The Reagan Prophecies
The Roots of Modern Terrorism

Michael Horn

While more and more people are now becoming familiar with the Billy Meier Contacts because of Meier’s amazing UFO photos, films and other physical evidence, the core information in the case, i.e. that which is to be found in the Contact Reports, the verbatim transcripts of Meier’s conversations with his extraterrestrial contactors, is less well known.

Unlike most so-called channeled conversations between alleged extraterrestrials and earth people, the content of Meier’s face-to-face conversations reproduced in the Contact Reports is detailed, realistic and often also contains information that would be of little interest to most readers because of its pertinence to only Meier and/or those with whom he lives and works.

The original German language Contact Reports have been published by Meier since 1975, and continue to this day (as do Meier’s contacts), while there are, unfortunately, far fewer approved English language translations available. The earliest ones were first available in 1979 and I began reading them, including the material below, in 1986.

The following excerpts of conversations, from 1980, between Billy Meier and Semjase, one of his Plejaren extraterrestrial contactors, contain prophetic information pertaining mainly to Ronald Reagan. These excerpts are taken directly from the Prophetien*, a book containing numerous prophecies, some of which were given to Meier by the Plejaren as early as 1956. Of special interest is the connection drawn by Semjase between Reagan’s policies and the rapid spread of anarchy, war and terrorism, such as we are seeing today. And, of course, the fact that the information was given to Meier before Reagan had actually assumed office, and before the mentioned events occurred, is worthy of great consideration.

It’s also important to note that, while the prophetic information in the case is remarkably accurate, the extraterrestrials also admitted that there were occasions where they either were not absolutely accurate and/or where human actions had subsequently altered the probable outcome of events, often for the better.

It should also be noted that while the Prophetien, like other information provided to and/or published by Meier, contains a vast amount of prophetic information on a wide variety of subjects, the majority of Meier’s work, some 20,000+ pages, remains un-translated into English (or any other language) and still exists only in the original German. For those who would like to dismiss the case and the information as being hoaxed by Meier there are far too many logical, as well as logistical, challenges that thoroughly eliminate such possibilities, as any serious researcher of the case can easily determine.

It is characteristic of the Contact Reports that every sentence attributed to the extraterrestrial person being quoted is numbered. There are gaps in the numbering sequences because the sentences that have been excluded do not relate to the matter at hand; the conversation is, therefore, left and reentered where appropriate.

From Contact #136, October 14, 1980:


139. So right now, I will name the next coming event, which will become known worldwide, if it fulfills itself.
140. This refers to the election of the new American president.
141. Worldwide will be expressed in this event, that the smaller evil must be chosen, consequently the present President Carter shall not continue to occupy his position.
142. For this reason the great new man, Ronald Reagan, will be America’s president.
143. A man, who due to his future actions, will align everything toward the purpose, to allow the old prophecies to be fulfilled, which will result in the fact, that slowly but surely everything on Earth will widen to a world-wide war.
144. The new president will be aggressive and bent on solving the problems by military power and armament.
145. This in contrast to his predecessor, who however is also unsuitable in his position, as well as the new president, who exhibits radical and extreme lines.
146. Contrary to the erroneous opinion of the American and the worldwide populace, Reagan does not represent the smaller but the greater evil, as the people of Earth will also experience.
147. Commenting generally on the earthly presidential elections, this is to be said, that a rather great mistake is being made, that after every 2, 3 or 4 years etc., a new presidency is always being sought, after which a new president for a nation will be chosen.
148. Every new president lives with different ambitions and emotions, but also every new president has a different character, different plans and a different illogical understanding in regard to politics etc.
149. This leads to the fact that every new president or other ruler disregards and changes the past actions of his predecessor, due to which repeatedly new errors and confusion materialize.
150. The only right way would be, that a truly good man attains to power, who is free of all those matters, which are erroneous and confusing.
151. This man would have to occupy his office as long as he is able to conduct himself in clear consciousness and without confusion.
152. In only this manner can steady and good politics in a nation be created, to unfold and become effective.


194. Concerning additional chronological predictions for the coming months and years, is given as follows:
195. Around the time of January 19, 1981, Japan will be shaken by an earthquake, which we calculated to be about 8 points strong, according to the Richter scale know to you.
196. This quake, which despite its strength will remain without great catastrophe, serves as sign of the end of the Irani-American hostage affair.
197. On the same day, at 21:30 P.M., the American hostages should be freed which, however, will be prevented by the power of Ayatollah, Khomeini, because with it he wants to strike the departing American President, Jimmy Carter, to whom he does not want to grant the triumph.
198. For this reason, he prevents the release of the prisoners the very last moment, so that the release only occurs on January 20, 1981, at about 18:23 PM.
199. With that for the time being, the greatest criminal extortion of the Earth world ends, which however, at a later point in time, will have weighty repercussions for the Iranian people and their government.
200. At first, the Iranians will be of the erroneous opinion that, due to the criminal extortion and its consequential release of the prisoners, they have won a victory, whereafter they soon will come to realize, that with that they have purchased all kinds of iniquity and ruin.
201. But their regret and realization of their erroneous idea and of their fanaticism will come too late.
202. Especially the new U.S. President, Ronald Reagan, will show forth his power, to vengefully prosecute Iran.
203. And that will be so, as well as many other very irrational and evil matters, which lead to murder and war, a man sees to that, who works closely with President Reagan, namely a war- and intrigue-fanatic like Reagan himself, a man named, Haig, who already has stirred up much political trouble.
204. Reagan will become especially unforgiving towards Iran, when he will be
closely informed about the fact, that the US-hostages had to suffer tortures, and that presently they still do.


221. Then follows the first political blow of U.S. President Reagan, who will
affront the world with terror measures.
222. His first big actions in this regard will already become known by the end of January, 1981, and at the beginning of February, 1981, namely that he stretches forth his hand, in terms of a pact, to murderous dictatorships and regimes in smaller nations, and smoothes their way for enslavement, suppression and murder of their people.
223. The assistance in armament, which he grants these nations, will have vicious consequences.
224. Also with Russia, this new president will have a falling out, at this time, and speak harsh words, which will provoke the Russian government.
225. But this will not be enough of the American President’s absurdity because these actions only indicate the beginning of his evil time in office, during which he destroys much of the hopes of peace, which in strenuous work, since the last world war, have been established.
226. As next terror blow against mankind of Earth, Reagan will bring into play the neutron bomb, secured under his predecessor President Carter, because Reagan will want to allow this terror weapon to be stationed in Europe.
227. Consequently, Russia will speed up even more its secret armament and then bring an even more terrifying weapon into the evil play.
228. Not only for the entire world, but especially also for the American people, Reagan will conjure up very much evil.
229. One of these evils will be that he will undermine the security for the consumers of goods.
230. A large consumer-security-firm will be attacked by Reagan, whereby the
security for the consumers of America will again begin to suffer, which as a consequence will show that, due to accidents, the death rates will again rise, because of Reagan’s intrigues, the security of consumer goods in construction etc. will be neglected.
Billy: You said to me years ago, that Reagan will be the true originator of the Third World War.


231. Certainly, he will be the man, who prepares the way to lay the foundation for matters, which finally lead to the third world-fire.

Billy: But which will not be carried out under Reagan’s sceptre, or?


232. No, and that is fortunate for Earth mankind.
233. Namely, if he would have the decisive word in leading this war, then the entire Earth would be destroyed.

Billy: Which probably equates to a total atomization?


234. Yes.

Billy: Then there will still be people, who hopefully recognize these matters in time.


235. This will be so, and his inglorious end is now already set, as well as that of the murderous Ayatollah Khomeini, whose end begins to approach within the first days of February of the year 1981, when he will be stricken by an incurable disease.

Billy: One murderer less will live on this world. But as a rule, usually nothing much better follows one of these.


236. Unfortunately, that is the truth, and this will still remain so for a long time.

Billy: Otherwise, the world would really come to rest.


237. Yes, and that would not please those demanding to be in power.

Billy: And that would not please these power guys.


238. Sure, but listen again:
239. Ayatollah Khomeini and his allies will play with the thought during the first months of the year 1981, that the Ayatollah should be treated by well-known physicians in Switzerland.
240. The materialization of this attempt, however, is at the moment still questionable, because no clear picture can yet be formed.
241. The brain functions of Khomeini are damaged, therefore, capricious actions
242. and decisions are often exhibited by him, which in their final form very often
243. cannot be forecast.
244. For this reason his appearance in Switzerland can not be foretold with certainty, as also not the Pope’s journey to Switzerland, who is considering the thought of visiting your motherland by the middle of the year 1981.
245. Also with the Pope certain insecurity factors are present, which at least could postpone his journey.
246. By and large, the year 1981, generally holds very many uncertain factors, wherefore exact time frames can only seldom be given, as well as it is also not possible to predict with absolute certainty in different cases, whether a certain event will occur or not.
247. However, this relates exclusively only to events, which refer directly to individuals.
248. This only because the year 1981, especially in regard to individual events, is ruled by such individuals whose material consciousness, and with it the brain, reveal damages which lead to capricious, moody and prediction-inaccurate actions.
249. This is also the case with Prince Charles of England, who will get engaged to a certain Diana, which will lead to a marriage during the first half of the year, if these plans, due to the instability of this man, become doubtful again.
250. On the other hand, it would be good if Prince Charles would not marry this girl, because if the marriage actually takes place, this marriage will not become a happy one, especially not for Diana, who will have to suffer hard under the tyranny, lack of self-control, moodiness and other emotional outbursts of the Prince, which understandably will be tried to be kept secret by the Royal House with all means.


Billy: That is not so, because greater and worldwide events, even if these notions are only momentary, could be made public to the information media and brought to Man’s attention. And as you mention these events to me already long before their occurrence, curious people will reflect on it, and due to this perhaps change their mind for the better.


298. That is logical.
299. Good, then I will give you the necessary information regarding the President of America.
300. On March 30, at 21:45 P.M. before the Hilton Hotel the event will happen in the city where he is speaking, where the President will be shot down by a student, named John Hinckley.
301. Ronald Reagan will suffer a shot in the lung, from which via surgery, the bullet will be removed.
302. His injury will not place his life in direct danger, while the life of several of his escorts, however, will be in direct danger, one of them a security officer and Reagan’s press speaker.
Billy: Aha, and which time do you mean by 21:45 P.M.? Is this according to American or to our time?


303. The time mentioned corresponds to Central European time, and pertains particularly to the changed time.

Billy: That I do not understand.


303. But you know, that the so-called summer time plays a great role in the nations of

Billy: Naturally, but Switzerland wisely has excluded itself therefrom for about 40 years.


305. Surely, but during the year 1981, it will again be reinstated.

Billy: This could not be true. That is sheer idiocy, because such a change only creates horrendous additional financial expenditures and in addition, absolutely no energy savings, as the super-smart envision.


306. Unfortunately, that is correct, but the illogic in Earthman up to now, has never
stopped short of the dumbest stupidity.

Billy: You have spoken a true word there.


307. Shall I now continue to tell you?

Billy: Naturally, because I still do not understand several things. You said that already shortly after Reagan taking office, background enemies will stand ready to murder him. Now you just mentioned that by a single man only, a student, he would be shot down. Has the danger for the President not past with that, and what is not clear to me particularly, whether or not he still dies after the operation due to his injury. In this regard you did not express yourself clearly, because you mentioned that the bullet injury is not directly life threatening.


308. As usual, you are quick of hearing.
309. I actually only spoke about the direct gunshot injury, which the American President, Ronald Reagan, will have to suffer, but which during an operation of several hours can again be removed.
310. The man’s state of health after the operation will be satisfactory, however, several complications will set in, which require a second operation.
311. Only thereafter the recovery of the President will begin, when after a two-week period, he will be able to carry on his duties.
312. During his recovery period, the security services will find out that the perpetrator will be a single man, that he, however, proves to have contact to other elements, who are willing to kill the President.
313. In this regard, several arrests of suspects will be undertaken which, however, will not lead the security services any further.
314. For this reason, the man will continue to be in danger, because other elements before his election for President, will position themselves against him and harbor the thought to kill him, for which he runs risk to fall victim to another attempt on his life.

Billy: The absolute possibility exists then that he will yet be done away with and leaves this Earth plane?


315. In fact this danger is quite acute, despite the tightening of security measures after the attempt on his life.
316. In this reference, however, I will explain the most important data at a later point in time.
317. For now, the fact is that this President Reagan will be the powerful one, who will shake the world peace heretofore so laboriously preserved, because as power-individual he has been of the erroneous opinion from the beginning, that by the use of power, intrigue and force he could solve all problems.
318. Already for a long time, this man lives in the delusion, that America would have to become the most powerful and all-ruling military power, so that after his taking on of office, he will try to make this illusory idea reality, for which every evil means will be right for him to realize his erroneous plans.

Billy: In another explanation you mentioned that Reagan practically will be the sign for the coming down-fall.


319. Certainly, because he will be the powerful one, who will shake the laboriously maintained and very doubtful world peace, for which all his predecessors have labored.
320. With that he sets an evil sign for the beginning of the destructions following on the entire Earth, which will be caught up in a third world-fire.
321. According to his erroneous doings, everything in the entire world will rapidly align with terror and anarchism, because those led astray will see a means in his hunger for power and his tyranny, by which they could reach their own confused and unreal goals.
322. Even on the so-called average citizens this will have its effects which, especially in Switzerland, will be horribly expressed to the extent, that criminality rapidly rises at a terrifying rate and whereafter, during the month of April 1981 alone, as many murders on human beings will be committed in your homeland, as will be the case during the entire year of 1980.

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