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by gaiaguys' Dyson Devine,

 of Vivienne Legg's article @ www.gaiaguys.net/whatptaahreallysays.htm

I think the beginning of the end of the Old Age of Belief really picked up pace on July 2nd, 1947, in Roswell New Mexico, USA. An extraterrestrial rejoinder to Hiroshima and Nagasaki, it was the joker in the pack that, clearly, none of the players of the time anticipated. They must have been delighted. But he who laughs last, laughs best, and few of the traditional sources of geopolitical power are still laughing now.


I think that the solid-state semiconductor devices discovered deep in the skulls of the dead extraterrestrial bio-organic androids who crashed that stormy night were quickly back-engineered by the military-industrial complex's USAPs (Unacknowledged Special Access Projects) which Eisenhower warned us about in 1961, (full quote here) and within a few short decades the unthinkable happened. The Internet - made possible by those cheap, mass-produced, integrated circuits - escaped the Pentagon and their Ivory Towers toadies, and today the sort of “hiding in plain view”, that was more than adequate before the Information Revolution started ushering the REAL New Age ... The Golden Age, has become more like getting caught in the sudden glare with one’s hand deep in the proverbial cookie jar.


A work of fiction like Jani King’s The P’taah Tapes - Transmissions from the Pleiades – An Act of Faith could never have been so easily decoded for what it so obviously is before the Golden Age of Knowledge. But now anyone on-line with at least half a brain can see enough of the thumbnail of The Big Picture to quickly assemble the component pieces for himself. Because, for the first time, all the pieces are at hand. Now only the most craven intellectual cowardice or stupefying religious intoxication can prevent people from completing the ancient puzzle.


And The P’taah Tapes - Transmissions from the Pleiades – An Act of Faith has got the color-code and the core ideology, from the traditional blue-and-gold graphics, right on up to the push for homosexuality and pedophilia.


And then there is Jani King’s own personal 1947 alien abduction. The only piece I didn’t quickly locate during my cursory skim through her moronic work of Bafath cant was the sick absorption with the number eleven. It might be there too, but I didn’t consider it was worth my time to bother searching for it among the mountain of poisoned whipped cream which is Jani King’s babbling bubblehead, imaginary playmate, “P’taah” the "star-person".


So let’s see what IS there. I’ll recap and then expand on the theme.


The first impression - the blue and gold book cover (OTO/Freemason colors) is not subtle. From Alestair Crowley's Book of the Law I,60: "My number is 11, as all their numbers who are of us. The Five Pointed Star, with a Circle in the Middle, & the circle is Red. My colour is black to the blind, but the blue & gold are seen of the seeing." (There's some material about the abovementioned satanic pentagram "The Five Pointed Star" here. Crowley liked to refer to himself as "666/The Beast" and there's a bit more about this numeral here.)


Of course the title "An Act of Faith" really says it all for those not utterly ignorant of what is the central characteristic of the dying decades of the Dark Age of Pisces / Age of Belief.  (Please see our Billy Meier Index to learn more.)


That once-secret protocol would be hardly recognizable were the promotion of male homosexuality and pedophilia not firmly ensconced within the toxic fluff. Please read the references in Vivienne's "P'taah Tapes" article, and scroll down this page for the below excerpt of "The Sixth Transmission"


Jani King's reported personal alien abduction and her connection to Whitley Strieber, (who describes his own "alien" mind-control brain implant) was a surprise extra and neatly connects some of the major subject matters of this website. (There is a connection between anti-child-abuse activism and the fake "ET' abductions.)  And our evergreen foe "Saint Germain" - who is nothing if not durably omnipresent - seems to have been working in Australia during Ms. King's fake ET surgical procedures, just in time to introduce her to her "P'taah". Predictably, "Saint Germain" also tells people to join Michael $alla's "Prepare 4 Contact" Yahoo List (list of Yahoos), according to his more recent associates. Please see the mentions made by Jani King in her excerpted introduction, below.


Triad (another clue) Publications Pty. Ltd., with it’s point-up triangle is certainly a substantial hint. It even sports a stylized representation of the all-seeing eye of Horus, and Triad states that it specializes in publishing this sort of "western esotericism" (a.k.a. Freemasonry). Please Google them and see for yourself. (Triad=Trinity=Jabulon, etc.)


An unabashed reference to the nefarious "I AM" movement graces the opening flyleaf. (left) For some related required reading about the "I AM" movement, etc. please download and read carefully: Psychic Dictatorship in America ©1940 by Gerald B. Bryan. It's a 182kb, 51 page compressed .rtf file suitable for printing @ www.gaiaguys.net/PsychicDictatorshipinAmerica.zip


The word "star" itself is a primary shibboleth of the self-described "Illuminati" - I,3: "Every man and every woman is a star". Alestair Crowley's Book of the Law (see the "Sixth Transmission", below)


Another favorite shibboleth, Jani’s surname “King” may well just be a fortuitous coincidence, but she was, according to her paperback’s accompanying autobiography, in show biz – “a singer, dancer” - so perhaps it’s just her snappy stage name. (Please see II,58 (etc.) in the Book of the Law) Ms. King's ventriloquist’s dummy “P’taah”, at any rate, certainly knows how to work the crowd, and seems to be doing quite nicely asking US$150 for a personal sitting.


Another even more secret prime shibboleth, shining (children) is in The P’taah Tapes - Transmissions from the Pleiades – An Act of Faith too, as anticipated, among the meandering promotion of pedophilia.  


The Secret History of the World's Most Dangerous Secret Society.

[being the Eastern Templar Freemasons, a.k.a. "OTO"]


 by Craig Heimbichner

Chapter 4   Witches and Masons   p.59


Luciferianism Decoded


Freemason Albert Lantoine, 33° wrote a book in 1937 addressed to the Pope in which he said, "Possessing critical and inquisitive minds, we are the servants of Satan. You, the guardians of truth, are the servants of God. These two complement one another. Each needs the other." 7

Interestingly, he later corrected himself and said that he did not use "quite the correct term" and should have said "servants of Lucifer." The distinction may be lost on some.

The name Lucifer is derived from Jerome's Latin Vulgate translation of Isaiah 14:12: "Quomodo cecidisti de caelo, Lucifer, qui mane oriebaris?" (How art thou fallen from heaven thou Lucifer, son of the morning?) Patristic tradition taught that Satan had another name before his fall, which the Church Fathers denominated as "Light bearer," and which Jerome rendered into Latin literally, as "Lucifer" (luc / lux ([light] + fer [bearing). In the original Hebrew he is called the "shining one," to whom Nebuchadnezzar and all other tyrannical kings of the earth who are idolatrously worshipped, are compared.

Therefore, the masonic identification with Lucifer is an attempt to invoke the supernatural force that energizes tyrannical rule. (For an allusion to Lucifer as Satan, see Jesus' statement in Luke 10:18). The severe scriptural animadversion to the perfection and glories of Lucifer/Satan as celebrated by Freemasons and the OTO, can be found in Ezekiel 28:12-15, while verses 16-19 combine characteristics of Satan and a tyrannical king who is energized by Satanic characteristics, in the same way that Isaiah 14 connotes both Lucifer and the kings of Babylon who pattern their reign after him.


7 Albert Lantoine, Lettre au Souverain Pontife. Cited by Vicomte Leon de Poncins, Freemasonry and the Vatican (Palmdale, Calif.: Omni/Christian Book Club, 1968), p.11.

 Please click here to read the back cover of this important book.

And here to read more excerpts


In an effort to provide fair context, I've reproduced Jani King's entire introduction, unedited. All italics and formatting are in the original. Highlighting is mine.

The P’taah Tapes - Transmissions from the Pleiades – An Act of Faith




It is conceivable that many a reader might be desirous of acquainting him or herself to a certain extent with Jani King, the channel, although usually, with the process of channelling, the entire focus is on the entity being channelled and one can easily become forgetful of the fact that here is a living human being, dedicating his or her time and energy to making it all possible.

In Jani's case we are facing a warm-hearted, down-to-earth woman who loves nature, who loves to laugh and who, we might add, has her own brand of humour - and lots of it, too.

So, to acquaint ourselves with Jani, a question and answering session with Jani and the group was arranged, during which Jani could answer the most pressing questions herself. 

    Q: Jani, I would like to know how you and P'taah met.

    Jani: Okay. I have to start off laterally rather than formally for this. In 1947 I lived in New Zealand - I was born there. I lived in a very remote area, in the middle of 350 square miles of pine forest. Bearing in mind that it was just after the war, there was no transport; so it was really very, very isolated. So, at the time I was a very little girl and I went wandering from our house into the forest and I remember very clearly going into the forest and then something occurred. I had no idea what it was and then sometime later, when I came back to the house, it seemed much later in the day. Extraordinarily enough nobody had realized that I had gone. For those of you who are mothers of little girls, if they are gone for just an hour, you start to become very worried. Yet nobody seemed to have noticed that I had gone, in spite of the fact that it had been for many hours. 

Sometime during 1988 a channelled energy named St. Germain had come to Australia. During this time I had picked up a book by Whitley Streiber called 'Communion'. When I saw the book on a friend's coffee table I experienced the most extraordinary feeling of being drawn to it. I asked my friend what the book was about and he answered: 'Some stuff about a guy being abducted by aliens'. The cover of the book showed this triangular face with huge eyes and for some reason I reacted with goose bumps and I felt very emotional without having any idea what caused it. I held the book in my hands and had to force myself to put that book down. The next day I locked up the house, disconnected the phone, sat down and read the book from cover to cover. It seemed so familiar to me, except for the fact that Whitley Streiber was terrified when he came to understand what his ordeal was. I did not have that feeling at all. 'Coincidentally', a couple of days after that, I spoke to St. Germain and I do not know why I said it, but I asked: Could you tell me about the experience I had in 1947 (as a child), that I do not 'remember. St. Germain said: 'You were taken aboard a craft. There was a medical procedure performed to put in place certain knowledge and memory that will come to the surface in the next now moment of your time'. He went on to describe, what this abduction was about. I sat there, going 'oh, yeah, yeah, yeah' with my eyes rolling in my head. And yet it seemed that when he finished and I had assimilated what he had said, it was not a surprise to me.         .

I also asked him about a visit I had from another being, and I am not talking about an apparition but about physical reality. It was in 1961 and it was P'taah who came in a physical body (I do not know how many physical bodies he has), and we had a communication, which was quite, quite extraordinary. That is the only time in my conscious, waking knowledge, that I have met P'taah. I had hypno­regression about the early experience in 1947 and now I do have conscious memory of what occurred then. The experience in 1961in a way was so extraordinary, it has left me still with a residue of grief. (Recalling this experience, Jani is deeply moved and pauses for a moment to regain her composure.) And this is because - really - I am still waiting. 

I have to say to you that my experience with P'taah from day to day is very different to yours. For you it is almost....I cannot explain it - you have a different experience than I have. I can talk to P'taah in my head. He talks to me, but it is much more ephemeral than your one to one experience with him.

    Q: Have you asked P'taah about this feeling of grief?

    Jani: Yes, I have.

    Q: What did he say, if I may ask?

    Jani: Well, I guess he says the same thing to me as he says to you about grief; that it is all transmutable. In a way I have dealt with it, because for a long time I was really waiting - I mean waiting day by day. Now I am not and it is okay if I never come face to face with him again, but there is still this thing there in my heart, you know.

Q: When P'taah comes through, there seems to be an emotion and your eyes become slightly moist. To what extent is he affected by emotions? I would presume it is different with him than with us. Have you any knowledge about that?

Jani: I think you should ask him about that. All can say is: not only do my eyes leak, so does my nose. We have had quite a chat about this, the 'boss' and I, and I said that really I have no control over what he does with my body, but I did ask him not to make it too 'disgusting'; like walking around with a runny nose. He is pretty good but very often when I come back my nose is almost, but not quite, running. The other thing is often my eyes tear, although there is no emotion involved for me in the sessions.

    Q: Jani, where do you go, when P'taah comes in?

    Jani: I have no idea. Sometimes it is sort of as if I am about here - not very far away. (Jani points to the right and back of her head.) Sometimes I have a sense of what has been going on, sometimes I have a recall of some things that he has said, yet I do not have any recall of what anybody else has said. Sometimes I get very smart. The other day Peter did a session with P'taah and when I came back I said to Peter "Oh yeah, I got that. I know what that was all about'. However, when Peter told me about the session, I really only knew a very small part of what had been said, so that just shows you how smart I am. The answer really is that I have no idea. Sometimes, and I don't know whether its got anything to do with what he (P'taah) says, or what he is doing in the sessions, I really don't want to come back. For those who were here last week, it was a very emotional thing, and I don't know why that was, but I didn't want to come back. When I was typing up the transcript I didn't find anything in there that I would really get that emotional about. All I knew was that I really would have preferred not to be here.

    Q: Jani, it's about leaving your body. The first time, how did you let yourself go?

    Jani: I didn't. It was involuntary.

    Q: How do you mean? Do you mean he just came and pushed you out?

Jani: No, no. I mean I didn't really understand what was happening. The first time it happened it was not as if I had gone anywhere, it was that I heard this voice that sounded as' if it was coming out of a cave, coming out of my mouth. I said 'Oh, shit. What is happening?' But I understood very quickly what was going on. The other thing is that P'taah does 'pop in'. I know that he is there, and it is never ever without my permission, so to speak, that he comes in. When it is a session like this, I actually go through a little exercise, which is what I do when I sit here with my eyes closed, going mumble-mumble­mumble, then I leave and he comes in. But sometimes it can be as quick as the blink of an eye, which can be hysterical, and can cause quite a furore, particularly when people are in the group and who have no idea what is actually happening. One minute I am there and the next minute there is someone else talking to them. A bit disconcerting. It happens mostly, that involuntary stuff - I say involuntary, because I do not go through all the mumbo jumbo to get out - if I'm very relaxed, if I am having a good time, especially if I have had a couple of glasses of wine and feel really laid back. The next minute 'whacko' here he comes. Usually because he wants a glass of wine, too. Let there be no mistake about that. (Gales of laughter.) 

Q: Jani, when you said P'taah appeared in a physical form, do you mean as a man or woman, or something different? Something we wouldn't be familiar with?

Jani: Something different. It was a light body, but a physical body. Not as dense as ours. A humanoid form. He had very beautiful, very large eyes. That was the most incredible thing. I can't really tell you too much about it, because what was happening was like being programmed. Like a computer receiving all sorts of data. But the other thing concerned my heart. I was being inundated with this most incredible love. Unlike anything else I had ever experienced. Since then I have experienced the same feeling with Saint Germain ­ channelled through Azena Ramanda - and also while swimming with whales in the wild.

    Q: Does P'taah communicate with you about what you, as an individual, should be doing for your own expansion?

Jani: He puts little gem-like jewels in my ear, and a great kick up the bum, when I am not doing as it could be done for my greatest (spiritual) benefit.

    Q: Does it tax you physically?

    Jani: It depends. if I am feeling really on top and full of energy, after a session I feel very energized and that energy lasts for hours. If I am tired and not feeling very bright before a session, I feel energised when I come back, but when that 'wears off' I am exhausted.

Q: When people have a personal session with P'taah, does he know all about that person? The beliefs and the past and all of that stuff?

    Jani: I don't know. Who's had a personal here?

    Peter Erbe: I have. Can I answer?

    Jani: Sure.

    Peter: He knows what colour undies you are wearing. (Gales of laughter.) Very personal.

    Q: Every so often in the sessions we hear about scales. What is that about?

    Jani: It's a joke. After a very heavy, emotional three-day workshop in Melbourne last year, P'taah was talking to the participants. The feeling among the people was very highly charged. A real high. P'taah told them that if he was in his own body he would give them a light-show to reflect to everybody there how exquisitely beautiful they were, and what beautiful lights they were radiating: When he said this, the electric lights in the room flickered on and off a few times. Someone asked him 'What do you look like?' P'taah answered 'Oh, I'm very beautiful'. The facilitator of the workshop muttered out of the corner of his mouth to P'taah 'Yeah, if you don't mind green scales'. Everyone shrieked with laughter, and P'taah turned to this friend and answered' Ah, but beloved, you cannot see the scales for the light'. So that has sort of become a standing joke with P'taah.

    Q: Have you asked to go there, to the Pleiades?

    Jani: Apparently, I have been. He (P'taah) says there have been many times over the last thirty years when we have been together ­ when I have been off-world, been to the Pleiades. I have to tell you, I have no conscious memory of it, although I have memory of being on a craft, apart from when I was a child. I cannot tell you much about it, though. It doesn't really make sense within the logical way we perceive things. I keep saying that I really would like to remember these other experiences I'm supposed to have had, but he keeps saying that when the time is right I shall have full memory of everything. He says the time is coming soon, although what 'soon' means as far as they are concerned, God knows. I try not to hang out for it, you know. It is a bit difficult sometimes. Sometimes something sparks me off and I get this intense yearning, but most of the time I am pretty au fait with it. I cruise along with it and think when the time is right, it's right. I trust P'taah and my own soul integrity in the knowing that whatever and however it all happens, it will be for my own highest good. I have the doubts and the low times and wonder what the hell I am here for, the same as everybody else, but you know, when you come right down to it, I love him, and there's nothing else I'd rather be doing than living right here and now. I guess I'd have to say I am one helluva happy person, most of the time.



The P’taah Tapes - Transmissions from the Pleiades – An Act of Faith

Chapter 1


Date: 29th of August, 1991.


P'taah: Greetings, dear ones. That which is humanity is indeed star-seeded. Eons before your time, before the time of your history, the star people have seeded your planet. And indeed the star people have never been far from humanity - always in these thousands upon thousands of years there have been many comings and goings. In your ancient books there is much writing which has become what is called mythology - about these grand meetings with that which was human of that time and the star people, who were elevated to Godhood. Indeed, the star people are not God-hood any more than you are. The only difference really at this time is that the star people, indeed, know that they are expressions of divinity, and humanity has forgotten. etc. etc. etc. [end of excerpt] 


If you think that "star" is a favorite word used by extraterrestrials, be aware that only the FAKE ones are full of this word. Please see our Richard Boylan page.



The P’taah Tapes - Transmissions from the Pleiades – An Act of Faith


 Sixth Transmission


October 2nd, 1991


(excerpted from pages 96&97)


You are sexual beings from the time of your birthing. Your body is the temple housing your light-energy. Why do you think it would be that you would be created sexual beings, if it were not considered divine expression? So, no matter how intellectually enlightened you become, dear ones, there is still within you the emotional retardation about your sexuality. Then it becomes extraordinary, because in your culture, when you reach a certain age, you begin to understand intellectually that what have been the social mores of sexuality are nonsense, that they really have nothing to do with real life. So everybody rushes out to experiment, to read whatever they can and everybody is in dreadful fear that they are not good enough. So you see, we come back again to that which is not worthy. Whether it be male or female, you look at your anatomy and believe that it is not enough, that it does not 'come up to standard' with whatever is socially in vogue at that present time. And then you worry about your performance. Now, nobody ever showed you how to do it, but you are supposed to know how to do it and if you don't, then you will not be acceptable and certainly not worthy of love. So, you get through those bits and pieces and then you discover through wonderful spirituality a New Age and some are fortunate enough to come into cults or sects - we would not say religions - which say it is ok to be a sexual being. Then very many will say: 'Well, it is ok, but you see, I am beyond it, I do not need it, I am involved with higher things than sexuality.'

There are many people warning about what may occcur if you get too involved in anything that involves your loins. Do you not think it is a trifle extraordinary? Hm, I, too think it very extraordinary, Then, you have what is a small problematical area, which is called diseasement. Sexually transmuted, terminal diseasement. Well, it is enough to put you off! Then there is marriage - forever, and 'God help you if you stray'. Dear ones, do you see the threads we are pulling in here? We are talking about expression of the heart. You know, to express joy spontaneously, the desire for communication, the knowledge that you live in a safe universe, the knowledge that there is no judgment - except what is in your head - the knowledge that your body is indeed an expression of your light-being, and when you create joy within your embodiment, indeed it resonates through the universes and, indeed, you live in a safe universe. And as you believe, you create, you manifest. Now, what do you think this is? It is called: Go forth in joy and enjoy - with the heart.

    Now, we are saying how it may be. We are also saying that for eons of time humanity has used sexuality as a power-tool. The people, particularly of your culture, in these years have been using sexuality in a very materialistic fashion. Now, you know that it has been so in your history that women were sold into the slavery of marriage for money - now it is not that women are sold, but that they are selling themselves. That which is man uses his power and money and status symbols that they may be admired, and so he will take a woman who fulfils the fantasies of what is called your social consciousness, to display that he is very successful. This is not called: Go in joy and enjoy. And all of this is merely reflecting how you feel about Self - what you belief about Self. When you know indeed that you are a sovereign being, that you are indeed divine expression, and you go forth in freedom, and you meet somebody of wondrous resonance and you are in laughter and joy, then it is to be expected that your body will resonate that which is in your heart. And it is wondrous. If you were seeing what is occurring with this energy exchange, you would be in delight. The lights, indeed, are beautiful. When you are using sexual expression as a power-tool and when your heart is not involved, it is then to look, to see why. Dear ones, you are sexual beings from the moment of your birthing until the moment of your translation. It does not matter how old you are in physicality and it does not matter what the expression of your sexuality is. We are speaking of the grand judgments, that we spoke of before, of that which is homosexuality or indeed bisexuality, which is 'normal'. Heterosexuality is normal, but it is not the fullest expression. Now, we know indeed that there is much shock and horror when we say this. To give natural expression physically, where your heart is involved, is called normal, is called balance. Everything else is called judgment. - Do we have questions?

    Q: (M) So how does one deal with this judgment, how does one get away from it?

    P'taah: How do you think it is? What do you do with judgment?

    Q: I don't know. Look at it?

    P'taah: Indeed. It is first to recognize why - hm? It is to come into an understanding of what fear lies behind the judgment and then, beloved, it is to embrace it all.

    Q: So, how do I do this practically?

    P'taah: Well, do you wish us to give you a 'for instance'? - I did not think you would. Very well, when a situation occurs where you are looking at somebody else's behaviour and you are saying 'This is not right', then what you are really saying is, that you either really would like to be doing whatever but you are too afraid, or that you are merely afraid of the idea itself.

[end of excerpt]




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Cosmic secret pays out earthly dollars for controversial guru

Date: March 1 2007
Jacqueline Maley

RHONDA BYRNE believes that if you ask the universe for something, the universe will deliver - it is the philosophy on which she based her best-selling DVD and book The Secret.

So when the Melbourne-born television producer asked the universe to deliver millions of dollars to her from sales of her film, which details the self-help strategy she calls "the secret", it came up trumps. It is unclear whether she also asked the universe for the top spot on the Amazon.com bestsellers' list for the film's spin-off book, or for a two-show special on Oprah, but she got those, too.

The former Channel Nine producer's fortune is based on what she calls "the law of attraction", that if you have positive thoughts, you will attract success in life. But her success has not come without controversy.

The film, which was reportedly made on a budget of $3 million, 10 per cent of which was advanced by Channel Nine, has been remarkably successful, particularly considering it had no theatrical release and no advertising.

The Los Angeles public relations firm representing Ms Byrne said sales of the DVD, which retails for $34.95, had reached 1.5 million, and 1.7 million copies of the book had been printed and were expected to be sold.

It is now the biggest seller on Amazon.com and heads The New York Times bestseller list in the "Advice and How To" category.

But Esther Hicks, an American self-help guru who, with her husband, Jerry, has been promoting her own law of attraction philosophy for about 20 years, claims few of The Secret's fans know they are being sold a second version of the film.

Ms Hicks told The New York Times she and her husband were promised 10 per cent of DVD sales revenue from the film, but after a falling out with Ms Byrne, her voice and image were removed from the film and a new version was released. The couple were advised to sue for breach of contract, but they did not do so because suing was against their law of attraction philosophy.

The DVD and book are redolent of the same sort of imagery and conspiracy theories which made The Da Vinci Code such a huge success.

The film also features various self-help gurus who have already released books, such as Jack Canfield, the author of Chicken Soup for the Soul, and John Gray, famous for Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. The gurus say things like, "Everything that's coming into your life you are attracting into your life", and, "Become a deliberate creator of your life", and are set against a backdrop of Leonardo da Vinci's anatomical drawings.

The DVD also claims that through the centuries "they" have sought to suppress The Secret because of its awesome power. Both Ms Byrne and Paul Harrington, the Australian co-producer of The Secret, declined to comment yesterday.

The Herald asked the universe for interviews, but it didn't respond either.


Please do find out more about the real "secret sciences" that this popular consumer product tries to tap into.



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