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We (Dyson Devine and Vivienne Legg of www.gaiaguys.net) have been given permission by Billy Meier (www.figu.org) to make these unofficial, preliminary translations of FIGU material. Please be advised that our translations may contain errors.

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July 2006

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A note to our readers:

Our long-promised translation of excerpts from Contact 136 was unavoidably delayed because we discovered that the newly published Contact Reports were significantly and consistently different from the previously published Semjase Blocks, from which Prophetien und Voraussagen (which was the source of our initial translation work) and the material in And Still They Fly was taken. It took some time to get to the bottom of this problem, and then it took that much longer for us to identify all the various amendments and make the required corrections. We also decided that some corrected translations of Contact 70, following below, were in order, among other things. There is a fuller explanation of this matter preceding Contact 136, (about half way down this page) along with a link to a separate version showing all the amendments.

(gaiaguys' introduction)

What follows is the second half of Semjase's 1977 explanation about the origins of the Aryan people on Earth. This explanation was provided by Semjase on Billy's request during the 70th contact on January 6th, 1977. The first half of the story spans an inconceivably massive time period of millions of years, going right back to developments on the ancient home worlds in the Lyran system. It outlines a series of ancient expeditions and migrations as well as abuses of power resulting in revolutions and wars, including a significant war of liberation 230,000 years ago on the Lyra and Vega systems.

Semjase's account moves on to the repeated attempts to settle on Earth by those who had migrated and settled in the Plejara system, now home to the current peace-loving Plejaren extraterrestrials who are now relaying this information to us. Finally peace prevailed on the Plejara system, which also suffered various wars and power struggles prior to that. Peace has remained on the Plejaren system now for 50,000 years. On Earth, developments continued, power-greedy scientists repeatedly rose up and wars broke out again. Some fled to neighboring systems and returned again years later to attempt once again to take control of Earth.

Readers who have the Wendelle Stevens translation of this story will notice that there are many fairly minor differences between his version and ours. But a significant difference is the number of years given for the various developments concerning Arus the Barbarian and his descendants. Stevens' version describes these developments occurring over a period of about 13,000 years. Importantly, the corrected version reveals that they occurred over a period of 113,000 years. (Guido Moosebrugger's account in And Still They Fly also relays the old figures.) We have made our translation directly from the German language Plejadisch-plejarische Kontaktberichte which FIGU now advises contains corrections of the originally published material, (which was likely the source of some of Stevens' errors), and should therefore be used for any further translations.

Please be very aware that this extensive sequence of events, below, is not irrelevant ancient history. Major themes of this sickening saga related by the Plejaren actually continue unbroken in the form of today's world-wide, rapidly-escalating, inhuman sectarian bloodbaths, suicidally carried forward by mindless momentum, in spite of the fact that the Bafath (a.k.a. "Giza Intelligences") - the malign central nervous system which telenotically steered hundreds of our duped planet's religious and political leaders for millennia - were expelled and imprisoned in 1978. This, along with the delivery of the renewed spiritual teachings, means that we now - finally - have real hope for lasting peace on our Earth.

Plejadisch-Plejarische Kontactberichte, Block 2
Siebzigster Kontakt
Donnerstag, 6. Januar 1977, 00.01 Uhr
Seiten 406 - 410

Pleiadian/Plejaren Contact Reports, Volume 2
70th contact
Thursday, January 6th, 1977, 00:01 AM
Pages 406 - 410



110. Während 700 Jahren wurde die Erde einfach gemieden, ehe sich die Nachfahren der Geflüchteten wieder aufmachten, um die schöne blaue Welt abermals zu besiedeln.


110. For 700 years the Earth was simply avoided, before the descendents of the refugees [on Beta Centauri, (in another space-time configuration)] set out to once again settle the beautiful blue world.

111. Dies war vor 133000 Erdenjahren nach heutiger Zeitrechnung.

111. This was 133,000 Earth years ago, according to your current chronology.

112. Die Führung der Wiederkehrenden hatte einen Jschwisch mit dem Namen Atlant, verheiratet mit einer Jschrisch namens Karyatide.

112. The returnees were led by an Jschwisch with the name Atlant, married to an Jschrisch named Karyatide.

113. Unter der Führung von Atlant wurde in letzter Folge der schon seit vielen Jahrtausenden immer wieder angeflogene und benutzte Kontinent Atlantis ausgebaut und wohnbar gemacht, während unter der Herrschaft von seiner Frau Karyatide Kleinatlantis seine Existenz fand, zur gleichen Zeit, als durch ihren Vetter Muras die gigantische Stadt Mu erbaut wurde, die, wie Atlantis, auch schon zu sehr frühen Zeiten ihren Ursprung fand.

113. in the latest episode, under the leadership of Atlant, the continent of Atlantis, which had been headed for again and again, and used for millennia, was expanded and made habitable, while under the command of his wife Karyatide, Lesser Atlantis came into existence, as at the same time her cousin Muras built the gigantic city of Mu, which, like Atlantis, also found its origin in very early times.

114. Der Grund des Erbauens dieser Städte in so weitem Abstand lag darin, dass die Menschen durch all die Kriege klüger geworden waren und in den weiten Distanzen der Städte den Frieden erhofften, wenn alle in ihren Gefilden blieben.

114. The reason for the construction of these cities so far apart was, that the humans had become cleverer through all the wars, and hoped for peace as a result of the great distance between the cities, if everyone stayed in their domains.

115. So ging es auch lange Jahre gut, genau gesagt ganze 1800 Jahre.

115. So it went well for many long years - a whole 1,800 years, to be precise.

116. Dann jedoch erhoben sich wieder einige Wissenschaftler, hochgepeitscht durch Machtgelüste, und versuchten die Herrschaft an sich zu reissen.

116. Then, however, again some scientists exalted themselves, whipped up by power lust, and tried to snatch up control for themselves.

117. Diesmal hatten sie jedoch nicht mit der Kriegserinnerung des Volkes gerechnet, die über alle Zeiten überliefert worden war.

117. This time, however, they had not reckoned on the peoples' memory of war which had been passed down over the ages.

118. Noch ehe die Wissenschaftler zuschlagen konnten, erhob sich das Volk gegen sie.

118. So before the scientists could strike, the people rose up against them.

119. Durch Helfershelfer gelangten die Wissenschaftler in den Besitz von Raumschiffen und flüchteten in die raum-zeit-verschobenen Gebiete bei Beta-Centaurus.

119. Through an accomplice, the scientists obtained possession of spaceships and fled into the space-time-shifted regions of Beta-Centauri.

120. Das war vor 115000 Erdenjahren.

120. This was 115,000 Earth years ago.

121. Nach 2000 Jahren, während denen sich die bösartigen Flüchtlinge wieder eine hohe Technik schufen und viele Nachkommen zeugten, kehrten sie hasserfüllt zur Erde zurück, nachdem sie ihren Hass gegen die ausserirdischen Erdenbewohner bis ins Unermessliche gesteigert hatten und in den eigenen Reihen die Ordnung nur noch mit furchtbaren Strafen aufrechtzuerhalten vermochten.

121. After 2,000 years, during which the malicious refugees again created a high technical standard and produced many descendents, they returned, filled with hate, to the Earth, after they had increased their hate immeasurably against the extraterrestrial inhabitants of Earth, and were only able to preserve order within their own ranks with terrible punishments.

122. Durch ihren unmenschlichen Hass angestachelt, trieben sie durch Forschungen und durch die dadurch erlangten Erkenntnisse ihr Lebensalter auf mehr als tausend Jahre hinauf.

122. Spurred on through their inhuman hate, they, through research and the knowledge obtained from it, drove up their life expectancy to more than a thousand years.

123. Ihr einziger Wunsch war aber, die Herrschaft über die Erde zu erlangen, weshalb jeder einzelne in bösartigen Intrigen und im Kriegshandwerk unterrichtet wurde.

123, Their single wish was, however, to gain control over the Earth, for which reason every individual was taught wicked intrigues and was instructed in the craft of war.

124. Nach zweitausend Jahren war dieses hassdurchtränkte Volk soweit, dass es einen Angriff auf die Erde wagen konnte, weshalb es seine Schiffe bemannte und neuerlich zur Erde kam, und zwar unter der Führung des Jschwischs Arus, des Barbaren.

124. After 2,000 years, this hate-drenched people was so far along that it could venture an attack on the Earth, therefore it manned its ships and came newly to the Earth, and indeed under the leadership of the Jschwisch Arus, the barbarian.

125. Dies geschah vor 113000 Jahren.

125. This happened 113,000 years ago.

126. Arus war von äusserst bestialischer und barbarischer Gesinnung, und seine Macht war gefürchtet.

126. Arus was extremely bestial and barbarous in his disposition, and his power was feared.

127. Wie schon Pelegon vor Tausenden von Jahren, hatte auch Arus 200 Wissenschaftler von hohen Graden bei sich, die er zu Unterführern machte.

127. Like Pelegon, already thousands of years before, Arus also had 200 high-grade scientists with him, which he made sub-leaders.

128. In einer Blitzaktion fielen sie über die Erde her, räuberisch, mordend und das Land raubend.

128. In a lightning action they fell upon the Earth, robbing, murdering, and taking possession of the land.

129. Hauptsächlich das weite Land in den nordischen Regionen eroberten sie, wo das Klima gemässigt und sehr gut war.

129. Primarily, they conquered the distant land in the northern regions, where the climate was moderate and very good.

130. Es waren dies jene Gebiete, die euch als Hyperborea überliefert sind und die sich sehr weit nördlich befanden, ehe ein Erdumsturz die Erdachse verlagerte, so sich die damaligen Gebiete heute dort befinden, die ihr Florida nennt.

130. These were those regions, which are traditionally known to you as Hyperborea, and which were far in the north, before an upset of the Earth shifted its axis, so that the then regions exist today where you name Florida.

131. Dort vom Norden aus machte sich Arus' Sohn Arus 11. auf und fiel in jene Lande ein, die ihr heute Indien, Pakistan und Persien usw. nennt, wobei sie auf die frühesten Vorfahren der Sumerer stiessen, die, friedliebend, flüchteten und sich weit in den Süden absetzten; ein Volk von dunkler Hautfarbe, jedoch nach euren Begriffen nicht negrid, sondern europid und von grossem Wuchs, hervorgegangen aus einer Rasse der einstigen Sirianerflüchtlinge, die sich ebenfalls vor 133000 Jahren im Gleichpart der Plejarensystem-Flüchtlinge auf der Erde festsetzten.

131. Coming from the north, Arus's son, Arus the Second, set out and fell upon those lands which today you call India, Pakistan and Persia, and so forth, whereby they struck the earliest forefathers of the Sumerians, who, peace loving, fled and set down far in the south; a people of dark colored skin, but by your terms, not Negroid, but like Europeans and of tall growth, risen from a race of former Sirian refugees, who had likewise settled on the Earth 133,000 years ago, as did the refugees from the Plejaren-System.

132. Nach der Benennung von Arus 11. wurde das heutige Indien damals Arien genannt, das jedoch nach wenigen Jahrhunderten sich von Hyperborea abspaltete, genau gesagt nach 210 Jahren, und sich mit den Bewohn von Mu und Agharta verbündete, während Arus I. von Hyperborea aus Mu und Gross-Atlantis ständig mit bösen Kriegshandlungen belästigte, um ihrer Herr zu werden.

132. Named after Arus the Second, the India of today was at that time called Arien, which, however, split off from Hyperborea after a few centuries, after 210 years, to be exact, and joined with the inhabitants of Mu and Agharta, while from Hyperborea, Arus the First constantly troubled Mu and Greater Atlantis by wicked war activities, in order to become their ruler.

133. Während rund einem halben Jahrtausend, oder sehr genau gesagt während 502 Jahren dauerten diese Kriegshandlungen an, ehe es dem inzwischen alt und schwach gewordenen Arus I. gelang, böse Elemente seiner Hassmenschen in die führenden Herrscherschichten von Atlantis und Mu einzuschleusen, die wie auch deren Nachkommen dann über mehrere Jahrhunderte hinweg so lange im geheimen Gewalt und Hass schürten, bis Mu und Atlantis durch grenzenlose Intrigen einige Jahrhunderte später völlig zerstört werden konnten, während nur wenige Überlebende in Knechtschaft geschlagen wurden.

133. During around half a millennia, or said very precisely, during 502 years, those war machinations continued, until Arus the First, who in the meanwhile had become old and weak, succeeded in infiltrating wicked elements of his hater humans into the leading controlling ranks of Atlantis and Mu, who secretly stirred up violence and hate for so long, as also did their descendants over several centuries, until, through boundless intrigues, Mu and Atlantis were able to be completely destroyed some centuries later, while the only few survivors were beaten into servitude.

134. Grosse Wissenschaftler hingegen, wissend um die kommenden Dinge und ihrer Machtlosigkeit bewusst, setzten sich in Raumschiffen ab und flüchteten zu den früheren Heimatwelten in den Plejarensystemen, wo sie freundlich aufgenommen wurden.

134. However, great scientists, in knowledge of the coming things and conscious of their powerlessness, set off in spaceships and fled towards the early home-worlds in the Plejaren systems, where they were affably received.

135. Die Zerstörung von Atlantis und Mu muss ich wohl nicht erst nochmals anführen, denn die findet ihr als separate Aufzeichnung in den euch gegebenen Erklärungen.

135. I indeed do not need to speak yet again about the destruction of Atlantis and Mu because you will find that as a separate chronicle in the explanations given to you.

136. So bleibt mir nur noch zu berichten übrig, dass Arus XI. in seinen alten Tagen als sehr ferner Nachfahre von Arus I. Jahrzigtausende später und rund ein Jahrhunderttausend, nach der Vernichtung von Mu und Atlantis, von seinem drittgeborenen Sohn Jehavon ermordet wurde, wonach dieser die Herrschaft über das Hassvolk übernahm, um dieses sowie drei Erdenvölker und die Hyperboreer selbst zu beherrschen.*

136. So it only remains for me to report that Arus the Eleventh, as a very distant descendent of Arus the First, was murdered in his old age many thousands of years later, and around a hundred-thousand years, after the destruction of Mu and Atlantis, by his third-born son Jehavon, after which this one took over command of the hater-people, in order to rule these and three Earthly peoples and the Hyperboreans himself.

137. Das eine Erdenvolk waren die sehr fernen Nachkommen des Armus-Volkes, das dort gelebt hatte, wo sich heute die Landstriche von Armenien befinden.

137. The one Earth people consisted of the very distant descendents of the Armus people who had lived there where today the region of Armenia is.

138. Es waren dies Nachkommen des Jschwisch Armus, der sich mit seiner Rasse vor 133000 Jahren dort festsetzte, nachdem er von den Plejarensystemen emigriert war.

138. These were descendents of the Jschwisch Armus, who settled there with his race 133,000 years ago, after he had emigrated from the Plejaren systems.

139. Das zweite Erdenvolk, das der Herrschaft Jehavons verfiel, waren die ebenfalls sehr fernen Nachkommen der Arier, die sich inzwischen mit der noch recht unterentwickelten, rein irdischen und lethargischen einheimischen Bevölkerung vermischt hatten, nachdem die Sumerer vertrieben worden waren.

139. The second Earth people which fell under the Jehavon's control were the (likewise very distant) descendents of the Aryans, who meanwhile had mingled themselves with the still very under-developed, pure Earthly and lethargic, native population, after the Sumerians were expelled.

140. Das dritte Erdenvolk war an und für sich eigentlich kein solches, denn bei ihnen handelte es sich um ein sehr weit verbreitetes Zigeunerbündnis, das durchsetzt war mit Spionen und Saboteuren Jehavons, die in Eintracht mit den Zigeunern überall Unruhe stifteten, gierig alles an sich rissen und stetig auf Mord, Brand und Raub aus waren, weshalb man sie die Hebrons nannte, in der Ursprache unserer Vorfahren also Hebraon und später dann Hebrons. 

140. The third Earth people was actually, in and of itself, no such thing, because it concerned a very widely disseminated alliance of gypsies, which was interspersed with Jehavon's spies and saboteurs, who, in unity with the gypsies, brought about dissention everywhere, greedily drawing everything to themselves and were always constantly eager to murder, burn and rob, for which reason one named them the Hebrons by the original language of our forefathers, therefore Hebraon and later then Hebrons. 

141. Diese Benennungen sind gleichlautend mit Zigeuner, Abschaum und Auswurf nach dem Sinn der Ursprache, was also nicht in eure heutigen Sprachen übertragen ist, denn der Sinn eures heutigen Begriffes für Zigeuner bedeutet nur noch die Wandernden, die Umherziehenden und die Nichtsesshaften. 

141. These names correspond to gypsy, scum and outcast in the sense of the original language, which therefore has not been transferred to your present languages, because the sense of your present term for gypsy still only means the wanderers, the itinerant, and the unsettled ones. 

142. Dadurch sollte klargestellt sein, dass das heutige Volk der Zigeuner nicht das mindeste gemeinsam hat mit den damaligen Hebraon, die sich ebenso als Erstlinge und Auserwählte proklamierten wie ihre fernen Nachkommen, die das heute noch zu behaupten wagen. 

142. Thereby it should be clarified that the present gypsy people have not the least in common with the Hebraons of that time, who proclaimed themselves the first born and the chosen ones, just as much as do their distant descendents, who today still dare to assert this. 

143. In Wahrheit waren die Hebraon der wirkliche Abschaum und Auswurf der Erdenmenschheit, denn durch sie wurde Streit und Kampf stetig in der ganzen Welt geschürt und noch mehr verbreitet, was sich bis zum heutigen Tage so erhalten hat. 

143. In truth, the Hebraons were the real scum and outcasts of Earth humanity, because through them fights and quarrels within the whole world were constantly stirred up and yet further spread, which has been maintained until the present day. 

144. Ruhe wird es auf der Erde erst dann endgültig geben, wenn dieser macht- und mordgierige und sich selbst zum Volke ernannte Hebraonbund völlig aufgelöst ist, der sich in verschiedene weltherrschaftssüchtige Sekten usw. aufgespaltet hat. 

144. Earth will first finally be calm, then, when this power-hungry and bloodthirsty Hebraon alliance, and which they themselves named as a people, which has split into various sects addicted to world control, and so forth, is fully dissolved.  

145. Jehavon herrschte bis vor rund 3660 Erdenjahren, ehe er durch seinen einzigen Sohn Jehav ebenfalls heimtückisch ermordet wurde, der dann die Herrschaft an sich riss, nach 340 Jahren Regierungszeit seines Vaters.  

145. Jehavon ruled until about 3660 Earth years ago, until he was likewise treacherously murdered by his only son Jehav, who then snatched up rule for himself, after 340 years of his father's reign. 

146. Jehav herrschte bösartig und stets nach Blut und Rache schreiend bis vor 3320 Jahren eurer Zeit rechnung, während der Zeit er drei Söhne zeugte, die Arussem, Ptaah und Salam genannt wurden.  

146. Jehav ruled wickedly, and always screamed for blood and revenge, until 3,320 years ago in your chronology, during which time he sired three sons, who were named Arussem, Ptaah and Salam. 

147. Grössenwahnsinnig wie sein Vater Jehavon, liess er sich als Schöpfer ausrufen und als solchen feiern, und wie sein Vater richtete er unter den drei Menschengeschlechtern furchtbare Verheerungen an und forderte Blut und Tod. 

147. Megalomaniacal like his father Jehavon, he let himself be proclaimed as creator, and celebrated as such, and like his father, he caused terrible devastation among the three human races, and he demanded blood and death. 

148. So machtsüchtig wie sein Vater Jehav war auch sein erstgeborener Sohn Arussem, der ständig die Macht des Vaters übernehmen wollte. 

148. As addicted to power as his father Jehav, was also his firstborn son Arussem, who constantly wanted to take over his father's power. 

149. So ermordete auch er letztlich seinen Vater Jehav und wollte die Macht an sich reissen. 

149. So he also finally murdered his father Jehav, and wanted to snatch up the power for himself. 

150. Dies aber misslang ihm gründlich, denn sein jüngerer Bruder Ptaah und sein jüngster Bruder Salam steilten sich gegen ihn, um ihn zu vertreiben und zu verbannen, denn der ständigen Kriege, Machtkämpfe und des Blutvergiessens überdrüssig geworden, bemühten sich Ptaah und Salam schon seit vielen Jahrzehnten um humane Formen der Lebensführung. 

150. But he failed profoundly, because his younger brother Ptaah and his youngest brother Salam positioned themselves against him, in order to expel and ban him into exile, because, having become disgusted by the constant wars, power struggles and bloodshed, Ptaah and Salam already made an effort themselves for many decades to lead humane forms of life. 

151. So scharten sie schon seit langem viele Gleichgesinnte um sich, mit deren Hilfe sie Arussem und seiner 72 000 Anhänger Herr wurden und diese vertrieben. 

151. Therefore already for a long time, they assembled around themselves many like-minded people, with whose help they gained control of Arussem and his 72,000 followers, and expelled them. 

152. Arussem jedoch kehrte heimlich zur Erde zurück und nistete sich mit seinem Heer in den alten Würfelbauten in Ägyptenland ein, die seit über siebzigtausend Jahren dort unbenutzt ihr Dasein fristeten. 

152. But Arussem secretly returned to Earth, and settled down with his army, in the land of Egypt, in the old cubical constructions which had existed there unused for more than 70,000 years. 

153. Tief im Erdinnern und tief unter den Pyramiden setzten sie sich fest, wobei sie die tief unter der heutigen Gizeh-Pyramide gelegenen Räume und Bauten zur Zentrale für ihre bösartigen Zwecke umfunktionierten, von wo aus sie und ihre Nachkommen ihre Herrschsuchtspläne seither zu verwirklichen versuchten, jedoch bis anhin ohne nennenswerte Erfolge, obwohl ihr Weg zur Erlangung des Zieles der des Betruges und der Lüge und Intrigen war, von Falschbelehrungen und Irreführung der reinen Erdenmenschen durch religiöse Wahnsinnslehren und Kulte und vielerlei andere üble Machenschaften. 

153. Deep in the interior of the earth and deep below the pyramids, they established themselves securely, whereby they converted the rooms and constructions deep below the present pyramids of Giza, as a center for their wicked purposes, from where they and their descendants since then tried to realize their tyrannical plans, but as of now without noteworthy success, although their way of obtaining the goal of deceit, lying and intrigues was by wrong teachings and the leading astray of the uncorrupted Earth humans through religious teachings of madness and cults, and many kinds of other evil machinations.

154. Durch ihr Ausgestossenwerden verwirkten sie jedoch sehr vieles, denn alle Möglichkeiten einer technischen und auch sonst wissenschaftlichen Weiterentwicklung wurde ihnen unterbunden, so aber auch alle ihre Forschungen usw., was dazu führte, dass ihr Lebensalter ganz rapide absank und heute nurmehr durchschnittlich 94 Jahre beträgt, was im Verhältnis zum heutigen Menschen umgerechnet praktich nur noch um zwanzig Jahre höher liegt als beim Durchschnitt in europäischen Gebieten. 

154. Due to their expulsion they, however, forfeited very much, because all possibilities for technical and otherwise scientific further development was prevented for them, as also however was all their research, and so forth, which thereby led to the quite rapid reduction in their life expectancy, and today still only amounts to an average of 94 years, which in relation to today's people converts to practically only about 20 years higher than the average in European regions. 

155. Dies bedeutet für die von uns <Gizeh-Intelligenzen> genannten Abtrünnigen, dass sie langsam dem Aussterben anheimfallen und heute nurmehr weniger als 2100 an der Zahl sind. 

155. This means for the renegades, called the "Giza Intelligences" by us, that they are slowly dieing out, and today are still only fewer than 2,100 in number. 

156. Durch völlige Isolation zum freien Weltenraum werden auch diese Restlichen in weniger als drei Jahr zehnten nicht mehr sein, denn sie sind alle schon alt und nicht mehr zeugungsfähig. 

156. Due to complete isolation from free space, these remaining ones will also be no more, in fewer than three decades, because they are all already old and no longer capable of procreation.

157. Trotzdem aber halten sie noch bösartig an ihren herrschaftssüchtigen Plänen fest und geben sich nicht geschlagen. 

157. But in spite of that they still maliciously hold firm to their tyrannical plans, and they don't see themselves as beaten.  

158. Arussem herrschte bis zum Jahre 3010 vor eurer Zeitrechnung, ehe ihm ein gewaltsamer Abtritt verschafft wurde durch einen Meuterer namens Henn, der im Munde der Hebraon Jehova genannt wurde und so allmählich in den eigenen Kreisen ebenfalls, wobei ihm aber noch der Beiname <Der Grausame> zugegeben wurde. 

158. Arussem ruled until about 3,010 years before your time reckoning began (3,010 B.C.E.) until a powerful forced departure was secured for him by a mutineer by the name of Henn, who was called Jehovah in the tongue of the Hebraons, and likewise also gradually within his own ranks, whereas the appellation "The Cruel One" was added. 

159. Im Jahre 2080 v. Chr., bereits alt und schwach, wurde er abgesetzt und sein Neffe Kamagol 1. übernahm die bösartige Herrschaft über die Gizeh-Intelligenzen, um die Zentrale unter der Oberfläche der Pyramide von Gizeh zu einer mörderischen Machtzentrale auszubauen, die keinerlei Möglichkeiten der Zerstörung mehr bot. 

159. In the year 2,080, B.C. already old and weak, he was displaced, and his nephew Kamagol the First, took over the evil command of the Giza Intelligences, in order to expand the headquarters below the surface of the pyramid of Giza to a murderous center of power, which allowed no possibility at all of being destroyed anymore. 

160. Wie kein Herrscher zuvor, zwängte Kamagol 1. alle irdischen Religionen in seinen Bann und schuf furchtbare menschenblutfordernde Kulte, die sich teilweise bis zur heutigen Zeit zu erhalten vermochten.

160. Like no ruler before, Kamagol the First forced all earthly religions into his control and created terrible cults which demanded human blood, which were able to be partially maintained until the present.  

161. Alle Bemühungen von ausserhalb waren umsonst, denn seine Machtposition war nicht zu brechen.

161. All efforts from outside were in vain, as his position of power could not be broken. 

162. Doch auch Kamagol l. war nur ein Mensch, so ihn eines Tages sein Schicksal aus den eigenen Reihen erreichte, in Form seines eigenen Sohnes Kamagol ll., der ihn stürzte und entmachtete und ihn in einem tiefgelegenen Verliess elend umkommen liess. 

162. But also Kamagol the First was only a human, so one day he met his own fate from out of his own ranks, in the form of his own son, Kamagol the Second, who overthrew him and deprived him of power, and let him die miserably in a deep dungeon. 

163. Kamagol ll. war in vielen Dingen noch bösartiger als sein Vater, was er bald nach seiner Machtübernahme durch die Einleitung ungeheurer Massenermordungen von erdgeborenen Erdenmenschen offenbarte, die er durch vielerlei Mittel in seinen religiösen Bann schlug.

163. Kamagol the Second was in many things even more malicious than his father, which he soon revealed, after taking over power, through the introduction of monstrous mass murdering of earth-born terrestrial human beings, who he slapped under his religious power through many kinds of means. 

164. Als einer der letzten wirklich äusserst Langlebigen erreichte Kamagol ll. ein hohes Alter und starb eines natürlichen Todes vor erst wenigen Tagen, wie wir erst vor zwei Tagen zu ermitteln vermochten. 

164. As one of the last really extremely long-lived, Kamagol the Second attained a great age and died a natural death just a few days ago, which we were able to ascertain just 2 days ago. 

165. Er ging von dieser Welt am 27. Dezember 1976, also vor rund zehn Tagen.  

165. He departed this world on the 27th of December 1976, therefore around 10 days ago. 

166. Die noch zurückbleibenden Intelligenzen von Gizeh, schon alt und vielfach schwach, doch noch voller Hass und herrschsüchtiger Pläne, geben nicht auf.

166. The still remaining Giza Intelligences, already old and weak in many ways, but still filled with hate and tyrannical plans, don't give up. 

167. Doch aber sind ihre Tage gezählt, so sie in spätestens drei Jahrzehnten nicht mehr sein werden.  

167. But indeed their days are numbered, so, in three decades, at the latest, they will be no more. 

[gaiaguys note: according to the Plejaren, these remaining people, also called the Bafath, were deported by the Plejaren in May, 1978.]

168. Bei den Himmelssöhnen, den Hyperboreern und den Plejarensystememigranten, führten die Söhne des ermordeten Jehav, Ptaah und Salam, die weitere Herrschaft in gemeinsamem Einvernehmen. 

168. With the heaven's sons, the Hyperboreans and the emigrants from the Plejaren system, Ptaah and Salam, the sons of the murdered Jehav, led the further rule by common agreement.

169. Sie herrschten gut und schufen Frieden, und mischten sich nur noch gelegentlich in die Belange der erdgeborenen Erdenmenschen ein. 

169. They governed well and created peace, and only occasionally mixed in the affairs of the Earth-born Earth humans. 

170. Ptaah wurde nach seinem dreiundneunzigsten Regierungsjahr von einer heimtückischen und unbekannten Krankheit befallen, der er wenige Tage später erlag, folglich sein Bruder Salam die Herrschaft alleine weiterführte, bis er, schwach durch sein hohes Alter, seine Herrschaft vor 2040 Erdenjahren seinem Sohn Plejos übergab, nachdem er bereits Jahrhunderte zuvor Verbindung mit den Heimatwelten aufgenommen hatte und sich und sein Volk jener heimatlichen Regierungsform unterstellt hatte, nämlich der der Geisteslehrer.  

170. After his 93rd year of government Ptaah was stricken by malicious and unknown disease, from which he succumbed a few days later, consequently his brother Salam continued to lead the government alone, until, weak from his great age, he handed over command to his son Plejos, 2,040 Earth years ago, after he had taken up connections to the home worlds already centuries before and had placed himself and his people under the home form of government, namely, that of the spiritual teachers. 

171. Sein Sohn Plejos war wie sein Vater, sehr weise und ein gütiger Herrscher, und als vor 1999 Jahren irdischer Zeitrechnung die Heimatwelten sich nach einem Unterbruch von rund 240 Jahren erneut unter die Lenkung des <Hohen Rates> stellten, ordnete auch er und sein Volk sich darin ein.  

171. His son Plejos was, like his father, very wise and a kind governor, and, as 1,999 years ago of earthly chronology, the home worlds, after an interruption of around 240 years, newly positioned themselves under the guidance of the "High Council", he also arranged himself and his people under it. 

172. Auf die Ratgebung des <Hohen Rates> achtend und diese befolgend, bereitete er die langersehnte Rückkehr auf die Heimatwelten vor, die dann, nach eurer heutigen Zeit berechnet, vor 1994 Jahren erfolgte, nachdem Jmmanuel, durch Plejos' Anordnung durch den Geistführer Gabriel gezeugt worden, zum Propheten gebildet und seiner Mission gerecht geworden war. 

172. Respecting and following the advice of the "High Council", he prepared for the long-yearned-for return to the home worlds, which resulted 1,994 years ago, by your chronology, after Jmmanuel, at Plejos's direction, was begat by the spiritual leader Gabriel, was educated as a prophet and had become right for his mission. 

173. Zu erwähnen ist noch, dass sich unter den sehr fernen Nachkommen von Arus, der sich die Länder im Norden untertan gemacht hatte, Elemente in grosser Zahl befanden, die sich bis in die Zeit Jehavs als Arusisten hielten. 

173. Still to mention is that among the very distant descendents of Arus, who had subjugated the lands in the north, there existed elements in great number, who, until into the time of Jehav, preserved themselves as the Arusists. 

174. Diese, eine Gruppe von 160000 Menschen, wurden Grossarier genannt, weil sie noch die Ideen Arus I. verfochten.

174. These, a group of 160,000 humans, were named the Great Aryans, because they still advocated the ideas of Arus the First.

175. Sie lösten sich auch aus der Machtherrschaft Jehavs und zogen brandschatzend durch das Land, von Nord­west nach Osten, wo sie in jenes Land eindrangen, wo sich zu frühester Zeit Arus II. mit seinem Volke niedergelassen und die Sumerer vertrieben hatte, wo sich in der Zwischenzeit jedoch die damaligen Arier mit der niederen einheimischen Bevölkerung vermischt und ihre eigentliche Herkunft vergessen hatten. 

175. They even released themselves from the powerful control of Jehav and wandered, plundering, through the land, from northwest to the east, where they penetrated into that land where in earlier times Arus the Second had settled with his people and expelled the Sumerians, where, in the meantime, however, the then Aryans mixed themselves with the low native population and forgot their actual origin. 

176. Auch waren in der Zwischenzeit Nachkommen der Sumerer in ihr altes Heimatland zurückgekehrt, so auch sie dort wieder ansässig wurden.

176. Also, in the meantime, the descendents of the Sumerians returned to their old homeland, so also they settled there again. 

177. Doch dann kamen die Grossarier, zogen zwischen der Kaspisee (Kaspisches Meer) und dem Ararat hindurch und bemächtigten sich der Lehmziegelstädte des Mischvolkes, das durch die früher eingebrochenen Arier und der der wiederkehrenden Sumerernachkommen zu einem guten Wohlstand gelangt war. 

177. But then came the Great Aryans, who moved between the Caspian Sea and Ararat, and took possession of the clay-brick towns of the mixed people, which had reached a good level of prosperity as a result of the earlier invading Aryans and the returning descendants of the Sumerians.  

178. Ihre Arbeit bestand in der Hauptsache aus Handel und Ackerbau, was die Sumerernachkommen gut beherrschten. 

178. Their work consisted mainly of trade and agriculture, which was well mastered by the Sumerians' descendents.

179. So ware das Aussehen der Menschen und alle ihre Bauten sehr ordentlich, und es herrschte eine straffe Disziplin, ja gar eine gewisse Unterwürfigkeit gegenüber den hochentwickelten Sumerernachkommen, die bewussstseinsmässig und weltlich den Einheimischen überlegen waren.

179. So, the appearance of the humans and all their buildings was very orderly, and a strict discipline ruled, indeed even a certain submissiveness towards the highly developed Sumerian descendents, who were superior to the native people in consciousness development and worldliness.

180. Und genau diese Welt wurde von den jahrelang umherziehenden, aus dem fernen Norden kommenden und jeglicher Technik beraubten Arier überfallen und in Knechtschaft geschlagen, umgeformt und in ein neues Staatsgefüge gepresst.

180. And exactly this world was attacked and forced into bondage and transformed and pressed into a new state structure by the Aryans, who, deprived of all technology, had been wandering for long years, coming from the far north.

181. Aller Technik beraubt durch die Schergen Jehavs, nisteten sich die Arier im fernen Lande ein, verkümmerten aber mit der Zeit und vermischten sich mit den Einheimischen, so bald alles Wissen und Können höheren Standes und ihre Herkunft im dunkeln der Vergessenheit vershwanden.

181. Deprived of all technology by Jehav's myrmidons, the Aryans settled down in the distant lands, but in time became stunted and mixed with the natives, so, soon all knowledge and ability of a higher level and of their origin disappeared into the darkness of forgetfulness.


From Your Questions to Billy Meier--Answered http://forum.figu.org/us/messages/12/1871.html?1188145065#POST28773

* (136) Dear Billy, I have a copy of P-p Kontaktberichte Block 2. In C60/96 Semjase states that Atlantis was destroyed "9498 Jahre, vor der heutigen Erdenzeit zurückgerechnet" and in C61/30 she says " Dies war vor 9498 Jahren v. Chr". Also you state in C60 that Otto Muck had calculated that Atlantis was destroyed on the 6th June 8498 v. Chr. So from what Semjase says in these two contacts it is clear that Atlantis was destroyed in 9,498 BCE(before the christian era).However this is contradicted in C70/136 where Semjase states that Arus XI was murdered by Jehavon about 100,000 years after Atlantis was destroyed.
My question is: Was Atlantis destroyed in 109,498 BCE?
Regards and Thanks, Charles.

Thank you for your attentiveness. Thanks to your question we noticed that two commas are missing in C70/136, what brings about a different meaning. The sentence must read like this: “… und rund ein Jahrhunderttausend, nach der Vernichtung von Mu und Atlantis, von seinem drittgeborenen Sohn Jehavon …”.

Atlantis was destroyed 9498 years BCE. When Semjase said “von der heutigen Erdenzeit zurückgerechnet”, she didn’t mean from today (January 6, 1977), but “before the beginning of today’s time system” which started 2007 years ago.

Translators note: both commas have now been added to the German. One additional comma was added to the translation to further clarify the meaning, already correctly inferred.


 July 24th, 2006

You can read more history relating to Aryans and Hebrews in this 1975 section from Quetzal's 38th contact.

"Like no ruler before, Kamagol the First forced all terrestrial religions into the frame of blood-demanding cults which, unfortunately, were able to be maintained on the Earth up to the current time. In spite of many efforts of the righteous celestial sons they were not able to prohibit his evil machinations, therefore he could grasp the cultic religions around himself more and more and control the world. Mighty in many kinds of technical and consciousness-related resources and powers, Kamagol's assembly was able to force the Earth humans into its power and completely lead them into a cultic religion confusion." - Quetzal, November 13th, 1975

The following are excerpts from contact 136, delivered in 1980, in which Semjase provides a warning about the intrigues and war activities of Israel.

The original version of this conversation was published by FIGU, and therefore read by many, in the Semjase Blocks and Prophetien und Voraussagen. But FIGU has recently advised us that the original version contains errors and the (quite different) version in the Kontackt Berichten, Block 4, published in 2003, is the correct one. Considering that this conversation deals with such a serious and sensitive topic - one that has also been the subject of much debate - we decided to make a note of the alterations here so that those familiar with, or owning, the original version can understand this and not continue to be misled by the earlier version. We also include the following excerpt from an email from FIGU's Christian Frehner to help explain the matter.

"As you may know the former versions of the contact notes (the old ones) were published based on the raw and uncorrected versions of the person who typed down the reports into a new format (at that time there were no computers used in FIGU), instead of using the corrected original (which contained hand-written corrections based on talks between Billy and Semjase). This unfortunate fact was realized several years ago (and, unfortunately, after the publication of "Prophetien und Voraussagen"). After realizing that there were major mistakes in the already published contact notes, Billy decided to publish the contact reports as books and with the "online" telepathic aid of the Plejarens who are in possession of the original "recordings" of the discussions."  - personal email correspondence 11th June 2006


So, the following is the corrected version as presented in Plejadisch-Plejarische Kontactberichte, Gespräche, Block 4, published in 2003.





Plejadisch-Plejarische Kontactberichte, Block 4

Einhudertsechsunddreissgster Kontact

Dienstag, 14. Oktober 1980, 23:41 h

Seiten 55-58 &  98-101


Pleiadian/Plejaren Contact Reports, Volume 4

136th Contact

Tuesday, October 14th, 1980, 11:41PM

Pages 55-58 &  98-101

102. Es wird sich also ergeben, dass die Zukunft Geschehen bringt, die einerseits sich sehr bösartig auf die Welt und den Erdenmenschen auswirken, die aber andererseits nur eine Bestätigung dessen sein werden, was seit mehreren Jahrtausenden prophetisch angekündigt wurde.


102. Thus, it will happen, that the future will bring events which, on the one hand, will have a very malicious effect on the world and Earth people but which, on the other hand, will only be confirmation of what has been announced prophetically for several thousand years.

103. Insbesondere bestätigt sich nun auch, was seit alters her gesagt wurde, dass das israelische Volk urspr
ünglich niemals ein eigentliches Volk war, sondern dass es sich bei dieser Masse Menschen zu uralten Zeiten einzig und allein um eine riesenhafte Gruppe ausgearteter und teils gar verbrecherischer Elemente handelt, die Zeit ihres damaligen Bestehens auf der Erde nur Unfrieden, Falschheit und Krieg stifteten.
103. Especially now, it also confirms what has been said since ancient times, that the Israeli people originally never were an actual people, but that this mass of people, in ancient times, singly and alone consisted of a gigantic group of degenerate and partially even criminal elements, who during their existence on Earth at that time only incited discord, falseness and war.

104. Hervorgegangen aus Ausgestossenen, weil sie sich in keine Ordnung einfügten und verbrecherisch waren, rotteten sie sich in alter Zeit zusammen und bildeten das Scheinvolk der
 Hebraons, der Zigeuner, die sich grössenwahnsinnig und aus Selbstsucht und Egoismus ein auserlesenes Volk nannten, das über allen irdischen Völkern eine hocherhobene und beherrschende Stellung einnehmen wollte, wie dir ja bekannt ist.
104. Having come forth from the ones who were expelled, because they would not obey any order and were criminal, they assembled together in a mob in ancient times and formed the sham-people of the Hebraons, the gypsies, who in their megalomania and in selfishness and egoism, named themselves a chosen people, who wanted to take up an elevated and ruling position over all terrestrial peoples, as is indeed known to you.

105. Du weisst aber auch, dass dieses Scheinvolk über
sehr lange Zeit hinweg seine Ziele stets erreichte, jedoch immer nur durch Mord, Brandschatzung, Freundschaftsverrat und Intrigen usw., worin sie, die Urvorfahren der heutigen Israelis, wahrliche Meister waren.
105. But you also know that this sham-people over a very long time always reached its goals, however, always only through murder, arson, the betrayal of friendships, and intrigues, and so forth, whereby they, the original forefathers of today's Israelis, were truly masters.

106. Ihre ferne Nachfahren nun, die heutigen Israelis resp. deren Verantworliche und deren Schergen können - wie die USA - unter den Augen der Weltöffentlichkeit und gar unter deren Beifall schonungslos und ungehemmt und geheimdeinstlich und militärisch die schlimmsten Verbrechen begehen.

106. Their distant descendents now, today's Israelis, respectively their responsible ones and their myrmidons can - like the U.S.A. - commit the worst crimes pitilessly and unhindered and with their secret services and military, right before the eyes of the world at large, and even with their approval.

107. Nicht nur, dass
der Geheimdienst und das Militär verbrecherischen Elemente und vertrauensvolle Freund in vielen Ländern der Erde haben, die sie bei Bedarf und zur Erreichung ihrer Ziele einfach wieder wie eh und je brutal und blutrünstig abschlachten, nein, sie haben es- wiederum wie die USA - durch ihre Intrigen auch verstanden, sich in den Regierungen, den Wirtschaftskonzernen und Banken usw. die betreffenden Freunde zu schaffen oder sich gar selbst in diese einzuschleichen, so ihre Macht bereits derartig gewachsen ist, dass dies vom Erdenmenschen nicht mehr erfasst und nicht mehr überblickt werden kann.
107. Not only that the secret service and military have criminal elements and trustworthy friends in many nations of Earth, who they, as ever, simply brutally and bloodthirstily butcher as needed and to reach their goals, no, they also have - again like the USA - through their intrigues, also understood how to make the appropriate friends in the governments, the economic concerns and banks, and so forth, or even creep into these themselves, so that their power has already grown to the degree that this cannot be grasped and perceived by Earth humans any more.

108. Grosse Schuld daran, dass dies überhaupt in diesem Ausmasse geschehen konnte, trägt der letzte Weltkrieg, der
Zweite, durch den Millionen von Juden massakriert wurden, was wahrheitlich unrechtens war, wie du weisst, sowie weil die USA mit ihren Verbündeten den Krieg zu ihren Gunsten entschieden.
108.The last world war, the second, through which millions of Jews were massacred, which was truly unjust as you know, carries the great blame that this could even happen to such a degree, also because the USA with its allies decided the war in their favor.

109. Dadurch aber verblendet und eines falschen Mitleides voll, suchen die Erdenmenschen die Freundschaft der Gewaltätigen, die dieser Freundschaft aber in keiner Weise würdig sind und diese nur zu verbrecherischen Zwecken ausnützen.

109. But blinded by that and full of false pity, Earth humans seek the friendship of the, violent ones but who in no way merit this friendship and only take advantage of it for their criminal purposes.

110. Eine Tatsa...

110. A fact...

Billy: Menschenskind, du musst verdammt vorsichtig sein, was du hier sagst, denn das alles könnte als neofaschistisch und judenfeindlich ausgelegt werden.

Billy: Man alive, you must be damned cautious about what you say here, because all of this could be interpreted as being neo-fascist and anti-Jewish. 

Du weisst doch, dass dauernd antisemitische Machenschaften und ähnliches zu Prozessen und noch schlimmerem führen.

You also know that anti-Semitic machinations and the like constantly lead to legal procedures and even worse.

112. Diese Erklärungen sind aber erforderlich
dafür, was ich dir in diesem Zusammenhang zu sagen habe.
112. But these explanations are necessary for what I have to tell you in this context.

Billy: Das mag ja sein, aber trotzdem ist es gefährlich.

Billy: That may well be, but in spite of that, it is dangerous. 

Es könnte unsere ganze Mission gefährden und mir zumindest wieder Mordversuche auf den Hals jagen. 

It could endanger our entire mission, or at least attract murder attempts around my neck again.

113. Wenn du dich fürchtest, dann können wir unsere Mission fallenlassen. 

113  If you are frightened, then we can abandon our mission.

Billy: Bestimmt nicht, doch ich frage mich, ob ich wohl daran getan habe, dich nach den zukunftigen Ereignissen zu fragen, wenn du nun so offen von diesen Dingen sprichst, die wohl der Wahrheit entsprechen, wie ich weiss, die aber verdammt heiss sind.

Billy: Certainly not, but I ask myself whether I did right in this, to have questioned you regarding future events, when you now so openly speak of these things, which correspond to truth as I know, but which are damned hot.
114. Ich hätte davon auch gesprochen, wenn du mich nicht nach den zukünftigen Dingen
gefragt hättest. 
114. I would have also spoken about it, if you had not asked me about future matters.

Billy: Ich verstehe.
Billy: I understand. 

Scheinbar erfordert es die kommende Weltlage. 

Seemingly the coming world situation requires this.

115. Sicher.

115. Sure.

Billy: Aber trotzdem bedeutet es eine ganz verdammte Gefahr.

Billy: But, in spite of that, this means quite a damned danger.

116. Auch das ist richtig, und zwar bedeutet es eine sehr grosse Gefahr für dich selbst und für dein Leben, denn die wenigsten Erdenmenschen werden verstehen und verstehen wollen, dass wir nur die Wahrheit sprechen und nur die Wahrheit verbreiten hinsichtlich
dieser Dinge und dass wir selbst nicht, wie auch du nicht, trotzdem in keiner Form im Bezuge auf die Menschen selbst antiamerkanische und antiisraelische Ambitionen und hinsichtlich der Rechtschaffenheit dieser Staaten besitzen.
116.That also is correct, and it especially means a very great danger for yourself and for your life, because the fewest Earth humans will understand and want to understand, that we only speak the truth and only spread the truth regarding these things, and that we ourselves, as well as you, in spite of that, regarding the people themselves, do not possess anti-American and anti-Israeli ambitions in any form and in regard to the integrity of these countries.

117. Nur wenige werden verstehen, dass wir nur die mörderischen und falschen Machenschaften
der genannten Gruppen Erdenmenschen zu beanstanden und die übrige Menschheit vor ihnen zu warnen haben; eben die verbrecherischen Staatsmächtigen und ihre ihnen hörigen Schergen und Knechte, die für ihren Wahn und Fanatismus sowie für ihre Hörigkeit und Profitgier bedenkenlos über Leichen gehen, morden, zerstören und terrorisieren.

117.Only few will understand that we only object to the murderous and false machinations of these named groups of Earth humans, and have to warn the rest of mankind about them: being the criminal state powers and the myrmidons and servants who belong to them, who, for their delusion and fanaticism as well as for their serfdom and profit greed, go, without consideration, over corpses, murdering, destroying and terrorizing.

Billy: Natürlich, aber diese Erklärung wird wohl nicht viel helfen.
Billy: Naturally, but this explanation will probably not help much.


118. Das mag sein, doch einige werden der Wahrheit trotzdem inne werden.
118.That may be, however some will absorb the truth in spite of that.

Billy: Das nutzt mir dann verdammt viel, wenn ich dabei zur Hölle fahren sollte.
Billy: That's a lot of damned use to me, if I'm thereby to go to hell.

119. Du kannst dich deiner Verpflichtung entbinden, wenn du dich fürchtest, was du aber noch nie getan hast.

119.You can unfetter yourself from your duty, if you are afraid, which you have, however, never done before.

Billy: Natürlich nicht, denn du weisst doch, dass ich ein gegebenes Versprechen nicht einfach brechen kann.

Billy: Naturally not, because you indeed know that I cannot simply break a given promise.

Andererseits frage ich mich, warum du plötzlich auf den verrückten Gedanken kommst, dass ich mich fürchten sollte.

On the other hand, I ask myself why you suddenly came upon the crazy idea that I should be afraid.

Soll das vielleicht ein psychologischer Trick sein, um mich bei der Stange zu halten?

Should this perhaps be a psychological trick, to cause me to persevere?

Willst du mich sozusagen in meiner Ehre treffen und damit auch mein Eigenehrgefühl ansprechen?

Do you want to strike at my honor, so-to-speak, and thereby also address my own feelings of honor?

Das wäre recht mies von dir, denn du weisst sehr genau, dass ich dann in ...
That would be quite mean of you, because you know very precisely that I then ...

120. Du verlierst dich in Worten, die du selbst nicht als gegeben annimmst. 

120. You lose yourself in words, which you yourself do not accept as given.

121. Und du weisst auch, dass ich niemals mit solchen Hintergedanken an dich herantreten würde.
121. And you know also, that I would never approach you with such ulterior motives.

Billy: Natürlich, es wäre mir auch neu.

Billy: Naturally, that would also be new to me. 

Ich wollte nur wissen, wie tief deine Worte gründen.

I only wanted to know the depth of your thoughts.

Erzähle also ruhig weiter, ich werde bei der Stange bleiben, auf Teufel komm raus oder bleib drin.

Therefore calmly tell me further, I will persevere, whether the devil comes out or stays in.

122. Das wusste ich.

122. I knew that.

Billy: Dann war das Geplänkel überflüssig.
Billy: Then this small skirmish was superfluous.

123. Sicher.

123. Sure.

124. Doch höre nun:

124. But now listen:

125. Das bereits von mir Gesagte musste ich erklären, weil das Folgende nur dadurch verstanden werden kann:

125. What I have already said, I had to explain, because the following can only be understood thereby:

126. Du weisst um die Intrigen der
Verantwortlichen, die durch ihren Geheimdienst erstellt und durch die Revolutionen und Kriege in aller Welt vorangetrieben oder ausgelöst werden.

126. You know about the intrigues of the responsible ones, which are established through their secret service, and are advanced or set off through revolutions and wars throughout the world.

127. Du weisst aber auch, dass durch den
amerikanischen, sowjetischen und israelischen Geheimdienst Meuchelmorde, Attentate und Politmorde in sehr grosser Zahl begangen werden und dass dieselben Geheimdienste politische Wirren auslöst und Regierungsstürze usw.

127. But you also know that through the American, Soviet and Israeli secret service, assassinations, assassination attempts and political murders are committed in very great numbers, and that the same secret services set off political confusions and topple governments, and so forth.

128. Was dir und den Erdenmenschen aber noch unbekannt ist, das ist die Tatsache, dass in vielen Revolutionen und Kleinkriegen die
Kräfte direkt mitwirken und ungeheure Verbrechen begehen.

128. But what is still unknown to you and the Earth humans is the fact that in many revolutions and small wars the powers directly take part and commit monstrous crimes.

129. Nicht nur, dass sie sich in die Weltordnungen hinsichtlich der atomaren Bestimmungen
nicht einordnen und nukleare Versuche betreiben usw. und somit gegen alle Bestimmungen und Vorschriften verstossen, nein, sie entwenden und rauben unter Mord und Totschlag auch noch die hierzu erforderlichen Materialien.

129. Not only that they do not submit to the world order regarding atomic regulations, and continue to conduct nuclear trials and so forth, and consequently contravene all rules and regulations, no, they also pilfer and rob the required materials by murder and manslaughter.

130. Noch weit schlimmere Dinge aber werden durchgeführt durch die Militärs und
durch den Geheimdienst, indem sie sich in Revolutionen und Kriege anderer Völker direkt einmischen und hundert- und tausendfachen Mord begehen.

130. But far worse things yet are carried out through the military and through the secret service, in that they directly interfere in revolutions and wars of other peoples, and commit hundred-fold and thousand-fold murders.

131. Dies jedoch tun sie in der hinterlistigen und infamen Form, dass alles den Anschein erweckt, als
seien die direkt Beteiligten oder irgendwelche Untergruppen von diesen jeweils die Schuldigen.

131. This however, they do in the cunning and infamous manner, that everything looks as if the directly involved ones, or any sub-groups of these, are the guilty ones.

132. So haben sich
US - America und Israel bereits auch direkt in den Krieg zwischen dem Irak und dem Iran eingemischt, an dessen Ausbruch sie ebenfalls nicht unbeteiligt waren.

132. Thus have USAmerica and Israel already also directly interfered in the war between Iraq and Iran, in the breaking out of which they were likewise not uninvolved.

133. Gehheimdienstliche Sonderkommandos verübten hauptsächlich im Irak verbrecherische und kriegsverbrecherische Akte und Unternehmungen, wie auch israelische Bombenfluggeräte offen im hauptsächlichen irakische Stellungen, Städte und Atom- sowie Oilzentren bombardieren, in der Annahme, dass nicht bemerkt werde, dass es sich um ihre militärischen Einmischungen und um ihre mörderischen Hinterlistigkeiten handle.

133. Secret service special commandos, chiefly in Iraq, commit criminal and war-criminal acts and undertakings, as also Israeli bombers openly bombard principal Iraqi positions, cities and atomic and oil centers, with the assumption that it would not be noticed that this concerns their military interference and their murderous cunning. 

134. Doch darin täuschen sie sich, denn zumindest wir werden diesen schmutzigen Machenschaften gewahr und lassen diese durch dich in der Weltöffentlichkeit publik werden.

134. However, they deceive themselves in this regard, because at least we are aware of their filthy machinations and let these be given world publicity through you.

Billy: Und du bist der Meinung, dass die Menschen der Erde mir dies abnehmen, wenn ich ihnen das unterbreite oder zu erklären versuche?

Billy: And you are of the opinion that the Earth humans will take this off of me, if I lay this before them or try to explain?

135. Eine kleine Gruppe wird erkennen, dass du die Wahrheit sprichst.

135. A small group will recognize that you speak the truth.

Billy: Das nutzt dann viel.

Billy: That's much use then. 

Bedenke doch einmal, dass zur Zeit mehr als 4 Milliarden Menschen sind, die von der Wahrheit überzeugt sein müssten.

Just consider that at this time there are more than four billion humans, who must be convinced of the truth.  (gaiaguys' note: 7.5 billion in 2005)

Ganz besonders wird mir im US - Amerika - und israelifreundlichen Schweizerland sowie in Deutschland, Frankreich und in Amerika die Hölle heiss gemacht, wenn ich deine Erklärungen weiterverbreite.

Especially in USAmerica and Israeli-friendly Switzerland, as well as in Germany, France and in America, hell will be made hot for me when I spread your explanations further.

136. Sicher, denn in diesen Ländern speziell haben sich die
bösen Kräfte bei den Regierungen und im Volke viele Freunde gemacht, oder aber sie haben ihre eigenen Leute in den massgebenden Regierungen und in der Wirtschafts - und Finanzwelt sitzen.

136. Sure, because in these nations especially the evil powers have made many friends in governments and among the people, or they have their own people sit in authoritative governments and in the economic and financial world.
Billy: Ah, und da soll es noch einfach für mich sein?

Billy: Ah, and it is still supposed to be simple for me?
137. Ein solches Wort sprach ich nicht aus.

137. I never uttered such a word.

138. Auch denke weder ich noch denkt jemand anders von uns, dass die Aufgabe für dich leicht sei.

138. Neither I nor anyone else of us thinks that the task  is easy for you.

139. Wir wissen auch, dass für dich das Leben noch schwerer und die Gefahren noch grösser werden.

139. We also know, that for you, life will be more difficult and the dangers will be greater yet.

Billy: Ach, wie nett - aber zu jedem Gebet gehört eben auch ein Amen.

Billy: Ah, how nice - but indeed to every prayer also belongs an amen.


Is that certain?

140. Sicher.

140. Sure.

Billy: Gut, ich werde eben tun, was getan werden muss.

Billy: Good, I will indeed do what must be done. 

Ärger bin ich mir ja gewohnt.

I am indeed used to annoyance.

Aber warum müssen es ausgerechnet immer diese Militärs und Geheimdienste sein?

But why does it work out to always be these military and secret services? 

Schon zu früheren Zeiten waren sie es, und auch heute sind sie es wieder.

Already in earlier times it was them, and also today it is them again.
141. Und noch werden sie es auch für die weitere Zukunft sein.

141. And it will still continue to be them further in the future.

Billy: Und die Menschen werden nicht schlauer.

Billy: And the humans become no smarter. 

Dann prost.

Then cheers.

142. Leider wird es noch lange so bleiben, wie auch, dass die Religionen noch lange die Macht über den Erdenmenschen ausüben und ihn ausbeuten und in die Irre führen
dies nebst den Militärs und den Geheimdiensten..

142. Unfortunately, it will still remain like this for a long time, as it will also be that the religions still long exercise power over the Earth humans and exploit them and lead them astray, this next to the military and secret services..

Billy: Das weiss man ja, und doch ist auch das nicht zu ändern.

Billy: That is well known, and yet this also cannot be changed.

3 . Sicher, noch besteht aber keine Möglichkeit, dies im grossen zu ändern.

143 . Sure, but still there exists no possibility to change this situation greatly.

144 . Die Möglichkeit besteht nur in der Form, wie du sie betreibst.

144. The possibility exists only in the form in which you conduct it.

5. Kleine Gruppen sind erforderlich, die sich schneeballartig ausbreiten.

5. Small groups are required, which will spread in snowball fashion.

349. Du kennst die Wahrheit um Israel und um dessen Politik im besonderen.
349. You know the truth about Israel and especially about its politics.

350. Durch Reagans irre Politik werden sich Israel, die ja mit allen Mitteln die Landherrschaft
über Palästina erlangen wollen, dazu verleiten lassen, ihr wahres Gesicht zu offenbaren.

350. Due to Reagan's insane politics, Israel, which indeed wants to gain control of the country of Palestine by all means, will thereby allow itself to be misguided to reveal its true face.

351. Insbesondere der Verbrecher und Staatspräsident Begin wird seine wahre deutschfeindliche Gesinnung verraten und deutsche Politiker mit Lügen und Intrigen unmöglich zu machen versuchen, und zwar noch ehe das Attentat auf den Papst stattfinden wird und ehe in Frankreich der neue Staatspräsident namens Mitterrand gewählt wird, der dann ebenfalls eine Politik verfolgt, die der Zerstörung des Staates und der Erde entgegenführt, wie dies beim amerikanischen Präsidenten Reagan der Fall sein wird.

351. Especially the criminal and national president, Begin, will betray his true German-hostile attitude and will try to compromise the German politicians with lies and intrigues, and indeed he will do this already before the assassination attempt on the Pope will occur, and before, in France, the new national president named Mitterrand will be elected, who then likewise pursues a policy which leads toward the destruction of the nation and the Earth, as will be the case with the American president, Reagan.

352. Nur, der neue französische präsident fasst die Belange anders an als Reagan.

352. Only, the new French President will handle these matters differently than Reagan.

Billy: Du meinst also, dass  sie im Jahre 1981 die Katze aus dem Sack lassen?

Billy: You mean, therefore, that they, during the year 1981, will will let the cat out of the bag? 

353. Sicher, und zwar mit absoluter Bestimmtheit.

353. Sure, and indeed with absolute certainty.

354. Zu diesem Zeitpunkt werden die Deutschen aber nicht erkennen, dass ihre Wiedergutmachungsbemühungen bis zu jener Stunde völlig falsch waren und dass sie mit Begin ein tödliches Schlangengezücht an ihrem Busen genährt haben.

354. But up to this point in time, the Germans will not realize that their reparation attempts, up to that hour, have been totally wrong and that with Begin they have nourished a deadly brood of vipers at their bosom.

355. Ein Schlangengezücht von ganz besonders giftiger Art, das stets nur darauf aus war, mit Lug, Trug und Intrigen alles an sich zu reissen, wessen es habhaft werden konnte, wie das seit jeher bei diesem Mann der Fall war.

355. A brood of vipers of a quite especially poisonous kind, which constantly just aimed to forcefully pull everything into its possession, whatever it could get its hands on, with lies, deceit and intrigues, which has been the case for a long time with this man.

356. Vielleicht erkennen die Verantwortlichen in Deutschland und in den übrigen Ländern der Erde dann auch endlich die Wahrheit, dass nämlich die Urvorfahren der Israeliten die mörderische Methode verfolgten, ihre Auszubeutenden in angeblicher Freundschaft trunken zu machen, um sie dann im Vollrausch abzuschlachten und auszurotten.

356. Perhaps those responsible ones in Germany, and in the other countries of the Earth, will also finally recognize the truth, that namely the, original forefathers of the Israelis pursued this murderous method, to make drunk in pretended friendship those to be exploited, in order to butcher and eliminate them in their drunken stupor.

Billy: Für Hellhörige und ehrlich Wissende und Suchende war dies ja schon seit Jahrtausenden bekannt.

Billy: For those quick of hearing and honestly knowing and searching, this was already known for thousands of years.

Es steht ja auch in der Bibel geschrieben.

It is also indeed written in the Bible.
357. Sicher, doch nur für die Hellh
örigen und Wissenden.

357. Sure, but only for the quick of hearing and knowing ones.

358. Die Besserwisser und Phantasten wollten diese tatsächliche Wahrheit aber niemals sehen.

358. The know-it-alls and fantasizers never want, however, to see this factual truth.

359. Vielleicht bringen die
Beginschen Machenschaften im Jahre 1981 endlich eine Änderung.

359. Perhaps the machinations of Begin in the year 1981 will finally bring about a change.

Billy: Das ist also noch nicht sicher?
Billy: This is therefore not yet certain? 

Ich meine, dass diese Änderung kommt?

I mean, that this change will come?

360. Nein, leider nicht, und wenn dies doch der Fall sein sollte, dann
wird Israel doch die Oberhand gewinnen.

360. No, unfortunately not, and even if this should be the case, Israel will still gain the upper hand.

361. Es ist dies auch das Zeichen dafür, dass der Papst zu Rom mit den Regierenden des eigentlich zu Arabien gehörenden Landes Israel  bald gemeinsame Sache zu machen beginnen will, wobei der Papst dumm genug sein wird, nicht zu erkennen, dass auch er von Israels Machthabern nur als Mittel zum Zweck ausgenutzt wird , für deren dunkle und undurchsichtige Pläne.

361. This also is the sign that the Pope in Rome will soon begin to make common cause with, the government of the land of Israel, which essentially belongs to Arabia, by which the Pope would be stupid enough not to recognize, that he also is only exploited by Israel's power mongers as a means to an end for their dark and opaque plans.

362. Und eben hier muss ich der Chronologie der Geschehnisse kurz vorgreifen, weil gerade im Zusammenhang mit Begins Diffamierung der deutschen Politiker etwas geplant werden wird, das das wahre Gesicht und die wahre Gesinnung der
israelischen Machthaber noch krasser zum Ausdruck bringen wird als die Beschimpfung gegen die Deutschen:

362. And just here I must briefly anticipate the chronology of events, because something will be planned, particularly in connection with Begin's defamation of the German politicians, which will express the true face and the true attitude of the Israeli power mongers even more blatantly than the insult against the Germans:

363. Es wird bereits nach dem Papstattentat sein, wenn die
israelische Staatsmacht ein weiteres Verbrechen von welterregender Art begehen wird.

363. It will already be after the assassination attempt on the Pope, if the Israeli state powers will commit a further crime of world-provoking nature.

364. Wenn nämlich Begin die deutschen Politiker beschimpfen wird, dann wird er dies nur in der Berechnung tun, dass er als starker Mann gesehen werden soll, der es sich leisten kann, in seiner verbrecherischen Art zu handeln.

364. If namely Begin will insult the German politicians, he will only do so based on the calculation that he would be seen as a strong man who can afford to act in his criminal manner.

365. Es werden wohl seines Verhaltens wegen verschiedene tadelnde Stimmen laut werden in verschiedenen Ländern, doch sind diese wahrheitlich nicht ernsthaft gemeint.

365. It will indeed be due to his behavior that various reprimanding voices will be raised in various nations, but they truly are not meant seriously.

366. Im geheimen wird Menachem Begin von den Tadelnden nämlich bewundert und unterstützt, wodurch er sich stark genug fühlen wird, die Beschimpfung
gegen der Deutschen auf die Spitze zu treiben, um dadurch in seinem Volk Stimmen zu gewinnen.

366. Secretly, Menachem Begin will be, namely, admired and supported by those reprimanding him, whereby he will feel strong enough, to drive his insults against the Germans to the utmost in order to win votes from his people.

367. Diese Beschimpfungen werden selbstverständlich nur auf bösartigen Lügen beruhen, doch
werden sie dann wohldurchdacht und auf den Zweck hin ausgerichtet sein, das nächste und zu diesem Zeitpunkt bereits geplante Verbrechen zu verheimlichen; nämlich einen kriegerischen Offensivschlag unter dem Deckmantel der Defensive gegen den Staat Irak zu führen, wobei irgendwann in der Zeit zwischen dem 7. und 9. Juni 1981 der Staat Irak verbrecherisch von der israelitischen Luftwaffe überfallen und bombardiert werden soll, wobei das Zerstörungsziel ein im Bau befindliches Atom-Kraftwerk sein wird.

367. These insults, of course, are based only on malicious lies, but they will be well thought out and aimed toward one purpose, to keep secret the next and, at that point in time, already planned crime; namely, to lead a war-like offensive blow under the pretense of defense, against the nation of Iraq, whereby somewhere during the time between June 7th and 9th, 1981, the nation of Iraq will be criminally attacked and bombarded by the Israeli Air Force, whereby their target of destruction will be an atomic power plant under construction.

Billy: Ha, und natürlich werden sich die Verantwortlichen einiger Länder wieder künstlich aufregen, um den Schein zu wahren. 

Billy: Ha, and naturally the responsible ones of some nations will be artificially excited again to preserve appearances.
368. So wird es leider auch in diesem Fall dann sein.

368. Unfortunately, then it will also be so in this case.

Billy: Dann könnten
Begin sein Ziel doch noch erreichen, weil, wie eh und je, Israel aus falschem Erbarmen, aus Wiedergutmachung und aus falscher Humanität der Völker usw. Begins mörderisches Tun und seine Sucht nach der Erlangung der Landherrschaft Palästinas weiterhin betreiben kann.

Billy: Begin could then still reach his goal, because as usual Israel, due to falsely induced pity, reparations, and due to the false humanitarianism of the people, and so forth, can continue to drive Begin's murderous deeds and his mania to gain national control of Palestine. 

Der macht seiner Herkunft tatsächlich alle Ehre: Hebreon.

He actually does honor to his origin: Hebreon.

Wie ich weiss, stammt diese Bezeichnung ja aus der alten lyranischen Sprache und bedeutet Zigeuner, wobei diese Übersetzung aber nicht korrekt ist, weil Hebreon eigentlich in der Ursprache und also in Lyranisch Hebraon und nicht Hebreon heisst.

As I know, this designation stems from the ancient Lyran language and means gypsy, but this translation is not correct, because actually, Hebreon, in the ancient language, and therefore in Lyran means Hebraon and not Hebreon.

 Hebraon aber bedeutet <abgestossener oder ausgestossener Abschaum>.

But Hebraon means the "cast-off, or cast-out, scum". 

369. Sicher, das ist korrekt, ...

369. Sure, that is correct, ...

Please also see FIGU Special Bulletin #26, August 2006

About the Events in Israel, in the Gaza Strip and in Lebanon.

Out of Contact Reports Numbers 425, 426, 427, 429 und 431

[further reading, recommended by gaiaguys]

The Bible Unearthed:

Archaeology's New Vision of Ancient Israel and the Origin of Its Sacred Texts

by Israel Finkelstein and Neil Asher Silverman

published by Simon and Schuster


Shown in Australia as a 4 Part  SBS television series.)

 (We, gaiaguys, urge you to read this book. It has PROFOUND implications for the current Middle East violence.

Israel has no historic claim on her mythical "Davidic Kingdom.  And the cold, hard science of archaeology proves it.) [Please click on the above link to read the reviews]



p. 1O2


imported luxury items, and fine ceramic vessels uncovered in the levels of the preceding Canaanite cities, the rough encampments and implements of the arriving Israelites seemed to be on a far lower level of civilization than the remains of the population they replaced.

This comparison of lifestyles gave rise to what came to be called the "peaceful-infiltration" model, first put forward by the German biblical scholar Albrecht Alt in the 1920S. Alt suggested that the Israelites were pastoralists who wandered with their flocks in fixed seasonal migrations between the fringe of the desert and the settled lands. At some time near the end of the Late Bronze Age-for reasons that were not entirely clear to him-they started settling down in the sparsely settled highlands of Canaan.

According to Alt, the process was actually gradual and quite peaceful at the beginning. The arriving Israelite pastoralists cleared the forests and began to practice small-scale seasonal farming along with herding. In time, they adopted a more settled lifestyle, establishing permanent villages and concentrating more of their energy on.agriculture.1t was only in later days, when the new settlers' numbers grew and their need of ever more land and water increased-so ran the theory-that the Israelites' problems with the Canaanites began. Conflicts over land and water rights eventually led to local skirmishes that were the real background to the struggles between Israelites and their neighbors that the book ofJudges so vividly conveys. (For a detailed description of the peaceful-irifiltration theory, see Appendix c.)

It was thus assumed that the Israelites were scattered groups of arriving pastoralists rather than 'a unified army. The "Israel" stele of Merneptah offered no additional information about the exact location, size, or nature of this people. Yet other surviving Egyptian records-though providing only a small glimpse at what must have been a much fuller account-mention two groups of outsiders who chose to live or were pushed to live on the margins of the Canaanite urban society. Both are of particular interest in the search for the early Israelites.

The first are the Apiru, a group described in the Tell el-Amarna letters of the fourteenth century BCE (as well as other Bronze Age texts) in a variety of unflattering ways. Living outside mainstream Canaanite society, uprooted from their homes by war, famine, or heavy taxation, they are sometimes described as outlaws or brigands, sometimes as soldiers for hire. In


p. 1O3 - Who Were the Israelites?

one case they are even reported to be present in Egypt itself as hired laborers working on government building projects. In short, they were refugees or rebellious runaways from the system, living on the social fringe of urban society. No one in power seemed to like them; the worst thing that a local petty king could say about a neighboring prince was that "he joined the Apiru." In the past, scholars have suggested that the word Apiru (and its alternative forms, Hapiru and Habiru) had a direct linguistic connection to the word Ibri, or Hebrew, and that therefore the Apiru in the Egyptian sources were the early Israelites. Today we know that this association is not so simple. The widespread use of the term over many centuries and throughout the entire Near East suggests that it had a socioeconomic meaning rather than signifying a specific ethnic group. Nonetheless, a connection cannot be completely dismissed. It is possible that the phenomenon of the Apiru may have been remembered in later centuries and thus incorporated into the biblical narratives.

The second group mentioned in the Egyptian texts were the Shosu. They were apparently pastoral nomads, herders of sheep and goats who lived mainly in the frontier regions of Canaan and Transjordan. An account of an Egyptian raid against rebels in southern Canaan in the days of

Ramesses III, in the early twelfth century BCE, provides a good description of these people. The Egyptian writer describes the plunder of their "tent camps of people and possessions and their cattle likewise, their being without number." They were obviously a problematic and uncontrollable element with an especially large presence in the wilderness and the highland frontiers. They were also known to have occasionally migrated to the eastern delta of Egypt, as the thirteenth century papyrus reporting their movements through the Egyptian border fortresses testifies.

Could either of these have been the mysterious "Israel" simply called by another name?

Uprooted Peasants?

Alt's peaceful-infiltration theory came under fierce attack in the 1970S because of new and far more detailed ethnographic data and anthropological theories on the relationship between pastoral nomads and sedentary communities in the Middle East. The main criticism of the earlier ideas of the

other related reading:

85.) "Organized murder and terror commandoes will live secretly in cities worldwide and plan and carry out deadly attacks in order to kill thousands of people and produce unimagined destruction." www.gaiaguys.net/MEIER.PROPHECIES.1958.HTM

Israeli death squads have been authorised to enter "friendly" countries and assassinate opponents in a move that raises the prospect of political killings in Australia.

July 2006

Four unarmed UN peacekeepers murdered in Lebanon by U.S. bunkerbuster bomb dropped by US. fighter flown by Israeli Air Force


Israeli Air Force scores a bull's-eye with U.S. guided missile on Lebanese Red Cross ambulance carrying wounded civilians from earlier air Israeli strikes.

Sydney Morning Herald

Olmert primed for war before a pretext came

 March 10th,  2007


Conal Urquhart in Tel Aviv

PREPARATIONS for Israel's war in Lebanon last July were drawn up at least four months before two Israeli soldiers were kidnapped by Hezbollah in July, the Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, has admitted.

His submission to a commission of inquiry, leaked on Thursday, contradicted the impression at the time that Israel had been provoked into a battle for which it was ill-prepared.

Mr Olmert told the Winograd commission, a panel of judges investigating Israel's perceived defeat in the 34-day war, that he first discussed the possibility of war in January last year and asked to see military plans in March.

According to the Ha'aretz daily, which obtained details of Mr Olmert's testimony, the Prime Minister chose a strategy of air attacks on Lebanon and a limited ground operation to be implemented in the event of an abduction by Hezbollah, which had made several attempts to capture Israeli soldiers on the border since Israel withdrew from southern Lebanon in 2000.

Israeli commentators believed that Mr Olmert and his Defence Minister, Amir Peretz, took the opportunity of the kidnapping to show they could manage a war in spite of their limited military experience. But the outcome seemed to highlight their lack of experience, as well as deficiencies in Israel's military planning.

The commission's interim report is expected by the end of the month. Although the commission was appointed by the Government, Mr Olmert's continuation in office would be unlikely if its report criticises him.

One political analyst, Shmuel Sandler, said it seemed that people close to Mr Olmert had leaked his submission, made on February 1, in an attempt to increase his popularity. In an opinion poll published this week, only 3 per cent of Israeli voters said they would vote for Mr Olmert, while 72 per cent said he should resign.

Zalman Shoval, of the Likud party, said Mr Olmert's testimony cast his decisions in a worse light than before. "If he had prepared plans, then to any objective commentator, this makes the situation worse," he said.

"Why were the plans not carried out? It all also places a darker complexion on his decision to expand ground operations, which led to the loss of 33 more Israeli lives."

On July 12 Hezbollah fighters abducted Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev, Israeli reservists, in an incident on the Israel-Lebanon border. Israel then launched air strikes on southern Lebanon before attacking other areas. Hezbollah fired hundreds of rockets into Israel.

Mr Olmert said at the time that Israel went to war to force the return of the soldiers, eliminate Hezbollah's rocket supplies and push the militia north of the Litani River in southern Lebanon.

Israeli forces launched several ground operations which met strong resistance. It was difficult to move supplies and troops around the battlefield because of Hezbollah's anti-tank weapons.

After a final offensive in which Israel lost 33 soldiers, the Government agreed on a ceasefire without having achieved its objectives. In the fighting, 1200 Lebanese and 158 Israelis were killed. Of the dead almost 1000 Lebanese and 41 Israelis were civilians.

* Israeli soldiers used an 11-year-old Palestinian girl as a "human shield" during an operation against militants in the West Bank town of Nablus last week, an Israeli human rights group said. The Israeli Army said on Thursday that it was checking the information, from the B'Tselem group, which monitors Israeli actions in the occupied territory. Israeli law bans the military from using human shields.

Guardian News & Media, Reuters



The Israeli Army is investigating allegations that its troops used children as human shields during a raid in the West Bank last week. An Israeli human rights group says soldiers forced two Palestinian children to enter houses ahead of them as they conducted a search for wanted men in Nablus.

Look at the man in the black top in this rare footage filmed by a news agency. The man is a Palestinian civilian. The soldiers push him ahead as they search homes. An Israeli human rights group says he is being used as a human shield. We went to see the man, and retraced his steps from that day. He said the soldiers had fired shots as they entered the bedroom. And he showed me the clothes the bullets had passed through. "There was no-one in here," he said. "We don't know why they did this." It's highly unusual for television cameras to capture such an event.

The Israeli Army says it doesn't allow its soldiers to use civilians during military operations, and yet Palestinians here in Nablus and indeed across the occupied territories, will tell you it is a widespread practice.

This girl says she was also forced to lead soldiers through the Old City during last week's operation. She is 11 years old. "They had their weapons pointed at me," she said.

GIRL: (TRANSLATOR) I was so afraid that the soldiers might do what they threatened - take me to jail or shoot me.

The army came to Nablus last week to arrest men they accuse of plotting attacks against Israel. We filmed as soldiers searched through the city. The army says its job is made harder because the gunmen hide among civilians. In this footage, you can see a gunman emerge from the crowd and fire at the soldiers. But even the Israeli Supreme Court says that is no excuse. It banned the use of human shields in 2005. The practice is illegal under international law. Nevertheless, Palestinian civilians are still apparently being used. The army says it's investigating these latest cases.


(All the below press articles from the Sydney Morning Herald)

Israeli cluster bombing immoral, says UN humanitarian chief

Date: September 1 2006

Sarah Dilorenzo in New York


THE United Nations has accused Israel of "shocking" and "completely immoral" behaviour for dropping large numbers of cluster bombs when a ceasefire was in sight during its war with Hezbollah.

The UN's Undersecretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs, Jan Egeland, told a news briefing Israel had either made a "terribly wrong decision" or had "started thinking afterwards".

Mr Egeland's claims came as the UN Secretary-General, Kofi Annan, left Jerusalem empty-handed after Israel refused his request to end its sea and air blockade of Lebanon.

In a setback for Mr Annan's efforts to stabilise the ceasefire, Israel demanded the return of two soldiers captured by Hezbollah as the price for implementing a Security Council resolution for ending the war.

The demand prepares the ground for Israeli troops to remain in Lebanon indefinitely, raising the likelihood of another military confrontation.

Mr Annan on Thursday denounced Israel's use of cluster bombs.

"I asked the Israeli authorities to give us maps and indications of where these bombs were dropped so that we can map them to protect civilians," Annan said after talks with King Abdullah II on the latest leg of a Middle East tour.

"Those kinds of weapons shouldn't be used in civilian and populated areas ... and (we need to) move very quickly to disarm them," he added at a joint news conference with Jordanian Foreign Minister Abdel Ilah Khatib.

Mr Egeland's criticism on cluster bombing was unusually harsh, even for the Undersecretary-General, who has in the past violated unwritten rules that UN officials should not criticise member states too severely.

"What's shocking and, I would say, to me completely immoral, is that 90 per cent of the cluster bomb strikes occurred in the last 72 hours of the conflict, when we knew there would be a resolution," Mr Egeland said.

The cluster bombs used in the war had an unusually high failure rate, possibly because they were old, he said. Usually 10 per cent to 15 per cent of the bomblets fail to explode immediately, but research has estimated that up to 70 per cent of the Israeli bomblets failed to explode.

Mr Egeland said civilians returning to their homes in southern Lebanon were experiencing "massive problems" as a result of unexploded munitions.

About 250,000 of the 1 million displaced Lebanese cannot move back into their homes because they have been destroyed or are littered with the munitions.

Thirteen people, including three children, have been killed between the August 14 ceasefire and yesterday, and researchers with Human Rights Watch said the density with which Israel used cluster bombs in southern Lebanon was worse than any place they had seen.

Mr Egeland urged countries that had made the cluster bombs and sold them to the Israelis, including the US, to have "serious talks with Israel".

The UN Mine Action Co-ordination Centre, which has so far assessed 85 per cent of the bombed areas in Lebanon, has identified 379 bomb-strike areas that are contaminated with as many as 100,000 unexploded bomblets missile.

Associated Press, Reuters

UN urges Israel to hand over coordinates of bomb strikes

September 20 2006

The United Nations yesterday urged Israel to hand over coordinates of the cluster bombs fired by Israeli forces in Lebanon, saying the failure to do so was hampering efforts to clear up the deadly legacy of the recent conflict.

At least 350,000 unexploded bomblets from Israeli cluster bomb attacks litter fields, homes, schools, hospitals and playgrounds in southern Lebanon and could take up to two and a half years to clear, the UN said in a report released yesterday.

David Shearer, UN Humanitarian Coordinator in Lebanon, said it was "outrageous" that Israel had fired 90 per cent of the munitions in the last 72 hours of the conflict when the UN-brokered ceasefire was almost in place.

Israel could greatly accelerate the clearance by handing over strike coordinates but has not done so, he said.

"What we'd like is the number of shells that were fired in and the actual coordinates so we can go in and short-circuit what we're doing now and go and find those munitions straight away. But that has not happened yet," Shearer told reporters.

"We have asked for them but they haven't yet been forthcoming. I haven't heard any explanation," the UN official said.

Israeli government spokeswoman Miri Eisin said she was unaware of any official UN complaint over cluster bomb mapping.

Dalya Farran, spokeswoman for the UN Mine Action Coordination Centre in the southern city of Tyre, said Israel had handed the UN centre some maps of cluster bomb strikes in Lebanon.

"But they're useless, they don't have any coordinates or legend," Farran said by telephone from Tyre.

The fist-sized bomblets, leftovers from the 34 day Israeli offensive against Hizbollah militants, have killed or wounded on average three people daily since the August 14 truce, according to the UN demining centre.

At least 15 people including a child have been killed and 83 others wounded, 23 of them children, it said.

So far, UN demining teams have identified 516 cluster bomb strike locations and cleared 17,000 bomblets.

The failure rate of the Israeli cluster bombs was around 30 to 40 per cent and the density of cluster munitions in south Lebanon is higher than witnessed in Kosovo or Iraq, with a greater concentration in built-up areas, according to the UN.

Israel fired rockets with multiple cluster bombs. The estimate of 350,000 unexploded munitions excludes cluster bomb firings by conventional artillery or dropped by Israeli aircraft.

Shearer said apart from the human cost of the cluster bombs, they were having a severe economic impact on southern Lebanon, a poor region which is 70 per cent dependent on agriculture.

Farmers were unable to get to their land to irrigate or harvest their current crop or to plant next year's crop. Because substantial numbers of cluster bombs were likely not to be cleared until the end of 2007, next year's agricultural cycle will also be affected.

"The south is comparatively the poorest area in Lebanon. The cluster munitions are stopping farmers from getting out into their fields and resuming farming activities," Shearer said.


Israel's swamp of political corruption gets even murkier

Date: October 20 2006

Omar Karmi in Jerusalem

As political scandals go, they don't come any bigger. Even in a country accustomed to a steady trickle of sexual harassment and corruption cases involving senior public figures, the possible indictment of Israel's President Moshe Katsav on four counts of rape, illegal wiretapping and obstruction of justice, has caused shock and outrage.

"It's so sordid," Yossi Alpher, a political analyst and former advisor to erstwhile Premier Ehud Barak, said. "The evidence seems overwhelming that this guy was a serial molester. For all the other cases we've seen recently, this is in a completely different league."

Certainly there have been a host of high-profile cases for Israelis to compare. On the same day police announced it was recommending indictment against Mr Katsav, two former justice ministers, Kadima MPs Haim Ramon and Tzachi Hanegbi, were to stand separate trials, on sexual harassment and fraud charges respectively.

Last month, the Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, was questioned by officials from the state comptroller's office in connection with a Jerusalem property deal. His predecessor, Ariel Sharon, was implicated in a major corruption investigation concerning fundraising that in February saw his son Omri, then a member of parliament, found guilty and sentenced to nine months in prison.

In that ruling, the presiding judge, Edna Beckenstein, wrote of a "swamp of political corruption", and said Omri Sharon by his actions had "endangered the democratic process from which the democratic system derives its strength and its very existence."

In fact, when Israelis voted for a new parliament in March of this year, 12 of 120 sitting MPs, or 10 percent of all lawmakers, were under investigation or being recommended for investigation on various criminal charges.

"There is corruption in any country," said Daniel Kayros, an attorney with the advocacy group Movement for Quality Governance in Israel. "But we have some distance to go in Israel."

Mr Kayros says the "understandable and overwhelming" focus in Israel on national security has tended to sweep other issues under the carpet. But he senses change.

"The last election was the first in which corruption was central on politicians' agenda," he pointed out. "We [MQG] managed to have politicians sign a public petition against corruption. The positive thing here is that politicians have started to realise that it is in their interests to be seen stand against corruption."

But the "swamp" is causing Israelis to tune out. Poll after poll show that an ever-increasing number of Israelis believe their politicians to be corrupt and that corruption is growing.

Voter turnout, meanwhile, has declined sharply. Up until 2001, voting percentages hovered around 80 percent. In this year's election, only 63.2 percent cast their votes.

"The [Katsav] affair has only made Israelis more cynical," says Mr Alpher, who points to the declining voter turnout as evidence that Israelis are already tired of their politicians. "If the president is this depraved, it strikes another blow at the respectability of our politicians."

Mr Katsav continues to maintain his innocence and has vowed not to resign unless he is indicted. But the level of coverage and lurid details in the Israeli media would seem to have done his reputation irreparable harm regardless of the attorney general's decision.

"I don't believe him. I don't believe any of them," budding photographer Hannah Allon, 26, said sipping coffee in a Jerusalem cafe. "I find the whole thing sick. This is the president of my country. Accused of raping, what nine women!? I am so ashamed I can't even bear to read any more about it. "

Ms Allon, who recently returned to Israel from a six-month trek in East Asia after she finished her art and photography studies, says she has no trust in her politicians and could think of none of her friends that did.

"All my friends voted for the Pensioners' Party last time," she said. "At least we know where they stand on some issues."

Moshe Davit, 44, owner of a Jerusalem bar and restaurant, said he would reserve judgement until Mr Katsav is proven guilty.

"Look, I know Israeli women. They complain a lot. But there is a lot of smoke. Anyway, the guy is an idiot not to have resigned already."

Mr Davit too confessed to having little faith in his politicians.

"I don't vote for any personality. I vote like my father votes: for a party. Politicians can't be trusted, especially here. The last politician I trusted was Sharon, and he was also corrupt. I still like him though."

Grasping for a silver lining to the whole affair, Mr Kayros said that Mr Katsav's vow to resign if indicted thus waiving his parliamentary immunity was "a small ray of light".

"Don't get me wrong. Katsav should have resigned months ago. The fact that he didn't, and that I have to sit here and try and explain that, is a deep, black embarrassment to me and no honour to my country."

Experiments on elderly echo Nazis

Date: October 25 2006

JERUSALEM: Three Israeli doctors are under arrest over illegal experiments on thousands of patients, including an elderly concentration camp survivor who narrowly escaped being a victim of the Nazi doctor Josef Mengele.

These human trials involving mostly old and mentally disturbed patients - some of whom died - echo those in the Auschwitz concentration camp in World War II.

Berta Wiesel, 83, was among the dead. She was sent to Auschwitz from Ukraine and forced to part from her twin sister to escape Mengele's experiments.

The doctors include the deputy director of a prominent geriatric facility. Among the experiments conducted for several years until 2004 were invasive procedures on the stomach and bladder.

During one with an appetite stimulant, patients in a "control group" were left underfed for several weeks. Some on whom experiments were conducted gave permission only with a thumbprint.

Joseph Barel, the director of Kaplan Hospital, one of two hospitals at the centre of the inquiry, said: "The doctors say that patients gave consent, and these things are being checked by the police."

Telegraph, London

Truth is sometimes caught in crossfire

Date: October 6 2007

There are hopes the real story of the death of a boy in Gaza may emerge at a court case, writes Ed O'Loughlin.


The death of Mohammed al-Dura is a harrowing piece of footage: a 12-year-old Palestinian boy dying in his father's arms as the pair seek cover from withering crossfire in Gaza.

It is also, a senior Israeli spokesman declared this week, fake.

Danny Seaman, the director of Israel's Government Press Office, said the television station France Two "essentially staged" the footage seven years ago this week as a "blood libel" against the Jewish state.

Seaman is the most senior government official to express a view which is increasingly popular among supporters of Israeli policy.

Under this view, the killing of Mohammed al-Dura, like several other incidents which produced television images particularly unfavourable to Israel, was a smear contrived by foreign journalists against the Jewish state.

Mohammed was the first child to die in the present intifada and the harrowing images of his final minutes led to global condemnation of the Israeli soldiers who, France Two reported, fired the fatal bullets. Since September 30, 2000, Netzarim junction, where he died, has been ground zero for one of the most bitter struggles in a war in which, it has been said, the most important battle is the battle for the narrative.

For most Palestinians the footage is incontrovertible proof that right from the start of the intifada Israeli soldiers were cold-bloodedly murdering children and civilians.

Supporters of the media conspiracy theory insist that ballistic and image analysis prove that Israeli troops could not possibly have shot the child or his father, who survived with serious injuries.

The theory's principal authors, who carried out the only investigation into the incident on behalf of the Israeli Defence Force, say the boy was in fact targeted by Palestinian gunmen - with the connivance of his father and France Two's Palestinian cameraman - to dupe ordinary Palestinians into hating Israel.

This particular battle in the information war is about to shift to a French courtroom, where, on November 14, France Two will play its full, unedited footage of the day's events in support of its libel case against Philippe Karsenty, an independent media critic who accuses it of faking the story.

Karsenty is appealing against his defeat in a lower court.

France Two's Jerusalem correspondent, the French-Israeli historian Charles Enderlin, claims the hearing will put the conspiracy theory to rest once and for all: many of the allegations centre on discrepancies between the footage and his voiceover - recorded after the event, from which he was absent - and on the fact that less than a minute of the tape was broadcast.

But the central thrust of the conspiracy theory is drawn from a semi-official Israeli Defence Force investigation which was seen as so dubious seven years ago that even the army and the government declined to adopt its findings.

The two men appointed to conduct the investigation, Nahum Shahaf, a physicist, and Yosef Duriel, an engineer, were civilians with no forensic or ballistic qualifications or experience.

They originally met through their roles in a campaign to prove the innocence of the far-right Jewish settler who was arrested on the spot for the 1995 shooting of the prime minister, Yitzhak Rabin, and who readily confessed to the killing. They blamed a conspiracy headed by Shimon Peres, the Nobel Peace Prize-winner who is now Israel's president.

Before his involvement with the al-Dura case even began, Duriel announced to a newspaper that "provocateurs opened fire against IDF soldiers, behind the back of a child, and made sure he would be killed in front of cameras; and after the boy, they killed the ambulance driver who tried to save him".

Because the Israeli army had already bulldozed the scene of the killing, destroying physical evidence including the concrete barrel and the bullet-pocked wall seen in the background of the France Two tape, the pair staged their re-creation of the incident on a defence force firing range.

A report published in the liberal daily Haaretz on November 8, 2000, concluded that the investigation was so shaky the Israeli public would never accept its findings.

But this week none of the mainstream Israeli news reports on the affair mentioned the original doubts about the investigation.

Instead, there were references to a "thorough" investigation, carried out by "experts" and "independent sources".

In Gaza, meanwhile, the Herald accompanied Jamal al-Dura back to Netzarim crossroads for a very different reconstruction of the events of that day seven years ago.

"As soon as I reached the barrel I heard bullets hit the wall. I realised we were the target and I hid behind the barrel from the bullets," he said, standing on the spot where his son died.

"The Israelis claim that the Palestinians shot me, but where did the bullets come from?" He gestured towards the site of an Israeli army base, since demolished. "I'm sitting here against a wall - where could the Palestinian bullets come from? If there were Palestinians, why were they shooting at me, not at the Israelis?"

Dura said he was prepared to exhume the boy's body - buried without a post-mortem examination on the night of his death, as is usual in Muslim culture - to refute claims that the boy was shot from behind, or that he is not dead at all.

In Gaza City the cameraman who shot the disputed film, Talal Aburaham, said France Two had ordered him not to discuss the footage until the full tape was played in court next month.

But there is another tape comprising footage shot on the day by France Two and other Western agencies that depicts the surreal combination of ritual violence and lethal force, of stones and live bullets, which became all too common in Gaza in the years since.

A Palestinian policeman dies behind the wheel of his Land Rover a few metres from the spot where two blurred figures - dressed like the al-Duras - can be seen from several different angles, cowering behind a barrel. An ambulance goes to the rescue, and its driver is killed.

In a couple of long shots Aburaham is visible, huddled in the dubious cover of a white van parked in the open a few metres from the figures behind the barrel.

There is a lot of automatic gunfire - from both the Israeli army base and Palestinian security men filmed as they shoot back from positions at either end of the wall against which the al-Duras are huddled.

The truth, like Mohammed al-Dura, may be trapped in the crossfire between entrenched extremes. If nothing else, the news footage shows the site of the killing was more than 200 metres from the nearest Israeli position, and that the men shooting on both sides were under fire. Whoever shot Mohammed almost certainly didn't do it in cold blood.



Story Picture: Tragedy ... Gaza man Jamal al Dura revisits the spot where his son, 12 year-old Mohammed al Dura, was shot dead seven years ago.






SBS-TV World News Australia


October 10th, 2007

Israel's Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has been grilled by police over corruption allegations. Investigators questioned him at his official residence in connection with the privatisation of Israel's second-largest bank. He's suspected of trying to help steer the sale of the financial institution to Australian billionaire Frank Lowy and another business associate in 2005. Mr Lowy and his associate did not actually submit any bid for the bank shares. Mr Olmert has denied any wrongdoing.



The Myth of the Jewish ‘Race’

Race is a sensitive subject. To use the word almost invites the charge of racism. Yet to understand the rise of Christianity one must come to terms the people who were its original authors – the Jews.

The Jews claim themselves to be a race – but are they?
The earliest reference yet found to this singular people is on a statue from the Syrian city of Alalakh, dated to about 1550 BC. The inscription refers to hapiru warriors in the land of Kin’anu – a presence confirmed by clay tablets from Akhenaten’s capital of Amarna, referring to marauders in the hill country of Palestine. The famous stele of Pharaoh Merneptah dated to 1207 BC records 'Israel is laid waste, his seed is not’. 'Israel' here is a reference to a people, not a territory.

The weight of evidence suggests these original ‘Hebrews’ coalesced during the bronze age from successive migrations, some from the periphery of the Nile delta (in Egyptian, ‘Peru or apiru meant a labourer) but most from across the Jordan and Euphrates rivers. In their own semitic tongue, habiru meant ‘beyond’, suggesting an origin elsewhere. In Babylonian script khabiru referred to a class of slaves. As a people, therefore, the Hebrews combined Mesopotamian and Egyptian stock, almost certainly drawn from the lowest social order, conceivably including runaway slaves. One migration, at least, brought with it a mountain/sky god – Yahweh – destined for higher things.


Blood Sacrifice

Influenced by these Canaanite cults, but devoid of artistic or metal working skills of their own, the early Hebrews adopted a way of honouring their god of choice by genital mutilation. This sometime practice of the Egyptian priesthood became, for the ‘Jews’, a tribal obligation, part of the male regenerative organ offered as a blood sacrifice to the ‘jealous’ god Yahweh. Other gods were worshipped but Yahweh demanded precedence.


Copyright © 2004 by Kenneth Humphreys.

Information from http://www.robotwisdom.com/issues/judaism.html that
may partially confirm Plejaren info on Hebrews:

2000-1570 BC: Middle Bronze Age II [archeo] (prosperous and populous)

2000-1800 BC: Middle Bronze Age II A

2000 BC? common ancestor of many Jews, Arabs, Turks, and Armenians
[cite] or 40,000-1000 BC? [cite]

c2000 BC: earliest mention of 'SA-GAZ' in Sumerian document [etext] cf
'apiru' (habiru, bandits, hebrews?) [cite] [more]

"...these unclothed people, who travel in dead silence, who destroy
everything, their women carry spindle and spinning bowl, their menfolk
go where they will-- they establish their tents and their camps-- they
spend their time in the countryside without observing the decrees of my
king Shulgi..."

"The term 'Habiru' (more properly 'Apiru or its cuneiform ideogram
equivalent SA.GAZ) occurs in over 200 texts that date to the second
millennium BCE and that come from every part of the ancient Near East.
The term appears to refer not to a specific national or ethnic group
but rather to a class of individuals. In some texts 'Apiru appear as
vagrants who raid and otherwise generally harass resident populations;
in other records they are mercenaries whose services are available to
the highest bidder." [cite] [bibliog]

Billy and Ptaah reveal the genesis of today's human blood sacrifice cults

 "A method unworthy of humans, that is extremely painful for the animals, which also the depraved sacrifice-priests knew, as they joyously gloated in their sadistic torture when they murdered humans and animals in this manner and way on the sacrificial blocks, and rejoiced in their insane belief and fanaticism in the monstrous torture of their sacrifices who would often writhe for many long minutes in their pain." - Ptaah, April 4th, 2002



From the press conference in Iraq, March 26th, 2003

(Former) Iraqi Vice President Taha Yassin Ramadan (deceased)


"Even people on other planets, if they exist, they have condemned the aggression right before it started."

BBC Television News relayed by Australian SBS Television (English translation)


Talmud Jmmanuel

Chapter 25

The Prophecy


1.    And Jmmanuel walked out of the temple, and his disciples came up to him because they wanted to show him the temple's structure. 

2.    He, however, spoke to them, "Look at all this. Truly, I say to you, not one stone here will remain upon the other without being broken. 

3.    "The Israelite people trespass against life and the truth, and they built this city on human blood. These people are divided into Israelites, who call themselves sons and daughters of Zion, with whom I do not identify, and who want to kill me, and Jews, who are misled believers of their religious cult, and to whom I bring the teachings of truth, as I do to all Earth humans. 

4.    "The Israelites have ravaged this land through plunder and murder, they have killed their friends with whom they had drunk wine, and they have deceived and misled their fellow believers of the Jewish cult, who are truly not Israelites but merely believers in a cult. 

5.    "Thus the Israelites betrayed their own friends and murdered them because of their greed, but it shall likewise be done to them by the rightful owners of this land whom they have deprived of their rights and subjugated since ancient times." 

6.    And when he sat on the Mount of Olives his disciples came up to him and said, "Tell us, when will this take place, and what will be the sign?" 

7.    And Jmmanuel answered, saying, "Two thousand and more years will pass, but meanwhile Israel will never find peace because wars and many calamities will threaten the unlawful occupants of this land; but see to it that nobody leads you astray. 

8.    "That is, many deceivers and false prophets will come in my name and say, 'I am Jmmanuel, and I am the sign of the time,' and they will mislead many. 

9.    "People will hear about wars and threats of war, and they are to witness this but not be frightened because it must transpire; but it will not yet be the end. 

10. "For many a nation will rise up against its government, one nation against another and one kingdom against another, and there will be times of privation, earthquakes and immense storms and floods all about. 

11. "All of these events are just the beginnings of the woes. 


 For much more on the above and much more on the Meier case: www.tjresearch.info 


Preliminary report  about CSETI (and Disclosure Project) director, Dr. Greer’s latest book

Tragically, but importantly, Steven Greer’s explanations about the cosmological and historic side of things particularly demonstrate his rejection and consequent unfamiliarity with the more extensive (scientifically supported) information provided by the Plejaren Federation through long term contactee Billy Meier. This information (www.theyfly.com ) should self-evidently at least be referred to and studied by someone claiming to promote the truth about extraterrestrials in preparation for any attempt to relay the truth about the bigger cosmological picture.

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