Pleiadian or Plejaren? Which is it? Why do we see both terms?


Note: originally also spelt "Plejaran(s)"

Do these ET humans really come from the Pleiades star system, a.k.a. M45, Seven Sisters, etc.?

In a word – no.

That young constellation is filled with blue-hot plasma and does not support life as we know it.


Excerpt from the Contact Reports, Volume 1  Page 18

Excerpt from Sfath's Explanation to 8 year old Eduard (“Billy”) Meier

Saturday, February 3rd, 1945, 12.10PM

140-144. Also it will unfortunately be that many of the names of the persons you meet who are of extraterrestrial origin, as well as the designations of the purely spiritual levels, will be shamefully abused and the assertion will be made that you would not have the meetings with us from the Plejaren systems, rather they would, or that they had these meetings at the same time as yours, which you and my successors will later name contacts and contact conversations. Then the point in time will come when these lying and slanderous events apply, when your material is thus stolen and many swindlers report worldwide in regard to alleged meetings with me and my successors, and they appear with false and fraudulent messages and even claim the impossibility that they are in telepathic connection with me or my successors, then these false contact persons, as you will then call them, will already thereby be recognizable as they assert that their physical or telepathic meetings and connections exist with beings from the Pleiades system of this space-time configuration, whereby, indeed, these are supposed to be my successors and I. But we do not belong to this space-time configuration and thereby also not to this Pleiades system which is still very young in its existence and is little more than 60,000,000 years old, and is absolutely uninhabited and uninhabitable in every regard, when thermo-bacterial life is disregarded which will disappear again in some tens of millions of years without higher life of some kind ever being able to exist there, subsequently spiritual beings will also never exist on these Pleiades stars. And in order to unmask the future swindlers, my successors and you will not name our origins according to our own language-term, Plejaren, rather by the terrestrial-human term, Pleiades, in order that the swindlers will then use this term, whereby they will expose their own fraud and lies as well as slander. If this then happens in greater measure, then you, just as much as my successors, will reveal the truth and set everything right.

FIGU identifies a small but significant selection of these deceivers here:

I’m always a little concerned when someone innocently identifies Randolph Winters as a Meier supporter, not to mention Marciniak and Royal. The latter states, on her website “One of the entities that I work with now (Sasha) says she is a physical extraterrestrial from the Pleiadian star system.” Surely common sense dictates that solid matter - let alone material life - cannot exist in blue-hot plasma for more than the time it takes to ionize it, and this fact is used to the advantage of the hyper-brainy Plejaren to winnow out the charlatans and/or fruitcakes like Lyssa Royal and her emergent ilk.

We have a bit to say about that other ruthless “channeller” Jani King, here: and that goes for pretty much the lot of them. Winters is dealt with here: and George Green here:

Of course the fact that the officially designated publisher of the Meier material in English still makes references to the “Pleiadians” and that they departed (!?!) in 1995 – the time they revealed their true origins in the Plejaren system – is more than a little confusing.

Seeking truth and understanding is not something which can be done for anybody. It has to be done by the individual who desires the truth and understanding. Here’s something that Billy said on May 1st, 1989 about that:

”Auch auf die Erdenmenschen trifft das zu, denn würde ihnen alles Wissen einfach wie Futter hingeschmissen und von ihnen gedankenlos und ohne Verarbeitung gefuttert, dann würde es keinen eigentlichen Erfolg bringen, sondern nur ein gewisses Schulwissen, während der Rest unverdaut als Exkremente wieder ausgeschieden würde. Mit anderen Worten: Es würde alles unverdaut vergessen und wäre also völlig nutzlos.”

(It is also applicable to the Earth humans, because if all knowledge was simply tossed out to them like feed and they fed on it thoughtlessly and without processing, then it would bring no proper success, but rather only a certain school-knowledge, while the undigested remainder would be secreted as excrement again. In other words: Everything undigested, it would be forgotten, and would therefore be completely useless.)


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