By Vivienne Legg -  February 14th, 2004

(Below and background - the true colours of Mars)

“The findings and the message to terrestrials regarding the discoveries on Mars will be the factors one day in the collapse of the legendary picture the terrestrials' former ancestors had formed of their heritage. Many negators of the truth will realize with frightening clarity that terrestrial Man did not originate on the planet Earth and, furthermore, he is not the only human life form in the Universe.“

(Billy Meier - 251st Contact - Part 2, Friday, February 3, 1995, 12:01 a.m. http://www.figu.org/us/ufology/contact_notes/251st/2.htm )


September 2006: For corrections to the comments below in relation to the Plejaren extraterrestrials please read THE EARTH HUMANS MUST FIND THE SOLUTION TO THE PUZZLE THEMSELVES

A lot happened in 2001 apart from terrorist attacks. Those of us who have been watching the development of the crop “circle” phenomenon in England for several years observed the acceleration of their progress in size, complexity and undeniability, climaxing in the astonishing August 12th, two-hundred and forty metre wide, six-armed spiral design at Milk Hill. It boasted 409 circles, ranging from 120 cm to 21 metres, appearing overnight in a waterlogged field. Visitors reported no mud splatters or soil disturbance.  Author of “Vital Signs” Andy Thomas, explains that aircraft (which were packed with television crews from around the world) had to climb higher than usual to take it in. Only small sections of the design could be viewed from the ground in any one position, but people viewing it from the ground noticed something else remarkable. Thomas explains, “Each circle seemed to be an expert demonstration of varied styles of centres and lays. While some displayed open central splays, others had standing tufts or corn dolly-type nests. One even had a network of three tiny macramé-like rings formed from twisted, folded stems.” It surely left no serious observer in any doubt that a very great intelligence and power and intent is behind this phenomenon, and that something was imminent.


Only days later a stunning, very differently styled form appeared opposite the radio telescope at Chilbolton, Hampshire. A formal introduction! This was a humanoid face, appearing on the 14th of August (matching the proportions of the NASA-debunked Mars face) and then appearing beside it on the 19th, the “calling card”. This message was a subtly altered version of the digital binary code message sent into deep space by SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence)  in 1974 from the gigantic Arecibo radio telescope, Puerto Rico. This message was intended by SETI to inform intelligent races about who we are.  Most obviously to the lay person, in this 2001 response, a short figure with a large head appeared in the position where SETI had placed a stick figure of the Earth human. Other components were altered too, as has been detailed elsewhere (along with more overall detail and pictures on these events). How many of us have assumed because this development did not make the news world wide (and because even SETI ridiculed it) that even it was some kind of … hoax? And why have we failed to acknowledge what has happened since ?  In 2002 we received the rather ominous warning, "Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES. Much PAIN but still time. BELIEVE. There is GOOD out there. We oppose DECEPTION. conduit CLOSING."  (This English language message results from the deciphering of the binary ASCII 8 bit code in the disk pictured below in the hand of the extraterrestrial being.)


"Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES. Much PAIN but still time. BELIEVE. There is GOOD out there. We oppose DECEPTION. conduit CLOSING."


It’s been almost three years since in May 2001, twenty respectable military, intelligence and government witnesses testified in Washington DC at the National Press Club to their first-hand experience with the extraterrestrial reality and the astonishing cover-up maintained by a transnational, corporate-connected shadow government. And yet many people are still giggling (perhaps hysterically) about the idea of mere lights in the sky? How many of us are still unaware, because of the media/government inaction, that there are actually hundreds of military, intelligence and government witnesses behind the Disclosure Project who have personal experience concerning extraterrestrial craft, the incredible, often lethal cover-up and even limited contact with, or awareness of extraterrestrial people themselves? Those 70+ witnesses, who have already made their testimony available as a public record, three years later have not been discredited, nor have their claims been disproven. Their testimony, still publicly available, is supported by thousands of government documents, photographs, trace landing cases and more.


Disclosure Project Director Dr. Steven Greer, stresses the need for us to be open and prepared for the truth now in a non-alarmist manner to avoid panic and chaos when extraterrestrials inevitably and unambiguously make themselves know to us. He suggests this may be soon. If we are not prepared in the appropriate way, (ie. via our governments who will have to admit to the illicit shadow government cover-up) a formal introduction could cause great disruption because of the ignorance and frightening propaganda generated by certain special interests. 

With the world’s powers and media and even much of the “Ufology community”(!) still keeping these monumental historic events from us, is it any surprise that the best and most scientifically, openly documented UFO case in the world remains obscure to the public? Highly critical of the Bush Administration and the United States in general (as well as of Saddam Hussein , Yasir Arafat and Ariel Sharon, to name a few) the  man, now in his sixties, at the centre of this case has been prepared by highly advanced people all of his life for his extremely difficult task. Billy Meier has now had thousands of real visits from these real people, the Plejarans from beyond the Pleiades. He has also survived 19 assassination attempts.

With assistance and direction from the extraterrestrials, Billy Meier has documented the Plejaran craft with hundreds of irreproducible photos, movie clips and even sound recordings. To this day he is dutifully relaying generally ill-received advice, commentary and down right hard truths to those who will listen, about how our political, religious and social situation all came to be, and what’s in store for us if we don’t change our ways and grow spiritually. He also provides much information about who some of the extraterrestrial people are who are concerning themselves with Earth humanity’s progress now. He passed on to the scientific community scientific facts of an astronomical nature well before they were “discovered” by Earth scientists. He also relayed considerable correct prophetic information. (Much of this evidence and content has been clearly packaged and presented to the English speaking world by approved U.S. representative, Michael Horn. I recommend you visit his excellent web site if you want a scientifically focused introduction http://www.theyfly.com and carry on to http://www.figu.org website from there for more extensive and in-depth information.) 

Billy Meier’s group FIGU (Free Community of Interests for Fringe and Spiritual Sciences and Ufological Studies) has published a great amount of information relayed by the Plejaran people about the environment, our history, technology, spiritual instruction, astronomy and also commentary about the world powers, in particular about the aggressive and dangerous superpower, the United States of America and her “irresponsible”, “obviously megalomaniac” and “infernally stupid” leader George W Bush.

  On the 12th of November 2003, the Plejaran leader Ptaah explained the following. (My words.)

Rationality on this Earth can prevail. George Bush, Tony Blair and Arial Sharon and their fanatical followers must be removed from their positions, and not be replaced by the same kind of war mongers, if we are to prevent such a world-wide catastrophe breaking out over the Earth and humanity. In rationality we must stand together as one and throw the state powerful criminals from their positions and replace them with peace loving, worthy, respectful, righteous powers. If this does not happen then there will be an evil end.   


Is it really any wonder that the knowledge-laden, wisdom-loving Plejarans are communicating through a modest (though remarkable) Swiss man, rather than the world’s current powers? And isn’t this similar in a way, to the gentle, indirect approach taken by those who are making the crop circles?  

According to Disclosure Project’s Dr Greer, there appear to be a number of races involving themselves with us now. In 1991 Greer’s group CSETI (Centre for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence) concluded, “These ET civilizations are working in concert and not competitively, although there is some specialization in function and activities for the various groups. This indicates that there exists an emerging or well established organization for these groups.”  

According to Billy Meier, those producing the crop circles are not the Plejarans and do not belong to their Federation.  On the topic of crop circles, in FIGU bulletin No 19, December 1998, an article was published in German only, as are many of Meier’s articles. (Meier's English is not strong.) In the article Meier conveys information about the crop circles (Kornkreise) provided to him during a couple of conversations with Plejaran leader (Jschwjsch and fleet commander) Ptaah. Encouragingly, this information ties in with information provided by the Disclosure Project and also confirms the conclusions of many people about the crop circle phenomenon, significantly that the forms are indeed intended to wake us up to the reality of extraterrestrial intelligence, and that an official meeting between extraterrestrials and Earth people is planned (at least it was at the time of the writing). I have relayed some of the points made by Billy Meier and the Plejaran leader below to the best of my limited ability. Please be sure to check the source material (in German) if you can, to see if I have been true to it's meaning. And please note also that there may be more information produced by Meier and FIGU on this topic that I have yet to discover. 

Awkwardly for Meier, Ptaah had previously told him that crop circles are “a despicable hoax”.  This hoax comment has caused us, as Meier supporters, to think about why this would be, since it seemed ridiculous to us for Meier and the Plejarans to maintain this contradictory assessment, unless it had been for some strategic reason. Perhaps it was to engender curiosity. (Worth noting too, is that among Meier’s voluminous, world famous, published photographs are some which tantalizingly show three small simple swirled circles in the grass at Billy Meier’s farm, said to be Plejaran landing tracks, and looking very much like the most simple crop circles before they evolved into intricate, stunning patterns. See Guido Moosebrugger’s "And Still They Fly") It seems that there has been a concern that people will too readily accept the advice of the Plejarans, as conveyed by Billy Meier, non-critically, and be too quick to accept the many hoaxes along with the genuine extraterrestrial-produced forms. Ptaah indicated that an earlier release of the information could damage Billy’s mission and lead honest seekers into confusion.  

Ptaah has since explained to Billy, in 1996, that while there are very many crop circle falsifiers/hoaxers at work around the world, some of which they have observed at work, it has been clear to the Plejarans for a considerable time (since 1985) that the work of extraterrestrials is involved too. He explained that both hoaxed and genuine crop circles appear all over the world, also noting that not everything that appears genuine is genuine.  

When during this exchange Billy asked about the increase in sightings of UFOs around the world Ptaah explained that these come from several places of origin and that there are extraterrestrials concerning themselves with the Earth that are not part of the Federation (to which the Plejarans belong.) However this does not mean that they do not share interests in common with the Plejarans. But according to Ptaah in this conversation, the Plejarans maintain no contact with them, nor have they ever done so. It had not been part of the Plejarans' mission to previously investigate the activities of these other people. But at some point circumstances changed and in 1998 Billy was permitted to publish the news of the existence of genuine extraterrestrial-produced crop circles, because events had come closer, which would cause the expected union between extraterrestrials and earth humans. 

Ptaah clarified that the crop circles concern coming events in the solar system  -  the announcement of the appearance of extraterrestrials (Erdfremden). He explained that the extraterrestrials have been conveying messages/information to prepare us slowly this way for their anticipated official contact so that it does not cause panic. The crop forms are encoded and must first be deciphered, and at first only understood by certain groups. A direct and open contact could cause chaos. He explained that even the secrecy surrounding the forms has been used to generate more interest, and those people actively involved with the circles, and even the hoaxers have been part of the awakening process. Ptaah tells us that there are even some crop circle cases that have involved hoaxers who have been unknowingly influenced by extraterrestrials. 

In May 1996 Ptaah told Billy that this time was really not far off when there would be official contact between extraterrestrials and Earth humans but that the anticipated contact would depend on the military, secret services and the governments openly coming forward and NOT falsifying and concealing the facts, as they have done with previous occurrences concerning extraterrestrial vehicles and beings. We can look back to the Disclosure Project for a weight of evidence concerning the cover-up to which Ptaah refers, and also the intentions of some sections of the Earth's military, secret services and governments in encouraging a state of panic and fear in Earth humanity for their own political ends.  

These Disclosure Project witnesses reveal that a shadow government exists which maintains secrecy concerning the reality of extraterrestrials, their craft and the fact that advanced technologies have been developed from back-engineered extraterrestrial craft. Also some tell how extraterrestrial vehicles have been “downed”, beings have been shot and killed, and how certain secret groups are even hoaxing abductions. (Meanwhile the Plejarans state in their advice that although in rare cases humans are taken on board craft for examination by extraterrestrial groups, the idea that women are being abducted and impregnated by extraterrestrials in the US and elsewhere is ridiculous. Just as ridiculous is the idea that extraterrestrials are mutilating cattle.) The Disclosure Project Director, Steven Greer, tells us that he has testimony that black-budget, unconstitutional military projects are carrying out such hoaxes. A number of sources have even reported to Dr Greer that a large scale extraterrestrial hoaxed invasion is planned to unite us in fear and justify the further weaponisation of space. This is the sort of climate of hostility and deception in which the crop circle makers (and the Plejarans and the other members of their Federation) are working, and it’s no wonder they have chosen that less direct, grass roots process to raise our awareness, and presumably, to combat the negative publicity. 

The crop circle makers have seemingly also indicated their encouragement of the Disclosure Project, which promotes a non-alarmist disclosure about the extraterrestrial reality and tells us that those extraterrestrials involving themselves with us now are not hostile per se, but rather are concerned with our hostility and our aggressive self-destructive behaviour, which not only threatens the future of this planet and her people, but also threatens the cosmic neighborhood. You can read how the first few recorded crop forms of 2002 in the U.K. matched the dates of our irregularly spaced Disclosure Project information nights. (Also of one unofficial event we put on featuring the Meier case.) Dr Greer’s CSETI, which launched Project Starlight (which grew into the Disclosure Project) spent some time in known crop circle country in the UK in 1992, where, through a research exercise, they attracted a crop form, among other things(!), which exactly corresponded to the shape which they had been projecting both with high powered lights, and through what they call coherent thought sequencing. It turned up in a nearby field. Nobody else knew what form they had chosen for their exercise. There are many examples of this kind of interactivity experienced by people involved in crop circle investigation or UFO publicity. The Disclosure Project also is aimed at the careful release of existing suppressed technologies which can solve many of our dire environmental and humanitarian problems if we can unite under a peaceful world government, and which would cause a decentralization of power in all senses of the word.  

How do the crop circle makers fit in to the scheme of things? I don't know. Back in 1990 Ptaah told Billy Meier that a group of extraterrestrial people who were intending to make official contact around the turn of the Millennia had changed their minds when advised by the Plejarans, “when we became aware of the true strife and arrogance of the machinations and other ills prevailing in America that negatively influence the entire world, we informed these people,” …”Therefore, this planned event will not take place because America is in no way mature enough to receive such contacts. Still, this does not rule out other aliens who may come to Earth to seek contacts.” 

The Plejarans have indicated elsewhere that such an open contact would not be advisable under the circumstances, as Billy reported in 1995, “Taking everything into account, official contacts with extraterrestrials are currently truly not recommendable, for terrestrial human beings are incapable of bearing the reality appropriately particularly from the secular-sectarian, the military, religious-sectarian, economical and political position. For this reason, official contacts with extraterrestrials would be entirely out of place should they occur at this time or in the near future. Extraterrestrial contacts at this time are viable only with individuals or certain, very small groups; to this end, contacts of a secret military and governmental nature would be feasible as well. Such events, though, will increasingly lead to the public emergence of fraudulent contactees and observers, who present purported photographic material, perfectly falsified with computers. The public will believe them, all the other frauds, deceivers, charlatans, delusional individuals, and those who are capable of mesmerizing many stupid faithful followers in matters concerning extraterrestrials, God, Jesus Christ, Mary and Joseph, Moses and other sundry saints and masters, for Man is too easily deceived and too gullible in his search for truth.” 

In 1991 Dr Greer's CSETI concluded that, “- …Limited but increased opportunities for bilateral and human-initiated contact will occur in the reasonably near future. - Sudden and large scale contact will occur only in the event of a significant worldwide emergency (man-made or natural). 

The Plejaran leader, Ptaah explains in the 1996 conversation with Billy that the crop circle makers are very far below their own level of development. I think we shouldn’t be concerned about this though, because they are reportedly (clearly) still far in advance of us, (which wouldn’t be difficult if you accept the assessment the Plejarans have of us!) Elsewhere the Plejarans have said that they, the Plejarans, will not be making open contact with us, as their level of advancement is so great that neither party could tolerate it. Meier is said to be a highly trained exception to this rule as far as Earth humanity goes, and his role is to relay particular information to set in train necessary changes on Earth and generate awareness of the extraterrestrial reality in general. His role is not to facilitate a meeting between Earth’s people and the Plejarans. 

Billy Meier was personally of the view that the crop formations are a rather primitive and stupid form of communication for an advanced race of people, and he says as much in his 1996 conversation with Ptaah. (SETI published a similar view at the end of the 2001 season.) But as Ptaah explains, it's not the stupidity of the extraterrestrials that results in the rather primitive seeming form of communication, but of Earth humanity (which is submerged in a sea of lies, ignorance, deception and madness). It is this insanity and confusion that the Plejarans have been addressing, and the work of Billy Meier providing advice, information and guidance is directed at righting past wrongs (some set in train by the Plejaran ancient ancestors) and setting us on the path to rationality, self-responsibility, adhering to the Laws of Creation rather than seeking solutions from an external saviour, and growing spiritually towards peace, harmony, wisdom, and knowledge, instead of always seeking material development above all else. A few lines in this article from me are completely inadequate for conveying the enormous value and importance (and historic significance!) of the spiritual teaching relayed through Billy Meier. 

Of course the Plejarans are well informed about the secret political machinations behind the current propaganda of war, as is reflected in much of their commentary, as in the below excerpt. And as George W. Bush boisterously announces plans for extending America’s hegemony to Mars and beyond, is it any wonder that the western leadership is not interested in fostering an awareness of these observers who have, among other things, warned ominously against plans of conquest in space? 


On the 12th November 2003, Ptaah spoke to Billy about the situation in Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel and Palestine, and also of the attacks on Istanbul. The original German can be read in the FIGU bulletin No 10, 2004. Please also see the entire Bulletin for important context. Look out for a possible future official English translation or click here for an overview of the bulletins.  

The following is only my personal understanding of what was relayed by Ptaah.

Ptaah explained that Iraq will only have peace when the US the English and the UN powers pull out of the country. If this doesn’t happen then not only numerous lives will be lost by the military, but also UN personnel, diplomats, members of aid agencies, terrorists, suicide assassins, innocent women, children, men, reporters, tourists and also guerilla fighters who position themselves to defend against the occupying forces. Ptaah explains that the USA spreads itself like noxious vermin over the world. The United States of America must withdraw its military from where it has spread itself around the world in its push for world domination. It must pull back into the United States. England should also withdraw. And Israel must give the Arabs their land back. He says that through these actions alone can international terrorism be quieted and defeated. And it’s all the same whether the terrorism comes from the United States of America, England, Israel or the known terrorist organizations.

Ptaah lists the U.S. President George W. Bush, Great Britain’s Prime Minister, Tony Blair and Israel’s Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon among the most dangerous terrorists threatening the world now. He says that the guilt for Iraq is carried by them. It is also carried by all their supporters and all those who “pull on the same cord”.  He said that together with the open terrorist organizations, like Al Qaida, these state powerful terrorists will cause such trouble on Earth like has never been since time immemorial. They will achieve this with the help of their executives, the secret services and the military. But rationality on this Earth can prevail. George Bush, Tony Blair and Arial Sharon and their fanatical followers must be freed from their positions, and not be replaced by the same kind of war mongers, if we are to prevent such a world-wide catastrophe breaking out over the Earth and humanity. In rationality we must stand together as one and throw the state powerful criminals from their positions and replace them with peace loving, worthy, respectful, righteous powers. If this does not happen then there will be an evil end.  

Ptaah said that the majority of people want peace and freedom and the preservation of life. The majority of people are not big criminals against humanity. It is only a few state powerful terrorists and their henchmen who exercise terrorism through the power of secret services, through the military and all their supporters. Such is the case in the United States and in Israel. These few totally irresponsible, powerful criminals against humanity - thoughtless and unscrupulous murderers - hurl people into death, need and misery and destruction. It is incomprehensible that the people let this happen and do not rise up against the murderous dictators. Murderous state powers who are chosen by the people are also such dictators. They abuse their power through war, state terrorism, murder and destruction.

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