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"Who will not comprehend the truth with his understanding, but only with his belief, cannot harvest the fruit from it."

Wer die Wahrtheit nicht mit seinem Verstande, sondern mit Glauben erfassen will, der kann die Früchte aus ihr nicht ernten. - OM 53:26

Michael Horn's Emails

The below emails to and sometimes from the Authorized American representative of the Meier Contacts, were generated by Michael's one hour radio interview and talkback session on Art Bell's Coast-to-coast U.S. radio network on January 29th, 2005. Some of the rude words were sanitized a bit. I disguised identities to protect people's privacy. One of your gaiaguys website authors (Dyson) also weighed into the debate on a couple of instances. I'm green. These emails are in almost chronological order as they came in. For the sake of simplicity, headings have been removed. Most of the spelling is as it was written, and the formatting is still a little rough, but understandable.

Michael's responses are in Italics. Don't miss his hilarious form letter in red bold Italics.

Ongoing dialogs are separated by a short horizontal line. The different writers are separated by longer horizontal lines.

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You poor confused soul. This is the largest conglomeration of absolute hogwash I think I've seen in a long  time.
After hearing your fast talking diatribe on the Art Bell show last night, your fractured and sometimes incoherent litany was more than difficult to pull anything sensible from it all, so.... I decided to take a look at your website. I was trying to get a glimpse of what in hell you were trying to say, as your presentation on Art's show was a mess to say the least.
So, after looking at your website for an hour or two I have come to the conclusion that you are just another lost soul out there trying to come up with some cosmic, incredible answer to what IT'S all about. I'll give you this, everyone, I suppose believes in something.   Don't forget, the Auca Indians of South America believed  that termites were gods, and that some day if they killed enough of their enemies they too could become a termite and go off to heaven...This is no more far fetched than the preposterous ramblings of you and your buddy Billy Bob.
I suppose you and Billy should be conjoined with the likes of  Ayn Rand: Maharishi Mahesh Yogi: Lyndon LaRouche: Sun Myung Moon: L. Ron Hubbard: David Koresh, Pa Kujah,  the Auca  Indians,  and maybe even our old friend Daffy Duck. Come  on Mike, fess up, there is money in this kind of BS if you can get it published....Right???     What an incredible amount of hours spent typing and spell checking to come up with this adulterated crap.
Oh well, I suppose everyone has to eat......... So how are the book sales going??
 Crazy people need to make a living too, I guess..........  God help you............. John Smith




Well John, at least you had the courage to sign your name, even though you didn't employ any reasoning in your two hours of reading on my site.

John, I have to make this brief because I have so many emails to answer, tons of supportive ones, and a good number from people like you who have a few things in common, things that they've apparently gotten by with in life because of the dumbing down of the country and mental laziness in general.

So let me be specific and try not to overwhelm you or tax your reasoning abilities beyond their capacity. You see, John, over the past 26 years I troubled myself to do some serious research. Now sure, there's always going to be the requisite pack of know-it-alls, such as yourself, who think that they've "figured out" the "scam" and digested all the info and, of course, reduced it to some mad money-making scheme.

So, in the interest of clarity, Johnny, if you wish to specifically refute my research, be my guest (hint, you'll need more than two hours). If you wish to impugn my motives and character, likewise back it up. You know nothing about me and my rather remarkable, accomplishment-filled life that, if we must compare, doubtless makes you look like a rather run of the mill malcontent.

As for your earlier comments on the rapidity of my presentation, consider that I was originally told to prepare for a three-hour show and, last minute, told a schedule change demanded only one hour and did my best to present what the audience deserved to hear, i.e. irrefutable proof of the most important story in human history, as has apparently escaped your brilliant scrutiny. Oh yeah, I've been on for as long as four with Art and George, separately.

Now, Johnny, I think I've actually been fairly respectful considering the ass that you've presented yourself to be.

So, if you want to actually do some homework and address specifics, I might deign to interact with you. If you just want to do battle with someone who can chew you up and spit you out, please know that I won't bother again, not even for my own amusement.

Have a nice day,





> Heard you on Coast to Coast and was intrigued enough to look at the
> photos on your website.
> I believe the photos are indeed undoctored and authentic but they are
> not spacecraft. Meier failed to provide scale references to the photos,
> and without a sense of scale regarding their size, it's not difficult
> to
> launch items such as these and take "authentic" photos. If they were
> shot using stereo photography techniques ( available then) this would
> verify that the "craft" occupied the space by providing X,Y,and Z axis.
> In addition streo photos would have provided information to verify
> scale.
>    I could debunk 70% of info listed on your site using simple common
> sense and layman language. I estimate 50%+ of the world's population to
> be stupid, which leaves you a large demographic to make a decent
> living!
>    You are a great entertainer and my hats off to you. Take care. Luke



Gosh, Luke, I thought we had everyone fooled and, look at this, here
you can debunk 70%, etc. of what's posted and, my goodness, you've
explained how Meier hoaxed the photos!

Gee, Luke, did you by any small chance, happen to read the photo
analysis or the sound analysis, or any of the documentation? Or do you
just want to parade your ignorance and lack of substantiation and
specificity as if it's supposed to impress somebody.

Luke, pay attention here...not impressed, boring, typical of the
blowhards who have an abundance of nothing to say but can't wait to say

So, Lukey, when you do some real homework (mine's lasted 26 years)
make an intelligent case for your exalted opinions. And, while you're
at it, how's about duplicating those photos, etc.? Shouldn't take you
long, let's see how ell you do.

Have a nice day,




My expertise is limited to photography so within the parameters of this
subject only......I say hogwash. I also feel I'm a reasonable person who
doesn't need to dodge insults......and if you read my initial post to
you, I did not resort to name calling etc. I found your radio interview
to be facinating and entertaining, and although I reserve to remain a had an opportunity to lead me along in a
dignified way and you botched it with the insults.
Thanks so much for responding, and confirming your character which is
quite different than your radio personna. My research has concluded,
thankyou. Luke



My character, is it?

Sorry pal, read your original post and not only your
claims re Meier's photos but the aspersions
you cast re my motives
and ethics.

Your "expertise" is obviously in your own mind.
Real experts actually
read the photo analysis and comment on the specifics, parameters
of testing, etc. And the read everything else to see if the case is...real.

And I love that your "research has concluded", mine has been ongoing
for 26 years and yours lasted about 26 minutes. But I do collect and
share these types of "expert" rebuttals to the case and its evidence,
they stand as painful examples as to why, with the complete degeneration
of critical thinking skills, logic, focus and just plain common sense we have
the kind of "stupid" population you described.




> Fine, let's just say your 26 years of research affirms your belief, and
> my 26 minutes of research affirms my disbelief. The funny thing is,
> neither of us can be proven 100% right or wrong. With that said, I've
> got a remaining balance of 26 years to pursue other things. Seems like
> we've both wasted our time, but I have no hard feelings since my
> emotional investment in this subject is zero.
>     You have succeeded in marketing to the degree that I have clicked
> onto your website, and will advise others to do the same as I find the
> subject facinating and entertaining. I enjoy magic too.....until it's
> demystified of course. I simply found this demystifying evidence while
> checking out the photos etc. I'm sure not every "expert" agrees..... so
> again why the name calling? I've sent 4 people to your site today
> alone..........and I stand by what I are a great
> entertainer. Accept the compliment for what it's worth and continue
> your
> treck. I'll look forward to hearing you again on Coast to Coast
> boy! :-)   Luke



Look, this is a fun little bit of jousting, nonetheless you're in error
a couple of things. But first, let me say that I do admire your
insofar as you direct people to check out the info for themselves.
In truth, this has nothing to do with my beliefs. Quite simply,
the extensive research and testing of the original investigators, and
doing my own very extensive due diligence, I have proved that the
case is authentic. This means that the physical evidence is real and
remains still irreproducible. It also means that the prophetic info in
case, spanning 50+ years has been impeccably accurate without the
to be expected volumes of erroneous information.

And all this means that it is the most important story in all of human
history, a history that may be somewhat disrupted and shortened
because of human folly and greed, as well as the failure to perceive
and heed these and other warnings.

I don't need to believe what has been proven true. However, there is
an enormous amount of speculative information in the case, meaning
that it has not yet been proved or disproved. Therefore, while I find it
fascinating and report on it, I am careful to note that it is
until it isn't. So belief is not part of my operation, facts and truth
The truth is that neither Meier nor his friends are perfect beings, they
make mistakes, as we do. And it's one of the endearing factors in the
case that prevent me, or any other reasonable person, from deifying
any of them.

As for my being a good entertainer, you'll find out more about that
than you may imagine when my new song CD "More than just survival"
comes out in about a month. Be sure to sign up for my free newsletters.
Access to my site and newsletters is, and shall remain, free so that
who want the info and either can't afford or resent spending money
can still have access to food for thought.

Your correspondence is always welcome. I don't need everyone to
agree with me though I do like very competent rebuttal. I perceive
your good nature and that, in itself, is very much worthy of respect.





These are the best words you have written thus far, and I admire you for
signing up to take the fire. If I was the chosen successor of Billy
Meier, and experienced what he claims to have experienced, I could not
attempt to validate such a story to the masses to save my life ( let
alone our planet) So I respect the fact that you've signed on for such
an endeavor, despite any windfall profit motive etc. I'm not concerned
for your reasons.
Let me also say this....and we seem to agree here.... failure to
disprove does not guarantee truth. You're correct that I'm ignorant of
many of the facts, and in fairness to the subject, I've spent some free
time to get up to speed. There is a wealth of info on the subject. I've
read the Henoch prophecies, FIGU message board, Maccabee reports, Carl
Sagan's mathematical probabilities etc. It's all facinating.......and so
is the hollow earth theory, young planet theory and alike. It's
stimulating brain food for sure but it doesn't move my "absolute truth"
compass one degree. ( and why should I trust this compass....human
intuition can be a powerful truth too) But we found common ground in
areas, some things CANNOT be disproved with certainty....but I'll
maintain that some evidence does not fit my personal model of
unquestionable or absolute truth, got it?
I'm a photographer, musician, business manager and holistic health
practitioner of sorts so we have some things in common. Thanks for
returning the fire in a dignified manner this time and understandng that
I have no axe to grind.
But I'll tell you what I'd like to do ( assuming I'll find free time
while trying to earn a living) I'll send you stereo photos of a
spaceship. ( once I settle on a design for my craft) I'm not being a
smart-ass, nor trying to prove the Meier case a fraud ( which appears to
be a difficult task) but I think I can create an interesting alien
I'll let you know when I'm ready to attempt this.
What style of music do you perform BTW?
Thanks, Luke


I need to say not only thanks and you're welcome but that I am not the
successor, chosen or otherwise, just a self-propelled proponent of the

The real bottom line questions that I think any interested party should
answer to their own satisfaction, let alone objective standards, begin
with is the case true or not? What proof do you have or point to for either
answer? Then, if it is true, what does it mean to you you, to all of us?

One might also express, through conscious evaluation, just what their
criteria for truth is and how consistently they apply it in all endeavors
and aspects of life, i.e. how they determine what is indeed true and what
is not.

As far as a profit motive, anyone who throws that up in the air needs to
know this, I've spent only my own money and time over a 26 year period
researching this case. All my writings are freely available, as is my newsletter.
All my radio appearances are free, I receive no compensation for my
ongoing research, correspondence, paying a company to publish my press
releases, etc., etc. I spend an average of 3 - 5 hours a day (or more) on
related tasks. Also, I receive no money from Billy or FIGU, etc. by mutual
agreement to keep it clean. I reserve the right to disagree with them, as
I have (see my article in UFO magazine linked from my page). So, I only
wish that we didn't use money to transact but my landlord, and all other
merchants, services, etc. refuse to let me get by on my good looks alone.
Hence, the products that I produce or resell help me to keep going. I
haven't gotten rich off it and I haven't quit my day job.

Re the music, I hope to post samples on my site but for now you can
read a couple of lyrics that I have there. I look forward to your photos.

Where are you located?





My lovely wife and I live approx 50 minutes east of Chicago.

I'm 35 years of age, nor can I make a living on good looks
alone, thus the day jobs continue.
Well....strap yourself in as things may heat up again. I plan to
post your website link to a stereo photography group, and solicit
This group is worldwide and several hundred strong, specializing in all
sorts of 3D imaging.
Most are lurkers, perhaps 50+ people are regular contributors. I am
going to ask that they e-mail their opinions to me, along with any
technical advise they may offer consistent with the project photos I
want to create. My guess is some may go ahead and contact you directly.
I will ask that they treat you respectfully should this be the case.
Again, no axe to grind here, but like yourself, I am drawn to stories
like this.
If you still consider me a detractor of sorts, that's ok as I'll be
responsible for tons of website hits. :-) Luke



Thanks for sharing that. I'm absolutely fine, even grateful, that you
will let your group know about and challenge the case. I would ask
you to let them know about the photo analysis document so that
they can see what has already been done testing wise. They will
also, through due diligence, become aware of various factors, such
as Meier having only one hand, no technical access to speak of, no
financial resources and lots of little things like trying to survive and
raise a family while working as a night watchman, dodging assassins,

I will be on my best behavior and only shoot if shot at.

Thanks, it is indeed helpful and appreciated!

Best to you both,





I just want the skeptics to know that I haven't forgotten my
commitment to make them famouser and even more famouser,
yes sirree!




> We can't wait, but I guess we'll just have to.
> -Kramer, JREF


Wait? Why wait? Go to the link below and see how I have generously
included you folks in this PR, which has now been appearing all over
the world, making you even more famouser than you ever expectorated.
Don't thank me, it's my pleasure!



(Please scroll right down for a little update regarding these pathetic professional "Skeptics")




I am diligent everyday to help people open their eyes and see the
> wizard behind the curtain, and I will always help all I can. But I
> must confess more than anything I can express in this note I would
> love to meet and speak with a benevolent being from another planet.
> There is so much I want to learn, not technical jargon, but self
> developement. I yurn for the rare occasions when I encounter somebody
> of advanced developement. I know everybody wants to meet them and I
> know we are doomed as a race, but I will always look expectantly to
> the sky. Thanks for reading this Michael and if you speak with
> Immanuel
sic (should be Jmmanuel) again tell him thank you.



Hi Stan,

Nice touch at the end. I certainly get your drift, as well as your
longing for a human and humane humanity. I think that, for a long time
to come, we will have to content ourselves with evolving to become the
kind of people we would like to meet. Keep on keeping on.






     Giving you every benefit of every doubt against your story, answer me one simple question..

     Why would ET's who are offering their benevolent advice to mankind pick someone like Billy Meier to be their spokesperson?  It doesn't make sense to me that they would choose a Swiss farmer with little education and influence to be their ambassador to save our planet!

     Taking into consideration the scope and magnitude of these predictions, it would make it a stretch of gigantic proportions to believe that ET's who are so interested and compassionate in our planets' survival to choose an individual like Billy to be their spokesperson...






Time permits but a brief response now (100s of emails to answer), more details later can be discussed. But it is incumbent upon any thinking person to first focus on and answer this simple question re the case, is it true or is it false? Either way, what is your proof? Mine will stand up to any legitimate standard of authenticity, as you may discover if you do your due diligence.

If the case is true, whether you like it or the methods used by the parties involved is completely irrelevant. All that would matter for now is what we would do about it, what it would mean to us.





Dear Peter,
My name's Dyson Devine, and I'm a co-worker of Michael Horn's. I run, up here in Australia, and sometimes Michael sends me emails like yours. You sound quite sincere - he's really too busy to deal adequately with all the correspondence he gets - and I wanted to just drop you a line to let you know that it is only the erroneous "conventional wisdom", that brands Meier as merely some bearded Swiss sod-kicker who never even graduated from high-school. It is true that he lacks a "formal" education, but I can personally attest to the fact that he is probably the wisest person our planet has ever produced. English-speaking people's ignorance of that fact is probably why he's sustained ONLY 19 assassination attempts to date, and not far more. Hint: the last time Earth had someone like Meier, he was crucified.

 Quite a claim, I know.
But I've now read almost everything Meier has produced publicly ... very little of it is in English .... and I've read a LOT in my 55 years from many other sources as well; you know, the "Great Philosophers", etc. so I make that comparison aware of the competition.

Having said that, you might start to understand why so many people are so intent on denigrating him. Billy Meier, and the truth behind ETs, now threaten the very highest powers on this planet. I'd ask you to please just keep looking a little deeper into this matter, because the truth will probably surprise you. In fact, if you are a very deeply religious person who has never really been able to think logically (and I'm not saying you are, because you did see the initial seemingly illogical step of contacting a "farmer") finding out who Meier REALLY is might just drive you around the twist. Its pretty heavy, and not the sort of thing that can be appropriately emotionally handled without taking it in small bites. And chewing well. Very, very well.
Professor Jim Deardoff - another of our co-workers - explains it nicely here:  and gaiaguys other half, my partner Vivienne Legg, has just very recently written a series of five short articles that are very informative.  Similarly, I just finished translating something here that will help get you started  

 Good luck with it, Peter, and please try to help us spread the good news any way you can.

Please let us know how you go with it, as feedback is very valuable to us. We also offer a LOT of info on our 100% free-for-the-taking website.

Peace in wisdom,


Official Disclosure Project Representative  


Hello Dyson,

Thanks for the info.

I will in my spare time check out the resources you referenced and see
how it sits with me.

Best wishes.





Dear Michael,
Very interesting articles.  But I have a question, why is it that you go on and on about how evil America is and George Bush?  When you complain about how America bombed Japan and hundreds and thousands died....and Dresden same scenario.  Why is it you don't mention that Germany and Japan had killed untold millions?  Japan destroyed China...Nanking ring a bell?  The Holocaust ring a bell?  What is America to do?  Sit back and be attacked and destroyed?




Dear Saul,

I wonder if it's any indication of the way you actually think things through that you are writing me as if I was the author of the articles to which you allude? Those articles were written by Meier, who has also written about the rest of the vast scope of human atrocities perpetrated by numerous peoples and powers the world over.

I am not an expert on those topics but I posted the articles because they also are part of the warnings of what is coming our way, this time, which is largely due to U.S. policies and actions. If I am an "expert" on anything, it's on compiling the information that has irrefutably corroborated the accuracy of the prophetic information, and the physical evidence, in the case.

Also, you make a common error, an unsubstantiated leap concluding that both Afghanistan and Iraq (perhaps next Iran, Syria, etc.) attacked us. They didn't.

The real point is that either the Meier case is true or it isn't. If true, it's not only the most important story in history but a, so-far, unheeded warning of the kind of destruction coming to us and others in accordance with the immutable laws of cause and effect.




> Mr. Horn,
> Thank you for your response.
> You've provided quite an earful to ponder :)
> I have looked into the Meier case, no doubt with less depth than
> yourself, and have much of his footage in a documentary, but as an
> experienced visual artist there were a couple of instances in the
> clips that provided cause for serious personal doubt.  An abrupt scene
> change where there were obvious missing frames during a sudden ship
> departure, and the manner in which one alleged Pleidian ship
> circumscribed the top of a tree, made me file this case in the
> "probable hoax" portion of my brain.  At least that is its current
> status for me.
> I cannot on the other hand account for the accuracy of his alleged
> prophecies, and in fact was unaware of them as they weren't a part of
> the documentary I have.  It would be interesting to read the original
> published predictions you mentioned on the show.   But, I also think
> it's possible that predictive ability need not be tied to a Pleidian
> encounter.  Many who have psychic abilities claim to have strange
> experiences that are a comforting way of explaining how they acquire
> such information.
> When asked why no one else around his property is able to see the
> ships, Meier explains that they can only be viewed from one direction
> by him, like a kind of closed circuit TV.   That's just a little too
> convenient for my taste.
> Getting back to my original question...  to me there seems to be an
> implied contradiction in the answer you provided.  How can the
> leadership of the people be the only hope, yet the Pleidians decided
> not to establish open contact because our governments took a pass? 
> Isn't that like 2% outvoting 98%?  That would be a raging endorsement
> of what we already have going down here.  You say that our
> representative governments deserve not to be circumvented, but I don't
> see why not.  Whose opinion is that?  It's been a long time since
> governments represented anyone but the wealthiest few, and that in
> large part is what has created such a perilous situation for us
> earthlings in the first place.
> I have read and viewed many accounts of the Fatima case but have never
> heard what you are describing here.  Perhaps you can refer me to the
> source material that you say establishes this fact of feuding
> extraterrestrial factions.   If it were truly the goal of an ET race
> to manipulate the religious toward control of the planet, they made a
> pretty poor go at it and should watch George W Bush very closely for a
> few pointers on how that's done! :)   How advanced could they be if
> that's the case?   Of course the Virgin Mary wasn't floating around
> the heavens.  I don't believe that for a second.  But that's just a
> picture those people put onto an extraordinary event  to help them
> understand something so shocking.  I'm not interested in their
> ignorance. I'm interested in compelling UFO cases.
> Don't get me wrong...  I am NOT a debunker for it's own sake.  I have
> seen enough with my own two eyes to make me very curious about looking
> deeper.  There are many cases I am fascinated by, such as Arturio?
> Bermudez in S America who encountered an egg shaped craft in the
> seventies and died several days later of apparent severe gamma
> radiation poisoning.   His medical report probably accounts for one of
> the strongest pieces of physical evidence ever, and yet no one ever
> talks about that one.
> Well, I would be happy to expose myself further to your challenging
> take on Meier and others if you'd like to continue this dialogue. 
> It's been an interesting exchange.
> Thanks for your time and your ear.
> Saul




Hi Saul,

Just a couple of quick items, food for thought for you as I wade
through the never ending emails from the radio show appearance.

There is something called plausible deniability built into the Meier
case, in the opinion of many people. Please visit the webpage of James
Deardorff (linked from His work, which also includes
further photo analysis, sheds a lot of light on the kind of thinking
that the ETs have apparently employed in dealing with us and our
tendencies to too rapidly accept "proof", not think for ourselves, etc.

You should know that there are over 100 other witnesses to the ships
(they're seen when the ETs want them to be) and five other
photographers. Also, read the photo analysis document (and the sound
analysis) You should be able to see the enormous unlikelihood of a

I will try to continue in a few days but before I sign off, you have to
think the self-responsibility thing through even more as it relates to
ETs landing, meeting with our leaders, citizens, etc. We're nowhere
near ready, we can't help but try to kill anyone or anything that is
different, other reasons as well to be discussed.

As for the Fatima apparition, it was explained to Meier in the 1970s,
hopefully approved English translations will one day be available. Not
putting you off here, too much Meier info to cover quickly, too little

Also, go to and search for the Bulletins in English. An
enormous amount of info there too. I might have an Aussie friend who
can also help you.





Dear Saul,

I'm Dyson Devine, and I'm with the Disclosure Project, although I'm just
writing to you now in my capacity as fellow-Earthling.

I'm the Australian guy Michael mentioned who might contact you. I wanted to
take advantage of your obviously good mind, by trying to point you in the
right direction in your personal search for truth.

Most people don't even give a damn what's true or not, so we value you.

All I ask is that you persevere a little more with Meier, and try to follow
the main links on site, and then take a look at what we have at The most important bits there are brand new (in English) and
very iconoclastic. We've become very well-informed about this mind-blowing
topic now.

The "Miracle" of Fatima was described by the Plejaren as a technological
artifact (hoax) engineered by the same group of about 20,000 breathtakingly
homicidally maniacal ancient ET humans (called the Giza Intelligences) who
had been making our collective lives miserable for millennia. Hidden deep
under the 73,000 year old* Great Pyramid, they got the boot in 1978, but
their mindless minions, in the form of false religious teachings and
bloodthirsty secret-societies of the rich and famous, account for their
terrible historic momentum we still suffer. You have a need to know this,
and now you have a mission to inform.

Look for &

Please do let us know how you get on, Saul. Feedback is vital in our
important work.

Peace in wisdom,

*Don't think so? Ask a geologist what caused the erosion on the Sphinx. :-)




The "irrational" war of "aggression" is being fought against us by the islamofascists.  If your little green men take the islamofascist side, then I can only hope they continue their policy of non-intervention and occasionally whining to Swiss farmers about it, "advanced" civilization as they are, and all that.
It's pretty sad when all the far-left has left is "the aliens told us the terrorists are right and the cause of freedom is wrong".  -Rob




The ETs warned Meier about the Islamic terrorists in 1981 and 1987, as well as more recently but of course you didn't trouble your self to look into this, did you? "Freedom and democracy" are not bombed down people's throats. Some of my positions may be more to the right than yours for all you know, which so far doesn't look like much.

What's "pretty sad" is that our country is filled with lazy-assed idiots who only hear what they want to and don't trouble themselves to actually...think. Try it, it may hurt at first but then the lights might come on and we'll know that there's someone home at Rob's place.




> geeze you really got me that time.
> i'm so full of hate. i must love george bush.
> and now i find out i'm a coward...
> let me tell you something mr. smithers..
> you can give me your phone number so i can call you, and then we can
> figure
> out how to meet (or is that meat?) so we can have this discussion face
> to face..
> btw you got me confused too....
> i'm not meathead..that would be your hero from "all in the family".
> he's a
> flaming liberal just like you.
> at any rate, you are boring me now. go adjust your tinfoil hat and
> talk to
> your aliens. hey those aliens are pretty smart i bet..tell one of them
> to come
> here and land in my yard so i can fill him in about you, and george
> bush, and
> all liberal assclowns....
> sincerely,
> meatMAN from pittsburgh
> aka bob procoppio



Dear Sir/Madam,

You are receiving this formal reply because you have already sent a
communication that establishes you as one or more of the following:

An uneducated, incompetent who has too much time on their hands and too
little substance between their ears.

A right-wing wacko who thinks that freedom and democracy can be bombed
down people's throats by a nation that considers unprovoked aggression
against others one of its divine rights.

A left-wing wacko who thinks that open borders, unlimited abortion and
guns for criminals only are good things for the country.

A New Age wacko who thinks that the Earth is moving into the fourth
dimension, people will ascend into their light bodies and people should
only eat vegetables.

A religious wacko who thinks they have a "personal relationship" with a
guy who's been dead 2,000 years, or that an imaginary guy in the sky
gave certain people exclusive rights to a parcel of desert, or that
blowing up innocent people will get them into a non-existent heaven
populated by willing virgins.

Well, since you're certain to fall within one or more of these groups,

That's right, we don't mind that you you've contacted us, perhaps more
than once, with your own particular brand of idiocy, invective and
threats. Heck, no! As a matter of fact, we want to help you meet other
like-minded (or, more accurately, no-minded) bottom feeders like

Just think of it, you'll be able to rant and rave with others who share
the same prejudices, dead-end political ideas and deluded religious
beliefs as you do. And what's more, you'll make new friends, or
enemies, instantly, enabling you to continue to avoid dealing with any
of life's truly meaningful, deep and thoughtful issues. Imagine the fun
you'll have when you join with others to spread your prejudice, anger
and insanity with no holds barred!

For a limited time only, we're waiving our usual sign up fees for those
who can prove that they're certifiable nutcases and, since you've
received this correspondence, it means that you qualify!

Be sure to stay tuned for information as to how you can participate.
But a word of warning first, since you're going to meet other
malcontents whose particular irrational and deranged thinking and
behavior may be different than yours, we don't take any responsibility
for the consequences of such associations and interactions. We do
advise you to firmly assert that yours is the only right way of looking
at the world as this will surely convince the others around you who
are, obviously, wrong!

Thanks and have a nice day!

The good folks from



> this is f--king great.
> i'm starting to enjoy this lol.....
> you're everything i ever dreamed a flaming liberal could be.
> except you don't have the balls to give me your phone number so we can
> arrange a meeting face to face.
> but i'm the coward lol
> later a—hole




Meathead, I can't resist. You're so out of control that you want to
challenge a seemingly fragile, little 61 year-old guy (5'4"", 140 lbs.)
to a fight, right? Delightful, really. Let's see, you're perhaps a
burly butcher from back east, the kind of guy who, because he's got
nothing to say, and even less going for him, wants to wail on some weak
little old guy, right, fella?

I see. Well, meatball, that's all very nice. I've learned that it's
sometimes wiser to avoid those kinds of things, especially when the
mark looks so easy. Now since I'm kinda "retired" from gratuitous
violence, I'll direct you to a website where you can check out my,
shall we say, favorite stuff in the fun world of personal violence:

So, while I may be little old and rusty, should you ever track me down
we actually might have a little unexpected fun. My suggestion, get your
life together and watch who you threaten, and watch WHY you feel so
threatened that you act like an animal instead of a thinking human

BTW, there may even be a school in your area where you can bring your
big-mouthed attitude and have your head rammed up your butt by some
other little, harmless looking guy...or girl.

Take a hint, grow up.



 In a message dated 1/30/2005 1:28:54 AM Central Standard Time, writes:

"true believer" that you are.



Yes I am. I will pray for you and that your misguided hooey so that others don't fall for your factless scare tactics. Scared people buy stuff though don't they? After all that's your bottom line isn't it? Fame and fortune - no matter what you had to come up with?

I am going to write to Art Bell and hopefully those that harass Christians for their belief will not be welcome on his show. You asked for my opinion on the show and I gave it.

Liberty will come to those who love it.   President George W. Bush




I see that you need some basic education as you rely on anger, emotion, "faith and belief" as if they were substitutes for truth and reason, which they're not. And, when all else fails, let's attack this guy as someone after fame and fortune, without proof of course, and without thinking how downright unpleasant it is to receive nasty, self-righteous crap from people like you whose ONLY basis for their beliefs is as follows (in case I didn't already point it out):

"What's in this book is true because this book says it's true." Wow, that one doesn't stand up in a court of law, any school or in the mind of someone who's actually troubled themselves to think instead of accept being brainwashed.

I know, you have a "personal relationship" with a guy who's been dead for 2,000 years and he told you that people who don't believe all this crap are in league with Satan, another manmade concoction designed to frighten you witless and drain your pocketbook in search of salvation, etc.


Oh yeah, please don't waste your time praying for me...go take a vacation, it's a better investment of your time.








I think you have been on Coast to Coast Am at least 3 times now. Every time when asked for predictions you never give any.

Oh sure, the west coast earthquake and WW3. Give me a break! I doubt if you can find anyone who doesn't think that neither of those are going to occur.

If on the off chance you are given one last opportunity to go on the C2C program and answer the question, "give us some predictions" you will have a prepared list

that you can zip through without all the pouting about being anti american, etc. You really sound like a broken record every time you are on. We have never heard anything in advance. Only predictions that have already occurred. Gee, I wish I could go on tell the world about all of my hits like the recent death of Johnny Carson

or the price of a stock at the close of trading on a certain day. Surely you want to sell books and videos? Well how can you if you don't get some notoriety from bonafide hits given in advance?

kind regard,





You obviously, and regrettably, didn't pay attention. I went on last night and discussed four breaking news stories that just made headlines around the world and told you, if you were listening, that THEY WERE ALREADY PREDICTED IN THE PUBLISHED BOOKS AND MY DVD BEFORE THEY OCCURRED.

And these are only the latest of predictions PUBLISHED BEFORE THEY OCCURRED.

Sorry, Phil, but I maintain a FREE website and FREE newsletter and do FREE media appearances in the hope that seemingly intelligent people like you will finally say something to themselves like, "Hey, five categories of still irreproducible physical evidence, 52 years worth of error-free, impeccably accurate, specific, prophetic scientific and world event-related information that keeps on being confirmed, making it the
most important story in human history, and they're trying to give us specific warnings AND suggested solutions re a coming worldwide destruction...I think I'll start doing something about it!"

Yes, I hope that, instead of subtly impugned my motives and integrity re research (for 26 years) and work that I do voluntarily to spread the word, instead of that (unless you have proof that my motives are strictly or even primarily financial) I'd be more impressed if you focused yourself on the task at hand and not on "what have you done to entertain me lately".





That is right. You gave predictions that had just occurred. You or your website has never given anything except just after the fact.

I am not an entertainer





I reported on four breaking news stories. Okay? BUT Meier had already predicted them years, decades ago, and they are documents, books DVD, etc. all published BEFORE the "new" stories occurred. Get it now? Huh? PUBLISHED BEFORE THEY OCCURRED.

Also, I didn't say YOU were an entertainer, I suggested that you wanted to be entertained.

Christ, man, pay attention and be competent if you expect someone to care enough to take their time to communicate with you.




Dear Michael,

I did not mean to upset you. Thanks for the 2 x 4 because you have gotten my attention. Iwas trying to point out to you that you need to give the audience something to think about as far as what was next to come. Nobody wants to buy a book or DVD about what has already happened. There are no excerpts about the future to whet our appetites. For all we know it is like the Prophecies of Nostradamas and left up to intrepretation. I, myself, do not doubt the validity of what you have said or the importance of contact with a higher civization that seems to care about us. Thank you very much for taking time out of your busy schedule to bother with an a dumb downed and incompetent sub-human.

kind regard,


How do you say "God Bless' in Plaeadian?



Dear Phil,

No harm, no foul as they say. I just try to respond in kind and I've gotten a fair share of really nasty emails, yours not being among them!

As far as what's to come there are some specifics in the Henoch Prophecies and other info from Meier that pretty much describe future events and times. At this point I don't think they're going to bother to tell us more because humanity as a whole is, frankly, too stupid and preoccupied with irrelevancies to pay serious attention.

The word salome (which also appears in various languages on Earth an din variations) is said to mean "peace in wisdom", if I recall correctly. There is a regular, monthly, worldwide Salome Peace Meditation done not only by people around the world but, allegedly, by 3.5 billion extraterrestrial humans on our behalf who have been pulling for us, while so many here could care less.

Oh well, best to you and...





Thank you very much Sir,

I didn't know that there were 3.5 billion on our behalf pulling for us. Perhaps you can recommend to me the best entry point as far as books or DVD's to learn more about what you know. As you can see on my website I am also trying to enlighten the masses with what has been made available to me. I am an electrical engineer by trade although I have no degree and I have always been interested in the paranormal, anomalies, ufos, etc. I think I saw you and have you one of my postcards at Bay Area UFO Expo this past year. Were you there?

kind regard,




You're welcome, my friend.

Well, I can't prove that it's so but it's what is said in the case. First, I would suggest you read all the free articles on my site , also at  and related information at:

The book And Still They Fly! is filled with great info and there will be a new book out in about a month or hopefully less that is also stunning. My DVD covers a lot of the info in a systematic fashion and can be useful in presenting the info to people who want to evaluate the credibility of the case. As is the case with the book, and various writings and Bulletins on the site, you will see many of the events that I have referred to, and that are also in my article Proof Beyond A Reasonable Doubt, the DVD has those events on it before they occurred.

I was indeed at the Expo there and I'll probably recognize you from your face. I'm not great with names and I meet a lot of people but faces usually come back to me.







I am so thankful for the information you are willing to share with the rest of us! I am but a mear single mom, with grown children, but I have great hopes of being of some use to our humanity and to my own family. I struggle with enlightenment and wish to be an example for others. I know our time on this Earth is short, and the years to follow are not going to be enjoyable to say the least. Truth is what helps me on my journey, and I thank you again for shareing  your known truths with us. Peace be within you always, sincerely, Doreen





I heard your interview with Art Bell on Coast to Coast AM last night.
You did a great job! I think you should ask Art or George Noory to
have you on a full show so you have more time to go into detail on
these predicted events and their implications. Good luck!




Cheer up, many of us firmly believe him, have been in a UFO group for 24 yrs and have the four books put out by Stevens. Those of us who believe Senjase* is real are large in number.
The skeptics are narrow minded bodies who can't think out of a box, ignore them.


*sic (should be Semjase)




Subject: predictions

you’re right on





Greetings Michael my Friend,
The message was clear, the messenger delivered it very well.  I support both.  Too bad you
did not have more time.  Keep up the good work.




Wish you could have been on longer! It was a good interview. I hope people will start to listen. I don't think this is about patriotism, its about survival.!!!     God Bless you, T.



Mr. Horn! A Wonderfully effective and otherwise efficacious appearance on the Bell program. You countered your critics calmly and sensibly and fairly oozed an optimism (to ~me~ at any rate) in the face of a very upsetting and unsettling message. You continue to validate my thinking on you, Sir. Rock on and your god's speed! [g].

PS: I cheered when you underscored an individual's responsibility in all this... it's not governments and institutions and agencies and churches ... it's the individuals that make these up. If these don't serve the contributing individual and facilitate that advancement of same, they ~should~ be rent asunder and destroyed! These governments and institutions and agencies and churches are our servant entities contrived for our individual spiritual and corporeal benefit, we are not these entities slaves... or shouldn't be.

"...there's magic in fighting for a dream that nobody sees but you..."



Hi, Michael. Joe Bloggs here., nice to here you on air with Art. Boy do I prefer George. Try to get on with him soon, he'll do a better service to the public. Take care and keep doing your good work. sincerely.,-




Dear Michael:
I listened to the Coast show last night and again from the archives this morning--you did a wonderful job of getting the new information out--and you only had an hour to do it so it was doubly wonderful.
I wish we could meet the Plejaren's, Michael.  There are so many of us on earth now that are working on our own light, spirituality and ascension to a higher-vibrating type of human.  Last night hundreds of us were gathered together to see James Twyman's "Indigo" here in Cincinnatti, Ohio--and this was repeated all over the world yesterday.
I feel like there is hope for us and for our world.  In a very loving way--I long for the earthchanges to come--our earth has such a right to shake off and stop any destructive activity she feels the need to stop. 
It seems like there is truly a web of individuals who in their very own space are becoming "the people we've been waiting for".
Thank you for everything you do.  I'm excited about reading "And Still They Fly" and will order it with my next paycheck!



Hi From Texas !
                  I am just a guy 58 common citizen living of Social Security who knew at the age of 8 that we were not alone. You are right on on what is going to happen to America. America WILL NOT turn its way and that is a shame. America is a war like people. How many times do you hear the word Peace coming from Bush's lips ?. People don't like to hear America will be destroyed for pushing war all over the Globe. Look at the sin we bring to these countries. They should bring their less sinful ways and teach us. We corrupt everything we touch.--- In short , keep on doing what you are doing. Be safe Michael and God grant good health to you.---very Sincerely Yours---Dave Smith




You go Michael! YES TELL IT TO THEM! YES the TRUTH HURTS....but do not stop!
This is the first I have heard of your site, and this information, but it all instantly rang true!
This country is headed for devastation beyond our comprehension.
Not fair that Art took up your time regarding skeptics.
Keep on Keeping On!



Thanks for the encouragement...and I won't stop. I hope that we can exert a little positive influence into this country of ours. I guess Art wanted to do his version of "fair and balanced"!
Well, still have tons of emails to go through.



> Hi Michael,
> I am trying to understand what I am up against and what is against
> me/us.  This information is the first time that I am hearing it on the
> kste talk radio.
> I wish that I had an idea of these events before.
> The tsunami for starters is not started by HAARP, but as you stated,
> EXXON.  I make sure that @ least 1000 people know of this. 
> Truthseekers!
> Please let know what is the best information and quickest way to
> understand what is necessary to understand what will come for us in
> the future.
> PS Any word on a 600ft Tsunami started by the LaPalma area that will
> hit US eastcoast.
> Also on the West Coast.
> Thanks Michael and unless you have antagonists, you are not allowing
> people to compare these new ideas with their current belief systems in
> order to grow.  It is the bases of intelligence.
> Take care Angus




Thanks Angus, I have to be brief because of the ton of email, pro and
con, that I have to go through. As for the info, there's plenty of free
stuff at and

If you want things that you can look at and share with more info the
DVD and book are recommended. I have no specific info on a tsunami. For
what it's worth, a woman I know who's been pretty accurate has forecast
a "west coast" earthquake sometime, maybe middle, in February.

I don't know any more, just that we're in the "interesting times" that
we've all anticipated.




Hi Angus,
Please study our site carefully, to avoid the deliberate garbage that the www is pumped full of by The Powers That Be. has some info on La Palma, I think.

> > > The only reason you are popular on talk shows, etc., is because you
> > > are so ridiculously stupid that people can't believe their ears. 
> > > Everyone enjoys comedy, and yours is the best.  I don't have
> > expertise
> > > in all of the areas that you discuss, but in the field of
> > microbiology
> > > and Mad Cow Disease, I do.  In listening to your rants on MCD, I
> > > couldn't tell for sure whether you are ignorant or just telling
> > lies. 
> > > It isn't an earth-shattering revelation that MCD was found in a
> > goat. 
> > > I predict we will find it in several new species in the future. 
> > > Prions are actually a function of our own genes, and a slight
> > mutation
> > > here or there can result in an entirely spontaneous case.  In any
> > > case, the incidence of spongeioform encephalitis is rare.  It just
> > > happens to be a "media darling" and is far less important than the
> > > press it gets.  I can only assume that because you are so far off
> > base
> > > with respect to MCD, none of the other areas you discuss,
> especially
> > > aliens and UFOs have any credibility either.  JHC  DVM, PhD
> > >

> > Michael wrote:
> > Let's see, another brilliant mind starting out with the ad hominum's
> > and generalities and ending up with unsubstantiated "assumptions" and
> > generalities. Okay, I understand your language and will speak it so
> > that you can feel comfortable.
> >
> > As for your "prediction", sorry to disappoint, if you'd troubled your
> > ego-inflated, small-minded self to read the document from 1994 you'd
> > realize that the details provided there were (and many still are)
> > unknown at the time. I did something you obviously didn't, I
> > researched
> > to find out. And, oh, Mr. Know-It-All, it wasn't a "media darling" in
> > 1994.
> >
> > You're one of those lazy, credential-laden, educated idiots who don't
> > want their tiny little world view troubled (heck, what are you
> > listening to Art Bell for, just the "comedy"?). Well, when you get a
> > moment away from the mirror, read the free documents at
> >
> > and, if you think you actually have anything of importance to say,
> and
> > would like to offer substantiation and proof for your rancid opinion,
> > feel free to write back and be prepared to get your lazy butt kicked
> > further into its well-deserved irrelevance and oblivion.
> >
> > And have a nice day,
> >
> > MH



> > I listen, (and laugh, when listening to you, because I truly am
> > amused) I use judgement, I critisize when justified, I see how one
> > responds to critisism, and now I laugh even harder.  JHC


> You know absolutely nothing about me sir.  I do know, however, that
> your major thrust in life is nothing but a scam.  You make nearly all
> of your income on propagating lies, and then trying to denigrate
> people who call you on it.  I did have a nice day, by the way, and I
> sleep very well at night too.  JHC


Michael <> wrote:
Now Jack, try to focus. I am leaving a nice BIG, blank space for you
below, like the one that's above your shoulders. You take your time and
fill it in with all the "lies" I propagate (and let me know about the
income too!) To help you out, I'm including the latest headline from my
site. You see, Jack, that way you can you use your vast intellectual
resources to debunk it...and all the rest of those "lies". Here goes:



I really didn't want to respond again because I'm getting very tired of this.  However, I must have really hit a sore point with you.  Anyone who would respond and protest the way you did must be very unsure of himself.  A normal person would have taken criticism like I gave with a little laugh and rolled his eyes.  If you, who is in the public eye, respond to what must be hundreds or thousands of letters like mine (surely I'm not the only one in the world who thinks you're a fake) you have a real problem.  Your second response is obviously a "form response" that you can send with a single click so that you can attack and belittle anyone who disagrees with you with virtually no effort on your part.  "methinks you protest too much"!  JHC



You are apparently very unfamiliar with the way credible rebuttal works, let alone the amateurish and non-credible tactic of impugning someone's motives, without substantiation, with whom you disagree, hence the well-deserved form letter.

It matters to me not a whit that uninformed people, like yourself, fancy themselves competent to comment on the credibility of the case, which meets all standards of proof, both scientific and legal. The burden on people like you to actually research all of the information, evidence and proof is obviously far beyond your ability to comprehend let alone meet.

As you say in your first, hostilely toned email, you aren't knowledgeable in most of the areas pertinent to this case. I suggest then that you refrain from bothering people like me who are. Either that or get up to speed and make a respectable argument for all of your disagreements, and for impugning my motives as well.

Failing that, I suggest that you allow your tiredness to dictate the next logical step, go to sleep, it may prove far more productive for you than coming to a battle of wits unarmed.

All the best,




> Len thought you would be interested in this
> article from, Canada's leading source for
> online news.
> Hello Michael
> This article posted this morning on Coasttocoast confirms another
> Billy prediction that earth is located in localized black hole  big
> bang area. It is amazing and scary how Billy's contacts can know. It
> is like that Billy's contacts time travel to the future and to the
> past for information.
> Len



Hi Len,

Thanks for writing. A favor to ask, I'm swamped with emails, nice one
and hateful ones, and would love to be directed to Billy's material re
this so that I can incorporate it.

Let me know if possible,




> I heard your interview with Art Bell on Coast-to-Coast-AM yesterday.
> Very interesting - sorry you didn't have more time allotted for that.
> I realize this is just one small detail within the larger predictions
> offered through Billy Meier's rather unique (but not exclusive - many
> others "channel" similar information) communications.
> I read an article in (around) 1975-1976 Moneysworth Magazine, probably
> now out of print, that discussed an issue that appears to have led up
> to the "mad cow disease" and "Scrapie" and other cross-species spread
> of this potential epidemic.
> The article described the emerging difficulties with feeding
> VEGETARIAN animals on feed that included animal-source waste products
> (organs, flesh, hide, even diseased parts, even MANURE) and how that
> 'protein-enriched' feed affected US, the consumers. As well as I can
> recall that report, it was indicated that people who eat that 'food'
> had been noted to experience a HIGH incidence of high cholesterol and
> fat.
> The processes used to 'cook' that feed could either enhance or nullify
> this down-the-food-chain effect. The higher-temperature cooking of
> that feed seemed to reduce the negative health effects and the
> low-temperature (cheaper) method did not. There was no discussion, of
> course, about the now-increasing, world-wide spreading of this (newer)
> emergence of mad cow disease and Scrapie.
> I haven't found other discussion that indicate that this 30-YEAR-OLD
> awareness that there's some very serious problems with using these
> feeds, has evolved into these 'new' diseases. As we venture into the
> "conspiracy-theory" realm, it seems very tragic that this part of this
> (human and animal) health degeneration has been ongoing for quite some
> time ... to the profit of the meat-growers and to the detriment of we
> humans, along with (potentially) the entire meat-based food supply.
> Sincerely - Rob
> (I e-mailed this to Art Bell, also)




Thanks for writing. I hope you read the conversation from 1994 between
Ptaah and Meier. Yes, the problem has its origins in the kinds of
things you mention. Also, and I'm waiting for the approved English
translation, I know that Meier was told that the problem will be
worldwide because, when the incidents in Britain occurred some years
ago, the British secretly approved the processing of some of the
already known Mad Cow Disease contaminated animals to be processed as
animal feed and sold internationally!

The extent of the suicidal greed on the planet is beyond comprehension.





Dear Mr. Horn,
I first wish to thank you for your own interest and personal investment into this body of work. I would also like to say up front that I believe the story which you present to be 100% real. With that said, I would like to propose a question to you or better still to those making contact with us humans.
You made a comment recently on Coast to Coast AM in which you stated that the summation of their messages is this, "We had better DO something and not allow it to continue" with regard to what is happening on our planet. My question and concern is this, What can we do? Yes, I have heard it suggested that we can all write to our elected officials, bla, bla, bla. Like they don't already know what is happening and perhaps some may and are quite likely involved in it themselves. I am feeling a tremendous sense of frustration which is bordering on helplessness over such matters. I'm fully conscious of many, make that several, acts and or threats against the majority of peoples on our Earth and even the planet herself. But like so many I don't know how I can help bring about the change(s) that are necessary at this time. The only personal act that I'm aware of is to continue to raise my own level of consciousness while at the same time to pray that the Hundredth Monkey effect, or critical mass if you will, takes on a life of its' own and soon. I have long since been a believer that if Divine intervention, for lack of a better word, does not save mankind from himself then we are damned. Human conditioned behavior is far too predictable.
I deeply sense that Time, as we know of it, to act is running out for us. I can also sense that the road ahead for us all is not necessarily entirely paved with good intentions. I would honorably lay this life down to defend our Mother Earth if only the way to accomplish it were to be pointed out to me. Do you care to share any thoughts or insights that you may have at this time? I can assure you that any amount of positive info would be greatly appreciated and I assure you that I am not a ranting lunatic, although I realize that I may sound like one to some people. I am just a very passionate being, and particularly so about what I am interpreting to be occurring on Earth at this time.  



Dear Ms. MM,

Thanks for writing, I understand and appreciate your thoughts and feelings. There are several things more to suggest. There is an article on the Billy's Document page called the 21 Positive Points that encompasses some of the global and personal principles espoused in the case. There's also An Introduction to the Spiritual Teachings, which are at the very core of the case as well.

You may wish to find out about the Salome Peace Meditation, I think I have some info on my site. If you care to let me know the city you live in I'll enquire to see if there are an study groups there, etc.

It has been made clear that, at this time, with the powers and leaders that be so totally irresponsibly unresponsive and power hungry, that it is a matter of individual self-responsibility that counts most, as this will lead and attract by example so that other like-minded individuals can come together and gradually form cohesive societal units that move us in the right direction. Your own meditation and conscientious commitment to life is already a contributing part of it. Perhaps there are further things, as suggested, that may support you and also benefit from your participation.

Feel free to let me know,







Dear Michael,  I heard you last night on Art Bell's program.  It may or may not be true but the sad thing is that when even there are predictions that are true, who is getting all the attention and glorification out of it?  It exault the man and gives him all the attention and thus is the spirit of anti-christ.  That also means all the well know evanglical television preachers that get all the attention and take away the glory of God and become rich by fleecing the people and lying to them.  It is the same thing just different styles.  Jesus said when the holy spirit is come "he will not speak of himself but will glorify me".  I am not for main stream religeon the organizations that build their own kingdoms and fool  the masses.  I do not feel that you are anti-American. I am an American and it hurts and grieves me in my heart to know what is coming upon this country. The word says that "God put it in their hearts to hate the whore and burn her flesh with fire" (Revelation)  You are just promoting the wrong man perhaps you love the attention it brings you.  When we set aside our desires of the lust of the flesh, the pride of life and the lust of the eye, there is no room for ego anymore.  These aliens will not save the planet, it is a lie and a deception.  Only those who are truly the Lord's will escape the wrath to come and I am not talking about the misconception of the rapture doctrine you hear.  Not one word of the bible that has been prophesied has failed.  I would therefore consider whom you are serving and pleasing.  Should we please man or should we please Jahshua the anointed one who died for us so we can escape the wrath of God.  I know you have probably heard this before but that is because Christ is longsuffering and he have me many chances too.  Sincerely Mona




I appreciate your writing, thanks. I think in many ways we share the same concerns though we have different understandings about the Bible, God, Jesus, etc.

I respect that people with very religious views may have trouble with the information I represent but that doesn't make my information incorrect. On the contrary, the information in the Meier case is proved true and authentic to a scientific and even legal standard, something which no religion even comes close to despite having an accumulated history of some 3,500 years.

And there is no exaltation of anyone, just a man trying o do his duty to warn humanity about the troubles it is creating for itself, for ourselves.

The information from the Plejaren also quite clearly inform us that the great Creation behind all life is in no way to be feared, no one ever had to die for imaginary sins of human beings, and no saviors are necessary for us to live, be happy and fulfill the purpose of life.

Since you heard me on the Art Bell show, which isn't any kind of religious show, far from it, there must be some part of you that understands that the kind of fear promoted by religions is not the truth.






meier - liar
the billy meier case is far and away the most laughable pathetic ufo fraud scam ever in the sordid history of ufo-ology ... the meier lie is only eclipsed by the feeble brained limpkins who are eager to believe in any ufo fantasy that can be breast fed to them ..... i have in my mind semi retired factory workers living in trailer parks in arizona staying up past their bed time to listen to art bell interviewing the hyper michael horn babble excitedly about meierinsky and his amazing plenarian escapades  (i guess life on the farm for billy was getting a little dull ...let's drop some acid and see what happens.....)
there are many other genuine unexplainable ufo type mysteries ....( my favorite being the betty cash story)  how sad that time would be wasted on this childish amateurish farce
but like everything else it keeps going due to one thing ---->>> $$$$$
yes the wonder of finding a revenue stream somehow in this empty well keeps the fraud going ...the pathetic dupes buy into the meier-lie and purchase the trinkets (books, pics, t-shirts etc.) that keep the wheel turning and keep the myth alive
michael horn himself even looks alienish with that pointy bald head it him that these space lords speak to ...and maybe horn himself helps to write the meier-script



Just in case I didn't get around to dismissing you for the pathetic, non-specific, unsubstantiated, typically dumbed-down, denial-based nit-wit that you are, and you did have competition from the typically deluded Christians and flag-wavers.

Gosh, if you have enough brain cells to actually critically refute the scientific proof in the case please don't hesitate to impress me with it. Likewise, substantiate your "only in it for the money" claim, moron. BTW, in case you missed it, the top skeptics failed to duplicate Meier's "hoaxed" photos and another genius like you, James Randi, withdrew his claim that the case is a hoax.

Guys like you who simply hurl your snide invective are the kind of losers who have too much time on their hands and too little gray matter between their ears.





Hi Michael- I heard your segment on Coast to Coast last night all very interesting but after reviewing your picture gallery on your web site the obvious stands out. If these creatures wanted Meier to be able to convince the sceptics why not just one series of close up photo's of the vehicles so we can actually see technical details? Hoax or not his photos are no better than a myriad of other UFO photos in the public domain. His predictions are also no more accurate than many other honest sensitives around the world. Any human being with an open mind knows we are in it deep. Sorry your man does not stand out!



Gee, another guy who thinks he just invented the wheel. Sorry, there are such photos and films, a stunning video, sound recordings and metal alloy samples...all remain irreproducible to this day, professional skeptics who claimed they could duplicate Meier's photos and films failed, after four years of trying. Photos no better? Trouble yourself to provide anything even close in quantity and quality.

If you listened to my presentation on Art Bell last, if you actually LISTENED, you heard that there are four new, breaking news stories that - surprise - aren't new to any of us that already have the information in print dating back from 10 -30 years.

Dwell on it Doug, try thinking about and maybe, just maybe you'll get a clue. I suggest actually reading the 30+ documents on my site and know that there's no point whatsoever in your writing me again until you've done your homework. I did mine, 26 years worth...make an effort.





Hi Michael,

Re. Pig & Human hybrids, here's a new article. Truly scary.

I also wanted to say that your site is just fantastic, the Figu site is quite hard to navigate and pull information together on top of it not being focused on English (I am planning to learn German). Your site brings so much info together, just fantastic. I've only recently looked into the Meier case again after originally delving into it in the late 80s, then over a period of years read that it was a hoax and was quite surprised, but then not seeing any retraction of that position over a # of years assumed they were correct. So I'm extremely glad to see the truth come out about the case and to see for myself with all the information that's available, that it isn't a hoax. Now to see what I can do about it and make some changes in my own life. It gives me some hope for humanity, though I still have my doubts that enough people will listen and make a change to their lives. We'll see...






Hi Doug,

Enormous thanks for finding that stunning article. It only adds to the accuracy and credibility of Billy's info.

Just wanted you to know that I appreciate your support!






Dear Michael -
You don't believe the Scriptures, because you don't  have any  faith.
I find it ironic that you choose to believe the lies of a man and some demonic presence that supposedly visited him, to the Word of the Lord through His Apostles and Prophets.
Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.
Please open your eyes and unstop your ears to the Truth.



Dear Lorna,

I don't believe the scriptures because I didn't have my head filled with fearful religious mush when I was growing up. As a rational thinking human being who later freely explored them and analyzed them, it was easy for me to conclude that these delusional writings were edited, redacted, re-written, 10th hand accounts of events that the primitive peoples of the ancient times couldn't understand and it's disrespectful and arrogant of you, someone with no knowledge of what I have researched for 26 years, to presume that it is I who am in error.

Truth is that which is knowable, proven, demonstrable and constant. Religion is that which is unproven, delusional, toxic and fear-based.

I suggest that if you wish to have a discourse with me don't lecture me on the mush that got stuffed into your head. Number one, PROVE that it is real. Number two, research my free material.

Until then, save your preaching for church.




Dear Michael -
Your first sentence proves that you are a presumptuous and prideful human being.
I was not raised a believer in Christ: in fact, my father was, and still is, an atheist. Though, he seems to be softening his position since his recent illness and car accident.
My mother is not one either, is divorced many years from my father, and has many illnesses.
So, you are greatly mistaken. I, like you, was involved heavily with the Occult, and thankfully, the Lord intervened in my life and saved me.
As to the 'fairytale' that you call the Scriptures - archaeology is proving every day the authenticity of God's Word.
So is the Gematria - The Hebrew Bible Code.
Even Science is now proving that the Scriptures are true.
But, most important, you cannot denounce someone who has had a personal spiritual experience with Jesus Christ; and say that it isn't real.
I am that person. My life was physically, not just spiritually, saved, by the intervention of the Lord in 1965, when I was raped and almost murdered in Nashville; while pregnant with my first child, by two white men.
I have also heard the audible Voice of God, and have experienced the overwhelming Presence of the Holy Spirit, at many times.
You are the one who is in need of intervention by God in your life and that is what I will pray for.
The Scriptures have not been re-written - they were taken from the original Greek and Hebrew Texts.
If you studied this - you would know that this is true.
It is you that, presumptuously, judged me, as much younger and much less knowledgeable, about these things, without knowing me.
I have studied the Gospel for over 35 yrs.
I have also studied Islam and the dangers of it, and how the Qur'an was the plaigarized Hebrew Bible accountings of a lunatic.
Truth is what shall set you free, not everything that is knowable in the world is Truth - otherwise lies wouldn't exist - which is where the roots of evil come from.
Religion is not what I have. I have Christ, the living Christ, by the Holy Spirit, living within me.
No other 'religion' can offer that.
Jesus is very much alive, and will return soon, as He promised.
The Scriptures say 'God has not given me a spirit of fear, but of love, of power and of a sound mind.'
That 'mush' that you call the Gospel, has lasted through the centuries and proves its own veracity every day.
Nothing was stuffed in my head - so, you are the one who doesn't know what you are talking about, Sir.
I chose it of my own volition - though, God sought me out first. Quite a paradox, isn't it?
There are many proofs - read the Scriptures and study them - you haven't done so, otherwise, you would know the Word of God is Truth.
I've seen your material, and you are the one who is living in delusion.
The Scriptures also say, that 'God will bring strong delusion on them, for they did not want to know the Truth, that they might be saved.'
The reason you can't get it, is because you are blinded by delusion.
Ask Jesus Christ to make Himself real to you, and then, watch Him prove Himself, but don't give Him orders, or a timetable, because He doesn't have to take orders from you or I.
I will not save my 'preaching' for church -' Jesus said, (and I thot you were so well-versed on these things) Go you into all the world and preach the Gospel - he that believes will be saved, and he that doesn't will be condemned.'
Pretty clear, isn't it? So, I guess I should listen to Jesus rather than you.
That's why it is called the 'Sword of the Spirit.'
I suggest that you 'open' your mind to the Gospel, as people like you are always telling people ' open your minds' to all the new age garbage that is out there. But, don't forget this time, to open your heart, as well, or you won't get anywhere.


Dear Lorna,

You have had dreadful personal experiences and have coped with them to survive. I pass no judgment on how you did that except to say that my heart truly goes out to you for your suffering, I've had a it myself.

The truth of the matter is that you are free to believe and/or interpret your experiences as you choose and as is necessary for your survival and sanity. I acknowledge that. As far as you are concerned it's "Jesus" and "God", etc. behind it all but strangely not intervening in the lives of countless millions of people who have suffered the barbarism of their fellow men, many of whom were religious true believers doing "God's" work. So it's a very subjective thing, isn't it? And that means it still is a matter of belief, not truth. And you're entitled to your beliefs.

I should add that I am not involved with the "occult", religion fits that definition far better.

You might be less entitled to feel insulted when someone who doesn't want to get preached to, prayed for, etc. has just that kind of offensive message sent his way...without asking for it.

So, enjoy your life, your religion and your victory over the dark incidents of the past. But don't push your beliefs on people who really don't want them. I was invited to speak on the radio. You weren't forced to listen and you're not prevented from responding but don't expect a warm welcome from someone who has made it clear that he's not interested in pursuing such beliefs.

Best to you, truly,




(Either some of this thread is missing, or the writer refers to a talkback session)


Michael, why are you so cross with me?  It seems a man with your story would want to show me where I am wrong.  Instead all you can tell me is how dumb I am and how smart you are with all of your research.  Great people don't have to constantly tell people they are great, they just are.  I was mainly trying to figure out where this large of a story came from because as you must be aware it is an extraordinary thing you are saying.  Don't bother sending a reply.  I apologize for any inconvenience.


Well, Ted, when I get a certain kind of approach from people I figure that's the tone that they best understand. But, you know what, maybe I misunderstood. So, in response to where you went wrong, you haven't done your homework. It's really that simple. Nothing personal, no insult, just do your homework. I pointed out four separate, front page, breaking news stories that just have to have been foreseen - and documented in copyrighted, published books and documents. That's what known not only as proof far beyond a reasonable doubt (especially when added to the dozens of other such prophetically accurate information) it's also known as the most important story in all of human history.

Now, I hear me loud and clear and I presume that you do too. So, if you wish to take issue with any of the substance of the case and its information, or my conclusions from 26 years of research, please make a real good accounting of yourself.

Fair enough?




> I am trying to look at this with an open mind, but the information
> reads like the book of revelation. About the only difference is the
> rapture and the final outcome. I am a catholic although non
> practicing but I still hold true to the christian ideals more often
> than not. I am not really sure what you would expect me to do with the
> information that you have presented here other than to prepare for the
> end times. I am willing to listen to your thoughts on what must be
> done, but being a christian I don't know if the inevitable can be
> changed. sincerely Tim



Hi Tim,

I must be brief only because I am simply overwhelmed with emails, not a
bad thing, just demanding because I try to answer each one. And some
probably are best just deleted. Not yours though, I understand what
you're saying and want to sincerely advise you that are many things to
be done, not all of them require an ET to tell us. Please search all
the articles on my site (, there are pages for Billy's
documents and my own. And check out the site in Switzerland

There is spiritual information on both sites, as differs from religious
information, that may shine a little added light on some matters.






> I am a streamlink member and just listened to your interview with Art
> Bell.
> Was vaguely familiar with Billy Meier but didn't know much about his
> case. I will now be looking with great interest and detail at your
> website.
> What terrifies me the most about the state of this nation today is
> that people are so mind-controlled and socially engineered that they
> do not see the monstrous darkness that has taken hold in D.C. This
> darkness transcends both political parties and has gobbled them both
> up.
> What you said about the future of this nation is right on the mark.
> It should be self-evident to any thinking American. Too bad most
> people won't let go of their remote and exercise their right to
> educate themselves with something besides T.V. propaganda.
> I love this country, but my love also extends to the rest of this
> beautiful planet. We truly are on the brink of self-extermination and
> the American people are too self-absorbed, greedy and violent to wake
> up to what is being done in their name on this planet.
> Call me naive, but I still do believe in miracles and I have a great
> deal of hope for this world and the people in it. If what Billy Meier
> predicts to happen to this country does indeed happen, we will have no
> one to blame but ourselves for it. I pray we wake up in time....ALL
> In the meantime, I wish you the very best.



Hi Brooke,

I sure won't call you naive, rather, right on the money. It's sad that
something that had as much potential as this country has been hijacked
by the power-hungry and greedy, who've helped dumb down the willing.
and, as usual, those who would try to awaken the sleepers are the ones
who get blamed for the fire.

I appreciate your writing and your support.



> Michael--
> Although I have been interested in the subject of UFO's since becoming
> aware of them at a very early age (about 6 y.o.--and I'm now 49 y.o.),
> I've always been skeptical, as most people are who've never seen one. 
> That being said, I must admit that your photos are incredibly
> convincing.  As you know there will always be skeptics--only because
> they've yet to see one themselves.  As for myself, I can't find
> anything I can easily criticize that might remotely suggest a hoax
> here.  It must be truly amazing as well as fortunate to see these
> crafts first hand, whatever they are.
> Many thanks for taking these UFO photos and posting them for all to
> see.  That act alone takes guts and courage, and my hat's off to you. 
> Also, as a trained scientist with a diverse background, including
> degrees in Biology, Psychology, Dentistry & Medicine, Law and
> Business (MBA), in addition to others (all from the very best
> universities in the U.S.), I can only hope that you continue your
> work, and let the debunkers go know where.  It's been
> my experience that debunkers do what they do because they feel the
> only way to build themselves up is to tear others down--in an effort
> to make themselves feel superior; psychologically speaking, I believe
> most of them have inferior complexes.  In addition, I've almost always
> them to be very poor scientists or investigators.  Even worse, when
> they do so criticize, they usually offer no credible explanation of
> what they are debunking, making them unworthy of any attention.  When
> I "debunk" something, I always explain why, give exact reasons for
> doing so, and offer an equally credible and more likely explanation. 
> I see nothing to debunk here.
> Please keep up the great work, ignore the thoughtless critics and
> stand by your convictions.  Besides, I have no doubt they will someday
> be faced with evidence, or, more likely, proof that any reasonable
> person simply cannot refute.  Whatever these UFO's are, and whoever is
> controlling them, the time will come--probably sooner rather than
> later--that their existence will no longer be questionable.  Simply
> put, UFO's exist and they're here. The issue is moot. While it's
> always easy to prove the existence of something, it's nearly
> impossible to prove the opposite.
> Thanks again for your effort and generosity in sharing these images,
> and I wish you the very best luck and good fortune.  I am
> Sincerely yours,
> Andrew



I thank you for writing and for your support. First, I must say that I
didn't take the pictures, Billy Meier in Switzerland did and it has
been his great effort, over many decades, that has brought this reality
to the people of the world.

I am being brief because I am swamped with emails from the show but I
wanted to acknowledge your letter and express my appreciation.




I believe you. I guess that makes me anti-American as well. The way this country is going, you have to be in your RIGHT MIND to even be anti-American. Bush is totally insane, he is another Caligula only more dangerous.



Hey Bob,

Thanks and even though we're on the same page in this regard I won't send you the emails from people who are obviously not in their right mind. Actually, I'm not so much anti-American as I am anti-American military policies, to be specific.





Dear Michael Horn

Have you seen this already? Anyway...( text from professional bozos)

Research Into Billy Meier's Predictions: An Informal Report 
by ike42  
21 April 2004


Yes, not only did I see and read it but it actually proves Billy was
truthful. The key fact is that it wasn't until March 12, 1979 that it
was confirmed that Io was the most volcanically active body in
the solar system. Not only did Billy first publish his information
on October 18, 1978 but Wendelle Stevens had it all in his hands
no later than March 9, 1979.

Even if one could credit Billy with all sorts of abilities to create an
elaborate hoax, providing that information to Wendelle three days
before it was officially announced is a pretty good trick.

More importantly, the author assumes all sorts of things not in
evidence, such as Billy's access to, and understanding of, the
scientific information re the Jupiter discoveries, and/or his access
to a translator (who would have come forward at some point), his
reason for publishing scientific information sure to attract criticism
if it was wrong, which it wasn't, etc.

We have to remember that this was back in the 1970s, no proof that
Billy had a subscription to any scientific magazines (which wouldn't
have been published and reached him in time, let alone that he was
following the story in the newspapers if such details were being
published at that time in whatever papers Billy read, if any.

But additionally compelling, even if Billy could have somehow
inexplicably "hoaxed" the information, why would he bother when the
SAME contact has ten predictions that all came later true, the death of
Indira Ghandi in 1984 being the last one years later? Remember that
Stevens found out that he had accidentally been given the predictions
from the same contact as the Jupiter information.

I think we might owe Ike a debt of gratitude for showing how actually
unlikely, even impossible, it would have been for Billy to accomplish
all that. In their efforts to prove Billy wrong the skeptics really just show how
far beyond them Billy is, and with only one arm! Of course, if Billy didn't
have any arms they'd accuse him of faking everything with his teeth.

And, when you look at this story about news from last week, you have to
wonder if the poor skeptics, who always want "more proof", aren't getting
ready to go back to doing card tricks at children's birthday parties and
leave the serious business to more qualified people.




> Scroll down for info on the ABC special.
>                                      Bruce



Thanks Bruce,

You should know that I contacted Jordan Kronick, the producer for this
so-called "special" and was told that they weren't interested in the
Meier case! Pretty strange response? Not really, this will probably be another
run around the circle with maybe a little bit more of the "they could
be real" stuff thrown in.

Think about it, the only proven, ongoing UFO contact case in the world
and offer a bunch of recycled speculation instead.



It is the highest thing you can do in your existence on Earth. Maintain your integrity. I like that you have evidence. I haven't read any of the Billy Meier materials. To me it seemed like a scam at first. With successive appearances on Coast To Coast AM of the different people representing the story I have come to believe that the story is true. I will say that the photos don't look all that good to me but I haven't tried to photograph airplanes so I don't know what a photograph would look like done by an amateur.

Are there any maps of the future US topography from Billy? I am interested in moving. I had a dream that I should move away from the coast of Louisiana where I live now. I originally wanted to move to Monterey California but in the dream I was shown a major city under twenty feet of water. I felt it was in California. In the dream I saw a city far to the North in Montana and I intend to go there.

I hope you stick to the truth and keep spreading it. I want to get some of Billy's books when I get some money. I'm fairly poor right now but I hope to do better later in the year.

I hope you can get on to the CtoC show more often. I always enjoy hearing the predictions and the past predictions that have come true.

Good Luck.

Richard T Abante



Thanks, I appreciate the support. There are no such maps in the information, sorry. Glad that you've kept an open mind.




Note from Dyson: Oklahoma ... as a relatively safe place ... was decided upon for a U.S. FIGU centre. Prophecy suggests the entire western half of the USA is to be destroyed if the U.S. Americans don't get real.

Hi Michael,
You just rounded out the hour with Art Bell - I totally believe in all that you have related via the messages/warnings from the Planarians through Billy Meier. You are a truth seeker and a Light Worker. You handily refuted across the board the DISinformationist BS, which was splattered over the Internet like so much vomit for that is certainly what it was!  The shadow government, which has flagrantly de-cloaked, does not wish anyone to believe in anything other than the matrix garbage reality, which is shoved down the peoples' throats through the controlled media. They spew absolute lies with a smiling face - 'black is white and white is black,' with impunity.
I have read, heard and followed the thread of these very similar prophecies through other sources, which I have been studying for the past two years. One only need look at all of the evidence growing each day, see the larger picture, track the trends, track the pap ''news'' and study the findings of other bonafide researchers of the NWO, to connect the dots and SEE clearly the horizontal doom that is graffiti'd upon the world's bearing wall!
You were very eloquent in your summation of the events that will occur should we choose to ignore the messages from our galactic friends. Under the present neocon, power-mad globalist, illuminati fascist regime, we must continue to act or we shall loose all that is holy, natural and dear and beautiful to humankind upon this planet Earth, indeed our very lives. 
The only disagreement that I have with regard to your message is on one side-shoot, which  relates to something you said during your last visit on C2C Am - and that is (paraphrased) ''There is no one that is going to help us - there are no ascended masters, no light beings - we have to do it ourselves."
In part, this is true - we cannot 'ascend' as a people and a planet if we do not achieve a higher vibration of existence - if we do not seek truth and light, peace on Earth and ultimately achieve it.
And so with this caveat do I vigorously disagree! In fact, without the help that we have been receiving, (aside from all of the Light Work being done by humans,) I believe that the dark cabal's diabolical time clock for the destruction of most of the population and sovereignty of every country would have accelerated beyond where it is now.
The beings who contacted Billy Meier gave their warnings with obviously a hands-off noninterventional 'policy' -- however, there simply are many species of extra-terrestrials who have kept an eye on this planet and will not allow this planet to obliterated by nuclear war -- one reason is that it would so drastically affect the balance of the surrounding cosmos. There are beings who are help those of us who are working towards peace (in orthodox and not so orthodox ways) in direct ratio to what efforts we are putting forth to oppose and to stop  the negative forces on the planet.
Ascended Masters do exist - even if Billy's ET's say otherwise -- they, as you have stated have instructed Billy to keep mum about some aspects of the contact, the foretelling -- and they may have their own reasons for not revealing outside intervention such as the need for our own self determination and the self appointed destiny of humankind through our own achievements in order to progress. If most of the population believed that some other entity were going to sail down from the heavens and save the day, human nature has it, that humans would lazily sit back and wait to be saved. No!
We must all do our parts - but many, many of us know that we are in concert with other worldly helping hands and together HUMANITY will WIN! I believe that Billy's contacts also believe the possibility of this or they would not have taken the time or put Billy through such a tumultuous life. So there is hope!
I Thank You for your Message - I also admire you for your work with the elderly! You are a fine person, very courageous and articulate. As you offered, it cannot matter what anyone thinks, what slings there may be thrown; it makes no difference what they say or think - the truth is the truth and for this we never worry. We must go forward -- Always.

It isn't enough to talk about peace. One must believe in it. And it isn't enough to believe in it. One must work at it. : Eleanor Roosevelt


Hi Melissa,

I thank you for writing. Let's just say that there are many points of view about these matters and I simply represent the information in the Meier case to the best of my understanding, as well as having my own opinions on things. There may or may not be various other beings but, as I think you understand, the responsibility for our world is ours alone and if we fulfill it we won't have to worry about, or try to depend on, other beings but perhaps later meet them as equals.




I can't help thinking how ironic it is that someone would say "Thank God they fly!", when the central Plejaren message, that has been renewed after 2000 long dark years, corrects the false religious teachings about "God", and that the gods were just (ET) people, masquerading as Creation itself, in the case of the Judeo-Christian "God"..


Keep up the good work and bravery in sticking your neck out. There are lots of us out here who know and are frightened by the nexus coming. Have you checked out the ancient Hopi and Mayan prophecies (warnings). These people say they came from the same star system as Billy Meier's visitors. The end of this sun cycle is to be soon. The new cycle, the fifth, is to come beginning 2012. Both ancient histories agree.

Vivienne Thatcher
Urbana, Illinois


Thanks Adrienne, you know I have to be brief but your support is appreciated.



Billy's contacts do not agree with these ancient doomsday scenarios, which bear a striking resemblance to the "End Times" agitprop from the "Rapture" freaks.

> Michael,  I just read this new email letter that I received today and 
> as I know that you are one of Billy Meiers friends I thought that you 
> should see this ASAP.  Now I don't know just what to believe.  Can you 
> help me here.  I have yours CD and Billys  book And Yet They Fly.  Can 
> you please explain this email that I just received.  Lorraine Barclay
> Begin forwarded message:
>> From: "Vencislav" <>
>> Date: Wed Feb 9, 2005  22:17:19 US/Eastern
>> To:
>> Subject: [prepare4contact] BILLY MEIER EXPOSED!
>> Reply-To:
>> Recently Underground Video began an in-depth inquiry into the most
>> sensational UFO case in history. Our investigation first began as a
>> supportive effort to verify the known fact of the Meier case to
>> present the truth of alien-human contact to skeptics.
>> With the assistance of members from the Hollywood special effects
>> team
>> of the UltraMatrix Corporation we studied the Meier photographs and
>> claims made by Meier's Talmud Jmmanuel, Genesis III Publishing, Light
>> Years by Gary Kinder, The Pleiadian Connection by Randolf Winters,
>> and
>> the movie Contact. We also spent considerable time tracking the
>> claims
>> of "computer expert" and "Ph.D." Jim Dilettoso, as well as claims
>> made
>> through Michael Hesemann by Guido Moosbrugger from Meier's FIGU cult
>> in Switzerland.
>> After six months of intense inquiry, with the assistance of
>> cinematographers, physicists, and computer analysts from
>> TotalResearch, we found the claims of the representatives of the
>> Meier
>> case to absolutely untrue. We discovered miniature models, and a
>> variety of deceptive methods used to create this hoax. Additionally,
>> an undercover "hidden camera" investigation penetrated the Meier cult
>> in Switzerland, revealing irrefutable scientific evidence of FRAUD.
>> Underground Video was one of the foremost defenders of the Meier
>> material. We are DISAPPOINTED to now learn the ENTIRE case is a hoax.
>> Representations of any authenticity with regard to this case made by
>> alleged scientific examination has proved to be totally unreliable
>> and
>> misleads the general public into believing a carefully fabricated
>> lie.
>> The persons who authenitcated the Meier case are not credible
>> scientists nor investigators.
>> Any previous representations of authenticity of the Meier case in the
>> Underground Video catalog should be ignored. Our findings will be
>> presented to the Attorney General for possible prosecution for a
>> Consumer Class Action Suit for Fraud. Underground Video will continue
>> to make the Meier material available to investigators and the general
>> public who desire to study the hoax and how it had been sold to the
>> public for nearly 20 years.
>> Anyone who had previously purchased any Meier materials may write
>> Underground Video to be included in a CONSUMER CLASS ACTION SUIT.
>> Underground Video
>> Meier Class Action Suit
>> PO BOX 527
>> Beverly Hills, CA 90213-0527
>> Along with Underground Video's statement is a photograph showing one
>> of Billy Meiers alleged Pleiadian beamships taken in 1981. After
>> computer enhancement and careful scrutiny, it has been shown the
>> Beamship is really a miniature model made out of an upside-down cake
>> pan, disconnected copper hose fitting, a bracelet, carpet tacks and
>> various other identifiable objects.
>> The Meier photograph of the beautiful Pleiadian alien, Semjase,
>> turned
>> out to be a photocopy of a model from a Sears Catalog. Another one of
>> Meier's photographs, where he allegedly traveled into the future
>> aboard a Pleiadian Beamship to photograph the aftermath of a 9.0
>> earthquake in San Francisco showing the toppled Trans-America
>> building, turned out to be a realistic looking painting from a
>> geology
>> magazine article about earthquakes. On top of these damning examples,
>> every single one of Billy Meier's photographs of Pleiadian ships have
>> been shown to be of third, fourth and even fifth
>> generation(photographs of photographs) This means the he likely
>> airbrushed suspension wires and other signs of fraud. There is not
>> one
>> example of an original, first generation Billy Meier photograph. On
>> top of that, it has been shown that the reflections on some of the
>> Pleiadian ships are not consistent with the position of the sun,
>> indicating possible superimposition techniques. To top it off, a
>> reporter found a bunch of miniature models exactly matching many of
>> the Pleiadian ships shown in his photos. His ex-wife has come out to
>> denounce him as a fraud as well. The evidence is overwhelming that
>> whole Billy Meier story is unquestionably, absolutely, completely and
>> totally 100% BOGUS. Case Closed!
>> Billy Meier and his cohorts, have made a lot of money out of this
>> scam. I applaud Underground Video for seeking the truth about the
>> Billy Meier scam and disassociating itself from any involvement with
>> Meier. Billy Meier has done more to hurt the legitimate field of UFO
>> research than any other person alive today. It's really a shame.
>> Michael Taylor



This is enormously easy to explain. The person behind this was a man 
named Kal Korff, a debunker who tried, unsuccessfully to show that the 
Meier case was a hoax. Korff had to go on the Art Bell show, twice, to 
publicly apologize for lying about Art bell and defaming him.

Korff and whoever else may be connected to this fraudulent "suit", 
which was actually posted on the internet years ago, have refused to 
follow through, have virtually disappeared (Korff supposedly lives in 
eastern Europe now) and have thoroughly discredited themselves.

You don't have to take my word for it, go to the Links page at and visit the websites of Jeroen Jansen and James 
Deardorff, they both thoroughly debunked and shredded Korff, his phony 
book and nonsensical claims.

feel free to contact me after you've done that research, it should 
satisfy you and put your mind at ease.









Bonus extra!


----- Original Message -----
From: "Michael" <>
To: <>; "JREF" <>; <>;
"Vaughn Rees" <>; "James Underdown" <>
Sent: Sunday, January 30, 2005 6:50 AM
Subject: Amazing story

> Here's an amazing story, another one that should have the Almost
> Amazing Randi writing a very big check:



(My below reply was also forwarded onto the Skeptics. There have been no responses from them.)



Granted, its amazing, but this guy has a special gift.

Check THIS out! Science PROVES that almost
everybody can predict the future!

You might refer people to this paper, when they tell you nobody can know
what's going to happen.

And I think that if the Skeptiks had been at all serious, they would be
prepared to answer my email. They
can't handle the Disclosure Project, it seems.

But this is science, not their religion.





Why don't you wite the Skeptics and ask them why they don't try to explain the Disclosure Project?


And all the ufo radar returns we've been officially told about in the last 12 months?


 What's that?


Swamp gas?




Hi List Members,

There are a number of items I want to update you about including:

The Art Bell radio show on January 29
The four 'breaking news' stories that Meier already published years ago
The OM articles as translated by Vivienne Legg
The new book 'Through Space and Time' due out this month
Comic relief, i.e. also known as emails between me and radio listeners
Proponents of a new economic model
My new CD album due out around March 1st
Notes on unsubscribing

First, a warm welcome to the many new subscribers to the list. Just so that you know, this newsletter, and all the information at , are and shall remain FREE to all interested parties. Please feel free to share the information.

The Art Bell radio show:

Most of you know that I did a one-hour appearance on the Art Bell show ( on Saturday, January 29th, which was originally scheduled for three hours but had to be changed on their end. Hopefully, knowing that I prepared my information for the full time period, you will understand that my motor-mouth approach was not caffeine induced but driven by my desire to convey as much information regarding Meier's unprecedented hits regarding four 'breaking news' stories the previous week. You can find all the info linked from the front page of my site. Also, that one appearance generated almost 300,000 hits to my website and a ton of email, more about which I will discuss below.

PRs regarding news stories:

And here are the links to two press releases that I issued connected to the stories and my experiences with certain members of the media:

The OM articles by Vivienne Legg:

Please be sure to read the (for now unofficial) translations, by Vivienne Legg ( ) of information previously only available in German. You'll find them linked from homepage (') by clicking on New Articles on the side panel. Vivienne has done a remarkable job of opening up this information to the English speaking world and we are tremendously grateful to her for doing so.

The beautiful new book 'Through Space and Time':

This stunning new photo book is due out mid-February and, having seen the German language version, I can attest to the clarity of the photos. I've also had an advance look at the text and anyone seriously interested in the Meier case will be enormously impressed by this beautiful, coffee-table hardcover. I will post the cover, some photos, etc. on my site as soon as I possibly can. Here's some promotional information:

Take a deep breath before you purchase this book... and prepare to be astonished by clear photographic evidence of real alien spacecraft. Through Space and Time is a vivid, authoritative report on the ongoing extraterrestrial contacts of "Billy" Eduard Albert Meier, a one-armed man residing in rural Switzerland.

Spanning well over 60 years, the scope of this extraordinary story is brought to life in full color with detailed illustrations, scientific analyses, eyewitness testimonials, provocative excerpts from dialogue with the extraterrestrials and a stunning collection of exquisite photographs. Considered "too good to be true" by some - and "too real to be hoaxed" by others - the controversial  Billy Meier UFO contact case remains unparalleled, even today, as the most well-documented and evidence-rich UFO case in history.

Prepare to have your beliefs challenged and your mind opened to possibilities that transcend the most compelling of science fiction stories. Witness an amazing photo journal on real visitation by an advanced civilization of humans from another world, who literally came to us ... through space and time!

�     128  FULL COLOR pages
�     Historical and biographical background information on the Billy Meier contacts
�     Scientific analyses, eyewitness accounts and much more.

Here's an excerpt from page 30:

�It happened frequently, that numerous witnesses had seen the Pleiadians/Plejaren after contact meetings with "Billy" Meier. Some of them had been permitted to film or photograph the arriving or departing flights, or the beamships demonstrating high in the sky. Nevertheless, these witnesses were not only astonished but also skeptical in regard to the reality of all the happenings, explanations and descriptions of Billy Meier. Gradually, however, they found more and more evidence, that in fact the contacts as well as sightings and other observations were authentic. The witnesses had eye and mind opening experiences, which they passed on to Billy in a form of moral support and aid. This helped him not only very much with regard to the work of his mission, but also in his defense against envious, slanderous and other such malicious attacks of internal and external kind. This was particularly important at the time when Billy's health suffered due to overwork, and he became very ill. This led to a serious and life-threatening physical collapse on November 4, 1982. After a long medical treatment and search for special medications, he gradually began to recover in 1989. . Until then, he was frequently closer to death than to life. Nevertheless, he did not abandon his work and mission, although he was unable to write down the contact reports for approximately five years, because he simply lacked the strength and the necessary abilities after he had suffered a serious cranial-cerebral trauma. Only after he had begun to recover in 1989, he was able again to record the subsequent contact reports in writing with the help of telepathic transmission. But from then on, the writing down of the contact reports progressed more slowly...�

This book is $59.95 plus shipping.

Comic relief:

Since I have already 'complained' about some of the flack I receive, which I know simply comes with the territory, I want you to know that not only am I not shy about responding to it when I need an exercise in controlled aggression, but my friends in Australia have enjoyed it enough to put up a page of the stuff, which also includes some of the numerous positive messages I get that constitute the overwhelming majority of emails. I should add that I am not going to be able to answer all emails, positive or negative, as there is simply too much of it to get to. Please understand that it's nothing personal, I simply don't have enough hours in my day to respond. In addition to my 'day job', this is for me a strictly voluntary 'mission' insofar as my representation of the case, my research, correspondence, writing articles, media appearances, newsletters, etc. goes.

So here's the link to the emails page:

Proponents of a new economic model:

Along with the different gripes people have about me and/or the case is the complaint that I�m �only in it for the money�, etc., which comes from people who have certainly not considered what I said above regarding my input of uncompensated time. Nonetheless, they don�t like the fact that I actually sell anything as this somehow contaminates the information in their minds. Now, rather than rant on about how deserving I am of making a living, I�ve actually taken to requesting information from them as to how they survive without money in our capitalistic system. Strangely enough, so far, I haven�t received any revelations, let alone useful advice as to how to satisfy the demands of the landlord, gas station, food market, etc. without offering them pretty pieces of paper or the plastic equivalent thereof. Of course, if anyone out there has worked this out and is willing to share how the new economic model can work in my life, please, do not hesitate to write!

My new CD 'More than just survival':

We appear to still be on track for a March 1st release of my new CD song album titled 'More than just survival'. 'We' being all the voices and noises in my head from working on it for the past two months. As a matter of fact, in a related note to my financial discussion above, I've decided that one way I can avoid all the hassles and accusations regarding my 'selling' things related to the Meier case is to - at great expense to my personal privacy and peace of mind - become an overnight, middle-aged music sensation, hence the true underlying purpose for my issuing my CD now. But believe me, while even the exciting perks connected to having throngs of adoring elderly women (who believe that they have been abducted by little gray guys) swooning and throwing themselves at me on the great concert stages of the world may make other men green (or gray) with envy, to me it's just a necessary sacrifice that I'm willing to make in order to keep my integrity intact. Pretty noble character, aren't I?

Before I go -

Okay, before I sign off with the final item, I just want to thank everyone who's written and supported my work and to let you know, again, that even if I don't personally respond to each email I absolutely do read and appreciate each one. And that goes for the hostile ones too, especially since they become fodder for the page over at , where they also post the nice stuff, as you know.


Michael Horn
Authorized American Media Representative
The Billy Meier Contacts

And now for the outtakes, or the �how to take outs�?

Unsubscribing technology:

I've carried on a bit in the past about how I sometimes hear from indignant subscribers demanding that they be removed from the list when they discover information in the case that they don't like. It's not a problem, just a little odd that they blame me for their actions, a kind of 'the devil made me do it' thing that escapes my understanding. I can't resist posting one of these gems with my response to it just below the threat (please know that the name of the party has been removed to protect the ignorant):

Writer: Please delete me asap or face immediate legal action.

MH: Now that you've been DELETED perhaps you can answer (at least for yourself if not for me) just how big a knucklehead do you have to be to sign up for an OPT-IN ONLY list and then threaten legal action because you're on it!?!?!?!?!?! Gosh, I wonder just what sacred ox of yours I gored!

Nonetheless, thanks as I will feature this in my newsletter as an example of what happens when the mentally challenged are given computers.



So, in order to not have to do the undoing for those who feel undone by the information, and in order to avoid the search for someone who actually sends their request for removal from a different email address, I request that any evacuees do the following:

To unsubscribe, please go to , click on "Sign up for our Newsletter!" (which is what you did to receive this from me in the first place) and then click on the "Unsubscribe" link at the bottom of the form.




From: Michael 
Date: Thu Feb 24, 2005 2:39 am
Subject: Meier case

Hello Timothy,

I heard second hand that you had said (on Coast 2 Coast AM) that the
Meier case, at least since 1964, was not authentic. Should that
accurately reflect your point of view, I invite you to visit and thoroughly review my conclusions from research of
the past 26 years.

In February 2001, I challenged the top international professional
skeptics group, CFI-West, to duplicate just one of Meier's 1,200 photos
and one of his films. They accepted. They have also completely failed
to meet the challenge, causing skeptic James Randi to retract his claim
that the case is a hoax.

Further, there are now over 100 witnesses to the UFOs and five other
photographers, as well as sufficient expert analysis as to refute any
claims of hoax. Even more important than the physical evidence is the
abundance of specific, prophetically accurate scientific and world
event-related information that Meier has published (in copyrighted
documents and books) years, even decades, before "official" discovery
or occurrence.

Quite simply, anyone who wishes to dismiss the Meier case as a hoax is
not only up against all failed attempts to prove it, and volumes of
inexplicably accurate information otherwise inaccessible to Meier (or
anyone else at the time) but they are making an even more outrageous
claim, i.e. that Meier possess above-genius level knowledge and
abilities in:

Photgraphy, Filmmaking, Video making, Special effects, Digital effects,
Sound engineering, Sound generation, Metallurgy, Model making, Physics,
Hyper-space propulsion theory, Electronics, Geology, Geophysics,
Astrophysics, Astronomy, Meteorology, Mathematics, Clairvoyance, Mass
hypnosis, etc.

Perhaps you would be good enough to not only explain how this man,
having only one hand, no financial resources, no collaborators or
accomplices, etc. has accomplished all of this, and more. Even more
important, however, than a theoretical answer would be your
demonstration of the same abilities, of course you can use two hands.

A visit to my site will also present you with the opportunity to
explain how Meier published, years in advance, the recent "news" items
referred to (and many others found in my article "Proof Beyond A
reasonable Doubt"), which were made known to him in 1975, etc. Since I
am among the thousands of people who possess the copyrighted books and
documents containing the proof of Meier's having this information well
in advance, I think it is up to you, and any other skeptics regarding
this case, to prove the hoax...and of course show us how to insert
information into books years after they were published.

Should you not be able to credibly demonstrate this, would you be so
kind as to rephrase your reported position to something akin to, "I
really don't know how this was done" or, if you don't mind going out on
a limb, "perhaps he is telling the truth."

Please also see:

Looking forward to your reply,


Michael Horn
Authorized American Media Representative
The Billy Meier Contacts




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