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Drawing of Ptaah taken from  the FIGU web site


Revealing the Agenda of the Fake New Age

 featuring Jani King's The P'taah Tapes - An Act of Faith 



by Vivienne Legg

October 2006


This article is largely for those who are coming new to the Meier case and are still confused about the central teachings, but it also contains some newly translated excerpts from the German language Meier texts about striving, reverence and judgment.





If, as the Plejaren teach us, the key to developing spiritually, mastering life and possessing great power is learning to control and order our thoughts, what better way to subjugate a people than to flood them with an easy, sweet tasting teaching which promotes exactly the opposite? For example: 


 “Q: [p.236] So every thought we have is okay?"


Jani King (as "P'taah"): "But of course, dear one. Whatever it is, is alright. Merely allow it and know that within is what is called the integrity of soul energy. It is the fervent desire of the heart to come into allowance, to come into unity to Oneness, and know that every time you are trying to control, you are shutting down spontaneous creativity. Alright?”


If, as the Plejaren also teach us, the way to develop inner strength and integrity, and be effective in what we pursue, is to strictly align ourselves with the laws and directives of Creation, what better way to keep us in a state of weakness and disempowerment than to stupefy us with the comfortable idea that there is no right or wrong path at all?


 Jani King (as "P'taah"):[p.39] “It is to accept who you are, beloved ones, it is to accept and acknowledge every facet of who you are as divine expression. You see, everything comes back to you and there is nothing to do. It is simply to be in the knowing that there is nothing that you can do which is wrong and there is nothing that you can be which is not divine expression.”


The above are key teachings of the nebulous entity,  P’taah, from the Pleiades, channeled by Australian, Jani King.  (Please see Jani King's fake P'taah is a master of this poisonous teaching of anti-reason, ie. anti-logos. Some people come to the Meier case with heads so full of such irrational, cloudy, soft-soap themes that they don’t even stop to notice that the true Ptaah’s most basic teachings are strikingly and critically different.


It was in 1975 that the extraordinary formal contacts began between real physical extraterrestrial human beings from beyond the Pleiades and Swiss man Billy Meier. Semjase, Ptaah and Quetzal told him they were from the Pleiades. It was only 30 years later, after numerous copycat channellers and "contactees" had surfaced, that they clarified this. As Earth science well knows, the Pleiades are not suitable for sustaining human life. The Plejaren come from 80 light years beyond the Pleiades.


Ptaah was, and still is, the fleet commander and leader of their Plejaren Federation. He is not a channeled entity. He is a flesh and blood human being with a family and distinct human responsibilities and limitations. He is Semjase’s father. He is the son of Sfath, the elderly, since deceased, extraterrestrial who taught Billy Meier in his childhood. Ptaah is the Jschwjsch (King of Wisdom) of three planets. That means he has the great responsibility of overseeing affairs on those three worlds. He, and those under his command, may only provide teaching and advice to Earth people and may only intervene in Earth affairs to a very limited extent. They are not gods. They do not seek followers. They are not here to save us or prop up our injured egos, but to encourage us to make ourselves strong and righteous - ie. living according to the laws and directives of Creation.


The below is our translation of what the real Ptaah had to say about Jani King on the 13th of May 1996, reported in the 8th August 1996 FIGU bulletin. (You can read the original German at this link. ).


Note: (WV) indicates "Wort Veränderung" (word alteration) for legal reasons. It is used in the FIGU bulletin because the truth cannot be told without threats of defamation suits. 


Billy asked,

 Do you know anything about a certain Jani King? Recently I have received a fax which says that this woman from North Queensland in Australia has written at least two books about...


Ptaah: ...alleged contacts with me, which naturally corresponds just as much to a crazy fantasy and a nonsense (WV) as the unstoppable assertions of Penny McLean, Barbara Hand Clow, Barbara Marciniak and Amorah Quan Yin and others, who, in a shady wheeling and dealing manner, and stupidly (WV) claim to be in contact with me or with other persons or some sort of spirit beings of our people in some kind of form or other. In the same round dance also belong Fred Bell with his so-called (WV) contacts with my daughter Semjase as well as Randy Winters with the story (WV) of Adrain and the alleged contacts in Florida. Such contacts have never existed from our side with humans on the Earth apart from singly and alone with your person – and also presently no such contacts exist and also in the future no such contacts will come about with some sort of humans on the Earth from any one of our peoples. If, however, in spite of that, dishonest (WV) humans assert to stand in contact with anyone of us or with spirit beings of our peoples then that corresponds to a lie, a deceit or charlatanism. Also schizophrenic processes and suggestive influences as well as self- deceit, and so forth, are thereby not to be excluded. ...


Providing - for our scientific analysis - ET metal alloy samples, spacecraft sound samples, exquisitely accurate prophecies, thousands of still photos and movie/video footage of their ships in daylight (well before personal home computers existed) the Plejaren directed Billy Meier to go public so that the controversy could begin which is required to gently awaken people to the reality of extraterrestrials. The controversy certainly did begin and has been raging ever since, drawing first the attention and then the bile of the media and also the attention of intelligence networks, scientific experts, film experts and even regular would-be assassins. The contacts continue to this day, as do the assassination attempts. This is not surprising. Ptaah and the other extraterrestrials provided spiritual teachings (as these Plejaren people have done in past eons) and all kinds of other in-depth and controversial information which sheds a powerful light on the agendas of various powers on Earth.


Ptaah continues:

On the Earth there are unfortunately always more liars, swindlers, deceivers, charlatans and delusionally sick people of the kind who claim to be in contact with us. Entirely they are all, and I must strongly stress ALL, only poor crazy, schizophrenic or otherwise delusionally sick, or even conscious liars, swindlers, deceivers or charlatans. And it is interesting to establish that only since the point in time of your official mission-spreading, and therefore since your emergence into publicity, have we Pleiadians/Plejaren come into public interest and are misused by dozens of delusionally sick as well as liars, deceivers, swindlers, and charlatans for so-called contacts with them, whereby all these sick and unrighteous ones are judged by practically all UFO circles to be true contactees, and their delusional or mendacious stories and fantasy stories are accepted as true, although no letter of their twaddle is true - while you as real contact person for us are insulted as a liar and deceiver and your materials of evidence are reviled as falsifications.  – It would be appropriate if you prepare a pamphlet regarding these mentioned matters and hand it out to all who are interested because those who are really seeking, as well as all other humans, have a right to come to know the fundamental truth.


Unless you are prepared to study what the Plejaren actually have provided, and the sensational evidence which accompanies the case, you are not likely to recognize that nothing that Jani King’s "P’taah from the Pleiades" has to say comes anywhere close to demonstrating the integrity, intelligence and ethical maturity of the real, no-nonsense Ptaah from the Plejaren system and his messages’ relevance to the current time, nor will you begin to appreciate how audacious it is for someone such as Jani King to claim to speak on behalf of the more than 770 year old Ptaah, with things completely at odds to what he would say. Not surprisingly, she has not even made reference to this source material from which her "P’taah" has drawn.


I provide the following few examples of the real Plejaren/Meier teachings in relation to Jani King’s in the hope of at least demonstrating to newcomers to the Meier case that the Billy Meier messages are drastically different to Jani King's messages and should not be confused with them. Because The Ptaah Tapes - An Act of Faith  is quite representative of the common “new age” teachings, (especially those directly stemming from the Saint Germain/I Am movement) and also pretends to be from Ptaah from the Pleiades, it serves well to make some these important points. Jani King wties about having a conversation with "Saint Germain" before she began channelling "P'taah". Interested people should look into the Saint Germain connection as it sheds a lot of light on the broad, if not direct, agenda behind this enslaving teaching. The Plejaren say, "In his lifetime he was the greatest deceiver, charlatan, liar and spy, and indeed in the service and commission of a sect in Germany which was obsessed with world domination at that time."  The book Psychic Dictatorship in America (see bottom of above link) also sheds light on the whole I AM movement.


In these common ‘new age’ teachings, the themes which show up again and again and again which are completely opposite to the teachings of the Plejaren and Billy Meier include; don’t judge in any way, don’t think, you don’t need to do anything to fix the world,  just think of yourself because that’s what the world needs, and if you acknowledge an evil you make it real.


The Meier case teaches the importance of taking personal responsibility for thoughts words and deeds, the necessity of striving, the responsibility of speaking out and acting against evil, and the need to follow the Creational laws and directives, which apply universally and can never be changed to suit the times. This means the seeking and finding of knowledge, wisdom, truth, peace, freedom and love and the exercising of reverence and respect for our fellow humans and all other creations of the Creation.


The KNOWLEDGE that Creation calls for, from every human, is not built on a blind trust in a humiliating creed. It calls for seeking, researching and recognition, because it grows out of the cognition of Creation's laws for the adherence to all laws and directives, thereby, however, also for wisdom and correct management. from the book Arahat Athersata


In addition to this spiritual teaching the real Plejaren and Billy Meier provide an ancient history of Earth which features the enslavement of Earth humanity by means of false religious teachings by some of the Plejaren’s own distant ancestors, who portrayed themselves as Creator “gods” whose influence demonstrably continues to this day. Most important of all, in contrast to their distant ancestors, what the Plejaren ask us to do is to test for ourselves whether what they claim makes sense. And so we should think, and reason and determine whether the teachings to which Earth humanity has adhered in the past, and to which most currently adhere, actually serve the purpose of spiritual enslavement. 


We don't automatically accept what the Plejaren say, simply because they say it. We test it with reasonable logic and see how it corresponds to the evidence all around us. The P’taah Tapes gives lip service to the enslaving nature of religions but that’s where the similarity to the real Plejaren teaching ends.


The title, The Ptaah Tapes -  An Act of Faith describes what its teaching demands. Faith, ie. belief. But faith, by definition, can only exist in the absence of true knowledge. The real Ptaah’s teachings are based on knowledge of the truth. As Billy Meier says, this is the truth that everyone can search for within themselves and by themselves, in nature and in one's surroundings everywhere, provided the person is willing to look for and retrieve it. He says the spirit teachings and their secrets are, for the humans, no more a secret than reading is for someone who has not learnt to read.


Ptaah and his people clearly teach the necessity of knowledge.


From the book Arahat Athersata

50. Wahrheit fügt das Wissen zusammen, baut auf und bildet als Essenz die Weisheit; Glaube aber zwingt zu unbeweisbaren Ansichten, zu sklavischer Demut und Ergebenheit, so er zerstörend und trennend sich auswirkt in allen Belangen des Lebens.


50. Truth joins knowledge together, and builds up and forms wisdom as its essence, but belief compels to views which cannot be proven, to slavish humility and resignation, so it works itself out destructively and divisively in all matters of life.


51. Dadurch ist auch mit aller Deutlichkeit die Erklärung gegeben, warum der Erdenmensch seit Jahrtausenden sich mehr und mehr in ein Dasein der Zerstörung hineinmanövrierte und die Erde zur Jetztzeit von bösartigster Zerstörung gezeichnet ist.


51. Thereby the explanation is also given with all clarity why the Earth human, more and more, for millennia, has maneuvered into an existence of destruction, and the Earth in the current time is marked by the evilest destruction.


52. Durch die Irrlehren der Religionen wurde der Erdenmensch im Laufe der Zeit unfähig, aus der grossen Fülle der wahren Wissenkraft der Schöpfung bewusst und kontrollierend die ihm zugehaltenen Kräfte zu erkennen, geschweige denn sie in Anwendung zu bringen und sich nutzbar zu machen.


52. Through the false teaching of religions, the Earth human became incapable, in the course of time, of recognizing, consciously and controllably, from the great abundance of the true knowledge-power of Creation, the powers held shut to him, not to mention, then, employing them and making them useful.


53. Das WISSEN, das die Schöpfung von jeglicher menschlichen Lebensform fordert, baut sich nicht auf in einem blinden Vertrauen in einem demütigen Glauben.


53. The KNOWLEDGE that Creation calls for, from every human, is not built on a blind trust in a humiliating creed.


54. Es fordert Suchen, Forschen und Erkennen, denn es wächst aus der Erkennung der Schöpfunggesetze zur Befolgung aller Gesetze und Gebote hinauf, dadurch aber auch zur Weisheit und richtigen Handhabung.


54. It calls for seeking, researching and recognition, because it grows out of the cognition of Creation's laws for the adherence to all laws and directives, thereby, however, also for wisdom and correct management.


55. Durch das Beschreiten dieses Evolutionweges allein vermag sich eine Lebensform richtig zu entwickeln und sich die Kräfte anzueignen, die zur Beherrschung des geistigen und bewusstseinmässigen Lebens und des materiellen Daseins führen.


55. Only by stepping onto this evolutionary path may a form of life develop correctly and make the power his own which leads to the mastering of the spiritual life and life pertaining to the consciousness, and of the material existence.


The importance of striving is stressed repeatedly in Billy Meier’s books.

 (From Art zu Leben, p. 52) 


Note: The German world SEIN used below translates to the English world BEING, meaning: existing in the creational existence, the spiritual existence.

Eine der grössten schöpferischen, gesetzmässigen Wahrheiten is die, dass alles Existierende in der Nature und im gesamten Universum und in der Schöpfung selbst, und so also auch das gesamte Leben und SEIN und alle Existenz aller Lebensformen in grundlegender und wegweisender Form im Streben besteht - im Streben nach Zukunft, im Streben nach Höherem, nach Evolution, nach höchstmöglicher Vollkommenheit.


One of the greatest creational truths, determined by law, is this: everything existing in nature and in the entire universe and in Creation itself, and so therefore also the entire life and BEING and all existence of all life-forms, endures through striving, in a fundamental form which points the way  - in striving for the future, in striving for the higher, for evolution, for the highest possible perfection.


Wie die Schöpfung selbst, so strebt auch ein jegliches Wesen jeglicher Art vom alleresten bis zu seinem allerletzten Atemzuge nach Höherem, nach Evolution and Vollendung. 


As does Creation itself, every being of every kind also strives, from the very first breath until the very last, towards the higher, towards evolution and completion.


Jeder Augenblick im Dasein eines Wesens ist ebenso nach Streben ausgerichtet wie das gesamte SEIN der Schöpfung selbst.


Every moment in the existence of a being is just as directed towards striving as is the entire BEING of the Creation itself.


Die Schöpfung selbst wie auch all ihre Kreaturen und Wesenheiten sind erfüllt mit der Kraft des Strebens, um Erfolg, Zukunft, Fortschritt und Höheres zu erringen.


The Creation itself, as also all its creatures and beings, is filled with the power of striving in order to obtain success, future, progress and the higher.


Streben ist die Kraft des Geistigen sowohl als des Physischen.


Striving is the power of the spiritual as well as the physical.


Und Streben ist ein unumstössliches schöpferisches Gesetz, um Höheres und Vollkommenes zu erreichen durch unaufhaltsame Evolution. ...


And striving is an irrevocable creational law for the obtaining of the higher and perfection through incessant evolution. ...


... Fehlt das Streben in irgendeiner Lebensform, dann  erlischt die Kraft des Fortschrittes und damit der Sinn des Lebens.


 .… If striving is lacking in any form of life then the power of progress, and thereby the meaning of life, is extinguished.


Verliert ein Mensch sein Streben, dann verliert er auch den Sinn des Lebens....


If a human loses his striving then he also loses the meaning of life.  …


What do The P’taah Tapes - An Act of Faith say?  (The questioner, below, is referring to the depression caused by awareness of the terrible things and dire circumstances going on in the world.)


[p.191]  “Q: (M) Just listening to you I get the understanding that the easiest way to go through those times is just to surrender to whatever comes up. Not to consciously focus on a certain goal that you desire, but to more or less get out of the way and just allow things to happen. Is this so?"


Jani King (as "P'taah"): "There, dear one, is a true pearl of wisdom. If each and every one of you could 'get out of the way', get out of the way of what is called reason, what is called intellect, and if at every moment you would be flowing with your hearts[sic] desire, with intuition, then of course everything is made very simple."



Billy Meier continues –


... Ohne Streben kein Leben, ohne Leben kein Streben - ohne Leben und Streben keine Evolution und kein SEIN. ...


 “... Without striving, no life, without life, no striving - without life and striving no evolution and no BEING. ...


Alles SEIN ist Streben, und alles Streben ist SEIN.


All BEING is striving and all striving is BEING.


 ...Was aus dem Streben heraus ergeht sind Wahrheit, Wissen, Weisheit und Liebe sowie Frieden und Harmonie, Fortschritt und Glück.


… What comes forth from striving is truth, knowledge, wisdom, and love as well as peace and harmony, progress and happiness.


Aus dem Streben ergeht aber auch das Bewusstsein und dessen unaufhaltsamer Fortschritt - hin bis zum SEIN in hoher Vollkommenheit. ... 


From striving, however, also comes consciousness and its incessant progress - up to the BEING in high perfection. ...



From The P’taah Tapes - An Act of Faith:


Jani King (as "P'taah"):[191] “Intellect is a support system to enable you to bring forth the heart’s desire. It is called balance, dear ones, you know balance? And certainly, if you can step aside from striving and reasoning, then indeed the whole world will open for you.”



The true Ptaah teaches that it is an obligation to speak and act against evil.


This is expressed repeatedly throughout the conversations between Ptaah and Billy, as Ptaah and Billy do exactly that. It is also expressed in Billy’s many writings. (Please go here for the entire article with the original German.)


Billy, July 11th, 2006 

"In my opinion, keeping silent does not mean neutrality, rather tolerance and the promotion of the political, punishment-related, religious, militaristic and terrorist atrocities. Every human who knows these things, and thereby the truth of the facts, and is silent over them, makes himself guilty of irresponsibility and of a crime against all humans who come to death or damage through political, militaristic, religious, sectarian, war-related, criminal and terrorist behaviors and actions. Neutrality means, therefore, also to be active in relation to bearing responsibility in regard to the open naming and denouncing of the existing facts and the wrong ways of behavior of all those who govern the world, as, however, also all their myrmidons and vassals who carry out their orders in ways of war, terrorism or other ways unworthy of humans. Silence is never compatible with neutrality, because this requires that the effective facts of war, terror of destruction, murder, torture, wrong punishment-orders and rape, and so forth, become openly and clearly named, and indeed in regard to all contracting parties and persons. He who is silent is not only cowardly and not neutral, rather also absolutely irresponsible."

And below is a clarification from Billy Meier in Art zu Leben,  about the concept of judgment (p.102, no. 292)

Kein Mensch ist des Rechtes, über einen andern ein Urteil zu fällen, das ihn als Menschen diffamieren würde; zulässig ist nur eine Beurteilung des Charakters, der Redensweise, die Form des Anstandes sowie die Art der Handlungen ohne die Würde des Menschen also solche anzutasten, wenngleich auch sein gesamtes Tun und Handeln und seine Art menschenunwürdig sind.

No human has the right to pass judgment over another which would defame him as a human. Only permissible is a judgment of the character, the way of speech, the form of the propriety as well as the type of behavior, without touching the dignity, as such, of the human, even if his collective deeds and behavior and his manner are unworthy of a human being.

In contrast, The Ptaah Tapes - An Act of Faith clearly stresses that whatever you judge to be wrong in the world is only a reflection of yourself. In previous lives, it argues, we have all been murderers, we have all been murdered, we have all been victim and attacker and so we should just engage in “embracement”. Meanwhile there is nothing but the fluffiest discouragement from committing any barbarous act.


Jani King (as "P'taah"): [p.231]. “To know that each time you bring forth a situation that creates pain, you have created it that you may understand unity. You have created the pain, the anguish with your loved ones, [the pain] with what appears to be circumstance, you have created every discordant situation that brings your pain, that you may say: ‘Ah’" .


Jani King (as "P'taah"): [p.232] “Bless yourself for every creation of dis-easement, every creation of agony. Bless it, because in the non-judgment, in the acceptance, you are discovering indeed the GOD you are. In the allowance of it all, merely to be without judgment, without trying to change anything, you are creating the rainbows and the starlight. So be it.”



The real Plejaren say that we should act to avoid environmental destruction.


They provided very specific technical advice about the hole in the ozone layer and about global warming decades before they were discovered by Earth scientists. And in What the Plejaren Wish for the Earth Human, Quetzal said,  

3. We wish that a normal state of population and births be strived for on Earth and in this regard, effective worldwide birth control be enforced, because only through this can too excessive an overpopulation be avoided and even further privation, criminality, hate against fellow men, wars, exploitation of Earth's resources to the utmost, as well as new diseases, epidemics and misery be avoided and contained.

In the context of explaining how we humans need each other, just as much as we also require nature and its plants and animals, Billy wrote, in Art zu Leben,  (P 152): 

Daher ist es unbedingt erforderlich, dass sowohl der einzelne als auch die Völker und Nationen ihre individuelle und kollektive Pflicht und Verantwortung für das gemeinsame Leben und Wirken erkennen, weil nur dadurch die Familien aller Lebensformgattungen sowie der Planet Erde selbst geschützt und erhalten werde können.


To this end it is unconditionally required that the individual as well as the peoples and nations recognize their individual and collective obligation and responsibility for the common life and effects because only thereby can the families of all species of forms of life, as well as the planet Earth itself, be protected and maintained.

What does the fake, "P'taah", say?


“Q: [p.222] (M) So we are already there, and also, if we rush out to help someone who we feel is suffering, we are actually robbing him of the experience?"


Jani King (as "P'taah"): "In a manner of speaking, we could say in extreme cases, indeed. But dear one, we are not saying do not help and do not follow the dictates of your heart….It is really not to be in judgment when you are giving forth help and [not] to have expectations of how it should be. That is all. Do you understand? But indeed, we say this also: If you are trying to change somebody else’s experience, you are merely creating an opportunity for your own learning.”


In 1951, at the age of 14, under the guidance of his childhood extraterrestrial teacher, Sfaath (Ptaah’s father), Billy prepared a long letter based on grave prophetic and predictive statements about coming events told to him by Sfaath. He sent 3000 copies to all the governments of Earth as well as to decisive organizations, newspapers, journals and schools, etc., in the hope of prompting them to take the necessary steps to avert the disasters. Indicative of the fact that the real Plejaren are still very much concerned that we strive to prevent world catastrophes and the suffering they incur, they directed that this letter of Billy’s be published on the internet in the January 2005 FIGU Bulletin in the hope that, finally, positive action will be taken to prevent these unfolding disasters from worsening even more. The following is a small excerpt from our translation. (Follow link above for original German text.)

18. Arresting counter-measures can still change everything for the better if the people and all the responsible ones of the governments, the authorities, the scientists and the military, as well as all others who are competent, most rigorously trouble themselves to put an end to all evils and bring a positive change to everything.


19. If that doesn't happen then unimagined horrors are imminent, whereby, in every respect, the world power USA would lead the foremost front of the sword of death as well as destruction and annihilation, while toeing the line are Israel and all those countries who nestle in sanctimonious friendship with the USA, and indeed, against the will of the sensible element of the respective peoples.  


49. Through the guilt of the human being, through his overpopulation, through his megalomania, through his unreasonableness and high-handedness, he challenges all the powers of nature, that, together with the Earth, revolt, and defend themselves against the degenerating machinations of the Earth human.


What do The Ptaah Tapes -An Act of Faith say?


Jani King (as "P'taah"): [p.9] “Each one of you creates your own universe, indeed co-create with those you draw into your life and you may have everything; there is abundance for all upon your planet, there is everything you could possibly desire there for you.”


 Jani King (as "P'taah"): [220] "Hm, but of course, this will relieve your minds, nothing is ever lost, and what appears to be extinct is only extinct in your space/time framework. …You are not the only ones who care about what is occurring with your flora and fauna. There are many species of creatures who were no longer necessary in what may be termed the evolutionary patterning, but who have gone on to create a different reality for themselves.”


Then there were Billy Meier’s chilling 1958 prophecies. These prophecies were already written by 1958 from revelations from the extraterrestrials Sfaath, and from Asket (who guided and taught Billy during his teenage to young adult years). The letter of August 25th, 1958 containing these prophecies, was sent as a "Warning to all the governments of Europe!"’. 

“If the coming events are considered and analyzed then from that comes forth clearly and distinctly that the human himself bears most of the blame for the coming calamity and chaos as well as for the catastrophes, even when pathologically stupid, as well as irresponsible, know-it-alls and scientists assert the opposite. Fundamentally, overpopulation is the factor behind all the evil that is to be found in climatic warming and environmental destruction…”


What do The Ptaah Tapes - An Act of Faith say?  


Jani King (as "P'taah"): [p.202] “The changes of the Earth herself are wondrous, wondrous changes. That which you consider at this present moment to be dire circumstances brought about by volcano, earthquake and the rising seas, is only to make room, if you like, for the expanded energy of the transition. It is the Earth moving and preparing herself. In the time of transition there will be many, many more than you can imagine, that is why all the people are coming forth now. Do you think they would come forth just to be annihilated? It is not so, you know. Although there is much, if you like, propaganda put forth and many fear-generating words which are written and spoken about this. I want to tell you, you cannot imagine the wondrous beauty. …”



The Plejaren teach us the importance, in order to be righteous, of following what they call the laws and directives of Creation. 

From the book, Genesis  p.44 .208.


208. Das Universal-Gesetz ist gegliedert in eine bestimmte schöpferische Gesetzgebung, die sowohl für die Schöpfung selbst, so aber auch für alle von ihr kreierten Lebensformen gilt.


 208. Universal law is structured in a certain creational legislation which applies to Creation itself as well as to all forms of life created by it.


209. Die Gesetze bilden ganz bestimmte Werte der Lebensbefolgung und Lebenserfüllung, die hineingelegt sind in jedes einzelne kreierte und zur Existenz gewordene Ding.


209. The laws form quite certain values of compliance to life and fulfilling of life, which are established in every individually created thing which comes into existence.


210. Erkenntlich sind diese Schöpfungsgesetze in der Natur, wo sie dem Menschen als Naturgesetze erkennbar werden.


210. These creational laws are discernable in nature where they are recognizable to humans as laws of nature.


211. Und nur die Befolgung dieser Gesetze gewährleistet eine richtige und schöpfungsgerichtete Lebensgestaltung und Lebensbefolgung.


211. And only the adherence to these laws guarantees a correct and creation-aligned forming of life and adherence to life.



Semjase stated, as recorded in OM canon 49, 

85. Das richtige Verhalten der Familie und die Verwaltung des Landes und der Gesellschaft bilden einen Teil der universalen Bestimmungen, welche die Gesamtheit der Wesen mit streng unparteiischen Gesetzen ausgestattet haben.


       85. The correct behavior of the family, and the administration of the countries and society, forms a part of the universal determination which has equipped the totality of the being with strict impartial laws.


       86. Der Mensch lebt weil die Schöpfung existiert, und sein Leben muss so ausgeglichen und vollkommen werden, wie die Schöpfung selbst ausgeglichen und vollkommen ist.


86. The human lives because the Creation exists, and his life must be as balanced and perfect as the Creation itself is balanced and perfect.


What do The Ptaah Tapes - An Act of Faith say?


Jani King (as "P'taah"): [p.11] “You know, there is no such thing as right or wrong, there is no such thing as good and bad, really. And in truth there is no such thing as a wrong decision. Everything is a learning process, and that is why you are here, dear one. It isn’t enlightenment. The more you search, the less you will find.”


Everything in this false teaching corresponds to anti-reason and seems to be the lazy way out for the believer, and on the other hand, it corresponds to the fatal formula for inducing non-resistance to the power-hungry, irresponsible, control freaks.  


Ominously apparent in some of these "new age" writings, and certainly in The Ptaah Tapes - An Act of Faith, is the stark absence of clear rules about children and sexual activity. Just as with the previous points, this is absolutely at odds with what the Plejaren and Billy Meier teach, which is that children should not be subjected to any form of abuse. Sexual abuse of children is one of the most blatant characteristics of degeneration of the present and future times, as described by the Plejaren. The prophecies provided by the Meier case notably focus on these times and describe an abominable future world where children are little more than sexual commodities. We, as anti-child-abuse activists, specifically in relation to child abuse which is maintained by our political and religious leaders, are seeing this developing before our eyes while “good” people sit back and refrain from judging and acting or “thinking negatively” about it.


From The Ptaah Tapes - An Act of Faith:


Jani King (as "P'taah"):[p.97] “Dear ones, you are sexual beings from the moment of your birthing until the moment of your translation. It does not matter how old you are in physicality and it does not matter what the expression of your sexuality is.“ 



“Q: [p.108] (F) P’taah, concerning sexuality and sensuality: How can we educate our children into freedom of feeling, while we are still struggling with the limitations? "


Jani King (as "P'taah"): "Indeed, beloved, perhaps it is the children who will be teaching the parents. It is called allowance, that is all, to love and to allow. To allow the children natural expression and then they may teach you many things -  not only about sexuality. And children are very sexual little beings. They will teach many wonderful things, more and more in these next years, because truly, many, many children born at this time are shining lights, who come forth to help the transition of humanity.”


Nowhere in this slippery teaching is there any unambiguous instruction that there should be any efforts to prevent acts of abuse of any kind.


The questioner asked Jani King how this philosophy could be understood in relation to child abuse.


Jani King (as "P'taah"):[p. 214] “…we are not saying that everything is beautiful, beloved, we are simply saying that everything simply IS and that there is no judgment in universal law. We are in understanding of the grief which occurs around the children, not only with what is called molestation,  …Now what occurs, beloved, is that in a situation where you are emotionally attached to that which be child or indeed, beloved pet or any loved one who is victim, one is so caught within the emotion of all of that, that you will simply not understand what is called co-creation. … : You consider the children to be helpless – they are not! ..."


Combine this with…


Jani King (as "P'taah"): "Do what makes your heart sing. You see, where you are coming from  - a place of love – how can there be a wrong decision – hm? It does not matter. Do what makes your heart sing for the moment.”



We, gaiaguys, (who support and promote the Meier case but are not authorized FIGU spokespeople) cannot ignore the obvious connection between the themes which are expressed in the prevalent "new age" belief-based teachings (ie. do what you like, don’t challenge anything, sexual boundaries should be overthrown) and those which we see expressed by certain sects and interests who clearly hold enormous political power in the current times. Surely this demonstrates a continuation of the age-old use of religious enslavement as a means of control which threatens to drown out the lone voice of reason guided by real advanced extraterrestrial teachers who are still at the head of the extraordinary, unparalleled, extraterrestrial contact case which for 40 years has surrounded Billy Eduard Albert Meier. What astonishing degree of lack of reason causes people to not want to know what these extraterrestrials have to say to us?


Extraterrestrial Asket from the DAL universe said to Billy in February 3rd 1953, (Please go here for more of this advice with the original German text.)

For further things, like help with evolution, and so forth, other forms of life from your own universe are responsible, who will initially call themselves Pleiadians. Already for millennia, they supervise the Earth and keep those space-faring races in check who wish evil for you Earth humans and want to gain control over Earth humanity with the employment of religion and all the related deceptions, hallucinations, and trickery with which they buoy up the Earth humans with false promises.  ... But Sfaath spoke the truth, because even as with all other religions, the Christian religion is also only an evil and wrong enslaving, poor piece of work of Earth people, who, in their establishment of religions, found the wealth promised to them, and power over fellow men, and found that they would be addressed by a degenerated group of extraterrestrial intelligences if they would spread the erroneous religious teaching. I hereby speak of the extraterrestrial race, which here, since ancient times, [Note: until 1978] wants to attain supremacy over the Earth humanity and, accordingly, to always again unfold the glow and flame of the various religions and always new sects because only through that may they obtain their goal.


The striking realness of Billy Meier’s Plejaren extraterrestrials can be quite confronting for people, since it immediately draws us to the harsh reality of the state of our world and the role we each play in it. It isn’t a comfortable message, at first. There is no easy way out, and there are no soothing tones which obscure the real problems. This is because of the necessity to encourage us to develop our innate, independent strength and source of peace.


 It is worth pointing out that the assumption of the teachings of The Ptaah Tapes - An Act of Faith is that those who work against existing evils in the world and are doing so out of fear of those evils. Honest seekers will be encouraged to know that the genuine Plejaren teachings encourage and foster striving for just causes, not based on fear, but on an understanding of the Creational laws and directives, and that all fear disappears as knowledge is gained.


Reverence for life produces a sense of shared responsibility and true connectedness with the environment. In the book Genesis Billy Meier explains more.  I think this basis of reverence is critical to understanding the difference between these two teachings.(p.95. )

1. Ehrfurcht und Ehrwürdigkeit sind die grundlegenden Voraussetzungen, die urtümilchen Kräfte aller Erkenntnisse.


1. Reverence and veneration are the fundamental prerequisites, the original powers of all cognitions.


2. Das bedeutet, dass im Menschen ehrwürdige Ehrfurcht vor und in allen Dingen herrschen muss, wenn er Erkenntnisse erlangen will.


2. That means that venerable reverence must rule in the human for, and in, all things, if he wants to obtain cognitions.


3. Ehrwürdig sind alle Dinge, sowohl die positiven wie auch die negativen die in gleichem Masse geachtet werden sollen in Ehrfurcht, insofern sie keiner Ausartung anheimfallen.


3. All things are worthy of veneration; the positive as well as the negative should be respected to the same degree in reverence, as long as they do not fall into degeneration.


4. Jeder in vernünftiger Form des Denkens fähige Mensch vermag sich Erkenntnisse höherer geistiger Werte zu erwerben, wenn er sich die grundlegenden Voaussetzungen in seinem Gemüt zur Erlangung dieser Erkenntnisse schafft.


4. Every human who is capable of a rational form of thinking may acquire cognitions of higher spiritual values if he produces the fundamental prerequisites in his Gemüt for the purpose of obtaining this goal.


Note: [from Die Psyche]

Gemüt wird jener geistige Block und Faktor genannt, der im Geistkörper einer Lebensform, in diesem Fall beim Menschen, das geist-bewusstseinsmässige Fühlen und die geist-bewusstseinsmässigen Gedanken in sich ordnet und verwaltet in stets ausgeglichener Form.


Note: The Gemüt is the name for the spiritual block* and factor which, in the spirit body of a life form (in this case, with the human) orders and manages the spirit-consciousness feeling and the spirit-consciousness thoughts in a constantly balanced form.  


* "block", as in "block of flats/apartment block" and "block of ice", NOT "block", as in "road block" and "mental block"


Billy Meier goes on to explain that reverence must never be considered equal to worship. Worship forbids criticism and opposition. However reverence allows opposition and criticism in reverential form.



Asked to tell the audience a little more about himself, Jani King’s P’taah only manages to say, …


Jani King (as "P'taah"): [p.197] " So you see beloved, when you ask who it is that I be, it is really a quite complex question, yet it is also very simple: Who am I ? I AM. I am expression of divinity – and , dear one, I know that I am. And soon, beloved humanity, so shall you."


To finish with some wise words from the book OM, the book of the laws and directives of Creation, canon 3 explains, “This is the book of knowledge of the creational laws and directives, as it is given in words and meaning through the JHWH and the prophets of the Earthly humankind.”


(Canon 38) 


11. Siehe, Mensch der Erde, du verlangst Erklärung für ein jedes Ding, und so die Erklärung gegeben wird, dann verstehst du nicht, weil du nicht verstehen willst.


11. See, human of the Earth, you desire explanation for everything, and so the explanation is given, then you do not understand, because you do not want to understand.


12. Also höre ein andermal, was dir seit alters her gesagt ist, Erdenmensch, damit du endlich verstehst und die Wahrheit erkennst:


12. Therefore listen one more time to what you have been told since ancient times, Earth human, so that you finally understand and recognize the truth.


13. Erfasse das erklärend Dargelegte und wandle fortan in den Lehren der Wahrheit.


13. Comprehend the explanatory descriptions and turn, from now on, to the teachings of the truth.


14. Es ist auch gegeben Vernunft und Verstand, allein, du nutzest weder das eine noch das andere.


14. You have also been given reason and understanding, but you use neither one nor the other.


15. Nur wenige unter euch haben die Vernunft und den Verstand soweit entwickelt und geöffnet, dass sie die Geheimnisse des Geistes erfassen und verstehen.


15. Only few among you have developed and unlocked reason and understanding to the extent that they (the few) comprehend and understand the secrets of the spirit.


16. Den meisten der Erdenmneschen jedoch geht dies ab, denn sie sind noch kleinmütig und klein and gläubig.


16. Most of the Earth humans, however, do not have this understanding because they are still faint-hearted and small and believing.

17. Ihr Bewusstsein ist unwissend und leer, so sie also erst das Denken lernen müssen.


17. Their consciousness is ignorant and empty so they therefore first must learn to think.


18. Und was wäre wohl besser sie denkend zu machen, als eben das Sprechen der Wahrheit und die Lehre der Wahrheit.


19. And what could ever be better to make them think, than indeed  the speaking of the truth and the teaching of truth.


19. Und das Wissen der Wahrheit muss durch das Denken erlernt werden, denn da ist kein anderer Weg als dieser.


20. And the knowledge of truth must be learned through thinking, because there is no other way than this.


20. Wahrlich, das Wissen der Wahrheit is nur dann wertvoll und gut, wenn es durch das eigene Denken erlangt wird.


20. Truly, knowledge of the truth is only valuable and good, then, if it is obtained through one's own thinking.


21. Das eigene Denken aber erfordert, dass die Geheimnisse gelöst werden, die das Gut des Denkens in sich bergen.


21. However, one's own thinking requires the solving of  the secrets, which the wealth of thinking contain.


22. Noch ist der Mensch kleinmütig und ohne Wissen, und die Gesetze und Gebote der Schöpfung und die Kraft des Geistes sind ihm noch nicht  bewusst.


22. The human is still faint-hearted and without knowledge, and the laws and commandments of Creation and the power of the spirit are still not known to him.


23. Also muss der Mensch erst lernen, die Wahrheit zu erkennen und also auch nach den Gesetzen und Geboten der Schöpfung zu leben.


23. Therefore the human must first learn to recognized the truth and therefore also to live according to the laws and directives of Creation.


24. Erst dann kann er langsam wissend werden und mächtig im Geiste und Bewusstsein.


24. Only then can he slowly become knowing and mighty in spirit and consciousness.




Please study the short post script to this article, by me, Dyson, providing more blatant connections between Jani King and "The Powers That Be".

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