United States and supporters must carry guilt for current world wide terror


April 14th, 2004


            On March 12th 2004, during a visit to Switzerland, Plejaran leader and fleet commander Jschwjsch Ptaah, repeated his condemnation of terrorists and terrorism around the world.


            When asked during his 354th contact with Swiss man, Eduard Meier, what he had to say regarding the terrorist attacks in Spain last month, the Plejaran commander labelled as terrorists the wire pullers and supporters of the real religious and political "terrors", as well as the war mongers and war leaders, and their camp followers (Mitläufer), who are terrorists in their own lands as well as in foreign states. He wasted no time in again labelling George W. Bush as a criminal against humanity, along with Ariel Sharon, Yasir Arafat, the Spanish president Aznar and Tony Blair, as well as the irresponsible state powers in Italy, Poland and in other states.


In his widespread condemnation Ptaah did not neglect to mention terrorists such as the Basques and Irish underground fighters, and the same kind of groups existing in diverse countries around the world. In fact he slammed all terrorism, including suicide attacks, as criminal acts of cowardice, which only target innocent people, while those truly responsible for the fact that terror and war rules the world - those who are responsible for crimes against humanity around the world in which tens of thousands of innocent men women and children are murdered- remain untouched. 


He said the terrorists and suicide attackers, in their cowardice hold the stupid, primitive, idiotic opinion that they can reach the State powers through their attacks on innocent people, now experiencing deaths in the thousands, and thereby make a change. But through this wrong outlook everything will just get much worse because the homicidal state powers - the mighty murder creatures - will strike back with yet worse terror attacks, with the dedication of always deadlier and more destructive weapons.


He said the criminal State Powers - the state tolerated terrorists -  are also cowards, who, as criminals against humanity, let innocent people be murdered by the Military and secret services, as do the mighty of the terrorist organizations.


Right: Drawing of Ptaah taken from

 the FIGU web site


Over more than twenty years the Plejarans and Meier have repeatedly warned Earth humanity about these unfolding terrors and have provided stunningly accurate and precise prophecy, including regarding the WTC terrorist attacks of 2001 and both (Snr. and Jr.) Bush-led Gulf Wars, in the hope that Earth people will be rational and take the necessary steps to bring an end to these horrors. And yet, because of the efforts of the threatened, fossil fuel-powered, rulers on Earth to ridicule the UFO topic and cover-up or trash the evidence, few people can believe that these non-Earth people could even exist in the first instance. And if they do exist how could it be that they would be communicating to us through a seemingly unimportant Swiss man, or through "crop circles" and other indirect means? The Disclosure Project's hundreds of military and Government witnesses describe, in their corroborating testimony, how this often lethal, trans-national cover-up has taken place, and their first-hand testimony and hundreds of supporting government documents provide enormous background for understanding the insane strategic reasons for the cover-up and thus the continuing obscurity of the Eduard (Billy) Meier case.



 From the press conference in Iraq, March 26th, 2003 (Former) Iraqi Vice President Taha Yassin Ramadan (left)

"Even people on other planets, if they exist, they have condemned the aggression right before it started."        

  BBC Television News relayed by Australian SBS Television

(English translation)

Significantly, however, as recently as April 2004, some of the United State's foremost Skeptics have had to withdraw from their most strident and unjust criticism of the Meier case in the face of undeniable challenges from United States Meier representative, Michael Horn. Horn, appropriately alarmed and attentive to the global crises at hand, has taken on some of the responsibility to bring to the world's attention the dangerous hypocrisy and slander of the professional Skeptics, while raising awareness of the true and extremely substantial evidence, provided by the Plejaran of their (the Plejaran's) existence. In short, he has exposed, along with the Skeptic's despicable and inexcusable lies, their failure to reproduce key items of evidence originally produced by the one-armed, low-incomed Meier in the seventies, before the age of personal computers and digital cameras. Happily some of Meier's evidence, including fascinating metal samples, sound recordings, sensational photos and movie segments, was analyzed in the seventies by reputable and dedicated experts, whose findings are still available for scrutiny today. I'll leave further explanations about the physical and prophetic evidence to the very capable Michael Horn.  But I'll include here the following Disclosure Project excerpt which gives just a hint of the significant role Skepics, like the Amazing Randi, have played in holding us all back.


Michael Horn      


The following is part of the testimony of Professor Paul Czysz (November 2000), excerpted from "Disclosure - Military and Government Witnesses Reveal the Greatest Secrets in Modern History"  by Steven M. Greer M.D. 2001


Dr. Paul Czysz is a Professor of Aeronautical Engineering at Parks College in St. Louis. He spent 8 years in the Air Force at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, and another 30 years working for McDonnell-Douglas in the field of exotic technologies. While at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, he was involved in tracking UFOs over Missouri, Ohio, and Michigan. These UFOs were seen my many people: military, local police, and civilians, and were clocked at speeds around 20,000 MPH as they performed unusual, silent maneuvers. Dr. Czysz spent more than half his career at McDonnell-Douglas working on classified and compartmentalized projects, and testifies to the processes involved in maintaining secrecy on these projects. He warns against the human tendency to make every new technology into a weapon, pointing out that our weaponization of space does not address the threat of Earth terrorists, and the idea of using these weapons against extraterrestrial targets would be suicidal.


 ''James S. McDonnell [who founded McDonnell-Douglas Aircraft] actually had an institute to study paranormal psychology. That’s why his airplanes were named Banshee and Phantom. He was an Irishman who was very much interested in the spiritual world and the paranormal, and he had part of his research department working with [his] foundation to study the paranormal.

[See the testimony of Dr. Robert Wood confirming this. SG]


The “Great Randi”, the magician, infiltrated his organization and actually, for about six months, did sleight-of-hand experiments to [deceive] him. There would be something really there, and then he’d discredit it — the head of the research department eventually would not even talk about anything related to this.

The guy in Ann Arbor that had the zero-point energy machine actually came to McDonnell-Douglas. He and his partners came in, and they were going to talk about this hydrogen motor that they had. I got invited to the meeting, and about halfway through it, I just said, guys, you have a zero-point energy machine — why don’t you admit it? The head of the research department who was discredited [by Randi] was put off when the inventors discussed this. [He] had the guards come in and escort them off the plant, because the head of research was just so terrified of this happening again — he thought it was pseudoscience. I said, it’s not pseudoscience; it’s just beyond what we know right now.

[There are many accounts of people infiltrating operations to discredit or spin an area of research so it is ridiculed, thus keeping it out of mainstream development and acceptance. SG]'



 Although the Plejaran direct much of their criticism at the United States, Meier's home country, Switzerland, does not escape harsh criticism from the Plejaran, with Ptaah condemning the stupid Swiss supporters of the European Union (including the lax and deluded Swiss Government). He refers to the EU as being a dictatorship which will attract terrorist attacks to its member states as well as rule them without them having any means of defence.


Prepared since the age of five for his role in delivering the Plejaran, as well as his own, harsh messages to Earth people, Meier repeatedly provides his own views on world terrorism, views which are apparently shared by the Plejaran. He says that the biggest evil regarding war and terror comes from the USA, Israel, the Palestinian extremists as well as other wrong doers. The greatest evil on our world is the USA that plays at world police and falls upon foreign states with war and terror. Any Americans who are for war, terror, injustice and the death penalty and U.S. global domination carry, along with their Government and secret services, the responsibility for the greatest warmongery and terrorism in the world. They carry the guilt of the current world wide terror, the guilt of the monstrous terror attacks of the terrorists and of the hate that is spreading world-wide against the USA through which many innocent American citizens are drawn into the terror activities and killed.


He also says, that there are many very good and worthy people in the United States of America who are against every war and terror and who are against every injustice and the death penalty and recognise their own government as the originator of all such crimes, yet these people are powerless as a minority. If they advance their words and thoughts then they will be screamed down, or they must fear for their freedom or for their lives.


Ptaah says that the only solution to the current terrorism in the world lies in the people taking back power so that all decisions are made by the people through their true representatives, who serve only the will of the people so that decisions will not simply be made by a few irresponsible state powers. He said that over all times have events shown that the people never want war and terror but strive after peace, freedom and love and harmony. True peace will only come to the world when the US pulls it's military out of the rest of the world and withdraws into its own land. 


Meier concludes this part of the dialogue with the statement, "Stupidity still won't die out. Especially not with the Earth Human."


This conversation referred to above can currently be read in German in the FIGU Special bulletin Nr 12, May 2004. Click here for an overview of the bulletins.



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