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 Can you handle the wonderfully bizarre TRUTH about the HUMAN extraterrestrials now involving themselves with us?

For more than 25 years, the Billy Meier case has been reviewed by expert researchers, scientists and journalists worldwide. Their conclusions are all the same: Billy Meier is having contacts with extraterrestrials.

gaiaguys thinks it's VERY admirable and intelligent of these highly spiritually advanced extraterrestrial human beings to initiate contact in a secondary language, so the truth can seep gently into the English-speaking world without ignorant panic. Please scroll right down this opening page for much more on this vital topic.

An ancient door has closed on the age of belief and is opening on the age of knowledge. The Golden Age is upon us at long last.

 Anyone who was awake on September 11th, 2001 knows what it feels like to experience history as it unfolds before our eyes. Michael Horn’s unique DVD about Billy Meier’s scientifically proven and ongoing extraterrestrial contacts does more than evoke within us this dynamic sense of history, as it gently inscribes the final chapter of the Copernican Revolution. The owner of this DVD is initiated into nothing less than the breathtaking sensation of cosmic manifest destiny that the life of a planet experiences only once. 

I cannot think of a better English language introduction than this DVD to the vast labyrinth of what has come to be known simply as “the Meier material”. It’s all here: plus a selection of the best flying saucer 8mm movies and crystal clear close-up stills that the new Digital Video Disk medium reveals so impressively with its freeze-frame and zoom features.  

In one small package, you have all you need to be logically convinced of the wonderfully bizarre truth, and get started on our bright and compelling path into a peacefully sustainable future. Taking individual responsibility, we can jointly fulfill this Golden Age with a little help from our friends and relatives from the stars.

This DVD is a "must have".

       The Key To Our Future Survival       

by Michael horn

This nearly two-hour long DVD Lectu-mentary first establishes the authenticity of the Meier contacts far beyond a reasonable doubt based upon the abundant, still irreproducible physical evidence and the prophetically accurate, scientific and world event-related information published by Meier years, and even decades, before "official" discovery or occurrence. It then presents prophecies for the near future and examines some of the core principles recommended as guidelines for human survival and evolution by the Plejaren.

Also presented is an overview of the Plejaren perspective of some of the realities of universal life and Creational laws, along with information on the Salome Peace Meditation as practiced by 3.5 billion extraterrestrial humans within the Plejaren federation, as well as by many terrestrials, in support of peace and harmony for the people of planet Earth.

While the Meier Contacts, which have been ongoing for over 60 years, clearly contain the most authentic and important evidence and information about UFOs and extraterrestrials, it should be obvious to anyone viewing this presentation that they are far more important for the information that they offer to us for assuring our future survival.

Some of the topics include

The Creation

Cause and Effect

The Human Spirit

Reincarnation and Karma


The High Council

The Aging and Aggression Genes

...and much, much more!

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NEXUS Magazine reviews Michael Horn's new DVD,

 THE MEIER CONTACT: The Key to Our Future Survival

" ... truly amazing and very specific material. No wonder some people want him (Meier) shut up!"    "There is much on this DVD for everyone, and everyone who watches it will be most stunned at what they see and hear."- Duncan Roads







August 2006

We review Michael Horn's brand new DVD, Standing in Spirit:

Michael Horn’s new DVD , “Standing in Spirit” provides not only a helpful English language introduction to the silent revolution of truth that is already in progress, but also the simple first steps to becoming part of that magnificent revolution of spirit and consciousness as laid out in Semjase’s 1975 “Introduction to the Spiritual Teachings”.

“Standing in Spirit” is thus a companion for, and informative and entertaining extension of, Michael’s first DVD, “The Meier Contacts: Key to Our Future Survival”, and, as his title suggests, also initiates the viewer into a method for redirecting attention inwardly to the source of our universal enlivening force, as opposed to outwardly to traditional disempowering and imaginary supernatural entities.

Michael’s quick and easy technique supplies, to those who seek the truth, a pointer to that ancient and long-hidden realm revealed by Billy Meier, and to what we all REALLY are deep down inside, and how that powerful and elemental power of truth, never before openly accessible to all of us, can and will, empower those who make the effort, and transform our lives forever.

The Golden Age of Knowledge brings, to all who desire it, a long-overdue END to the horror and terror caused by our ignorance; an ignorance which has been malevolently encouraged since prehistory. This Golden Age offers in its place unimaginable joy, peace, freedom, harmony, unity, spiritual poise, knowledge, wisdom and love.



Guido Moosbrugger's astonishing book, "And Still They Fly" (ISBN 0-9711523-1-4), the long anticipated second edition of And Yet They Fly. After more than a year of review by six national and international editors resulting in the most accurate German-to-English translation to date,

Moosbrugger's extraordinary review takes readers directly into the world of UFOs and paranormal activity, offering an unflinching account of Billy Meier and his life as a contactee as well as in-depth information on extraterrestrial life, an overview of their technical capabilities and the reasons for visiting earth. And Still They Fly is sufficiently detailed as to serve the reader who is contemplating a closer look into the scientific facts of the case, or one who is already very familiar with them. 

 Without any qualification, the most important book our planet has ever seen.




 The weight of this testimony, along with supporting government documents and other evidence, establishes beyond any doubt the reality of UFOs, extraterrestrial vehicles and life forms and advanced energy and propulsion technologies resulting from the study of these objects. 

"A clear and on-going threat to the national security and world peace has arisen due to unsupervised actions that have led to the targeting and downing of these extraterrestrial objects. Related covert plans are in place to weaponize space. Since it can be proven that we are sharing space with other civilizations, it is critical that a full disclosure of this subject take place and that the National Missile Defense System/SDI be re-evaluated by policy makers in this new light."

(Dr Steven Greer, Disclosure Project Director. 2001 Background Briefing Points for Congressional Hearings and Legislation.)



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