The following item has been distributed by FIGU (Free Community of Interests in Fringe and Spiritual Sciences and Ufological Studies) the group founded 20 years ago by Eduard (Billy) Meier, the Swiss UFO contactee, who has the world's best and most extensive evidence of the existence of extraterrestrials and their craft. Please see our introductory article about Billy Meier and his mission.

"The goal of FIGU is the worldwide dissemination of the truth about the Creational-natural laws and directives, and about a way of life that directs people toward the emergence of love, harmony, and humaneness, and a life of purposeful evolution." (From the FIGU booklet "An Interview With A UFO Contactee" .)



[Desiderata = desirable and vital items]

Although this document bears the same name as the well-known DESIDERATA by Max Ehrmann (1872-1945), Billy's DESIDERATA contains a completely new and expanded text, which is not identical with the old work.

Dear reader, 

In today's times, which are rife with emotion and yet emotionally cold, we offer you these unique passages (Desiderata = desirable and vital items) of beautiful and poignant words by "Billy" Eduard Albert Meier, and wish you all that is expressed herein.

Included with our sincere wishes is a request that you photocopy these words of Billy as often as possible and as you deem appropriate. Please mail the text to your family members, relatives, friends, colleagues, acquaintances ­ simply to everyone whose address you may have.

If you are fluent in French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Japanese or any other language, and are interested in translating the Desiderata passages from the German original (!) please send for a free copy from FIGU. Only when this letter and its precious content circulate throughout the world will we consider our efforts a success, as these words kindle some peace within the thoughts and feelings of people everywhere.  

With our friendly greetings and sincerest best wishes for the remainder of your life, 




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by Billy 



Pay heed to freedom, for it is the privilege

and prerogative of every human being and all other life forms.

Pay heed to love, for it is the essence of Creation,

of human beings and of life.

Pay heed to peace, for it is the assurance

of all positive development and unrestricted evolution.

Pay heed to harmony, for therein lies the

equilibrium of every thought, feeling, deed

and everything else.


Do not allow yourself to be rushed by the din, burdens

or bustle of daily living, but remain always composed

under every circumstance life presents.

Seek tranquility, peace, love and freedom -

each is a valuable element of harmony.


Allot some time every day to finding tranquility,

for it affords you respite and time to contemplate.


Practice getting along well with everyone

but do not lose yourself in the process

and always remain within the limits of your ability.


Always respect your fellowmen as fellow human beings,

although they may have dispositions that differ from yours;

indeed, even the worst among them is a creation of Creation,

hence, everyone is just like you - a human being.


State your truths freely, clearly, calmly and candidly,

for only in this manner is an authentic picture created

which defines the true nature of everything.


Allow other people to freely express their opinions,

for they are allotted the same rights as you.


Listen to others, to the bright and intellectual individuals,

and also to the obtuse, the foolish and those who lack learning,

for they, too, have opinions and statements to offer.


But distance yourself from aggressive, boisterous and

obstinate individuals so as not to become embroiled

in their pointless disputes,

for such people insult one's consciousness,

humaneness and refinement;

and yet, at the same time, forget not

that they too are beings of Creation, whom you,

as a fellow human being, must show appropriate respect,

even though you may find their thoughts,

feelings, deeds and actions unacceptable.


Should you draw comparisons between yourself and others,

you will inevitably realize that others

are either stronger or weaker than you in certain matters;

this, however, is no justification for you to feel

superior or inferior to them.


Therefore, neither vain nor arrogant become,

neither bitter nor ashamed, for there will always be

someone who is more eminent or less advanced than you

in learning, morality, character and the like.


Refrain not from enjoying achievements you have gained

through your own honest efforts.


Delight in these accomplishments as much as you do

in setting positive objectives

and bringing them to successful completions.


Always be mindful of continuing your development

in every possible matter, including both your personal

and consciousness-related evolutions.


Therefore be perpetually and humbly attentive

to your personal progress, but only in a righteous manner,

because integrity is the only, truly positive possession

you have as a human being in these changing times.


Approach your work and your business with forethought

and circumspection, for good work is worthy

of proper compensation;

circumspection, forethought and honesty

offer sound long-term rewards in business,

even in a world of guile.


When you achieve positive, remarkable successes

keep from becoming blinded and deafened by them and

proceed toward those things of virtuous substance.


Be attentive also to the means and ways

of the people with whom you deal;

though many strive for lofty ideals,

few reach their goals.


Life appears filled with heroism wherever you gaze,

but when you glance behind the scenes

you find only fear enveloped in a haze

and someone's craving for pretending

to be greater than he or she really is.


Hence, heed not these matters to the degree where

you wish to imitate them; instead, recognize your true self.

Positively realize yourself within your own Self.


And allow these traits to permeate your entire nature.

Do not feign affection for someone if, in reality,

you fail to hold such feelings for the person.


Make no pretense to your fellowmen that bears no truth,

for honesty is a directive which, together with knowledge,

is undeniably the path to wisdom.


Never be cynical about sincere love,

for love provides you with the certainty of coexisting

within everything there is, in both the spiritual

and the physical realms.


And love is the true essence of Creation;

it will endure for ur-eternity and all Great Times

beyond every conceivable hardship and disappointment.


Love is the actual cornerstone and the true incentive of life

where the aspirations form to reach higher, indeed,

to the very highest levels possible.


Love will never die, it will survive eternally

as it pulsates in the everlasting rhythm of

Creational harmony.


Forfeit every negative trait in your life with dignity and,

through self-knowledge, leave yourself open to

counsel for self-realization.


Cheerfully accept what your positive knowledge

and balanced wisdom counsel you to do, and

gain control over your thoughts, feelings, indeed,

your entire consciousness, for in so doing you strengthen yourself

for unavoidable predicaments, and you will never lose heart

even when faced with unexpected misfortune.


Always practice loyalty and integrity,

and never make yourself unhappy over unrighteous things

or those you merely imagine.


Free yourself from alarm and fear,

which oftentimes originate from loneliness,

mental exhaustion and idleness.


Loneliness, mental exhaustion and idleness

are enemies of progress.

Seek, therefore, the company of those

who are knowledgeable and wise,

for they will teach you how to stimulate

and utilize your thoughts,

and how to actively evolve.


Always practice healthy self-discipline

while being kind to yourself at all times,

for you are an individual, an independent person,

who requires not only the pleasant kindness of others

but also the consideration you provide yourself.


You are a creation of Creation, the universe,

and in no way are you any less than your fellowman,

the trees, plants, all animal species or the celestial bodies

in the infinite vastness of universal space.


You have the right to be alive and to exist on this Earth,

regardless of who and what you may be,

and it matters not if you comprehend

the unfolding of the universe in the way Creation,

the Universal Consciousness, intends it.


Nothing unfolds without Creation's love,

and it will not do so unless it is within the framework

of the Creation-given laws and directives.


Accept, then, that you only exist because this is how it was

intended to be and because it is predetermined for you

through the ur-eternally everlasting, Creational plan.


Live, therefore, in freedom, love, peace and harmony

among similar-minded individuals and

with all of Creation's creatures.


Live also in peace, love, freedom

and harmony with Creation,

regardless of what you may perceive Creation to be.


Live also in peace, love, freedom, and harmony with yourself,

your psyche and your personality -

regardless of your deeds, thoughts, feelings, contemplations

and aspirations throughout the rigors of daily life.


Never lose sight of this,

regardless of all the hurriedness, drudgery,

disappointments, broken dreams, negations and tears.

In spite of the turmoil surrounding you,

the world is indeed beautiful and life is worth living.



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