When Will We Learn?

by Michael Horn

December 31st, 2004

In light of the horrific, enormous magnitude of destruction in Asia, it is once again time to remind those who still have eyes to see, ears to hear, minds to reason and the will to act, about the painfully accurate warnings given to humankind (nearly 30 years ago) regarding the intimate connection between humanity’s thoughtless actions and environmental disasters, a connection largely still ignored by scientists, politicians, governments, religious leaders and most of the media.

These warnings were given to, and published by, Eduard “Billy” Meier, in Switzerland, by a group of extraterrestrial human beings known as the Plejaren. While there is now abundant scientific proof of the Meier case’s authenticity, including five categories of still irreproducible physical evidence, and nearly 50 years of unprecedented, prophetically accurate scientific and world event-related information, the know-it-alls and “experts” prefer to avoid any discussion of the case, primarily since it threatens their egos, levels of expertise and belief systems, both secular and religious. Fortunately there are some exceptions, such as can be found here:

However, as the Plejaren and Meier often state, the truth is harsh and the monumental illogic of our self-deception, lying, greed and denial in no way alters the facts one iota. Quite simply, one of the primary causes of events like the recent tragedy is the extraction of petroleum and natural gas from the earth, as well as other accompanying factors. Certainly earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and tsunamis have occurred since time immemorial. But in the information below, taken from the English translation of the German transcripts of Meier’s conversations with the Plejaren, known as the Contact Reports, our ongoing, wholesale exploitation of the earth is directly linked to the unnaturally occurring, excessively damaging events, with the clear warning that they are only going to intensify in frequency, intensity and toll on human life, especially if we continue to ignore the facts of the situation…and our individual and collective responsibility.
(Emphasis added.)

Contact 45 dated February 25, 1976

Billy: A while ago, you mentioned several possible ways, by which you obtain lead. With that I noticed that you did not mention a word about mining of ore according to earthly habits. Is this type of mining of the ore not customary with you?

56. A mining of ore or of other minerals on a planet or any other star, we only do in extreme cases of emergency, because this process equates to a destruction of a planet.
57. A planet or other star is never allowed to be exploited in this manner, as this occurs on the Earth.
58. What Earth Man is doing in this regard equates to a destruction of the planet.
59. The first evil effects of this destruction on the Earth are already noticeable for several decades, while the present time already prepares the labor pains for the destruction.
60. That is to be understood in this way, that Earth Man exploits his planet and robs it of the fundamental life energy, in that he robs from it the underground oil and gas and the most diverse ores.
61. This leads to the fact that the Earth suffers shifts within, which leads to enormous volcanic eruptions and earthquakes, because slowly the Earth collapses from within.
62. But the same process is also created by the erection of dams and similar structures which, due to the accumulation of masses of water, cause extremely dangerous Earth movements.
63. The most dangerous insanity, earthman commits with his underground and above the surface are bomb experiments as well as with those horrible underground explosion-tests, which he declares to be atom bomb tests, however, which in truth are much more dangerous.
64. This is an additional bomb, which is manufactured from natural ur*-products (*ancient and original) of nature, but the effect of which is many thousand times stronger than from the largest atom bomb.
65. Brought to the suitable place to explode, it unleashes an enormous chain reaction, buy which the Earth within only seven to eight minutes is subject to a total firestorm and is atomized...

118. Your politicians and scientists are absolute irresponsible creatures, from whom their power would have to be removed, in order to replace them by reasonable and responsibility conscious powers.
119. But unfortunately, this can only be achieved by force, which should be carried out by the people themselves.
120. Earth humanity would have to agree on several other points, which can be expressed in five values.
121. First: Lasting for several years, an absolute birth stop would have to be carried out, in order to diminish the mass of Earth humanity to under one billion units.
122. Second: An immediate halting of all Earth exploitations is of life essential importance, wherefore any exploitation has to be refrained from.
123. Third: The atom tests and the far greater insanity of the chain-reaction-bomb has to become immediately effective and be stopped.
124. Fourth: Constructed water dams have to be destroyed.
125. Fifth: All established atomic power plants have to be destroyed and new plants of that types have to be forbidden.

Billy: Dear girl, these are matters about which many people have thought about already themselves, but the big-wigs in the upper and uppermost range do not give a hoot about any of this.

126. I am also aware of that.127. For Earth Man, only the use of force remains.
128. For just too long, he has allowed himself to be fooled by the responsible ones, therefore, he can achieve nothing any longer in a peaceful manner.
129. The power on the Earth is embodied by politics, the religions and the scientists.
130. And exactly this power must be broken, otherwise Earth Man suffers a very evil end, not only through war and exploitation, but also by the atomizing of the planet.
131. Due to this new bomb of insanity, however, great cosmic consequences have been banished, so that other star systems and galaxies would not be drawn in and would share the suffering.
132. However, the Earth would be annihilated in a firestorm.
133. But Earth Man still has some time to come to his senses and to tear form the great ones, as you call them, their sword of power and to live according to the natural rules of life.
134. Yet he will not be able to avoid having already to bear the consequences of his insanity, because the Earth already is damaged within and without to the degree, that from within she is heaving.
135. Powerful earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, climatic changes, storms, flooding and accidents will mark the world picture from now on.
136. Entire nations will sink into the waters and uncountable human beings will meet an evil end.

The following excerpt is from the Henoch Prophecies, given to Meier at the 215th Contact, February 28, 1987. The Henoch Prophecies can be read in their entirety in the new book, And Still They Fly! (available at: www.theyfly.com):

“…Severe earthquakes and volcanic eruptions will also belong to that time, and these will cause much suffering and misery and deaths besides enormous destruction and devastation, as all of nature and the planet itself will rise up against the insanity of human beings on Earth. However, tornadoes, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions will not only rage in America, but also in Europe and in the rest of the world.

These activities have already begun at the present time, also during the past decades—with the exception that they will become increasingly more devastating in the future. And man of Earth is guilty for the most part today, as also in the future it is man who will destroy the entire environment—all of nature, the atmosphere, water and all the resources of the planet.

And through this, a shifting of weight inside the Earth takes place, caused for example by the creation of gigantic lakes by damming and by creating hollow caverns due to the exploitation of petroleum and gas, etc. And thereby unnatural inner-Earth movements are created, which also lead to unnatural tectonic effects and cause earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, which also in turn cause enormous climatic changes, resulting in horrendous tornadoes of devastating proportions which in the end will set their destructive energies free on the entire world. All of this will lead to increasingly horrible floods and unusually massive snowfalls which will advance to the southern countries and finally even to the equatorial regions, because through the insanity of human beings the Earth has begun unnoticeably to spin [strangely] as a consequence of atomic explosions inside and on the surface of the Earth. And this will be the reason that the planet will slowly but surely enter an extraordinary spinning orbit around the Sun, while the first phase is already occurring, which causes a change in climate, leading to a new ice age.”

As indicated above, and throughout the information in the case, a major key to our future survival is self-responsibility. Please feel free to share this information with friends, media sources, scientists, etc.

Michael Horn is the Authorized American Media Representative for the Billy Meier Contacts. He can be reached through wwww.theyfly.com or at michael@theyfly.com.

The above article was sent to www.rense.com by Michael Horn, who also sent gaiaguys a copy of the below email.

Hi Jeff,

In the remote possibility that this is a premature and/or inaccurate
complaint, please accept my absolutely sincere apologies for my
oversight. If it is not, then I welcome your apologies.

For some time I have sent you relevant information from the Meier
Contacts on recent events, discoveries, etc. that were foretold by the
Plejaren, and published by Meier, well in advance of their occurrence
and/or discovery. Yesterday I sent you documentation regarding the
warnings from 30 years ago about the environmental/tectonic destruction
precipitated by manmade actions, i.e. petroleum and natural gas
extraction, damming of waters, etc.

I have noticed a blackout, censorship, call it what you like of Meier's
extremely pertinent information despite its unprecedented prophetic
accuracy and huge relevance to humankind. In the past I received some
comments from your staff that "explained" their displeasure with my
advocacy style and/or incredulity about the veracity of the case. So
let's get this straight once and for all. I do my best to provide the
information in the case as cleanly as I can. Perhaps I don't always
have a great bedside manner, especially when responding to know-it-all
skeptics and debunkers, but it's irrelevant to the factuality of the
information. And my articles certainly have never attacked you or your
site, they've simply provided the information. One would think that
such censorship would not be coming from you since you and your site
are harshly criticized (with attempts at censorship against you) for
perceived biases. Both the offending material and the criticisms
against you are far more severe than anything either I or the Meier
material has conveyed.

Let me further establish the following:

The Meier contacts, ongoing for over 62 years) have been scientifically
proven to be authentic.
The physical evidence in the case is genuine and remains irreproducible
to this day (despite Mr. Neff's bias, false charges and discomfort).
The prophetic accuracy of the specific scientific and world
event-related information, spanning 50 years, is (unfortunately)
impeccably accurate, devoid of random, erroneous information and
unprecedented in all of human history.
All (as in ALL) challenges by the top professional skeptics have been

(Should you or your staff take issue with any of the above, please
offer substantiated, documented, credible refutation so that I may
consider and address it.)

Like it or not, Meier's thankless "job" is to forewarn humankind in
plain, necessarily blunt and even harsh terms of what we are creating
and soon to encounter (and have since encountered). The information,
and he, have nothing to do with phony New Age channeling, ascended
masters, UFO cults, religions, gods, gurus, saints, saviors or any of
the rest of such diversions. As I have tried to point out repeatedly,
science and events continue to validate the information...and to
reinforce just how damn greedy, stubborn and stupid humanity is. And,
while people love to get excited about every unidentified light in the
sky, and prattle on about meeting the "space brothers", it's painfully
clear that we can't handle the truth even when it's gently, obliquely
inserted into our world for the past 50 years.

Just in case I somehow have failed to be clear, this is not about
paying special homage to the Plejaren and/or Meier, it is about
facilitating the dissemination and distribution of indisputably
accurate, relevant information to the mass of humanity so that they -
we - can make up our own minds as to its validity and applicability,
let alone urgency. Since you have an organ of dissemination for such
information I would hope that you would offer it the same opportunity
for viewing as you do the rest of your wide range of information, with
the same non-implied endorsement...or continued censorship.


Michael Horn
Authorized American Media Representative
The Billy Meier Contacts



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