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We got such a larf out of the brilliant satire which some tree-hugger comedian in Brisbane sent us, that we wanted to share it with you.

Any others that we think are sufficiently funny will also be published here.

Hope you enjoy them as much as we do!



"Phillip McGann"

"... in truth people in my country generally do hold the environment in high respect ..."




Your 1975 Switzerland ufo photos were ridiculous. They do not even look modern. They look like trash can lids. Are you really claiming that these are authentic? You may have creditable research, but those photos need to go. Sorry if this is offending. To encourage readers of truth is important. I wont be back.




"Therefore, Michael, thanks for the info, but no thanks, I won't fall for it. I suggest you get some extra education yourself, if you have a sincere wish not to disinform people... Yes, the formulation "get educated", as in the header of your email, is somewhat insulting and arrogant. I would appreciate it if you don't treat those who don't agree with you, as mere idiots... when they have very valid reasons for their own unbiased and non-interested views."



Professional Skeptics Prove UFOs Real!

The professional "Skeptics" respond at last!

Need another good laugh? Read this entire correspondence.


(More to come, no doubt!)

But for some strange reason, we get very little like this!


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