Three Crazy Stories

(and a visit from the Cosmic Cops)


by Vivienne Legg, September 1st, 2003 (see my Introductory page)


When you get out onto the Internet and start exploring the very alternative news sites (like ours) for the first time you become aware in particular of a couple of way-out, sensational and frightening (if true) conspiracy themes that crop up. One of these is that people are being abducted, individually and in groups, in their hundreds, against their will, by alien beings. Usually these are the grey, big-eyed, spindly ones who, at the very least, compassionlessly carry out invasive physical tests and examinations, and at worst are cruelly exploiting us to produce hybrid babies, or some such, or to somehow prepare us for their takeover. There's often a sexual component to these encounters and also psychological abuse or testing, and some kind of sophisticated mind control and psychological experimentation. Some claim the "Greys" even suck the juices from our bodies for nourishment!

Another conspiracy story increasingly making it's presence felt on the Internet concerns child abuse, Satanic ritual and human sacrifice at the hands of some elite business people, politicians, media entities, and other "respectable" professionals. Children are taken off the street or from orphanages, or even the homes of cult members, and are made to participate in the torture and killing of small animals and babies, sometimes in a ritual setting. And they are sometimes killed themselves. They are certainly made to participate in various diabolical sexual acts. Some people are even required to produce babies for the cult. In addition, many victims are having their minds deliberately fragmented by extreme torture and abuse in order to protect the abusers, and also to have their minds reconstructed and "programmed" in ways that are useful to the group. Some of this abuse is reportedly very high tech. According to some this is happening on a massive scale, and also involves the international production of child pornography and drug peddling. (See Sarah's and related stories.)

Well, what do these first two stories have in common? There's the psychological meddling, sexual abuse, baby production, gross human rights abuses, mind control, experimentation and high technology. --- And according to some serious researchers, both examples tend to take place in the vicinity of military bases. 

Here's the third crazy story. Super - secret military projects have, over the decades, gradually escaped government control in the US and elsewhere, have become corporatised, transnational and buried many further layers deep in black budget military/industrial secrecy, their data inaccessible to even presidents. While maintaining an elaborate cover-up of the actual extraterrestrial presence these projects have back-engineered "downed" extraterrestrial craft and (over the decades) have developed technology so advanced that we simply can't believe it -including technology that is indistinguishable from what we'd imagine to be real extraterrestrial craft and even extraterrestrial beings. Certain of these military, shadow government projects hoax extraterrestrial abductions with the help of mind control technology. Those who control these projects can do it without the knowledge of many of the compartmentalized workers participating in production lower down. The controllers have an agenda that involves not just hoaxing ET abductions (designed to create a fear and loathing of the real, knowledge-laden extra terrestrials), but they intend to hoax a large scale invasion which will so terrify us that we will happily settle for any world control plans these Earthly power-mongers have in mind. (See the Disclosure Project

This is just as outrageous as the first two stories, right? Right. 

"We have identified people who recall, despite chemical 'deprogramming' over a three-day period, being in special para-military units and being 'abductors'." (Dr. Greer "Extraterrestrial Contact : Not all That Glitters is Gold") Dr. Steven Greer, director of the Disclosure Project tells us that implants are involved. 

Aside from the evidence supporting this claim, if you think about it this is also the bizarre, logical manifestation of the insane greed of a power-elite. If you were a power hungry elite operator with inevitable established connections with corporate/military interests you'd quietly take over and use these high-tech resources to not only forward your goal for world domination, but to carry out your diabolical rituals, experiments, manipulations and the all important terror campaign. (Remember terror unites us in fear and makes us malleable.) Now consider, what would you do if pesky extraterrestrials turned up threatening to blow your whole plan? You'd engage in a bit of large-scale propaganda. Not being entirely successful with your ridicule campaign you would demonize the extraterrestrials to maintain the distance. Hollywood has been useful for this, and of course, so have the hoaxed abductions.  

The work of Dr. Helmut Lammer has already substantially demonstrated a military component in many so-called alien abductions, which in turn greatly supports Dr Greer's work with his 500 military witnesses, revealing that a shadow government, a transnational covert corporate/military power is in control of the UFO cover-up and is exploiting the situation. But who even approaches suggesting that these elite operators could be, in effect, the same ones engaging in Satanic rituals with sexual abuse, torture and murder of hundreds and thousands of children? (And that these groups include known leaders and other public, as well as private, figures.)  

What is it with this weird ritual, satanic component? Why is that a recurring theme? Well, first, how sick and evil would you have to be to hoax alien abductions, (not to mention knowingly withhold advanced technology from the world which would be used to completely replace fossil fuels, make the deserts bloom, feed the starving and decentralise power.[see this important site SEASpower]) Also if, while you are terrifying individuals and/or groups of people with scary alien abductions you can also use the opportunity to carry out psychological, sexual and other useful and inhumane war Research & Development activities, what a terrific cover. Who's going to believe the victims?  

Through doing the required reading we can explore the various similarities that point to these phenomena likely being generated by the same interests (the drug connection, elite protection, the military component). But what really satisfied the connection for me was the personal story I heard told by a worker in the child abuse field (who had had nothing to do with ETs, real or hoaxed, before ) who had been threatened and followed and frightened by people connected with an elite pedophile network whose' actions this person was trying to expose to the authorities. It was at a very critical and potentially successful point in this person's battle for justice that she had a couple of very strange experiences which left her with the impression that she had been visited by at least one extraterrestrial entity, a compassionless creature who performed some kind of body scan, which left her terrified and very physically ill for several days. There was also a clear military link. When this encounter happened this child abuse worker also saw a military helicopter in her yard with a uniformed and rather sinister looking human at the controls. The extraterrestrial was also wearing a military uniform.  

Unbelievable right? How convenient. "Oh, right. The power elite are abusing and torturing children and engaging in Satanic ritual…and then you were abducted by aliens…hmmmmmmm. Yup, ok…"

This unbelievability, as much as anything, is why these elite criminals remain at large. 

This military component in abduction experiences is actually a common theme, taken by evil alien-believers to mean that the evil ETs are working with our government. (This is an effective psychological tactic which tells you that you have no way of getting help or protection. This is like the pedophile operators who dress in police uniforms or nurse uniforms or such to let the victim know there's no-one in authority who will help, so there's no point asking for help. It also helps discredit your story further as with the above example. Another example is the high level politician who rapes boys in strange places, like a helicopter, so that no-one will believe their stories if they tell.) But the military component is also documented and exposed by Lammer and Greer as being an indication of what it actually is - the work of a rogue, out of control, insane military entity run by a section of corporate elite. (That's not to say that nobody has ever been taken aboard a real ET craft against their will for testing, but Greer and another source of most reliable ET related information, Eduard Meier, both say that this is quite rare and not common as we are led to believe. (Read more about the apparent varied nature of the real ETs.) 

Greer explains that the hoaxed alien invasion will involve ressurecting Satan in the form of an ET. He also explains that as far as he can tell there is a common connection between these secret military projects and certain "fringe religious groups." But at the time of writing, the early 90's, he was not sure whether this is a direct motivating factor or simply a common thread. Now I must make a quick reference to a woman who claims to be a former Illuminati cultist. She calls herself Svali and says that the group works world wide, utilizes mind control, both electronic and also the personality fracturing technique which is caused by extreme trauma, that ETs are NOT running that show, but she knows her group has the technology to make you think you saw one. They also have cult events where people are sacrificed before spiritual entities. (For the record Svali maintains that these entities do actually manifest, the event somehow causes physical changes to occur, or appear to occur in the participants, making them appear like…monsters, or reptiles or such things. If I understand correctly she believes this is a real phenomenon but the creatures are more a reflection of your own spiritual state and are not themselves real, they are not Extra terrestrials and they are not "Reptoids".) 

Incidentally, an interesting connection in this giant puzzle was made for us in the last year. Although Dyson and I have been clearly trying to expose corruption in the Clarence for a long time and we had been obviously working hard to awaken people to the Disclosure Project and it's secret government/ET hoax revelations for months it wasn't until Dyson linked it all very soundly together with Freemasonry in a detailed and very substantially supported letter which he sent to the Australian terrorist hotline that we experienced our first overtly black ops event - a black helicopter over our bush clearing. A coincidence? (Black unmarked helicopters are often reported by people who have extraterestrial or hoaxed extraterrestrial experiences. ) A connection was seemingly made. The Freemason/terrorist glue was apparently the nerve we hit. What happened was we had a visit from a strange, quiet vehicle in our clearing in the morning, then our computer mysteriously quit at 12.00 noon, then the low-flying black, unmarked helicopter went through our clearing. (We were able to record these events for the Internet immediately because the computer came back to life that afternoon.) The terrorist hotline agreed that this vehicle was illegal. Then a couple of days later a light aircraft circled directly over our house. Busy, busy, busy! It was a wee bit spooky. These things had never happened before.  

But you see, the light aircraft wasn't the only smallish, dull, metallic object in the photograph that we managed to snap as it buzzed overhead. There was also something I can only describe as being roundish, indistinct and without wings. We were somewhat comforted by this apparent visit from the cosmic cops. (If you're wondering why we are fairly sure it was the real thing, it's because we have noticed that they tend to appear inobtrusively and only at strategic points. Their infrequent, timely appearances suggests they are indeed the good guys in this scenario. It's a bit hard to explain.) 

(See Semjase's rundown on the range of potential visitors to Earth in What the Extra terrestrials are Telling Us. She also suggest that some intervention may take place if we Earth crazies look like being too much of a danger to ourselves and others.) 


Are you up to speed on the documented origins (and offshoots!) of CIA mind-control experimentation? This concise summary ( is basic, required reading if we are serious about understanding the capabilities of today's illicit military operators.


So it appears that we have made a pedophile elite/"masonic(illuminati)" - black ops/ ET connection here. One of the easiest ways to come to terms with this otherwise inexplicable real ET secrecy for instance is to think about the politics of it. We have to think much, much bigger. The Freemasons/illuminati and related groups worship the remnants of ancient underworld gods. Here's a further advance in our thinking. Could these gods have been real highly advanced people? The answer is yes. In our exploration of the Extraterrestrial topic we have learned, as mentioned, from the Disclosure Project that the black -ops have strange "fringe religious group" connections/components. Well this is obvious from the previously mentioned child abuse worker's strange black ops ET like experiences. On top of that we have learned through the other credible and extensively supported (and equally trashed*) source of ET related information, the Billy Meier material, that our ancient history includes waves of migration of advanced humans from elsewhere, some of whom at certain points in history sought to take control having reached a superior point in scientific advancement. One such group having returned from exile eventually succeeded over millenia to rule through fear and dominate a relatively primitive population. These barbaric leaders demanded blood sacrifices and severe punishments.  

(* The media and ET centered magazines and groups are also corrupted by these elite operators.) 

At one point in history after a degree of evolution some of these overlords became more humane and those still ruling through barbarism were driven underground (hid underground after being driven out). And there they stayed and developed exquisitely cunning and devious new ways to achieve control, effectively enslaving certain human leaders, and, I suggest this was by using methods not unlike those reported now by "illuministic"cult survivors, like Svali. The return of these barbaric overlords after their most recent banishment occurred sometime after 1500 BC. They took refuge underground guessed it, the Pyramids. (Think Egyptian black magic, Osiris, Baal, Yahweh - the gods worshiped by the "Illuminist" cults etc.) 

If we can believe the Plejarans, and I think we can over-all, in 1978 these ancient underworld barbarian leaders were finally moved off our spiritually and ethically advanced relatives (their relatives too) the Plejarans. However clearly their influence continues. I think we can say with some confidence that the "Illuminati" (and I'm using that term a bit loosely) and related groups embody this influence. But this is still simplistic. It seems that Earth humanity has played a very real part in perpetuating the evil instigated by the barbaric and brutal insane intrigues of the Giza Intelligences * and so we have to play some role in undoing the evil. And beyond that we have to be able to see for ourselves what has and what is happening on this planet in order to be able to take back control, implement sane and humane management of this suffering planet.  

So why don't the benign and extremely advanced ET peoples do it for us? If this was to be done for us, we would not have the necessary strength to manage ourselves and mistakes of the past would be repeated. And imagine the rebellious reaction and subsequent repercussions that would result after what would amount to a takeover by these people. That's why the advanced, spiritually sane extraterrestrials watching our progress now do not land on the White House lawn and take over, although they could (after ensuring that all weapons were deactivated so they didn't get blasted to pieces by trigger happy hysterical, jealous NAZIS/illuminati...and calming everyone who has been trained to be terrified..) 

This story has revealed a nightmare. It's really too horrible to believe. But it also reveals the solution to the nightmare. It is all reversible. It just needs the lowly citizens of this planet, to wake up EN MASS and like in a lucid dream take back control and take back responsibility for this planet and it's people.  

Personal initiative is the greatest threat to those who would thwart us. 



*"The Giza Intelligences"- so named for the location of their hideout - had been a constant thorn in Billy's [Meier's] side, as well as the cause of many unsavory global intrigues for several millenniums, These people of ill intent are actually distant descendants of the ancient Lyrian and Vegan races who visited Earth and colonised it many times over the last 22 million years.The Pleiadians share the same Lyrian/Vegan ancestry, as do the Giza intelligences, However, the Pleiadians have developed and maintained a unified and peaceful culture far away in their home world star system for almost 50,000 years. The Pleiadians are a marked contrast, as you will see, to their Earth-bound brethren, the Giza Intelligences." (From Guido Moosebrugger's book "And Yet They Fly"

Please be aware: There are many counterfeit Pleiadian web sites and "channellors" out there. A common thread with these bogus Pleiadians is that they don't have the mass of accompanying evidence, as shared by Eduard Meier, and the teachings tend to follow the familiar themes of common "New Age religion" featuring, in particular, lack of critical judgement and lack of personal responsibility. If you doubt the usefulness of these imposters just contemplate how confusing this is and how easily discredited the real Pleiadians are as a result, thus protecting the fragile and manipulative methods of those now holding control on this planet.

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