firms". He gives an example of a firm of exclusively Freemasonic solicitors coming out in support of another solely Freemason run firm. The first firm's former employee had discovered that one of his employers was involved in high level corruption. When he drew the other partner's attention to this he was sacked. The second firm reportedly agreed to represent him in legal action for unfair dismissal, but then after a call from a "brother" dropped him "like a hot potato" and then actually offered to represent the accused firm instead. This employee, still wishing to work as a solicitor himself, but having his professional life made very difficult by these Freemasons, ended up deciding, "If you can't beat 'em join 'em." Although he had come to hate the power of Freemasonry he believed it was his only hope of survival in the highly Masonic world of the Law. (Also see The Masons Stole My House)

The Law Society, responsible along with the Department of Health and Social Security for deciding who should receive legal aid, is one of the most Freemasonic establishments in the world. (Can we assume that applies in Australia? I think so. Consider Australian whistleblower, Bill McDonnell's strife with the Law Society.) "The difficulty is compounded if the subject of any proposed action by the applicant for legal aid is not only a Mason but a solicitor as well."

Obviously there is a very dangerous Freemasonic connection or bridge existing between the courts and police. One of Knight's 'moles', a higher up Police officer and Freemason, insisted that the Masonic link between judges and police officers was "most damaging to society and to Masonry…It's this unseen intimacy between the groups that is bad…I really don't like the way the organisation is going, particularly with the judges and an overwhelming majority of the magistracy being Freemasons."

"Oh, I've seen it so often", he said. "If the policeman has a sticky case where he's been under heavy pressure, it certainly won't do him any harm for the judge to know he's a fellow Mason."

And court judges - "When adversity has visited our Brother, and his calamities call for our aid, we should cheerfully and liberally stretch forth the the hand of kindness, to save him from sinking, and to relieve his necessities." Knight tells us that allegations of collusion between judges and lawyers, on behalf of their Brethren in the dock, have been rife. He gives the well documented example provided here - At a crucial point the accused gave a Masonic signal (of Grief and Distress) to the judge who immediately reacted favourably towards the man and ceased his course of questioning.

And then there's the local counsellors, another component we can see that parallels Bill McDonnell's story. Contemplate the effects of this on democracy. What can happen in a town lodge (and no doubt does in the Clarence area) is fraternization between council officers and elected members, who, in the public interest should keep at arms length. Then you have Counsellors, MPs and tradesmen/contractors mixing. In certain bigger Lodges you have leading members of one party swearing an oath of allegiance to leading members of the opposition. Your not supposed to discuss business, politics or religion at a gathering but Knight was told that it invariably does happen. And there's nothing preventing these things being discussed at customary drinking sessions following ceremonies in the Temple. Whether they are discussed or not the loyalty still remains. In the U.K., Knight asserts, the majority of counsellors join lodges, undermining the process of democracy, because they believe it increases their influence over local affairs.

Knight provides a very substantial documented example of how certain councils in Britain who had distinguished themselves in a certain scam were distinctly Freemason laden. In a 1970s report by the Society of Labour Lawyers to a Royal Commission on Standards of Conduct in Public Life the writers relate that Town Hall Lodges existed at every one of the Local Authorities concerned in "recent criminal proceedings" and almost all of the defendants were members. It was demonstrated that the lodges were used for collusion between opposite sides of politics and secret decisions were reached which would not have existed if they had been generally known. (This also reminds me of our Local councils' overall determination to approve a demonstrably illegal quarry next door. Over half of these counsellors had a pecuniary interest and it's reasonable to assume that many were loyal to their highly corrupt Brother, the Minister for Natural Resources who had freeholded the Public Reserve land on which the quarry site existed for "one of his oldest and dearest friends.)

The more the secrecy of something has been maintained the harder it is for us to imagine, which serves certain purposes very nicely, so we have to work to think logically about this. Pretty quickly we are forced to try to contemplate frightening fraternal power at the hands of powerful heads of state and other powerful "public servants" including for instance those in charge of Defence (now largely controlled by the private sector). It is also helpful to consider this Freemasonry movement not so much as a silly secret society that has over time become corrupted and has increasingly become a tool of the ruling elite. Think of it a something that was always intended to serve the ruling elite. It's usefulness or suitability for this can be quickly supported by the evidence provided by Knight and others that the KGB saw Freemasonry as something to exploit to facilitate it's projects, all over the world. This was evidently demonstrated in the exposure of the Italian P2 scandal.

P2 was a secret Masonic lodge headed by the extreme right wing Licio Gelli, a a passionate supporter of Mussolini during the war. "By 1974 P2 had in excess of 1000 members comprising a 'who's who' of Italian political, military and economic power. Members included four Cabinet ministers, three intelligence chiefs, 160 senior military officers, 48 MPs, the Army Chief of Staff, as well as top diplomats, bankers, industrialists and media publishers." (From "Operation Gladio" 1997 David Guyatt.) In 1981 a Masonic conspiracy rocked Italy led by the P2 Lodge, which intended to destroy the country's constitutional order. Corruption, blackmail and murder, and intensive intelligence gathering brought down coalition government. All political parties had members in the lodge except the increasingly popular Communists. Nothing of vital importance had occurred in Italy in recent years which Gelli had not known about in advance or shortly after. He was found to have not only undermined the National security of Italy but even NATO was forced to support his team. Investigators eventually discovered that Gelli was an agent of the KGB. Based on what happened in Italy, Knight says that Britain is a time bomb which could explode at any moment.

The picture broadens further when Knight outlines the Freemasonry component in banking (the Rothchilds have been Freemasons for generations), the Civil service in Britain (the civil service remains while governments come and go), Permanent Secretaries, and especially, as mentioned, high officials in the Department of Defense. "Several people have recounted how when they were interviewed for senior positions at the Ministry of Defense, they were suddenly, in the middle, asked how they interpreted a certain Biblical quotation amended version used in Freemason ceremonies". Non-masons in this case who didn't understand were not given the job. Freemasonry exists also within MI5 and MI6 although this is officially forbidden, obviously because it is recognized as a threat to security within the intelligence services. This says it all really.

Knight promised to tackle the subject of Freemasonry amongst journalists and other areas too in his next book (which as we know he never managed to write before he died.) And what about the international component of Freemasonry? Knight states that Craft Masonry is world wide, but not an international organization. "The Ancient and Accepted Rite of the Thirty Third Degree is the only cohesive Masonic group run on truly international lines. The Senior of all Supreme Councils is in Charleston USA - effectively operates a network of masons in most powerful positions in the executive, legislature, judiciary and armed forces, industry, commerce and professions. No initiate can rise higher than the 18th Degree without the unanimous agreement of the entire Supreme Council." This is the cream, largely unknown by "ordinary" Masons, who can then utilize not only their personal existing influence (which presumably got them their high level initiation) but also utilize to the full the extensive Brotherhood secret service.

"Then I look over my left shoulder and answer Jabulon, which means 'The Lord is our help'."

(From the 18th degree ritual)

The reality of who the Freemasonic god is (or gods are) is very clear, at least it is once you get past the third degree and/or bother to do your homework. An Anglican Freemason vicar, attempting to disprove assertions that Masonry and Christianity are incompatible, wrote in the 1950s under the pseudonym "Vindex", "It is the oldest of all religious systems, dating from time immemorial…it embodies in itself the fundamental truths and ancient mysteries on which every religion is based. " (As well as admitting that Freemasonry is seen as a religion by its members this also indicates that it contradicts Christianity, which does not accept other religions or ancient mysteries. Christianity, although it has it's own contradictions and other problems, certainly does not tolerate the worship of Baal or Osiris.)

Knight writes, "Thousands of practicing Christians in Britain today worship the Freemasonic God believing it to be precisely the same as the Christian God, if they will it. This is perhaps the most prevalent misunderstanding by the average Freemason of his own Brotherhood." They are given the impression that they have the liberty to interpret the Godhead as they please. "…the assurance given to candidates that the name Great Architect of the Universe can be applied to whatever Supreme being they choose is worse than misleading: it is a blatant lie. "

"It is no overstatement to say that most Freemasons, even those without strong religions convictions, would never have joined the Brotherhood if they had not been victims of this subtle trick." The true name of the Masonic god is only revealed to third degree Masons who elect to be exalted to the Holy Royal Arch (an extension of the third degree.) Only about 1/5 are exalted. Even after the name is revealed they still don't understand the nature of the God because it is deliberately kept from them. There is a "deliberate obfuscation of truth".

In the ritual of exaltation, the name of the Great Architect of the Universe is revealed as JAH -BUL-ON. This precisely indicates a specific compound deity composed of three personalities JAH - Yahweh, the God of the Hebrews BUL - Baal, the ancient Canaanite fertility god associated with 'licentious rites of imitative magic' (and child sacrifice!) ON - Osiris, the Ancient Egyptian god of the underworld. That's clearly incompatible with Christianity, (although the whole topic of just who was God or Yahweh of the Old Testament needs a lot of work too). Knight writes, "I have spoken to no less than fifty-seven long standing Royal Arch Freemasons who have been happy top talk to me …all but four lost their self -assurance and composure when I said, 'What about Jah-Bul-On?'" They lost their cool or feigned ignorance about this name, despite being very knowledgeable about all the other components of Freemasonry, and some brought the meeting to an abrupt end.

Knight explains, "No-one will enlighten the duped Royal Arch Masons because no-one has the authority." (You're not supposed to offer personal interpretations to others.) Those that have a feeling for the occult recognize each other and appreciate the importance of deliberate ambiguities. "There is no need, even at the highest levels, for anything openly suggestive of satanism. Understanding is on another level" - the double-speak of Masonry. (Of course who exactly Satan was is another topic that needs work. We can't assume that Christianity got it right. However there are certainly some very dark components to Freemasonry regardless of the actual nature of its figure head. And when I say actual nature I allude to the new information now becoming available about these historic characters from people from other planets who share a component of our history!)

This is how it's possible for trusting, naive, self-deceiving people to become Freemasons and be oblivious to it's actual nature.

To demonstrate more clearly the un-Christian and decidedly occult nature of Freemasonry we can look at the 1813 reconciliation between Antient and Modern Freemasons (giving it the structure it enjoys today). According to Knight the Antients gave way by accepting total de-Christianisation of the movement and introduced the undeniably occult, the invocation of the supposedly "recovered" long lost name of God in the ritual for Royal Arch. The moderns took this fourth degree to be a culmination of the three, which completed the making of a master Mason. Holy Royal Arch "workings" are conducted separately in Chapters. "Today about one in five Freemasons are Royal Arch Companions these constituting a more fervent more indoctrinated, closer-knit inner circle. " The introduction of the Royal Arch apparently paved the way for the further, more exclusive degrees. Yet the Grand Master of all of England is only a 3rd Degree Mason.

Despite Freemasonry's demonstrable incompatibility with Christianity there is still a deep thread of Freemasonry running through the Church, Knight giving examples of both the Catholic and the Anglican church leadership's sympathetic attitude. The Church of England Society for the Propagation of Christian knowledge had as it's president the Arch Bishop of Canterbury, a Freemason of long standing. As of the time of the writing of this book the Society stocked no material discussing whether Christians should be Freemasons. Of course there is lots of contradictory Freemason literature. Knight reports that the Church of England is a Freemason stronghold. Although there are fewer than ever before Freemasonry within it is still rife. Despite Freemasonry's incompatibility with Christianity, "…no amount of pressure from inside or outside the Church has so far succeeded in forcing an enquiry into the subject.", because so many are still members.

"I have discovered that there is a deliberate policy in operation within the English hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church to keep its members in ignorance of the true standing of the Church on the question of Freemasonry…I have evidence the Vatican itself is infiltrated by Freemasons." One Vatican informer said, "Freemasonry among Catholics is on the increase."

Why do people join then? Clearly people join for the professional and social advantages. Some feel pressured to join or risk failure in their particular profession. The occult component appeals to some. The disadvantages of being left out of the 'club" too serious for contemplation, "whatever they may feel personally about the morality of joining a secret society, …" This was demonstrated by the man working for the firm of Solicitors who eventually concluded, "If you can't beat them join them." There are no doubt some who join because they believe Freemasonry will make them better men, and maybe it does but that doesn't change the fact that they are automatically compromised by membership to it.

The "Chinaman report" , dated 4 June 1981, is a secret memorandum written by a British diplomat, who worked for M16 for nearly twenty years during the Cold War , largely in South East Asia. He worked closely with the former head of MI6 and was a specialist in the methods of secret societies. At the time of it's writing there was lots of undercover activity focused on Italy's P2 by MI6, the CIA and Mossad. Knight was able to study this document.

The "Chinaman" report says "First, Masonry so permeates so many revered British institutions from the Crown downwards, that a grave Masonic scandal could in modern circumstances involve popular revulsion against the whole established order, Government and business. Second, the proportion of Masons to non-Masons in some professions and other walks of life, including areas of Government, appears to have reached a critical point: the point at which people believe themselves obliged to join Freemasonry, no longer voluntary, but from a feeling of compulsion."

" For to any trained intelligence officer, Freemasonry offers an ideal vehicle for the destabilization of the United Kingdom. …there has for some time been practically no mention of Freemasonry in the media: for so widespread and important a movement this almost amounts to a taboo…" The writer of the "Chinaman Report" explains that the KGB would encourage Freemasons to become over - confident, incautious, with inflated arrogance, thus facilitating more information gathering. There is, " …a danger inherent in all secretive societies for their cellular form devised by the founders for the security of the movement, can as readily be used to 'hoodwink' the leadership, who thus become unwitting 'front men ' for activities they would never countenance."

And really finally, when contemplating the supposed harmlessness of Freemason secrecy consider Christopher's words. "There is no defense against an evil which only the victims and the perpetrators know exists."

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