(September 2006, by Vivienne Legg)


 (Includes corrections and update of Plejaren comments about crop circles.)



The overall body of Plejaren/Meier advice is so intelligent and refreshingly reasonable, whether regarding spiritual knowledge, Earth Human behavior, politics, prophecies, environmental concerns, geological phenomena, scientific data and so forth that, in these chaotic and troubled times, the inclination is to turn to this source for the answer to everything – without thinking it through. But, try as you might, it simply doesn’t let you.



We (Vivienne and Dyson) have been working hard since 2002 to familiarize ourselves with as much of the material produced from the Billy Meier extraterrestrial contact case as possible. We have read virtually all of the available German-language texts, most of which are packed with a rich and consistent spiritual teaching. This teaching is also consistently expressed throughout the many broad ranging conversations between Billy Meier and the Plejaren which are published in the series of contact report books. One of the central messages seems to be this: We Earth people must learn to reason and sort out what is true and what isn’t through our own effort and through our own considerable, but mostly latent, powers of logic, rather than looking to external sources to solve the problems. When we learn to do this we will discover within ourselves enormous power with which we can transform our lives and our world for the better, for a peaceful world, based on love and wisdom, knowledge and truth, for the benefit of all humanity.


This is not just a good idea but a responsibility and a necessity. In the meantime we humans are victims of our own undisciplined and illogical thoughts and continue to be easy prey for any who would oppress us through false beliefs and ideologies.


From the book Arahat Athersata,


296.“ Längst schon ist er nicht mehr Herr über sich selbst und gleicht einem ziellos umhergeschleuderten Korken in wogender, stürmischer See.  297. Ohne Steuer und Segel treibt er dahin, und der Steuermann ist schon längst über Bord gefallen.“.


296. "For a long time already he [the Earth Human] has not been master over himself and is like an aimless cork, slung around in a surging, stormy sea. 297. Without steering or sail he drives onward and the helmsman has already long ago fallen over board.  – Arahat Athersata


The Meier texts warn that we are rushing towards ruin, towards the abyss, because of the poisoning we have suffered from erroneous cult religious teaching which has brought forth the most evil degeneration, hate, vice, greed, lust, need and bloodshed, and has lead us away from the truth and discovering our true capabilities. We have brought ourselves “before the fangs of the beast of delusion”.


If you look to the spiritual teachings from Billy Meier and the Plejaren, which are the real purpose behind the mission, this message - that we should think for ourselves - is repeated over and over. For instance, in Einführung in die Meditation, (Introduction to Meditation) it says,


Er, der Erdenmensch muss, wie jedes andere menschliche Wesen im Universum, durch eigenes Denken, durch eigene, Vernunft und eigenen Verstand die Logik aller Dinge erkennen und sich auf diesem Wege die Wahrheit selbst beweisen, wodurch sich die Erkenntnis erst zu Wissen und Weisheit bilden kann.


 “He, the Earth human, like any other human being in the Universe, must recognize the logic of all things through his own thinking, through his own reason and his own understanding, and in this way show himself the truth through which the cognition can first form into knowledge and wisdom. ”


“Die Schrift ‘Einführung in die Meditation’ kann dem Menschen dabei helfen, sich darüber klar zu werden, dass er selbstdekend und selbsthandelnd werden muss, und dass er jegliche Verantwortung in seinem Leben selbst zu tragen hat und sie nicht einfach auf irgendwelche höheren Mächte (Götter, Dämonen, Geister, Geistführer, Engel, Lichtwesen, ‘Gottesmütter,’ ‘ Heilige’, kirchliche Würdenträger, Chefs, Politiker, Familienvorstände, Partner, Freunde and Mitmenschen allgemein) abwälzen kann. Jeder Mensch ist ein eigenständiges Individuum mit eigener vollumfänglicher Verantwortung für sein Denken und Handeln und mit der vollständigen Verantwortung gegenüber seiner Umwelt und auch gegenüber dem gesamten Universum.“


“The text ‘Introduction into Meditation’ can thereby help the human to be clear that he must be self-thinking and self-behaving and that he has to bear any responsibility in his life himself, and cannot simply shift it onto some kind of higher powers (gods, demons, spirits, spirit guides, angels, light beings, ‘god’s mother’, saints, church dignitaries, bosses, politicians, family leaders, partners, friends and fellow humans in general). Every human is a self-reliant individual with his own comprehensive responsibility for his thinking and behavior and with the complete responsibility towards his environment and also toward the entire universe.”


In the book, OM, which lays out the most important laws, directives and guidelines of Creation, the JHWH tells us,


Kanon 20:38 Denn es ist dem Menschen entschwunden die Gesinnung der Bemühung, dass die Wahrheit soll erarbeitet werden durch eigene Kraft des Denkens und Forschens und Erkennens.

39. Also hat er sich gewandelt in der Form zum Irren, dass er nur noch das annehmen will als Wahrheit, das er mit seinen Händen berühren kann, und das er mit seinen Augen sehen kann, und das er mit seinen Ohren hören kann.

40. Es ist dies aber der Weg der Falschheit und des reinen Materiellen, der jeder Bemühung des Selbstdenkens, des Selbstfühlens, des Selbstforschens, des Selbstsuchens und der Selbsterkennung jeglicher Lösung und Wahrheit Hohn spricht und spottet.

41. Also ist nicht gegeben dadurch der Weg zur Erforschung der Wahrheit und der Findung der Wahrheit, weshalb durch den JHWH und durch den Propheten keine Zeichen oder nur sehr sparsam Zeichen gegeben sein sollen, die da von der Wahrheit zeugend sind.

42. Gegeben ist das Wort der Wahrheit, und dieses ist genügsam vollauf, um die Lehren der Wahrheit zu offenbaren für jene, die da sind willig, die Mühsal der Erlernung durch eigene Kraft anzugehen und zu tragen.


“The Earth human’s sense of effort towards seeking the truth has disappeared. He has lost the inclination to seek the truth through his inherent power of thinking, searching and recognizing. Therefore he has wandered into the erroneous form of thinking, that he will only accept as true that which he can touch with his hands and that he can see with his eyes and that he can hear with his ears. But this is the false, purely material way, which mocks and scorns any effort of self-thinking, self-feeling, self-searching, self-seeking and self-recognition of every solution and truth. Therefore through this, the way to the searching for the truth, and the finding of the truth, is not provided. And so, through the JHWH and the Prophets, no signs, or only sparse signs, should be given, that testify to the truth. The word of truth is given, and this is wholly sufficient to reveal the teaching of the truth for any who are willing to make and to bear the effort of learning through their own power.”


Now, turn to the other information provided by the Plejaren and Meier. If you take the trouble to delve into the many explanations provided over the years, published in the contact notes, about world events, science, other extraterrestrial activity on Earth or strange phenomena, you find among the abundance of superior and consistent answers and details, some hair-tearingly frustrating puzzles, and explanations contrary to what seems reasonable. These are such huge topics and we are painfully aware that our world leaders and respected scientists, and other specialists, are not dealing with these things. Meanwhile, the overall body of Plejaren/Meier advice is so intelligent and refreshingly reasonable, whether regarding the spiritual knowledge, Earth Human behaviour, politics, prophecies, environmental concerns, geological phenomena, scientific data and so forth that, in these chaotic and troubled times, the inclination is to turn to this source for the answer to everything – without thinking it through. But, try as you might, it simply doesn’t let you. Any thorough attempt to get to the bottom of everything eventually leaves you out in the cold, all on your own, ultimately having to work it out for yourself.


In fact, we may realize that it isn’t so cold after all, and it provides an invaluable learning opportunity and a journey of self-discovery. The Plejaren, as they keep telling us, are not perfect gods or angels or exalted beings who have all the answers, nor do they wish to provide us with all the answers. They are merely human beings, albeit far more evolved.

 Bishops Cannings Basket (detail), August 5/6th 1999 

For a few years prior to 2002 Plejaren leader and JHWH Ptaah had given the explanation to Billy Meier that powers, other than of Earth humans, played a part in the coming into being of the grain circles (crop circles) and these beings were briefly described as being far less evolved than the Plejaren but more evolved than us. Or so I thought. A few other comments were made. From this advice, which I found published in German in the 1998 FIGU Bulletin 19 on the FIGU web page, I conveyed the relevant 1996 and 1998 sections in my 2004 article, explaining, as Ptaah had, how these crop circles were intended to wake us up to the reality of a fast approaching open contact with extraterrestrials so that panic would not come about when that occurred. But, now, having read the corrected versions of the relevant contact reports, I find he isn’t recorded as saying that at all. I have now been told by FIGU that the information published about crop circles in Bulletin 19 was incorrect and they have since removed it from the online Bulletin. The corrected notes, which have been published in the 269th contact of October 4, 1998, explain that crop circles do not have to do with coming events and open contact, and it was the Earth humans, Ptaah referred to (who are influenced by the extraterrestrials to make crop circles) who are “standing very far below the development of the Plejaren”, thus requiring this type of communication. The extraterrestrial influence is of a vibrational nature. In the corrected version Ptaah still says that (then) the time was really not very far off when official contact between extraterrestrials and Earth humans may be expected, although it would depend on the attitude of the various world authorities, and military and secret services, and whether they would attempt to twist and obscure the truth of any such event. But he also said that the new explanation he was then giving was appropriate to give because events did not come closer, out of which a connection between the Earth people and Earth strangers comes about.


When I wrote the article I was also not aware of Ptaah’s comments made in 2002. In the 14th March 2002 contact Ptaah used the phrase “energy grain circles”, respectively, “energy pictograms”, to describe some of the forms which had occurred since ancient times, (as had banal Earth human falsifications). But he said that, at that time, he couldn’t tell Earth people more about the source of these because, according to the directives which the Plejaren are obliged to follow, “the Earthly humans must find the solution to the puzzle themselves through progressing investigations and cognitions”. – and, were they, the Plejaren, to make their obtained knowledge public, then, “we would offend against our directives and, moreover, negatively influence the evolution way of the Earth humanity, which, however, may never lie in our sense and behaviour”.


Even after further questioning from Billy, specifically about the energy source behind the formations, Ptaah would only mention something privately to Billy.


Nevertheless, four months later, on the 20th July 2002 Ptaah told Billy, “The time had come to speak openly about everything”, as they had brought their investigations to an end and, since their prior conversation, knowledge had come about with the Earth people which allowed him to speak.


 Crabwood Face and Code, August 15th 2002

He said that extraterrestrial influences actually hang together with the so-called energy grain circles and energy pictograms. These influences are not as the crop circle believers assume, ie. that the extraterrestrials are the direct originators of the forms. It is actually Earth humans who artfully, and with effort, step and roll and so forth, using suitable equipment of a very primitive form from pre-prepared drafts and markings which are hand-prepared first of all, however for a long time have been manufactured very artfully on the computers and transferred manually into the corn fields, and so forth. The entire thing concerns a pure human making, however extraterrestrial powers are involved. The extraterrestrial powers are not extraterrestrial life-forms of a human or other material form, rather, singly and alone, cosmic energy, the vibrations of which are taken up by sensitive people which creatively advances their fantasies and ideas. This is specifically evolution’s energy as the Plejaren also call it, being the finest energy vibrations that are available in the entire universe and are taken up by any human being and thereby excite their ideas and fantasies to develop. He further explains that the video which exists of a white colored object flying above a crop field, whereby a pictogram appears in the next moment, is, along with other similar videos, a falsification which was manufactured on computer.


On August 3rd 2002, Billy asked Ptaah, since, by "extraterrestrial", he clearly now meant evolutive energy, why had he previously assumed that extraterrestrials would play a role in the making of crop circles? Ptaah explained that this was because they had, since the eighties, observed craft which appeared to be extraterrestrial craft in the vicinity of crop circles. (However they now know, with the help of carefully positioned probes, that these were craft of Earthly origin engaging in deceit and which had nothing to do with the creation of the forms.)    


The constant emphasis, in the Billy Meier books and texts, on the message that we should think for ourselves, and that a true prophet is not a being of higher value than any other being, but is only a conveyer and announcer of teaching and truth and prophecy, should really make it very clear that those who insist that the organization, FIGU, founded by Billy, is a cult, are too lazy to even study the material, or worse, they knowingly choose to obscure the facts and mislead others.


Continuing on from Einführung in die Meditation:


“Für jeden Menschen im gesamten Universum ist die Eigenverantwortung auch vebunden mit der Pflicht zur Evolution seines Geistes, der ein Teilstück der Schöpfung selbst ist. Durch den Geist lebt jedes menschliche Wesen im Universum mit der Schöpfung und in ihr. Je bewusster dem Menschen diese Tatsache wird, und je mehr er sich danach ausrichtet, desto schneller schreitet seine Evolution voran“.


  “For every human in the entire Universe the self-responsibility is also bound with the obligation for the evolution of his spirit which is a fragment of the Creation itself. Through the spirit every human being in the Universe lives with, and in, the Creation. The more conscious the humans is of this fact and the more he aligns himself according to it, the faster his evolution steps forward.”



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