Wouldn’t You Think? 

By Michael Horn

January 27th, 2005

In the space of less than a week two articles have appeared in the news that may have surprised many people unless, of course, they’ve been getting their “news” years in advance from the published information of Eduard Albert “Billy” Meier of Switzerland.

The two most recent examples are the Frontline article/program regarding the newly perceived threat to Western Europe by Al Qaeda and the controversy over the creation of human-animal hybrids, as reported by National Geographic News. For those who may be unfamiliar with the accuracy of the information in the Billy Meier Contacts, or the Meier case as it is so often referred to, let me give some specific corroborating information regarding these two stories.

First, in November of 1981, Meier was first warned that France and Italy would fall to extremists from within then, in1987 in the Henoch Prophecies, this was specified as “France will not only be invaded by the aggressors from the outside, but will also be conquered from within as a result of collaborative forces and other forces. This can be envisioned as being the many foreigners of a different religion living in France at that time, and specifically Islam, which will be this force working from within.” It also said, “And it will be that the fanatics of Islam will rise up against the countries of Europe and all will shake and quiver. Everything in the West will be destroyed; England will be conquered and thrown down to the lowest level of misery. And the fanatics and warriors of Islam will retain their power for a long time.” You can read the entire Henoch prophecies in the new edition of “And Still They Fly!”, which was published in 2004.
(Also see: http://nexusmagazine.com/articles/Henoch%20Prophecies.html)

Regarding the news about animal-human hybrids, in Meier’s 251st Contact, February 3, 1995 he published startling information regarding technological developments such as hybrid warriors created by mixing human and pig DNA. To quote from the January 25, 2005 article in the National Geographic News, “In Minnesota last year researchers at the Mayo Clinic created pigs with human blood flowing through their bodies.” Not only did Meier first publish this information in 1995 and then post it on the internet in 1998 but you can find it in print in the first edition of “And Yet They Fly!” published in September of 2001 (and in production for almost two years before that) on page 355.

Noteworthy here is the role of the so-called alternative press, to whom notices of Meier’s accuracy are sent as regularly as they occur. Remarkably, there are those among these supposed vanguards who trouble themselves to ignore, or actually denounce, the information and the people who make it known to them. In one particular case, the www.rense.com website is known for publishing any and all controversial, conspiratorial, UFO-related stories regardless of their veracity or substantiation. As a matter of fact, both of the above stories were linked from that website (with no reference to Meier’s information).

It’s interesting, therefore, that for some time my attempts to have new articles regarding contemporary corroboration for Meier’s uncannily prescient, specifically accurate information ignored and having my inquiries as to why this is so met with the strangely non-responsive response that it’s because I’m “fanatical” in providing it! So it’s not a matter of the information being astoundingly, incomprehensively, amazingly accurate years in advance…it’s that the one reporting this doesn’t have the right bedside manner, as one can clearly tell from the tone of this article, typical as it is of my style.

Well, excuuuuuuuuuuuse me. I thought that publishing real newsworthy news was what publishing news was all about. I guess not though when members of the staff hold contrary (unproven) beliefs and opinions, to which they’re entitled of course and which might determine policy if we are talking about a church, not a news service. It would almost be funny except for the fact that humanity seems to be determined to tread the course to self-destruction almost exactly step-by-step as has been forewarned, for decades, by the Plejaren extraterrestrials and published dutifully by Meier.

Humanity can be seen as enacting the classic role of the frog sitting in a pot of water on a stove, a pot that is slowly, imperceptibly (to the frog) heated until the frog is simply cooked. The only difference is that humanity, that’s us, is also turning up the heat on itself despite longstanding, specific warnings from credible sources, Meier being, indisputably, at the top of that list.

In this case, those who have long been aware of the impeccable accuracy of the Meier material have suffered through the painfully convoluted denials of failed skeptics who can’t deal with the fact that the Meier case destroys their small worldview and the puny paradigms they hold so dear. Typically, whenever any of Meier’s information is confirmed, they try to dismiss it with “anybody could have predicted that” (but apparently not them) or raise the bar with brilliant challenges such as “oh yeah, well what’s gonna happen next?” In some dark comedy version of it you have a couple of dim bulbs sitting on a porch somewhere as the bombs are falling debating whether Meier actually predicted it or if it was just a “lucky guess”.

So it is with our friends at www.rense.com . Call me old-fashioned, no, call me fanatical, but I would think that when you have the only scientifically proven, still ongoing (63 years) UFO contact case in the world, (see: www.theyfly.com), with five categories of still irreproducible physical evidence and 50 years of specific, prophetically impeccably accurate scientific and world event-related information (without the to be expected volumes of erroneous junk) that any credible journalist, investigator or news source would be clamoring to cover, or even attempt to debunk, it.

People, what we’re talking about is either the biggest, most impenetrable hoax or the most important story in all of human history. Please, let that sink in. Turn off the TV, put down the burger and think about that. Here, let me help you: THE MOST IMPORTANT STORY IN ALL OF HUMAN HISTORY. And it’s not just because it’s proof of the existence of extraterrestrial humans and their direct contact with an Earth-human, which should be sufficient, but also because the contact is directly intended to help us assure our future survival, something that any thinking person should be able to now see is anything but guaranteed and secure.

So, while most of the media, straight and/or alternative, has its head in the sand, if this information somehow found its way to you, wouldn’t you take the time to make a reasonable investment in your education and your future, wouldn’t you…think?

Michael Horn is the Authorized American Media Representative for the Billy Meier Contacts. He may be reached through www.theyfly.com or michael@theyfly.com

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