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Through Space and Time – A Photo Journal of “Billy” Eduard Albert Meier, is far more than just the most extreme and stunning collection of high resolution photographs of scientifically verified extraterrestrial spacecraft that we Earthlings have ever seen, which leaves nothing to our imaginations than perhaps the saucers’ interior upholstery.


This historic volume also generously incorporates the meticulous laboratory analyses of those barely credible photographs as well as the still irreproducibly complex audio recordings of these interstellar craft and the bizarrely intricate ET alloys from which they are fabricated. Not to mention previously unpublished pencil portraits of these ET humans actually sketched BY them! Without doubt a few of the more contemporary UFO photographs will provide all the hullabaloo these highly evolved people from outer space know we need to get our brains up to speed, and at the same time are sure to provide, for those poor dogmatic skeptics among us, all the loving protection from reality their fragile psyches obviously require.


The original German-language 120 page coffee table book, published in 2003, has been translated into English in order to assist those who need this crucial information more than anyone, now more than ever, and provides a high-speed introduction to this vital topic while at the same time not avoiding the essential spiritual details of what is, beyond any doubt, the most important and longed-for news our poor beleaguered planet could ever get.


If you have already carefully studied the Meier material and now seek a book to introduce your unenlightened loved ones to this Golden Age of Knowledge already rapidly brightening our future, this is it. And if you are still in denial yourself, this collection of literally stunning photos can tip your balance to the acknowledgment of the wonderful truth, which will ultimately set us all free.


Please see www.theyfly.com for more details and some amazing free sample pages, and MUCH more.


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