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Serious Problems with the English Language Discussion Board Remain Unresolved

 And I offer a modest proposal to try to fix them

by Dyson, May 2007

Die Schpfung ist der Weg, die Wahrheit und das Leben. OM 53:378

(Creation is the way, the truth and life.)

Wer nicht fr und mit die Wahrheit ist, der ist wider sie. OM 57:31

(He who is not for and with the truth is against it.)

Students of the Meier material who do not yet command the German language are advised that the official FIGU English-language Discussion Board (forum) now contains the largest English-language information resource about the voluminous Meier contact material on the open internet (with the possible exception of our own website), but BE WARNED that that forum also contains many uncorrected inaccuracies and distortions of the truth, some blatant, but most more subtly misleading, and no official disclaimer to that effect.

There is no open disagreement that the FIGU forum should naturally be a source of CORRECT information about the FIGU material. It is only logical that it should also be a place where the renewed teachings can be put into practice, as a functional example of their righteousness (correctness) and  efficacy. The human mistakes we all make (which are necessary to learn from) should not be ignored, avoided or obscured - they should be respectfully addressed and corrected. Wisdom and love should be understood as an inseparable duality, and love is neither sycophancy nor diplomacy. The immutable truth, vital for our future survival, is of PARAMOUNT importance and must be fought for and sometimes delivered harshly because diplomacy is the equivalent of mendacity.

Creation is truth.

In a sincere effort to simply get out of its way and allow the elemental power of truth to do its work unencumbered and attend to the unsolved problems on the FIGU English-language forum, I decided to simply provide, to interested parties, the entire unedited correspondence among forum moderator, Scott Baxter (who initiated an email exchange), FIGU Core Group Member (and absentee moderator) Christian Frehner, and Michael Horn, Authorized FIGU Media Representative for the English-speaking world, and myself. It is an attempt at a self-explanatory clarification of the logical obstacles now hindering that forum. I hope that my all-the-cards-on-the-table approach can minimize further divisive rumor-mongering, factionalism and distortions of the truth.

Please click here to read the entire correspondence, plus a few forum contributions for context. First the forum contributions, then Scotts emails, etc. Everything is in strict chronological order. 

It's not much good criticizing if it can't be done without also offering a constructive and workable solution to these problems on the FIGU forum in accord with their own teachings, so I've done that, too.


Auf keine Weise vermag man die Ungerechten zu hten. OM 53:344

(In no manner is one able to protect the unrighteous.)


"If a guilty party must be given a justified reprimand, then it should be done in private and those not involved should be excluded. Nevertheless, it is, however, necessary to rebuke openly and in the presence of others if the others are effected, if, for example, communally determined rules are injured or degenerations which endanger the group succeed which require an open settling of scores in the group." - Billy, March 2007  


 Here's my simple proposal for a feasible solution in accord with the teachings.

In my April 30th reply to Scott I think I stated the obvious when I wrote:

But anybody who tries to moderate the FIGU English language discussion board adequately will have to be prepared to pass difficult and final judgments on others. S/he must be fluent in English ... as well as German (and of course [know] the teachings!) and must also not be some parochial babe-in-the-woods who - wet behind the ears - is not sufficiently aware of the covert methodologies, signatures and goals of the ancient and monstrous global forces which conspire and work hard to cunningly derail the mission. These unimaginably wicked humans are the subject of Ptaah's recent revelations from SB34, which should be read and understood as true. It is also important to see that this pattern by BEAM & Co. of revealing more and more terrible truth as we (SLOWLY!) become ripe for it has a VERY long way to go in dealing with - for instance - the material here

BUT, neither Vivienne nor I know of anybody other than ourselves who is adequately familiar with the original German language material as well as the growing list of English language distortions/falsifications thereof which exert a very problematic influence on the English language FIGU Discussion Board. The likelihood of anyone else surfacing any time soon AND also being adequately cognizant of the REAL military/industrial/political, etc. situation on planet Earth (as revealed in small part by the Disclosure Project witnesses, and more recently by Ptaah) - not to mention being prepared to deal very strictly, justly and decisively with the inevitable dishonest forum troublemakers - is just not realistically probably. My proposal recognizes this problem and could lessen it significantly and for the long term.

Most of you know that one of the central planks in the renewed teachings is the idea that we all are supposed to take full responsibility for our own thoughts, words and deeds. If all forum contributors were to do this, logically things would be very different - naturally still not perfect - but very much better for all concerned, being the large lurking readership, the responsible contributors and certainly for the beleaguered volunteer moderators, both of whom declare that many of those who they must moderate know more about the material than they do. My proposal is realistic and tackles this problem.

- I propose that everybody who wishes to contribute (as opposed to just read, of course) to the official English language forum be required to put the teachings into practice by FULLY identifying her/himself with the equivalent of the same sort of basic ID that constitutes (for instance) a driver's license, plus a little more. Not only would a full name and address be a strict prerequisite for getting one's contributions posted, every contributor would also be required to maintain a small on-line biography, available to the readership, which provides a bit of general background information as well as more specific information about how much of the FIGU material has been read and understood, as well as an ID photograph so we can finally put human faces on each other. We could become an online community of fellow students whose correct(ed) work could be shared for everyone who wants to know, instead of being a battlefield of largely nameless and faceless warriors for and against the true teachings of the truth.

This idea provides a viable framework for a forum which can then grow as the mission takes off, because only people who are prepared to stand up and be counted will post. Those others who are misrepresenting themselves will not get a foot in the door. Anonymous individuals unprepared to identify themselves would then be forced back upon their own resources, and would have to seek and strive for their own answers. This seems both fair and quite practicable well into the future as the forum grows. If any real debate is elicited by my suggestion, I anticipate strident majority opposition for reasons which should be obvious, and I do not mean that there is any real reason to fear for personal safety.

At the time last year when the old voting system (which used from one to five stars to rank contributions) was eventually recognized as being the subject of abuse by the forum's many covert enemies of the truth, and the debate started about whether it should be scrapped because all the best (most informative) postings were being automatically ranked as worst, and vice versa, I suggested that many of the problems could be resolved if we simply all identified ourselves. There was no comment whatsoever. This "no comment" attitude is a cheerless example of one of the things which ails that forum. Errors of fact are made and provocative statements are made and those few who may be in a position to respond appropriately often don't. That is not acting in accord with what we are taught and try to teach. If we can't practice what we preach, we should remain silent, but that would mean no forum, something nobody who is there for the right reason wants.


Wer die Lehren des Giestes  nicht kennt, der ist nicht ein Freund der Wahrheit. OM53:367

(He who does not know the teachings of the spirit is not a friend of the truth.)

Es gibt keine hhre Tugend als die Wahrheit und keine schlimmere Schuld als die Lge. OM53:370

(There is no higher virtue than the truth and no worse fault than a lie.)

Die Wahrheit ist stets die Richtschnur in allen Dingen. Harte Worte sind stets die Richtschnur der Wahrheit. Wahrheit und Gerechtigkeit klingen hart und unbeugsam. Wahrheit ist so hart wie Felsgestein. Selbst Schwache werden von der Lge nicht bezwungen, wenn sie um die Wahrheit wissen. OM 53:489-503

(The truth is always the guideline in all things. Hard words are always the guideline to the truth. Truth and justice sound hard and inflexible. Truth is as hard as rock. Even the weak will not be defeated by the lie if they know the truth.)


(excerpt from the forum one month later)

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Username: Scott

Post Number: 1224
Registered: 12-1999
Posted on Sunday, June 17, 2007 - 09:30 am:    Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Dear Forum Members,

In an effort to clean up the forum in some areas we have taken the following steps and will continue to do so:

Close off topic areas which dont really reflect the intent or purpose of the FIGU Forum and dont relate to the overall Mission.

Eliminate harmful and misleading posts which are confusing and deliberately misleading. For example all posts from Matthew_ajy_b have been deleted from the archives. While these are only small steps, this will help build a firm foundation for accurate and more truthful information.

Elimination of multiple user accounts which has been brought to our attention. The following e-mail was sent to at least one user in each of the listed groups down below:

It has come to "our" attention that you or someone representing you, is using multiple user names when posting on the FIGU Forum. If this is indeed the case this is non-acceptable. In addition to being dishonest and deceptive you or who you are representing have caused additional work for the Forum Moderators and Billy. You have maliciously used the Questions to Billy section with your various usernames and deprived others of the chance to post. This is damaging to others and the work of those who are attempting to forward the Mission. This is in addition to the many posts which have appeared on the forum throughout the years, which appear to be more than one person, but in reality are pseudo personas created to give the impression of different people.

First Person:

Second Person:

There are other users who fall into this category, but they will be dealt with as time permits. So if anyone else wants to admit doing the same and apologize for their wrong doing, now is the time. These above users have been given the option to come clean and post an apology to the forum, but no such attempts have been made. It is unfortunate these individuals have chosen this course of action, because ultimately they only damage themselves with their conniving underhanded machinations. These accounts will be closed off permanently.

In addition all new applications to the forum will be scrutinized with a greater degree of examination to prevent this type of situation from developing again.

FIGU Forum Moderators
Christian Frehner, Badr Meeman, Scott Baxter

It is interesting to note that the above list of aliases appear to constitute the majority of the active contributors.

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