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Hidden Truth - Forbidden Knowledge

It is time for you to know.

By Steven M. Greer M.D.

(Director of the Disclosure Project)


Chapter 32
Behind the Scenes

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After 9/11, many mainstream people began to question what is really going on behind the scenes. A certain sinister manipulation is evident to many people. I don't have the luxury of putting all that information aside and thinking it's a conspiracy theory. I know it to be true. The only question I've ever had is: When do I put all these elements together and try to explain it so it makes sense to people? And sound the alarm: Wake up, and don't be deceived. People must not be stampeded into a fear of ETs and thus begin to openly support Star Wars against ET civilizations. These covert special interests want to unite and control the world through fear, rather than uniting the world through peace and hope. It is the antithesis of where we should be at this time in our evolution. Such efforts, therefore, are the antithesis of what would sustain life and a good future on Earth.

Most people can understand that there are secret projects. A smaller number of people comprehend that there are ultra-secret, black projects. Everyone in the government knows it. And then there are a certain number of people who can get their mind around the fact that some of them could be related to projects that have broken away and are rogue and illegal - that are centered in the corporate and military-industrial-laboratory complex that deal with advanced energy systems and UFOs. But you then get into a smaller sub-set who understand that some of these rogue groups have fully operational devices that look like UFOs; have created artificial life forms that look like extraterrestrials; have been going around simulating contact events called "abductions;" have engaged in the mutilation of cattle for the fear factor that they can put out to the public and the sub-culture of UFOlogy, the pop media, the science fiction buffs, and others - because that's how they seed the consciousness with fear. And then there's even a smaller number who understand that the strings being pulled behind the scenes are from a trans-national, fascist-oriented group, not unlike the Thules that were behind the emergence of Hitler. What they couldn't do overtly during the Third Reich, they have done covertly. And through Operation Paperclip we brought them into the United States and seeded the aerospace industry and the CIA.

So, the global socialist fascist effort that did not take hold overtly in World War II has been going on, at a subterranean level, since then. We are about to see its unveiling in a larger way, as attempts to consolidate power in the world around such a philosophy and around such a structure become consummated. Meanwhile, they speak of democracy - but mean a pseudo-democracy of a centrally controlled society run covertly by an unidentified and unacknowledged power structure.

Now, if you find this disturbing, you should. And the only antidote to this that I can see is knowledge and truth and letting enough people know what's going on so that they won't be deceived. Because those running this covert agenda are counting on our collective ignorance. What they are banking on is a matrix of mis-education, dis-education and dis-information that has kept everyone consumer cows of belief systems and materialism. False belief systems, mixed with various material addictions, creates the poison of choice for the masses.

But by sharing from heart to heart, we can tell people the truth and explain another vision of the good future that awaits Earth and her children. We live in the time of these extremes: very dark and very bright. We live in the time of transformative change.

Most of the people who are at the Pentagon, in the White House, and in the CIA know nothing about these ultra-secret agendas. They are cogs in a machine, and are also victims of ignorance. Most are good people caught in a machine not of their making - and about which they have very little knowledge. It is our job to share this knowledge with everyone, including those in the government and military. For 12 years we have been moving this information into those circles, and many are realizing that they have been deceived. They then support Disclosure.

Just before 9/11, I was giving a lecture in Oregon. After the talk, a man came up to me who had been in the military for his whole career. He was there with a friend and they were acting very cautiously.

When most everyone had left, one of our Disclosure Project volunteers, Jordan Pease, said these men wanted a moment alone with me. One man, I'll call him R.J., had been involved in the military from an early age, and in the '60s had been pulled into these covert projects. One such project dealt with his ability to set up spy technologies from space that were so advanced that you could hear people talking from space and see everything they were doing. And this was in the '60s!

The technologies that are out there. are far beyond anything ever reported in the news. This is why I laugh when they say, "Oh, we can't find Osama bin Laden." Right. That and other fairy tales. Please. I mean, how stupid do they think we are? But -- more on that later.

RJ. proceeded to tell me, because of his skills, he was pulled deeper and deeper into these projects and eventually was pulled into the projects dealing with UFOs. He said, "You know, I'm afraid you don't understand what these things are that you think are ETs." And I said, "Oh, you're referring to the man-made ones that are programmed life forms?" And he pushed back from the table; he asked, "How do you know about that?"

"Oh, I have around a dozen witnesses who've worked on these pseudo-ET creatures." I said, "But if I talk too much about it, people will think I've just absolutely lost my marbles." He said, "Let me tell you what I worked on." So, he proceeded to tell me about the projects he had participated in, both in the United States and Australia.

"We did have extraterrestrial materials that were being worked on and we developed very advanced technologies that were a type of anti-gravity craft. I saw trans-dimensional capabilities, things that involve the ability to go forward or backward in time - all kinds of things." He explained.

(We have another witness who was with Boeing and McDonnell Douglas who knew about Project Red Light and Operation Looking Glass that involve those capabilities.)

Then RJ. said, "You know, what most people don't realize is that I was involved in putting together the projects that were doing a lot of these things that people call abductions!"

"We were hoaxing a lot of these abduction events that people think are extraterrestrial contact. Well, this one place where I worked -- it was underground -- there were all these containers. And there were these creatures that we were growing in a culture medium that were at different stages of development. And these creatures looked like what people think are extraterrestrials."

RJ. proceeded to tell me that there were several generations of these artificial life forms. They were trying to perfect their man-made ETs; they had been doing these Nazi-like genetic experiments from the '40s, '50s, until he was out of those projects. These pseudo-ETs were all lined up, almost like an archive. He said the state-of-the-art ones were really quite good and believable.

"Of course, we had these creatures that were like automatons, being commanded by humans, on these things that people think are extraterrestrial ships." RJ. didn't know that I already knew that these hoaxes were going on and were very sophisticated. He thought that I had been deceived, like most UFO researchers.

"No, I've known about this for a very long time." I said. "Well, why don't you talk about it?" He asked.

"Because," I explained, I'm trying to get people to even acknowledge the fact that there's such a thing as a UFO."

"Yes, I understand your position;"

He said, "I'm very glad you know about this. But do you know something else? Much of this has been placed in facilities all over the world, in the jungle in the Amazon*, in Australia, and other remote places. Eventually, I got assigned, to a deeper and deeper level, and before I was going to be deployed to this place in Australia, they took me into another level of my educational program."

He said, "You don't really know what's going on."

He explained that he witnessed a Satanic ritual initiation. Those present shared blood and there were sacrifices going on and torture. He was being acculturated to the programs of Satanic worship and Satanic sacrifice and the love of the bloodthirsty killing of innocents. He told us that once he got to that level, he had to take a vow to Lucifer. And he did.

This is not the first person who's told me about these programs. He was transferred to Pine Gap, Australia, and said it was the most unusual experience. He was flown in at night in a helicopter, to this facility. And as they approached this hill, what looked like a normal piece of land opened up. It was like it was a hologram and as they approached, the side of this hill opened and they flew right into the earth. They went deep inside, to where there were enormous, man-made UFOs. There were big triangular ones there, as well. He said, "We have facilities like these all over the world."

As he shared this with me, he would stop periodically and say, "I know you're going to think I'm making this up, and I know you can't believe this." At the end of his account, I said, "I want you to know that I have multiple witnesses like yourself -- who you don't know, because you were in your own compartmented project -- who have told me virtually the same story about different places at different times. And so I have no doubt in my mind that this has been going on."

He took a deep breath, then let it go; a huge sigh of relief.

One of the most sophisticated facilities of this type is in England. A lot of these so-called "reptilian"-looking creatures that people think are extraterrestrial are programmed life forms and bio-machines, and are being created there.

Now, most people would rather not hear this level of detail, quite frankly. But it's important for them to understand the kind of mindset we're dealing with. One of the gentlemen I'm working with, from a very well-connected family of centi-millionaires who are very involved in diplomatic and intelligence operations, had gone through the programming at a certain meditation institute. He got to Level 14 of the training. He said that unless they could do a profile on you and see that you were to the 'right of Genghis Khan', in terms of wanting to be aggressively violent and destructive, you couldn't get past that level. Since he wasn't wired to be extremely violent and hate-filled, they ended their involvement with him.

He said they talked a lot about Dr. Greer and the Disclosure Project, and they were really glad that I was getting information out that the UFOs and ETs were real. But they were furious to the point of deep hatred that I was exposing the false phenomenon and their false agenda. They are committed to this final battle of inter-planetary war, which is the chief agenda of the hard-core secrecy. They were livid that I would not go along with that agenda, and that I had discovered the plan for hoaxing an ET attack on earth - and was exposing it to people at the Pentagon and elsewhere. He said they wanted me dead. They do not want anyone of substance saying that the real extraterrestrial presence is not only very benign, but also extremely helpful and quite enlightened.

"Do you realize how much you are hated?" he asked. "Yes", I answered, "But that and their threats will never keep us from speaking the truth."

As The Disclosure Project picked up steam, I had been warned that if it went beyond what they could control through the mainstream big media, things would happen to shut it down. I was told this explicitly.

On 9/11, I was in Seattle, having just returned from Simon Frazier University in Vancouver for a lecture the night before. When I woke up on 9/11, I turned on the television and thought what I was seeing was a movie. After I realized this was real and not a movie, I called Emily, my wife, to see that everyone was okay. My next call was to my daughter in Washington, because I wanted her to get out of the city.

I couldn't get through to Washington, because all the phones were completely jammed. So, the next call was to my military adviser. The first words out of his mouth were, "Well, the conventional operations that people think are responsible for the security of the United States have no state-of-the-art equipment, inadequate personnel, and the people who can monitor these events in real time are a rogue black element, and never the twain shall meet."

I was 3,000 miles from home. This was a very emotional and difficult time, not being with my family during all this chaos. But that night, I was scheduled for a lecture to the medical society of the area. I called one of the organizers and said, "What do we do? Do we cancel? This is a national emergency." And they said, "People are calling us saying they still want to hear what you're going to say."

I was hardly in the mood to give a lecture, to say the least, but I did.

It was standing room only - the best attended medical society meeting In memory.

I presented what we were doing, and put it into the framework of a manipulated agenda to move us from super-power conflict, to global terrorism, and eventually into a threat from outer space. There were elements - not in the conventional military, not in the conventional intelligence services, not in the conventional quarters of power - but within rogue elements, that were manipulating these conditions. We had come to this point in history as no surprise to those of us who know this group and what the agenda and mindset is.

You could have heard a pin drop.

It was one of the first times I've ever said this in a gathering like this - these were all fellow physicians. This was not a new age UFO conference! But I said, "You have to understand, it's all about power- massive geo-political power." People running these programs have a 'Masters of the Universe' complex, a God complex. It is megalomania on steroids. And honestly, that is the mind set you have to get your own consciousness around, to comprehend what motivates this behavior.

I said, "Is it really that hard to figure out? Having lived personally in Israel for three years and almost having been killed twice by terrorist bombings, none of this is a surprise to me. For ten years, we have been in the Middle East after the first Gulf War, increasingly being resented by
Osama bin Laden, and other fanatics. But he was an ally of ours in Afghanistan, in the fight against the USSR. But natives of the Middle East were furious that we were in their Holy Land of Saudi Arabia." And I asked, "Why are we there? We like the scenery? The culture? Or we like visiting Mecca? We like the 120-degree temperatures? We're there for one word: oil. We're still there for oil, and we're still using oil, because these other technologies have been kept secret. I will never defend terrorists; however, we have to understand why, all of a sudden, we're this big target. Well, it's not all of a sudden. This has been coming for a long time. And there are people who knew damned good and well it was coming for a long time. I've been working with people who have been talking about the chickens coming home to roost for a long time. Frankly, as the Chinese saying goes, 'Unless we change direction, we're likely to end up where we're going.' But no one's looking at where we're going. It's high time that we wake up and see where we're headed."

I said, "You know, now we're going to have to do some tactical things to contain this problem, because the conventional military and intelligence services are going to be scrambling around, trying to respond to this in a reactive way. But no one's looking at what the causative dynamic is behind it."

After 9/11, all the airports were closed, but I had a lecture tour already planned for the Pacific Northwest. So we decided to continue the Disclosure tour, in spite of the horror of 9/11.

The very last event that I did was in Washington state, in a rural area, with a group supported by Linda Evans, the actress. We had dinner together and a long talk about all these issues. Linda Evans is very supportive of what we're doing.
On the day that I was regularly scheduled to fly home, it turned out to be the first day of normal flights scheduled out of SEATAC! I never had to even change a ticket. I never had to miss a flight. It was as if we didn't skip a beat because of 9/11. And there's a deeper message in that: even as global chaos is occurring, we are able to speak the truth, reach thousands of people, and stay on our path in the midst of these extraordinary times.

If you're doing the right thing and you're speaking the truth, even the greatest barriers will part and move out of your way. You have to walk the mystical path with practical feet.

You know, Michael Moore said the only conspiracies he believes in are the ones that are true.

There is an almost Pavlovian response that's been programmed into the "mainstream" media and elites. If you use certain words -- "conspiracy" -- it immediately is associated with "kook."

And if you use the word "UFO," it immediately brings in "abduction" and "kook." So, there are certain automatic responses that have been programmed into our culture, especially by big media. A careful analysis of how the rogue national security state and psychological warfare people operate shows that they have programmed this response and reaction when those issues come up. This strategy has been very carefully cultured over many decades.

We have the responsibility of doing this in a credible way that makes sense, but one of the serious problems to doing this is: The closer you get to what the hidden truth is, the less believable it is, and you risk your credibility.

So, it's a Catch 22.

I have been asked a number of times what has been the most disappointing thing over the last 15 years. By far it's been the fact that there are people with whom I had spent significant time with, and who have accepted this information as true, and who have enormously powerful positions where they could do a great deal of good -- whether it's a senator or a President or a U.N. official or a general in the military or a senior scientist -- and basically when it gets to the point of following up the information with any productive, constructive action, they run with their tail between their legs and say, "I can't do this."

Henry Kissinger once said, "This is the hottest potato in the universe. I'm not going to deal too much more with it." So, he knew about it, but many of these people want to just take a pass on it. It's the ultimate buck to pass. Well, who are you going to pass it to, particularly if the President of the United States has taken a pass on it?

There are agendas within agendas within agendas within agendas. The question is: How do we get enough of the information out to enough of those with power, and to the public, to provide knowledge and shine a light into these dark corners? And we have to also clearly describe an alternative.

After 9/11, I immediately made the decision that we must quickly identify and get out to the public these new, earth saving technologies, while continuing Disclosure. We had to do something to create enough support and potential funding to be a countervailing force to this machine that's been going on for over 50 years. It was time for us to go from military witnesses and documents to the actual technologies. When 9/11 happened, we knew we were getting very late in the game.

In the fall of 2001, we formed Space Energy Access Systems, Inc (SEAS). A group of people put in a few hundred thousand dollars together so we could investigate what was available in the non-covert world. We have found some technologies at proof-of-principle stage, but none so far that are ready for release to the public as a free energy system. Those devices that are more advanced - and we have seen some - are held by scientists who have been extremely intimidated or brainwashed into secrecy.

For example, Dr. Loder and an engineer on our team went to visit one of these scientists who had been intercepted by a physicist who has been indoctrinating him with eschatological belief systems. This spook, who is masquerading as a scientist told the inventor, "Don't let any of your technology out until our society collapses. And then, phoenix-like, you can be the science savior, and bring the technology out when everything has fallen apart."

So, basically, this man has been brainwashed with an eschatological timeline and is withholding the technology, pending these cataclysmic events. Of course, this is a self-fulfilling prophecy. If we don't have something to stave off the depletion of the oil-reserves and the destruction of the biosphere, these terrible events will happen. So, it's circular thinking. But you can't really do anything once someone has been brainwashed with this belief system.

We have also identified an anti-gravity system that is in the early stages of development. With sufficient funding, it could be brought to maturity as a free energy and anti-gravity system. The world desperately needs these earth-saving technologies.

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