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Plejadisch-Plejarische Kontactberichte, Gespräche, Block 6

Zwiehundertachtunddreissigster Kontact

Samstag, 18. Mai 1991, 00:55 Uhr

Seite 379

[Fortsetzung von Billy und Ptaah]


Pleiadian/Plejaren Contact Reports Volume 6

238th Contact

Saturday, May 18th, 1991, 12:55AM

Page 379

[Billy and Ptaah, continued]




502. Schon seit alters her, seit bösartige Kultkräfte und religiös-sektiererische Kräfte existieren, wurden die Wahrheitssuchenden und Wahrheitsliebenden ebenso von diesen angegriffen und oft zum Wahnsinn oder in Elend und Tod getrieben wie auch die dem Bösen und Negativen huldigenden Machtgierigen, Verbrecher und Kriminellen usw.




502. Already since time immemorial, since malicious cult powers and religious-sectarian powers came into existence, the truth seekers and truth lovers were attacked and often driven to insanity or misery and death by these, just as much as were, the might-greedy delinquents and criminals who pay homage to the evil and negative ones.


503. Davon verschont blieben auch all die Propheten nicht, die seit uralter Zeit immer wieder über die Erde wandelten.


503. Also all the prophets who wandered the Earth again and again, since the earliest times, did not remain spared from that.


504. Sie alle, egal ob Mann oder Frau, widerstanden stets diesen bösen Kräften und Angriffen, was leider nicht von denen gesagt werden kann, die als einfache Gläubige oder als Vorsteher und Prediger oder Religionsstifter usw. in Erscheinung traten und noch immer in Erscheinung treten und weiterhin in Erscheinung treten werden.


504. All of them, no matter whether they are man or woman, always resist these evil powers and attacks, which unfortunately cannot be said of the those who emerged as simple believers or as the heads and preachers, or religion founders, and so forth, and will always still further emerge, and further emerge.


505. Ganz besonders beim Erdenmenschen herrscht die irrige und gefährliche Ansicht vor, dass ein guter Wahrheitskünder, ein guter Prediger oder ein guter Lehrer der Wahrheitslehre usw. und also auch ein guter Prophet voller demütiger Haltung sein müsse, nur liebe und feine, gewählte und diplomatische Worte sprechen und allzeit nur freundlich sein müsse.


505. With Earth humans, predominates quite especially, the erroneous and dangerous view that a good announcer of truth, a good preacher or a good teacher of the true teachings, and so forth, and therefore also a good prophet, must be full of humble bearing, only speak pleasing and elegant, chosen and diplomatic words, and must always only be friendly.


506. Gerade so müsse es sein, denken die Erdenmenschen, wie z.B. der Papst sich benehme und also viele Pfarrherren und Sektenführer, die wahrheitlich jedoch nichts anderes tun, als ihr wahres Gesicht zu verstecken und freundlich-nächstenliebend zu erscheinen, um dadurch ihre Gläubigen über ihr tatsächliches Wesen irrezuführen und sie ausbeuten zu können.


506. The Earth humans think it must be just the same as, for example, the Pope comports himself, and therefore many gentleman ministers and sect leaders, who truthfully, however, do nothing other than hide their true faces and appear friendly and neighbor-loving, to thereby mislead their believers about their actual nature, and to be able to exploit them.


507. Genau solche religiöse oder oft nur schein religiöse Elemente sind es dann, die ganz besonders wertvolle Angriffsobjekte der sektiererischen Kräfte sind, und die dann die ungeheuersten Unmenschlichkeiten und Verbrechen begehen, wie dies aber auch allen Gläubigen eigen ist, wenn es um ihren eigenen Profit und um ihr eigenes Leben geht.


507. It is exactly such religious, or often only apparently religious, elements who are then the quite especially valuable objects of attack of the sectarian powers, and who then commit the most monstrous inhumanities and crimes, as is, however, also characteristic of all believers when it concerns their own profit and with their own lives. 


508. Wahrheitliche und gute Propheten und Wahrheitsbringer aber, die sind niemals demütig und niemals irgendwelchen Dingen und Verlockungen willfährig.


508. But truthful and good prophets and bringers of truth are never humble and never compliant with enticements and such things.


509. Weder ihre Sprache noch ihr Benehmen sind einschmeichelnd, und ihre Art und Weise die Wahrheit zu sagen ist schneidend, tieftreffend und in einer Form, die nicht geliebt wird.


509. Neither their speech nor their demeanor is ingratiating, and their style and manner of saying the truth is cutting, deeply striking, and in a form that is not loved.


510. Daran lässt sich wahrheitlich erkennen, wessen Geistes Kind ein Prophet oder Wahrheitskünder irgendweIcher Art oder ein tatsächlich wahrheitsträchtiger Lehrer ist.


510. With that, it is truly recognized whose child of the spirit a prophet, or truth announcer of whichever kind, or an actual truth-bearing teacher, is.


511. Religiös Sektiererische, Fanatiker, Extremisten oder sonstige Wahrheitsverfemende meiden wahrliche Propheten oder sonstige Wahrheitskünder, oder sie versuchen mit allen ihnen zur Verfügung stehenden Mitteln, diese zu vernichten, zu schädigen oder gar zu töten.


511. Religious sectarians, fanatics, extremists or other proscribers of truth avoid true prophets or other truth announcers, or they try to annihilate, to damage or even to kill them with all existing means available to them.


512. Die einzigen Gutgesinnten für die Propheten und sonstigen Wahrheitslehre- und Wahrheitsverkünder sind seit alters her nur jene Menschen, die der Wahrheit offen zugetan und für die dargebrachte Wahrheitslehre dankbar sind.


512. The only people well disposed towards the prophets and other truth teachers and truth announcers are, since time immemorial, only those people who are openly devoted to the truth and thankful for the delivered teachings of the truth.


513. Diese allein sind es auch, die in den wahrlichen Propheten die endlose Universalliebe für alle Lebensformen erkennen sowie die Gerechtigkeit, die sie ausüben, auch wenn sie vielleicht selbst hie und da in harter Form von den Propheten oder sonstigen Wahrheitskündern gerügt und belehrt werden.


513. It is also only these people who recognize, in the true prophets, the endless universal love for all forms of life, as well as the righteousness that they exercise, even when, here and there, they themselves are perhaps rebuked and instructed in a hard way by the prophets and other truth announcers.


Billy Du beschämst mich, mein Freund.


Billy You embarrass me, my friend.



514. Das war nicht meine Absicht.



514. That was not my intention.


515. Freue dich eher darüber, denn du bist ein wahrlicher Künder, und du darfst der Liebe und Achtung deiner weltweiten Gruppenmitglieder versichert sein.


515. Rather be pleased about that, because you are a true prophet, and allow the love and respect of your worldwide group members to be assured.



(Gratefully excerpted from Guido Moosbrugger's brilliant 2001 book, And yet ... they fly!  pages 70-71)

The Hard Language of Truth

With the regular repetition of a striking clock, the harsh and rough-hewn language in Billy's scripts is rejected. A large number of readers are bothered by this fact and prefer to turn to other books whose contents do not attack their psyche so fiercely but instead, soothe it like oil and balsam. Their thoughts can continue along the same old track without having to seek new ways through toilsome efforts. Above all, it is much easier to hang on to traditional ideas than to be faced with completely new facts that can also be very painful every now and then. It must be clear that the truth always sounds hard to a person who finds it annoying and even offensive, so that they feel personally attacked. It also sounds hard because the mirror of their own faultiness and shortcomings is often held before their very noses, although they assess themselves as being almost faultless. Furthermore, the teachings of the spirit require a completely different interpretation. This just so happens to be the way it is found in the nature of the matter. There is no further development if a person thinks the same way in spiritual matters as in physical matters. The language of diplomacy, as commonly used among us on Earth, serves primarily as a means of gaining some type of advantage at the cost of others. The realities are usually improperly and falsely rendered with this form of language and they degenerate into deadly misunderstandings. The truth may never be spread in a diplomatic form. Truth must call the facts by name, as they really are, straightforwardly without belittlement or misappropriation. According to the words of Semjase, paraphrasing and sweet-talking give false impressions with the result that everything is misinterpreted and inappropriately spread, which can lead to renewed false teachings. The language of truth has always been very hard and wherever the attempt was made to paraphrase it, it has been distorted beyond recognition and the real sense was lost. In bearing witness to the truth, a falsification may not occur under any circumstance, as it is a question of the Creational Laws and Directives, which are unwaveringly and forever valid hitherto into all eternity and are in no need of change.

We should thus bear in mind that truth might may not be set forth with fine tongues and soft words. People who are far enough in their spiritual development to understand and grapple the hard language do not take account at Billy's writing style. Naturally, the same fact can be depicted for the reader in various ways, made palatable so that his or her appetite is not spoiled. But Billy makes use of his hard style with full intent because most of our contemporaries are only roused to their own thoughts in this manner.

According to the Pleiadians, it will not be easy to make this clear to the people of Earth in their present stage of development. They are already too softened and have strayed from the knowledge of truth to the point that they energetically resist everything that sounds like the hard truth.

Hence, know thyself. He who bears the hard, undiplomatic language of truth and acknowledges its worth will find himself on the right path of veritable evolution. Otherwise, for the time being, this way will remain barred to him through hindrances that he must clear away.

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