Introducing Eduard Albert Meier,


Discoverer & Promulgator of the Ancient Text


(by Vivienne Legg) March 2003


The term prophet, used here, has nothing to do with religion or perfect, exalted beings. As explained in Billy Meier's texts, a true prophet is not a being of higher value than any other being, but is only a conveyer and announcer of teaching, truth and prophecy.

The religious interpretation for the title ‘prophet’ has been attached to it through falsifications and distortions of ancient non-religious teachings which were delivered to us over the millennia by this same group of advanced extraterrestrial human beings and the respective prophets. 

This age-old religious twisting of the truth has been so effective that we obviously have great trouble pulling ourselves free of the idea that prophets and spiritual teachings must be religious. But it is the Earthly religious interpretation of these concepts which is at odds with the truth and not this one provided by Billy Meier and the Plejaren extraterrestrials.  

Billy Meier is only a more advanced human being, albeit still with human failings, who, because of his advanced ability and knowledge of the truth gained through his own enormous effort and experience, is qualified for the task of teaching Earth humanity these lessons. Like any teacher he needs to be far in advance of his students. It’s as straightforward and logical as that. He is absolutely not a figure of worship nor should he be raised up on a pedestal in any way. He is an Earth human, just like us.


As described in my previous article," What the Extraterrestrials are Telling us: The Hard Language of Truth", my partner Dyson and I found ourselves energetically exploring the extraterrestrial topic at great length after the September 11th 2001 attacks on America. Three weeks before the attacks, as a climax to the U.K. crop circle season, there had been a stunningly non-cryptic pair of formations appear beside the Chilbolton radio telescope (Hampshire) in the form of a human face and "calling card". Due to their immense size, inexplicable construction and serious nature we anticipated then that something really globally troubling was about to take place either in reaction to them, or which had resulted in them appearing. Three weeks later on the television we saw the twin towers going down in New York. We felt then that the makers of the crop formations were somehow "speaking out" against the shadowy forces behind that tragedy, and that something much larger was afoot.

Our post September 11th investigations into the UFO/ET topic led us to the Disclosure Project which provided many answers. They also led fairly quickly to the very politically hot and largely avoided Billy Meier case, and then to the accompanying ancient text, the Talmud Jmmanuel, discovered by Meier and a friend, Isa Rashid, near Jerusalem in 1963. The Talmud Jmmanuel appears to be the original teaching and life story of the prophet Jmmanuel, the man known as Jesus. 

So how do you start to introduce such material? What part of this story is going to be the least palatable? Will it be the extraterrestrial component, the religiously-tainted, now over used prophet component, or the all-too cosmic concept of a New Age? Or will it be the idea that an ancient text was uncovered in 1963 which indicates that much of the story on which Christianity, the West's number one religion is based, is a lie? On one hand it sounds like so much other corny "New Age" garbage. On the other, the biggest story in modern history. Suffice to say, this article doesn't stand alone. It assumes that the reader has probably read previous introductory articles outlining the surprisingly substantial evidence for the existence of extraterrestrials, including that provided recently in print, and at the Washington Press Club, by over 100 military/intelligence insiders of the Disclosure Project. Backed by thousands of declassified government documents these respected professionals testify to their first-hand experience with UFOs, extraterrestrial intelligence and suppressed advanced energy and propulsion technologies. Hopefully, as they also reveal, the reader will be aware that monumental trans-national "shadow" government efforts have been, and still are in place to keep this evidence from being widely known. There has been an extraordinarily elaborate decades-long cover-up. 

Naturally the Billy Meier/Talmud Jmmanuel case is far more sensitive than even the still much avoided Disclosure Project. It is commonly regarded amongst even the ufology community as being too good to be true. Meier, a Swiss citizen, stands unique among UFO witnesses and experiencers in having been given very many opportunities by his visiting extraterrestrials to take clear daytime colour photos, and 8 mm movie film segments of their various craft. He has hundreds of stunning photos, some of which have been positively tested by experts for authenticity. The details of these tests can now be accessed on the They Fly web site. Meier also has independently tested extraterrestrial metal samples, a sound recording of an extraterrestrial craft, pictures of spacecraft landing tracks and detailed information (published years ago) about cosmic events, environmental facts and astronomical facts that have since been confirmed by science. (The work of Michael Horn is required reading to help understand these points.) Meier and his family have passed a lie detector test, and there exists a collection of signatures of witnesses close to him testifying to his truthfulness. In addition to this the Meier material contains prophesies and predictions, published years ago, which can be shown to have come true. Meier shows no signs of being ego driven and his work has been extremely burdensome. Despite all this, in much of the ufology community the Billy Meier case is still known as the biggest UFO hoax of the century. 

The Plejarans, Meier's visiting extraterrestrial friends and teachers, have been preparing him for his special task since he was a small boy. However, as well as providing him, since 1975, with by far the best evidence of their existence they also supplied him with elements for ridicule and confusion. As odd as this seems, it has been done in order to promote the controversy and discussion necessary for bringing about widespread UFO awareness. This has been very hard on Meier, of course, but the process of raising awareness about the extraterrestrial presence needs to be done as gently as possible to avoid panic and shock. This concept is one well described by Professor James Deardorff in his January 2002 article Plausible Deniability. Deardorff, who has written three papers published in peer reviewed journals "dealing with the likelihood of an alien presence and awareness of us and what their strategy may be for dealing with us", argues that extraterrestrials themselves have played a large role in the cover-up. "The aliens themselves would have had to ensure that Meier would be an easy target for skeptics, realising that debunkers tend to ignore supportive facts while focussing upon actions that may seem suspicious of fraud."  

Deardorff explains that there are a number of actions taken by the Plejarans "to prevent the large amount of evidence they allowed him to accumulate from rupturing the UFO cover-up." The more convincing the case the greater the need to discredit it. I could list some of these actions here but the curious reader will discover them him/herself. When you take a closer look, especially at the implications of this case for religion, it becomes apparent why so much effort has gone into debunking it by Earth-based debunkers. 

The greatest debunker of Meier and the Talmud Jmmanuel is author and media personality Kal K. Korff. It is his work that is largely responsible for the current widespread opinion that Meier is a fraud. But Korff's work has also been scrutinised and found to contain many documented untruths, omissions of relevant data and unsubstantiated claims. A supporter of the Meier case, Joroen Jansen explains that Korff has been attempting for 20 years to prove the Meier case is a hoax. For an extensive, detailed analysis of Korff's work you can study Jansen's web site

Before I go further into the details of this case we should define the term prophet as it is intended in the Meier context. The word prophet naturally conjures up images of religious figures or of self-appointed New Age frauds, but in this case it is not intended to be religious at all. Nor did Meier choose the title for himself. He has in fact been very unwilling to accept it, which is not surprising for all the flak he gets. It has also been very difficult for those close to him to accept. However Billy's visiting extraterrestrials explain that the term has been misunderstood. Long-term Meier associate and friend Guido Moosbrugger explains (as the Plejarans have explained) in his approved book on the case "And Yet They Fly" that a prophet is, "a life form just like everyone else and is not a powerful being whose head is raised high above all of mankind." "According to a law of Creation, each inhabited planet brings forth one or more extraordinarily highly developed human life forms from time to time with which considerably higher intelligences can make contact in order to guarantee evolution. On Earth these people are called prophets and, unfortunately, have always been subject to hostility and persecution." [1] Only one prophet lives on a planet at any given time. 

As for the real New Age, it is not the loose, colourful, anything-goes chaos we are all too familiar with and which gives the abovementioned topics a bad name, but a real Golden Age apparently beginning in earnest in 2029 where, for cosmic reasons to do with Earth's proximity to the galaxy's central sun, there will be a period where we have the greatest potential for spiritual growth and development. (Yes, this is to do with that similarly dodgy sounding, New Agey "science" of astrology, but apparently nothing like the poor substitute which is practised on Earth.) Before the New Age can take place the old age (rather ominously) must come to an end. And this appears to be what's happening now. The Plejarans, as an advanced race, are obliged to provide guidance to us in relation to this coming Aquarian Age. 

Despite the seriousness of all this it's a fact that talking or writing about extraterrestrials, the New Age and spiritual truths still causes part of me to squirm with embarrassment. And of course I'm not alone. Respected academics won't go near these topics with a barge pole for fear of losing their positions, or being shunned in academic circles. But what a shame, since all of these things should of course be topics worthy of the greatest respect and attention. But consider for a moment that such embarrassment would serve interests who wished the truth about these things to remain secret. Imagine how effective it would be to encourage book shops and especially now the internet to fill up with loads and loads of indiscriminate, confused new age garbage, so that any genuine and deeply challenging or threatening material, utilizing some of the same terminology and concepts, would quickly be disregarded with all the rest. This appears to be exactly what has happened.  

In October 2002 Disclosure Project's Director Steven Greer described a U.S. National Security Agency protocol, dubbed DDT (Decoy, Distract and Trash) which is employed by sophisticated intelligence operatives to "set up some person or group, take them off the trail of something real and important and trash the person or subject." Greer explains how this technique is very much employed in the UFO/ET scene. It has certainly been applied to the Meier case. Create decoys of false, nonsensical spiritual teachings, delivered by false prophets or saints, serving a false and clearly flawed new age movement. Mix in the serious UFO evidence and some real truths and the damage is done.

"The truth is hidden in plain sight, but it is wrapped in so much deception that it is seldom seen." [2] (Greer, who has not spoken about the Meier case was actually talking in that article about the deeply troubling hoaxed alien abduction programs of which he has been made aware in detail and which are aimed at justifying future war against extraterrestrials in the context of a long-anticipated Armageddon. Satan is to be resurrected, using advanced cloning techniques, in the form of an ET! Truth is stranger than fiction. But that's another story.) Now on to the extremely sensitive topic of what extraterrestrials really have to do with religion. 

Billy Meier is the prophet of the New Age according to the Plejarans /Pleiadians who are apparently the most advanced extraterrestrial race involving itself with Earth now. Coming from a planet called Erra in the Tayget system, the Plejarans are merely advanced teachers and helpers who do NOT wish to be worshiped as gods. The star cluster they inhabit is not within our space-time configuration but in another "dimension". It is not actually the Pleiades, as the name "Pleiadians" suggests, but exists an additional 80 light-years beyond our dimension's Pleiades star system (which is only a young, uninhabitable star cluster). The Plejarans are described as being the most spiritually advanced that a life form can be while still retaining a physical form. They tell us that on their planet they have now been without war for 50 000 years. 

The Plejarans say they are descendants of far less spiritually evolved people who migrated to Earth thousands of years ago from the Lyrian Vegan systems, some of whom exploited our ignorance by presenting themselves as creator gods, a notion that is abhorrent to the Plejarans. As distant relatives the Plejarans feel partly responsible for our current situation, as they see us as being trapped in religious slavery, and so they have been attempting to bring the truth to light once again through their uniquely highly developed Earth contactee Billy Meier. At the same time the Plejarans are extremely advanced technologically and serve a policing role with an armada of flying craft at their disposal, and so offer us a level of protection from certain cosmic dangers. To humanise these people a little, here is a brief description of the three main visitors to Billy's farm. (Note: The Plejarans live for about a thousand years, not unlike the early biblical characters.)  

Quetzal was the commander (between 1975 - 1986) of the bases that the Plejarans had on Earth until recently and in our solar system. Quetzal is about 464 years of age, (looks about 40 - 46 by our standards) 1.9 metres (6.25 feet tall) with blue-grey eyes and light brown hair. He is a technological expert, and has invented some useful items like an improvement for Billy's typewriter, so that Billy can type quickly with his one and only arm. Quetzal has four wives(!) and six children. Semjase, a woman, is 344 years old 6 feet tall, slim and blonde and her level of knowledge far exceeds the average on her planet. She is what was known in ancient times as a demi-goddess of wisdom. Her Jschwjsch father (god, king of wisdom) Ptaah had been, until recently, overseeing their whole Earth-based operation and commands the Plejaran fleet of space craft. Semjase's earlobes are long and forward placed. That is the only anatomical difference she has to Earth women. Ptaah is about 770 years old, and presides over three inhabited planets at the present time. Guided by the High Council (Andromeda galaxy) he is not allowed to become, nor would he wish to become a despotic ruler, as happened with other gods in the past on Earth. 

The Plejarans have given Meier the task of passing on advice and information about all kinds of practical things concerning our planet including population control, nuclear danger, destruction of the ozone layer and over exploitation of resources. They warn us against plans of conquest as we acquire the ability for interstellar travel and they also provide spiritual teachings. On top of this Meier was given the task of disseminating the compatible and uncorrupted teachings of Jmmanuel, the man known as Jesus. 

In 1975 Plejaran Semjase told Billy at her first contact with him,

"Religion is only a primitive concoction by man to command, suppress and exploit others, to which only spiritually weak life forms succumb. Bring this truth to light throughout the world and make it known to the people. This is an additional part of our mission.

If this does not happen, mankind will slowly destroy itself and fall into complete spiritual darkness..."  

Semjase explained, "A web of unequalled lies was manufactured around the person of Jmmanuel in order to erect a cult-religious power and unscrupulously enslave earthlings."

"We know that you are aware of a secret old text whose originals were unfortunately destroyed through the carelessness of our delegate, your friend [Isa Rashid] who, regrettably, has failed through fear. Disseminate the translation of this text, for it is the only truly authentic one and free from lies."  

The Talmud Jmmanuel was discovered in 1963 in the tomb near Jerusalem "where Jmmanuel had lain for three days" [3]. Thorough work has been done by Professor Deardorff to establish the authenticity of the Talmud Jmmanuel, which was found in the form of rolls (presumably) papyrus, encased in preservative resin. The rolls had been wrapped in animal skin before being encased in resin. Professor Deardorff has done a lengthy verse by verse comparison between the Talmud Jmmanuel and the New Testament book of Matthew in order to determine if Matthew was a corruption of the Talmud Jmmanuel or vice versa. In fact Deardorff's detailed work compellingly shows that Matthew is dependent on the Talmud. Other points supporting Deardorff's assessment of the Talmud's authenticity are it's consistency and inspirational value, also the presence of Aramaisms which had been translated too literally in the original German translation. There is also the text's lack of punctuation which supports it's antiquity. Deardorffs assessment is that the Talmud Jmmanuel is beyond the capability of any scholar or combination of scholars to have hoaxed. He refutes false claims about and distortions of the Talmud by debunker Kal K Korff in his website.

Meier was led to the cave by Greek Catholic priest, Isa Rashid, who discovered it (with the help of the Plejarans). Isa Rashid was first to translate part of the discovered text from the original old Aramaic into German. Billy Meier later translated Rashid's work from German to English with the help of the Plejarans who are familiar with the original (their people apparently having delivered it in times past!) Tragically the original scrolls found by Isa and Billy were destroyed, probably burnt during an attack by the Israelis on a refugee camp in which Isa Rahsid was living. Being forced to flee from Jerusalem because of his work Rashid had been living with his family in a refugee camp in Lebanon. But his presence there became known to Israeli authorities and the camp was heavily bombed forcing him to flee to Baghdad. Of course this absence of evidence of the original scrolls conveniently provides more ammunition for debunkers. However, as Deardorff points out, that situation is no different to that which exists with the Old and New Testaments and his extensive verse by verse comparison with the Gospel of Matthew reveals evidence that Matthew was dependent on the Talmud Jmmanuel which has suffered far fewer translations from its original Aramaic. Adding further weight to the text's authenticity is the fact that due to its heretical nature Isa Rashid and his family finally were assassinated in Baghdad. Rashid indicated in a letter written in Baghdad to Billy on the 14th September 1974 that he had feared such an attack.  

"I have been persecuted by two different groups, both Christians and Jews, which was to be anticipated, because the scrolls are not favourable toward either religion...I for my part do withdraw from the whole matter because I cannot endanger my family even more." 

What resulted is that only thirty-six Chapters of the Talmud Jmmanuel were successfully transcribed, which amounts to only just over a quarter of the original text. Billy Meier first made the translated text public in 1978.

Why is the Talmud Jmmanuel such a threat to the Church? It's simple. It is scathing of the Israelis. Rather than being God's chosen people it describes their having occupied the land through murder, robbery and fire.

Ch. 8 v.15 "The false teachings of Israel will bring bloodshed over the millennia, because the power-hungry selfishness and high-handedness of Israel will bring death and destruction over the land and all the world."

The Talmud also demonstrates that Jmmanuel's teachings were quite distinct from the Old Testament, and that it was the writer of Matthew who drew from the Old Testament to produce Matthew in a way that was acceptable to the Jews. It also adds to the evidence available that the book of Matthew originally came before the book of Mark which goes against the currently held view amongst biblical scholars. 

A particular blow to Christians, the Talmud reveals that the person "Jesus Christ" was a lie. According to the Plejarans the person Jesus was invented 150 years after Jmmanuel's supposed death on the cross and was an invention by the Jewish scribes to tailor the story of the prophet Jmmanuel for their own purposes. According to Deardorff there is no evidence that the book of Matthew was written before the second century AD. The name Jesus literally means "Yahweh saves" - saviour of Yahweh, the vengeful god of the Old Testament. The name Jmmanuel ("one with godlike knowledge") is traced back to the Plejaran forefathers and is therefore correctly spelled with a J. They apparently have old pictures of him which show differences in features to that on the shroud of Turin. Semjase drew a picture on the 31st of December 1975 that shows a stocky, large-nosed man with "cauliflower" ears - not particularly beautiful in the conventional sense.

The Meier/FIGU (Free Community of Interests in Fringe and Spiritual Sciences and Ufological Studies ) web page explains, "Jmmanuel was the same prophet who nearly 2000 years ago, under Jschwjsch Kalatan, attempted to spread the spiritual teachings in Israel." The Talmud Jmmanuel explains that Jmmanuel was the son of Gabriel, a celestial son. The Talmud Jmmanuel was apparently authored by Judas Iscariot who was not the one who betrayed Jmmanuel. Instead the betrayer was the son of a Pharisee with a conveniently similar name, Juda Ihariot. But more on that another time. Judas Iscariot was the only disciple who could understand handwriting. The Talmud Jmmanuel tells us that Jmmanuel survived the crucifixion, and was not resurrected. It says that reincarnation is true. Instead of teaching God's forgiveness of sins, Jmmanuel emphasised learning from our mistakes and he did not come to save us from our sins. On top of this the Talmud tells us that above god is Creation and Creational Laws should be obeyed above all.

So, who was "God"? The word god means king of wisdom (or Jschwjsch). The Jewish God was Yahweh. Perhaps the god of the Talmud Jmmanuel was the aforementioned Jschwjsch Kalatan. Jmmanuel said,

Ch. 4. v.40 "But god is a human being, like all the celestial sons and the terrestrial humans, except that he is vastly greater in consciousness than they are."

41 "Creation, however, is of immeasurably higher standing than god, the lord over the celestial sons and terrestrial humans, because Creation is the immeasurable enigma." 

And where do the Plejarans come into this? The Talmud Jmmanuel also tells us that Plejarans/Pleiadieans apparently showed up as teachers in times past, 

"Ch 4. v 20. Not far from these three celestial portals had been built the palace of god, the ruler of these terrestrial humans and of those who had traveled from afar, the celestial sons, the guardian angels.

21. In his palace, god ruled over the three human lineages created by him and over his following, the celestial sons.

22 He was immortal, ancient and of giant size like the celestial sons.

23. In the palace of god, there appeared to Jmmanuel two very tall men, the likes of whom he had never seen on Earth.

24. Their faces shone like the sun, and their eyes looked like burning torches. From their mouths issued fire. Their clothing resembled a covering of foam, and their arms were like golden wings.

25. They inhabited an environment of their own, because the air of this earthly world would have been fatal for them.

26 These two men from the constellation of the seven stars [Pleiades] were venerable teachers, and they were together with two smaller men who said that they were from Baawi."  

"49. Not until the time of space-traveling machines will the truth break through and gradually shake the false teaching that you are the son of god or Creation.

50. And this will be the time when we celestial sons begin to reveal ourselves anew to Earth humans, when they will have become knowing and will threaten the structure of the heavens with their acquired power.

51. Thus they spoke, the celestial sons between the North and the West, before bringing Jmmanuel in the metallic light back to Israel, to the land of Galilee."

According to Guido Moosbrugger, "The Pleiaians have been instructive elements for the people of Earth since time immemorial, and this continues unchanged to this very day.

Rectification of spiritual teachings that have been twisted and distorted beyond recognition in the course of time is one of the most important tasks to be fulfilled by the Pleiadians." [4]

And what of the Prophet of the New Age? According to the Talmud Jmmanuel, Jmmanuel said,

Ch.15 v 76. "The new prophet of that distant future will not possess as much strength and power over evil and sickness.

77. "But his knowledge will surpass mine, and his revelations about my real teachings will shake the foundations of the entire Earth,....

78 "It will be a time when wars from space begin to threaten, and many new gods will seek to rule over the Earth. "

The Plejarans now have in their possession an ancient relic on which is given the names of prophets through the ages. The last name given is "Billy". The Plejarans were amazed that this piece of evidence was uncovered. Interestingly the name Billy is really a nickname given to Eduard Albert Meier, but one which has stuck.

As well as being the one New Age prophet Meier is the Plejarans' only Earth contactee, according to the Plejarans. This situation alone is enough to raise suspicion about the truthfulness of this case, and as mentioned, most ufologists dismiss Billy as a charlatan. There is a given reason for there being only one Plejaran contactee. It's a situation of too many cooks spoil the broth. Billy has an extremely difficult mission to perform. It has to be done correctly. He being the only one apparently avoids confusions and contradictions. And of course, this is how it has been with prophets throughout the ages. We are told that Billy's spirit form has been performing the role of prophet for over 10,000 years. His spirit has been in the form of six previous prophets including Enoch. An excerpt from the FIGU web page explains, 

' ...The story of the New Age prophet and his incarnation lineage is revealed, among other things, in the book called OM (German version), canon 20, verse 95, from where the following passage is taken:

"The human races and peoples of Earth were provided prophets from ancient days, and for this reason were sent to Earth Enoch (Henok) and Elijah (Elja), Isaiah (Jesaja), Jeremiah (Jeremja), Jmmanuel and Mohammed in direct succession and with ensuing rebirth .."  

Meier is not the direct reincarnation of Jesus since, as mentioned before, the person of Jesus Christ did not exist. At any rate Billy's spirit took the form of Mohammed before taking on the form of Eduard Albert Meier. The Plejarans explain that a spirit form does not carry a personality with it as it reincarnates. However, from the Sermon on the Mount,

Chapter. 5 v.47 "Over the course of incarnations you shall train your spirit and your consciousness and allow them to develop to perfection, so that you become one with Creation." 

Like the prophets of old Meier doesn't waste words. Unlike so many gentle "New Age" teachers, he avoids delivering messages intended to soothe and comfort. Instead he assaults our fragile psyches with hard truths. We're in need of a wake up call. To those of us raised in the "Judge not" doctrine, Billy Meier's exhortations can be a rude shock.  On the other hand, they can be extremely refreshing.

Guido Moosbrugger, wrote "To the regret of modern mankind, a prophet denounces all grievances with aggressive words and spares no one and nothing in doing so. For those who feel personally addressed, this is naturally not very flattering and does not suit them the least bit. But with the current deplorable state of affairs on Earth, the necessary clarity cannot be accomplished by any other way than with harsh language." [5]

Here's a very recent and topical example of the harsh language and message of Billy Meier, our modern day prophet,

"...As the 41st president of the USA, George H.W. Bush senior, started the first Bush-Gulf War in 1991, and now the second Bush-Gulf War should follow, this time set off by his irresponsible and obviously megalomaniac and infernally stupid son, George W. Bush who in arrogance and self-glorification sets himself up as an omnipotent being, and surpasses by far his progenitor with his war-craving actions...And the whole of mankind cowardly looks on at all these machinations of atrocities to mankind and does not undertake anything to break the insanity and greed for power of those who bring about death, suffering, hardship, pain, ruin and destruction to the worlds and its human beings....The most dangerous terrorism of all comes from America and her president who considers himself God and master of all things.

Should in fact a clash of weapons occur in Iraq, prodded by the howling for war by Bush, then this can become a reality and the fulfilment of the Henok Prophecies, although the old prophecy says that due to this consequence, the Third World War could in fact break out in the year 2006, whereby it should be said that it depends if this date is taken from the modern calendar of today or according to the time since the birth of Jmmanuel which then would correspond to the year 2003....The prophecies of old say that such a war will eradicate about two thirds of mankind and create enormous destruction to such an extent that life can barely exist..."

  (January 30th 2003 "To the Statesmen in Power and to Mankind of Earth" see the PDF file of entire posting)  It should be noted here that a prophecy, according to the Plejarans, is a warning of what will take place if steps are not taken to change things. This is distinct from a prediction which is the foreseeing of something which is certain and unavoidable.

There are many teachings that differ in the Talmud Jmmanuel to those provided by "Jesus" in the New Testament. (And there are many which are the same.) Just as a brief sample I'll highlight three main teachings from the Talmud Jmmanuel that I personally feel appropriately guide us in these troubled times.

Importantly, the Talmud Jmmanuel tells us that the power of the spirit and associated responsibility is with the individual human. Jmmanuel said, "...the human spirit can perform miracles through knowledge of the truth." " upon the omnipotence of the spirit in the knowledge that its greatness and power are infinite." "The almighty power of the spirit always dwells within you...Ask and you shall receive." 

According to Billy Meier and the Plejarans there are all levels of spiritual development achievable by the human, with the top levels meaning an existence only in spirit form. Meier claims to be advised by a spirit level known as Arahat Athersata, a pure spiritual we-form, "whose name means the precious one who contemplates the times" and from the Petale level, "the highest stage of pure spirit forms or pure spiritual energy beings before becoming one with Creation."[6] 

And with that spiritual power and responsibility comes the ability to judge correctly as we are encouraged to do by Jmmanuel. Strikingly unlike the Christian admonition "Judge not." the Talmud Jmmanuel reads,

Chapter. 7 v.1 "Judge not falsely, lest you be falsely judged.

3. "Judge according to the logic of the laws of nature, which are from Creation, because only they possess its truth and correctness. 

To judge correctly we must learn and acquire knowledge and wisdom through seeking.

Chapter 32. v.29 "Humans should not lose their way in the thicket of limitations, but should expand their consciousness and seek and find knowledge, logic and truth, and from these learn wisdom.

30. "Thereby they will become closer to their life's goal and become cognizant of the Creational principle in all things. "

To finish, I'll include here an example of one result of such seeking. A great relief for me provided by this Plejaran/Meier material is a sensible explanation for what we perceive to be the battle between good and evil within the Earth human. The Plejarans go to a lot of trouble to provide a history of the migration of the Henok line from the Lyrian Vegan systems to Earth (waves of migration over the millennia) and importantly include the information that we humans on Earth now are a modified version of a more complete model. Our forefathers were created for the purpose of fighting and protecting an advanced people on another planet who had lost their ability to fight. In order that we did not become knowledgeable enough to become a threat to our creators our lifespan was shortened. (The Plejarans live for hundreds of years, not unlike ancient Biblical characters. Some other people live for thousands of years!) In order to get the desired aggressive nature our genes were altered. But this modification did not remove our ability to evolve spiritually, although it certainly dealt it a blow, and so we are regularly torn between feelings of aggression and other base emotions as well as more evolved creative feelings. Adding further complexity to this situation various Lyrian Vegan humans based on Earth (the celestial sons and daughters) "took" earth women as wives and thus added their superior genes once again. The whole story is very complex and not entirely clear but can be read about in great detail, as can the other points in the existing voluminous published material of Meier's, and in Guido Moosbrugger's "And Yet the Fly". 

As this article is only intended as an introduction to Billy Meier and the Talmud Jmmanuel I'll refrain from attempting to cover more ground here, although there is much, much more to cover. There is really no getting around the fact that if we want to understand this material we have to explore it and scrutinise it for ourselves.  

It appears to us that although presenting numerous profound challenges and contradictions, the teachings of Billy Meier along with the accompanying controversy are what is required to prepare us for the real New Age as opposed to the New Age a la anything goes. The whole system needs a work-over and the Meier controversy will help loosen things up, to say the least. And so for this reason alone I think the discovery of this material is extremely good news. On top of that it sheds bounteous light on all kinds of otherwise puzzling things and provides practical paths on which to move forward, especially with spiritual development. But as mentioned, it also demands a substantial personal investment in thought, importantly in personally seeking truth and knowledge independently of the teachings. They are not to be followed dogmatically. And although the teachings may be hard, even cruel to people who have sincerely followed the teachings of the man known as Jesus in the context of the Christian Church, I hope that by sharing this news I can spread the sense of hope and joy and help foster a new enlightenment. I believe this enlightenment will bring freedom from a very long-term, entrenched bondage of ignorance which, it now appears, was forced onto us by the 'gods' of old and is preventing us from dealing logically with our current global crises.


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What Extraterrestrials Are Telling Us: The Hard Language of Truth


The Ballad of UFO Disclosure

Supreme Justice and the Unified Field 


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