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Preliminary report by gaiaguys’ Vivienne Legg about Dr. Greer’s latest book

May 2006

Steven Greer’s new book Hidden Secrets – Forbidden Knowledge contains a number of very important updates and elaborations on the extensive and extraordinary information he provided in his earlier books, Disclosure, and Extraterrestrial Contact. These new gems of information, including a mention of Opus Dei‘s backing of covert, anti-ET propaganda operations, are provided in the context of necessary recapping and a more thorough presentation of the context from which the Disclosure Project came forth, and those things certainly should be understood in the context of the earlier information. Tragically, but importantly, Steven Greer’s explanations about the cosmological and historic side of things particularly demonstrate his rejection and consequent unfamiliarity with the more extensive (scientifically supported) information provided by the Plejaren Federation through long term contactee Billy Meier. This information ( ) should self-evidently at least be referred to and studied by someone claiming to promote the truth about extraterrestrials in preparation for any attempt to relay the truth about the bigger cosmological picture.  

Although we appreciate enormously what he has done with the Disclosure Project  it is critical for us to point out Greer’s obvious rejection of that material provided by the Plejaren Federation, considering what an influential and respected role he plays in this process of enlightenment about extraterrestrial life and the cover-up. On that note we unfortunately have to say that we have grave doubts about where his CE-5 projects (ie. Earth human initiated peaceful contacts with ETs) are heading, since he seems to be utilizing a guided meditation technique for preparation which should surely cloud the issue and make the scientific, truthful assessment of any contact very doubtful. And again this is done in willful ignorance of the Meier advice about who the ETs might be who are running programs related to Earth. Also it is hard to tell how Greer formed much of his assessment of cosmological and spiritual truth. It is not clear if it came from the ETs he has probably had contact with, or whether it is his own interpretation which is quite strongly influenced by religious themes despite his strident criticism against such religious influence. 

Gaiaguys’ readers will be aware that one of our main projects has been to promote knowledge about the cover-up of the truth about extraterrestrials and the related campaign to portray extraterrestrials in a frightening xenophobic light to justify a further weaponisation of space, among other things. And the extensive evidence for this is something that we largely have Steven Greer’s enormous efforts to thank for , (while the Meier case also supports much of it.) On the other hand we have been working to expose a top level Australian satanic blood sacrifice cult which is engaged in the worst possible crimes against children and others and enjoys the protection of the Australian authorities. Each of these stories is huge in and of itself, and of course they reflect profoundly on each other, both demonstrating, at the very least, that what we think of as a government is way out of control and does not have our wellbeing, or the Earth’s, at heart. But, for the first time, thankfully, Greer provides the missing link between these projects.  

Greer relates the testimony of one of the many who have been involved with the super secret rogue military/corporate projects he has described at length in his earlier books, who are responsible for the ET cover-up and utilize high-tech weaponry developed from downed ET craft in inhumane and un-constitutional ways. This particular witness said he was involved in a project which was responsible for hoaxing terrifying “extraterrestrial” abductions. (Others have testified to being involved in these hideous hoaxes.) This man told Greer that before he was about to be sent to work in a deeper level of the project, at Pine Gap, Australia, he was exposed to a Satanic blood drinking ritual, human sacrifice and torture. “He was being acculturated to the programs of Satanic worship and Satanic sacrifice and the love of the bloodthirsty killing of innocents. He told us that once he got to that level, he had to take a vow to Lucifer. And he did.” Snap! At the deepest levels of the UFO cover-up and the top-level child abuse ring cover up are Satanic cults. That’s seemingly not all that is involved by any means. But with this connection we can learn more about each scenario by reading about the other. We can trace the common threads, and we can begin to understand the deranged mentality driving these projects. 

It seems like a bad dream doesn’t it? But don’t despair in the face of this terrible information. Knowing about it represents the solution to many other problems. We absolutely agree with Greer’s positive assessment of the situation, being that the only real power the rogue groups have derives from secrecy, the element of surprise and the ignorance of others. He said of his experience that, “we were changing that dynamic by revealing their plans.”  That’s exactly what’s happening here in Australia too. 

In relation to that it is encouraging to read that, although things are still very much uncertain, the large scale plans for hoaxed ET attack as previously outlined by Greer have not yet come to pass and Greer suggests they may have been somewhat disrupted by his efforts to expose it. 

From my perspective the main value of Greer's work remains the gathering together of the invaluable Disclosure Project testimony which still urgently demands the scrutiny of all logical minds, if only for what it tells us about the context for the "War on Terror" and 9/11. Despite the apparently increasing "God and angels" type focus and frustrating vagueness regarding CSETI's ET contacts in recent years I really am still somehow very impressed with Greer's efforts, his courage and what he has succeeded in bringing to light. However, as impressive and personally grueling as Greer's experiences have been, we find, after two or three years studying the scientifically proven Meier case and content, that his understanding about extraterrestrials and Earth history is maddeningly limited and is simply dwarfed by the extensive and logical, if confronting, explanations from the Plejaren who claim to be the descendents of some of those who wrongly presented themselves to Earth humanity as gods in times past.

That Greer seems to view Meier as one who puts himself forward as a divine or perfect being rather than simply a teacher and announcer of truth (which we all must test independently for ourselves) demonstrates that Greer has not looked at the Meier case more than very superficially, and this of course is grave cause for concern.

Nevertheless we encourage the purchase of this historic book in light of the important updates as mentioned above.

And of course there is the third great ET enlightenment initiative which remains evidently largely eschewed by not only Dr. Greer and his ET advisors, but also Meier and his Plejaren Federation associates: so-called “crop circles.”




What is Happening to the Disclosure Project?

by gaiaguys’ Vivienne Legg

June 13th 2006

The Centre for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence reveals more of its religious affiliations which are totally at odds with advice and other information provided by extraterrestrials themselves.

Official Disclosure Project emails, which originally focused on campaigns and lectures for the promotion of the Disclosure Project, have gradually morphed into advertisements for "Ambassador to the Universe" training courses by CSETI , and have now even started promoting "new age" religious books.

In the June 6th, 2006 Disclosure Project's "Official Announcement", we received the promotion of a book, The Art of Spiritual Peace Making: Secret Teachings from Jeshua ben Joseph [ie. "Jesus"] by James F. Twyman. (pictured) This is combined with a free gift of the first chapters of his The Moses Code,  which also is comprised of revisions of ancient Judeo-Christian religious themes. "What are some of the things you most want to receive? Abundance? Your Soul-Mate? The Perfect House? Your Dream Car? Did Moses receive from God the secret of how to achieve all your dreams, easily and automatically, attracting into your life everything you have ever desired? "

Disclosure Project Director, Steven Greer's latest book - Hidden Truth/Forbidden Knowledge is among the many other related products offered and/or promoted in that package. Evidently the Disclosure Project administrators agreed to plug these abovementioned books in return for publicity for Greer's. But why would they do that if they knew that extraterrestrial humans have informed us that they are here largely to expose the history of religious deception and enslavement on planet Earth, and warn us Earth humans about the devastating effects of our degenerate materialism? The open involvement of these extraterrestrials with our planet has been uniquely, logically and scientifically demonstrated through the Meier case. Some of their own distant ancestors, who are also our distant ancestors, were partly responsible for this state of affairs on Earth. (You can begin to study the overwhelming evidence for this case at )

In 1975 the Plejaren extraterrestrial human woman, Semjase, told Billy at her first contact with him,

"Religion is only a primitive concoction by man to command, suppress and exploit others, to which only spiritually weak life forms succumb. Bring this truth to light throughout the world and make it known to the people. This is an additional part of our mission.

If this does not happen, mankind will slowly destroy itself and fall into complete spiritual darkness..."  

Semjase, (whose prescribed status was known by the ancient Greeks as "goddess of wisdom"), explained, "A web of unequalled lies was manufactured around the person of Jmmanuel in order to erect a cult-religious power and unscrupulously enslave earthlings."

After his life Jmmanuel was falsely named, and portrayed, as the Jewish savior figure, "Jesus" (lit. "Yahweh saves").

 In Hidden Truth/Forbidden Knowledge, Steven Greer firmly criticizes religious interpretations of spiritual things, while simultaneously including his own religious interpretations in his presentation of his personal ET-related experiences, etc. He explains that he and his wife are adherents of the Baha'i religion who believe in the essential unity of all faiths and the unity of humanity. Baha'i devotees embrace the dogma that all the founders of the world's great religions have been direct manifestations of "God" and agents of a progressive divine plan for the education of the human race. Meanwhile Greer's mesmerizing so-called guided meditation, which he uses for his "Ambassador to the Universe" programs describe to his trainees the presence of "extraterrestrial beings, celestial beings, the great Prophets, and the enlightened ones..." (p323). Being reunited with deceased loved-ones is part of the cosmology on offer. (p.308)

Readers of our other articles will know that we have challenged CSETI (The Centre for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence), which brought the Disclosure Project into being, about its complete omission in its program of information about these extraordinary Plejaren extraterrestrial contacts with Swiss citizen Billy Meier. It is increasingly clear to see why they avoid it like the plague.

The Plejaren extraterrestrials especially emphasize the role the jealous Hebrew god, known as "Jehova the Cruel*", "Jehova the Unjust", played in the history of religious delusion and enslavement of Earth people. They provide a history of events leading up to his reign and adoption of the Hebrew people. The following is a brief excerpt from gaiaguys' unofficial  translation of Billy Meier's 70th contact.


158. Arussem herrschte bis zum Jahre 3010 vor eurer Zeitrechnung, ehe ihm ein gewaltsamer Abtritt verschafft wurde durch einen Meuterer namens Henn, der im Munde der Hebraon Jehova genannt wurde und so allmählich in den eigenen Kreisen ebenfalls, wobei ihm aber noch der Beiname <Der Grausame> zugegeben wurde. 

158. Arussem governed until about 3,010 years before your time reckoning began  (3,010 B.C.) until a powerful forced departure was secured for him by a mutineer by the name of Henn, who was called Jehova in the tongue of the Hebrews, and likewise also gradually within his own ranks, whereas the appellation "The Cruel One" was added. 

159. Im Jahre 2080 v. Chr., bereits alt und schwach, wurde er abgesetzt und sein Neffe Kamagol 1. übernahm die bösartige Herrschaft über die Gizeh-Intelligenzen, um die Zentrale unter der Oberfläche der Pyramide von Gizeh zu einer mörderischen Machtzentrale auszubauen, die keinerlei Möglichkeiten der Zerstörung mehr bot. 

159. In the year 2,080, B.C. already old and weak, he was displaced, and his nephew Kamagol the First, took over the evil command of the Giza Intelligences, in order to expand the headquarters below the surface of the pyramid of Giza to a murderous center of power, which allowed no possibility at all of being destroyed anymore. 

160. Wie kein Herrscher zuvor, zwängte Kamagol 1. alle irdischen Religionen in seinen Bann und schuf furchtbare menschenblutfordernde Kulte, die sich teilweise bis zur heutigen Zeit zu erhalten vermochten.

160. Like no ruler before, Kamagol the First forced all earthly religions into his control and created terrible cults which demanded human blood, which were able to be partially maintained until the present.


(You can read the context for this excerpt here, This is the Wendelle Steven's version which contains some differences to the official German text.)


And Plejaren do not shy away from criticizing the inhumane and bloodthirsty activities of Israel, along with America and other world powers.

On  the 12th November 2003 another of Meier's extraterrestrial contacts, ("god of wisdom", or "king of wisdom") Ptaah, said that Iraq will only have peace when the US, English and UN powers pull out of the country. If this doesn’t happen then not only numerous lives will be lost in the military, but also from the ranks of UN personnel, diplomats, members of aid agencies, terrorists, suicide assassins, innocent women, children, men, reporters, tourists and also guerilla fighters who position themselves to defend against the occupying forces. Ptaah explains that the USA spreads itself like noxious vermin (literally: Ungeziefer) over the world. The United States of America must withdraw its military from where it has spread itself around the world in its push for world domination. It must pull back into the United States. England should also withdraw. And Israel must give the Arabs their land back. He says that only through these actions can international terrorism be quieted and defeated. And it’s all the same whether the terrorism comes from the United States of America, England, Israel, or the known terrorist organizations. The original German can be read in the FIGU bulletin No 10, 2004. 

(Please also see our article The Jschwjsch is Human.) "OM, takes several canons to explain in no uncertain terms that the role of the JHWH is as a teacher and instructor of the people and of the prophet, that he is not a ruler, nor is he all-knowing, and he is certainly not the Creator. He tolerates no worship. Adoration, worship and prayer are never appropriate to direct at the JHWH, or to the prophet, but only to Creation. "

Despite the extensive, intelligent and varied evidence of the genuineness of the Meier contacts and the integrity of the information he has received,  CSETI feels justified in excluding, from its disclosure of the "truth" about extraterrestrials visiting Earth, Meier's contacts, with all their extraordinarily profound implications for our shared future.  24,000 pages of eye-wateringly iconoclastic information, vital to our planets very survival, are being willfully ignored.

And what message is CSETI sending when sending out the following as an official notice from the Disclosure Project administration, on the 6th of June 2006 ?

From Twyman's The Art of Spiritual Peace Making,

"Give everything as if it is the only thing that matters, while knowing that God's will is perfect every moment."

and from Twyman's The Moses Code,

"By using the name of God, Moses is able to 1. Turn his walking stick into a serpent. 2. Turns the Nile into blood. 3. Creates plagues of frogs, lice, flies, locust and other terrible things. 4. Kill the first born of every Egyptian. 5. Part the Red Sea and destroy the pursuing Egyptian army. All in all, this is enough evidence to create a strong impression on anyone. In the end Moses and the Hebrews were left alone to follow their greatest dream – finding the Promised Land. And now you will use the name of God just as Moses did to realize your greatest dream. ..."

As we have said elsewhere, just because you don't like or believe what the extraterrestrial people of the Plejaren Federation say doesn't mean they don't exist, and obscuring the true flow of information because of one's own religious commitments is a very grave mistake indeed.

Whatever happened to the Disclosure Project grass-roots campaign for making known the corroborative testimony of Steven Greer's hundreds of government/military/corporate insiders to the UFO, (free-energy technology, etc. etc.) cover-up and related criminal projects? Have we forgotten those 20 brave individuals who stood before the packed National Washington Press Club in 2001 and the 70+ whose testimony has been included in the book Disclosure?

Although it is clear that the requested U.S. Congressional hearings, or any other open official support for these witnesses, is not happening, a substantial body of the testimony (along with documentation) does exist in written form available to people to scrutinize and share. This is a distinct, stand-alone package of evidence which still demands urgent attention from all rational people. Please don't forget the Disclosure Project witnesses and their profound revelations. And don't forget to compare what they say with the voluminous data provided by the Plejaren, through Billy Meier.


*The English expression, "the cruel one" is an inadequate translation of the German expression "Der Grausame"

Please read how cults which demand human blood still operate today, with the sanctioning of our top authorities.

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