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We review Michael Horn's brand new DVD, Standing in Spirit:

Michael Horn’s new DVD , “Standing in Spirit” provides not only a helpful English language introduction to the silent revolution of truth that is already in progress, but also the simple first steps to becoming part of that magnificent revolution of spirit and consciousness as laid out in
Semjase’s 1975 “Introduction to the Spiritual Teachings”.

“Standing in Spirit” is thus a companion for, and informative and entertaining extension of,
Michael’s first DVD, “The Meier Contacts: Key to Our Future Survival”, and, as his title suggests, also initiates the viewer into a method for redirecting attention inwardly to the source of our universal enlivening force, as opposed to outwardly to traditional disempowering and imaginary supernatural entities.

Michael’s quick and easy technique supplies, to those who seek the truth, a pointer to that ancient and long-hidden realm revealed by Billy Meier, and to what we all REALLY are deep down inside, and how that powerful and elemental power of truth, never before openly accessible to all of us, can and will, empower those who make the effort, and transform our lives forever.

The Golden Age of Knowledge brings, to all who desire it, a long-overdue END to the horror and terror caused by our ignorance; an ignorance which has been malevolently encouraged since prehistory. This Golden Age offers in its place unimaginable joy, peace, freedom, harmony, unity, spiritual poise, knowledge, wisdom and love.


A major new April 2006 article:

Looking for the Meaning

For most of the world the idea of UFOs and extraterrestrials is a fantasy, either in the form of sci-fi entertainment or the product of people with overly imaginative, or disturbed, minds. Despite a record of thousands of years of depictions and descriptions, on everything from cave walls to medieval paintings, from ancient Indian and Sumerian texts to the Old Testament, etc. with abundant historical evidence of some very real, frequently observed phenomena, the various convoluted explanations offered are more illogical and unreasonable than the obvious reality.

Media release (in five languages) by Michael Horn and Professor Jim Deardorff

“Gospel of Judas” Irrelevant in Light of Even More Startling Ancient Text

Icing on the cake

Michael Horn

March 29th, 2005

Having been quite busy in the media bringing the Meier case to the
public, and missing no opportunity to roundly thrash the failed
attempts by the incompetent "professional skeptics" to duplicate even
one of Meier's photos and one of his films, I thought that this would
be a good opportunity to ice the cake regarding Meier's abundant,
specific, prophetically accurate scientific and world event-related




Dear Charlette and Philip,

I read your article on Rense http://www.rense.com/general63/pet.htm  re the ABC TV show on UFOs coming up next week. I wish I felt more positive about it in regards to the actual depth of the reporting, perhaps I'll be pleasantly surprised.

I spoke with Jordan Kronick, the producer of the show, last year and in plenty of time to include research into the Meier contacts, which I represent in the U.S. I provided him with the new DVD and book and informed him that I would be happy to provide any additional information, etc.
The bottom line is that he, on behalf of the show, refused to look into the only scientifically proven, still ongoing (63 years) UFO contact case in the world.

Having researched the case for 26 years, proven it's authentic and now writing, lecturing internationally on it, etc. I can only conclude that real inquiry to the most important story in human history will not come from Peter Jennings or any other mainstream source that, it seems, prefers to rely on perpetuating the "oooh, aaah, big mystery" nonsense about UFOs.

The purpose of the Meier contacts were, to a large extent, intended to help us assure our own future survival, a purpose that has apparently failed due largely to the arrogance and stupidity of human beings and the greedy hunger for power, materialism and sensationalism over substance. I only hope to be proven wrong but I'm not holding my breath.

Here's a couple of recent press releases for your viewing:




Michael Horn
Authorized American Media Representative
The Billy Meier Contacts


Updated with response to deluded/deceiving Timothy Good on Art Bell

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(January 27th, 2005) Drudge Posts Hybrid Story Predicted by UFO Contactee …10 Years Ago!

(January 25th, 2005) Frontline Echoes Terror Warnings from UFO Contactee … 25 Years Ago!

(January 26th, 2005) Scientists Confirm UFO Contactee’s Earthquake Warnings … 30 Years Ago!


 Wouldn’t You Think? 

By Michael Horn

January 27th, 2005

In the space of less than a week two articles have appeared in the news that may have surprised many people unless, of course, they’ve been getting their “news” years in advance from the published information of Eduard Albert “Billy” Meier of Switzerland.



The Fatal Flaws of Faith and Belief
by Michael Horn

December 25th, 2004

All religions rest on the patently illogical, un-provable premise that “what this book says is true because the book says it’s true”. That, unfortunately, is the best that religion has, and ever can offer, as a way of proving it’s God/divine authorship premise, an embarrassingly paltry, painfully childish claim that would be laughed out of any court, as well as any credible institution of higher learning.



When Will We Learn?

by Michael Horn

December 31st, 2004

In light of the horrific, enormous magnitude of destruction in Asia, it is once again time to remind those who still have eyes to see, ears to hear, minds to reason and the will to act, about the painfully accurate warnings given to humankind (nearly 30 years ago) regarding the intimate connection between humanity’s thoughtless actions and environmental disasters, a connection largely still ignored by scientists, politicians, governments, religious leaders and most of the media.


(An article by Michael Horn, September 2nd, 2004)

Class Is Now In Session

The Reagan Prophecies
The Roots of Modern Terrorism

Michael Horn

While more and more people are now becoming familiar with the Billy Meier Contacts because of Meier’s amazing UFO photos, films and other physical evidence, the core information in the case, i.e. that which is to be found in the Contact Reports, the verbatim transcripts of Meier’s conversations with his extraterrestrial contactors, is less well known.

May 24th, 2004

Michael Horn writes President Bush.

" ... Mr. Meier was bluntly informed that, in addition to the loss of two-thirds of the world's population and an uninhabitable northern hemisphere, the greatest damage would befall our own beloved country, the USA."

(This is not the first time that there has been a failed attempt to make contact with the highest levels of the U.S. government.)

And a little something to the Planetary Society

"I don't believe that The Planetary Society, Caltech, or the  NASA Ames Research Center would be interested in the case you refer to." 


$130 Billion For This?
by Michael Horn
Autumn 2004

... let’s not forget that we launched our noble war of “liberation and freedom” also so that “we won’t have to fight the terrorists here”, as if that was some rule from a book that the terrorists adhere to. How come the president hasn’t shared with us what else is in that book and why it appears that the rules have changed?


gaiaguys applauds Nexus Magazine for jumping on the bandwagon.

NEXUS Magazine reviews Michael Horn's new DVD,

 THE MEIER CONTACT: The Key to Our Future Survival

" ... truly amazing and very specific material. No wonder some people want him (Meier) shut up!"    "There is much on this DVD for everyone, and everyone who watches it will be most stunned at what they see and hear."- Duncan Roads

Click on thumbnail, left, to read the entire review



Please read what Volume 11 has printed!

Source: http://nexusmagazine.com/articles/Henoch%20Prophecies.html

Extracted from Nexus Magazine, Volume 11, Number 5 (August-September 2004)

 The Henoch Prophecies
 from the Billy Meier Contacts

So many of the Plejaren predictions given to Swiss contactee Billy Meier have come true, that we'd be wise to heed the warning that terrible things will befall humanity and our planet if we can't learn to live together.



Noted "Ufologist" Alfred Lehmberg sees the light at last and reviews Horn's DVD

"... all the aforementioned evidentiary bits conclusively pass these un-conflicted examinations and appear to provide convincing evidence that Billy Meier is the genuine article." "Horn's DVD rings true ... " "Correcting our own mistakes is never easy, but putting off the consequences of ongoing bad behavior is like putting off a trip to the dentist's office, as I have written before." "Qualified, Meier means change, reader. Discomfiting change. Inconvenient change. Tumultuous change brought about (predictably) by those most reluctant ~to~ change. But change regardless. Easy or hard it's our choice. One need only look around at what reflexive and unthinking nationalism, rigid religious fundamentalism, material disrespect to self, others and the environment... and programmed ignorance... have ~ever~ done (and now do!) for us on this planet... or we'd ~already~ embrace the stars! Change, in this context, is a good thing, and listening to Michael Horn discuss it reasonably on his DVD, isn't bad, either."

Good heavens! What next? Support for the Disclosure Project now too?!

Please scroll down somewhat to read more about this stunning DVD



April 4th, 2004

 Regarding the Desperate Disclaimer on http//www.iigwest.com/horn.letters.html


 Check out this ASTONISHING Photo Analysis! (It's a 713kb .pdf file)

UFO Prophet Right Again!

(Excerpt) LOS ANGELES, CA Just days after Michael Horn, the Authorized American Media Representative for the Billy Meier Contacts, appeared on the internationally broadcast Coast To Coast radio show with Art Bell, relating the uncannily accurate prophecies and predictions preemptively published by Swiss UFO contactee Billy Meier, it appears that Meier has been proven right again, unfortunately so in one case.

This article of Michael Horn's was also published in the May issue of Mystic Pop Magazine


The professional "Skeptics" respond at last!

And what a response!

Need another good laugh? Read the entire correspondence.


 "Skeptics" COP OUT and evade their responsibility!

March 14th - Michael Horn's devastating reply:

(EXCERPT) "Any fair-minded and reasonable person will agree that the Meier case has already met and exceeded the criteria for meeting the term "paranormal", i.e. "unable to be explained in terms of scientific knowledge" (see Marcel Vogel metal alloy analysis). A thing either is or isn't paranormal by definition and intellectual honesty requires that superimposing one's own arbitrary requirements for proof is, at the very least, unethical and also completely unscientific."

The Relentless Hypocrisy Of James Randi*

*Randall James Hamilton Zwinge ("Zwinge" is the German word for "cramp")

March 18th: By his own admission, James Randi is now "terrified" of having to try to cough up the million dollars he's very likely to be successfully sued for! He should be!

OUCH! Here's more.

"The AMAZING Randi"

makes the mistake of crawling out of his hole again to see if it's safe. It's not. Now we know why he calls himself "The AMAZING". He's AMAZINGLY stupid.

Excerpt: "Who said polygraphs, they were PSE tests, you fool, and I doubt that you could pass one if all they asked you was your real name. ... And you, windbag and poseur, ... you devious, lying, self-inflated fraud! ... Your value, your only relevance to the debate amounts to providing the full-blown, best poster-boy example of an unscientific, cultic, true believer posing as a "scientist" to contrast with those who've taken the time to research, test and discover the truth. And, rather than slink away because your 15 minutes in the spotlight have long since passed, I encourage you and your happy little band of clueless, inept bumblers to keep up the charade, even at the risk of people thinking we hired you to look stupid, unprofessional, unethical and disreputable, when in truth it's your charitable donation to the cause. You, little fella, are one pathetic, feeble and completely out-of-your-league charlatan, which is why no reputable scientist, let alone any rational, thinking individual, would champion your silly nonsense for a second."

WOW! What are these "Skeptics" guys SMOKING over there in Hollywood?!

Talk about the "Dream Factory"! Get a load of their latest media release!

"UFO Believer Refuses To Back His Claim! His failure may cost him over One Million Dollars!"

 Updated March 29th  with a very simple multiple choice test for these bozos.

And some erudite comments from the brilliant Professor Emeritus James W. Deardorff: (Excerpt) "There are some things you just can't tell these skeptics, especially those who are unfamiliar with the realities of the UFO phenomenon. It starts with the aliens (or ETs) being more experienced and smarter than us and therefore having a strategy for dealing with us."

Please scroll down this page for more on this great scholar.

"Amazing" Randi Now Retracts Claim Meier UFO Case Hoaxed! Will Have to Pay $1,000,000!


(Excerpt) LOS ANGELES, CA - In an absolutely stunning reversal of position, one that is sure to leave his skeptical cohorts in disarray and focus new international attention on the case, noted children's magician and professional skeptic the "Amazing" Randi, today effectively withdrew his unsubstantiated, defamatory claims (made on Tuesday, April 15, 2003) that the Billy Meier UFO contact case is a hoax.


The Amazing Randi's SECOND $1,000,000 Challenge to Prove Paranormal Abilities is ALSO Formally Accepted by Michael Horn!

And updated

 What If It Was A Hoax From The Start?

Michael Horn

Let’s imagine for a moment that when the Billy Meier Contacts were introduced to us it wasn’t as a UFO case at all, but as a giant, self-confessed hoax. It might have gone something like this.



The time has come to elevate the level at which this conversation and inquiry is being conducted.

Here is the stated (as opposed to followed) noble philosophy of "Center for Inquiry-West": "We believe that a rational, scientific examination of the difficult questions about our world lead to meaningful information. We believe that vague assertions, untested ideas, appeals to authority, anecdotal evidence, and weak arguments are not useful means to arrive at conclusions about our world."



Our request: "We cordially invite you to debunk our evidence of Untouchable Pedophile Elite as described on our website. Your organization's appraisal of the genuineness of "crop circles" in general and The Disclosure Project www.disclosureproject.org in particular would also be gratefully received."

Their response: "We have no knowledge one way or the other as to the events in Australia that you describe. I am sorry, but the IIG has no way to address this issue."

What sort of reply is this to our polite request that they try to "debunk" this website?

And check out the latest updates.

And WHY are we still waiting since the 5th of MARCH for a simple answer??



And a primary Billy Meier defamer, Doctor Steven Novella, M.D., President of The New England Skeptical Society, has decided to challenge the facts on behalf of the professional Skeptics.

To which he has engaged in a VERY lengthy dialogue with your gaiaguys website co-author, which we reproduce here for your education. In spite of its size (248kb!) - or perhaps because of its size - it provides a fascinatingly detailed insight into the concrete mindset of the professional "Skeptic", who can cunningly "logically" refute what less dogmatic people see as overwhelmingly compelling, logically and independently corroborated hard scientific proof.

Read Dr Novella's defamatory article here.

This is a work in progress to which copious hypertext links, and explanatory pages will be added as time permits. 

And don't miss Dr. Novella's remarkably silly 2000 article which he calls,

"UFOs: The Psychocultural Hypothesis"


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