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On February 4th, we politely requested formal permission to link to the National Security Hotline, and still await a reply.

Click here for a little February 13th update, describing the unmarked black helicopter we had here.

Mrs. Rivka Forest told your website author that the local police, who were called out to her family's most recent politically-motivated arson attack, instructed her that NSW Police detectives would shortly be in touch to investigate this crime. NATURALLY, nothing further was heard by the Forests from the NSW Police and apparently no such investigation ever took place. WHY? It sounds a lot like the National Security Hotline instructing me that they would have someone get back to me to get details of the BLACK UNMARKED ATTACK HELICOPTER that went over our place recently, with (at least) three people who are prepared to swear under oath as to what we saw. It was NOT part of the RAAF inventory.

February 13th "(Child) Abusers are like all vermin and cockroaches. They love the dark. How many upstanding and wonderful people have later turned out to have a dark side?" Grafton Daily Examiner reader's comment.

February 15th "Visiting Grafton during a tour of the region, NSW Police Minister Michael Costa said Clarence Valley people should work with their local police to be alert for possible security threats."
National Party candidate, Mr. Steve Cansdell
(who is suing this website for defamation) says, "Mr. Costa is in town and he should be explaining to the local community why he is letting criminals off with a slap on the wrist." Grafton Daily Examiner
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[ ] HOTLINE NATIONAL SECURITY 08:10 PM 3/02/2003 +1100 RE: National Security Threat

From: HOTLINE NATIONAL SECURITY <hotline@nationalsecurity.gov.au>

To: "'gaiaguys'" <gaiaguys@nor.com.au>

Subject: RE: National Security Threat

Date: Mon, 3 Feb 2003 20:10:18 +1100


Thank you for your email of 3 February 2003.

Your information has been recorded and passed onto the relevant authorities for their information and attention.


National Security Hotline.

[S] hotline@nationalsecurity.gov.au 02:42 PM 3/02/2003 +1100 National Security Threat

Mr. Dyson A. Devine

775 Upper Coldstream Rd.

Tyndale 2460 NSW

February 3rd, 2003



Dear National Security Hotline, 

You have asked to be informed of our suspicions about threats to our national security, and for us to use our judgement. I do this now in writing as the nature and complexity of what I relate is such that a telephone contact would be inadequate. 

This is a gravely serious communication about a gravely serious matter and I respectfully demand that it be treated accordingly. I am painfully aware that parts of it will strain your credulity and give the impression of being common paranoid schizophrenia, but the unprecedented danger to our fragile national security these matters represent requires that they be seriously and sensibly investigated, as all my claims, however radical, can be supported by logical evidence. Indeed, it is the risk of ridicule that the inconceivable nature of these matters generate, which allows them to continue to hide so very effectively in plain view. 

We are "gaiaguys", Internet-based, Australian government corruption whistleblowers. We are also Official Representatives of the U.S. based Disclosure Project, a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization of more than 500 military and commercial pilots, astronauts, military intelligence officers and the like. They are all seeking to testify under oath - under penalty of perjury - before the US Congress regarding their first-hand encounters with positively-identified extraterrestrial spacecraft and ET beings, both living and dead. They also aim to expose the ongoing suppression, by illegal and unaccountable "black" sectors of the military/industrial complex, of astonishing technologies, which will ultimately destroy the powerful associated multinational petrochemical/pharmaceutical industries that preside over our planet.  

Almost inconceivably, what is at issue here is - very demonstrably - nothing less than absolutely free, decentralised, quantum zero-point electrical energy extracted from the vacuum, and a comprehensive cure for all known cellular diseases.  

As our Disclosure Project Director, Doctor Steven M. Greer says, "I expect you to be sceptical, but not IRRATIONALLY so." 

I am also writing to you now to inform you of a confirmable and cunningly organised clandestine and deadly terrorist operation that is being conducted in Australia. It is ruthlessly directed against those citizens who have the courage to undertake to expose high-level public sector corruption, and cogent evidence strongly suggests that the secret core of international Freemasonry is a common thread, it being an organisation within an organisation, which, unbeknownst to most members, maintains a benevolent public facade that successfully conceals a treacherously criminal nucleus.  

The higher levels of the core of this secret society worship a trinity of ancient gods (ET entities) known as "Jahbulon" whose doctrine traditionally calls for child sacrifice. Evidence exists that this has resulted in MANY local children being raped. When their parents go to the local police they are told they (the police) will kill them if they try to pursue their complaint. One would naturally think that the very outrageousness of this accusation - evidence of which we are unsuccessfully seeking to provide under oath - would prompt investigation, but no serious reply in writing can be obtained from any relevant authorities, who continually refer us back to the same local police about whom these complaints are being made. The common thread is Freemasonry, currently headed by notorious former Police Commissioner (before the Wood Royal Commission into police corruption), 33rd Degree, Most Worshipful Brother, Grand Master of the United Grand Lodges of the Australian Capital Territory and New South Wales Free and Accepted Masons, Mr. Anthony (Tony) Raymond Lauer, APM, JP. 

You disbelieve or trivialize this information at the peril of Australia's democratic way of life. And if you - who are reading this now - are affiliated with the core of this ancient hermetic organisation, you should be advised that the apex of your power-base has been unoccupied since 1978 and it rolls forward now on mere blind, driverless momentum. And we are still alive to tell you this only because we now enjoy the guidance and protection of the same unimaginably powerful law enforcement officials who evicted your primeval source of power. The tide has turned. 

"Secret" organisations such as the Order of the Skull and Bones, to which President Bush is a self-confessed member, and Unacknowledged Special Access Projects (USAPs) - the illegal, above top-secret, compartmentalised "black" projects that hide deep within defense related transnational corporate entities with bizarre religio-political connections - pose an imminent and unprecedented threat to Australian national security. 

In order to paint a true picture of terrorism - being the use of violence to achieve political ends - suffered by Australians, I must also describe how it is inflicted at a local level. Paradoxically, the new NSW "anti-terrorism" legislation that bestows legally unaccountable authority to the Police Minister, and the circumstances of this alarming legislation's introduction, is actually very terrifying for many Australians who are knowledgeable about totalitarian regimes. And it is precisely that same authority, the Hon. Minister Michael J. Costa, to whom all these varied formal complaints - even from the Office of Her Excellency the Governor of NSW - are eventually referred, never to have even so much as their receipt acknowledged. 

You are probably of the view that the following does not fall into the same category of terrorism that your organisation was set up to exterminate. Such a biased categorisation is terrifying to those of us who suffer these domestic terrorist attacks, because that is - by definition - exactly what they are. They are terrorist attacks. The locally obvious, and personally experienced, acts of terrorism, which I will describe below, can also be shown to have vague but distinguishable international connections.  

This year on Australia Day, friends of ours, and fellow corruption fighters with whom we have just started working very publicly, the Forest family, were terrorised by their second potentially deadly arson attack in just over a year - their first was on Christmas Eve - on their rural property. (January 28th headline story of the Grafton Daily Examiner, "Police called after 'second arson' job - Mother fears personal attack on family") Mrs. Rivka Forest, from Israel, (and her three children) were attacked on a scorching, total fire ban day, while her husband was in Paris promoting a World Heritage Nomination over a dam site which is the consequence of unhindered public sector corruption/organised crime.  

My spouse and I have also suffered two very similar costly, well-timed and alarming arson attacks, also perpetrated in deadly conditions so as to cause maximum fear and destruction. We also sustained an unexplained very close-quarters explosion on our remote rural property near Grafton, exactly one year (to the day) before the Bali terrorist bomb. Luckily, we suffered no physical injuries. It also coincided with an approach to the Police Integrity Commission. Having called "000", the police officer who was sent by the Emergency branch took over an hour to make a trip that should have taken 15 minutes because he was sent from a distant station on the coast, and was "stuck on the highway behind a truck doing 60km." He declined to investigate the crime scene stating that too much time had already elapsed. We have also suffered two very well timed burglaries - one in which only damning government documentation was stolen. No fingerprints were sought in the burglaries, and on one occasion the investigating officer forcefully told us that the period of time that elapsed - a maximum of three days in which we were away - precluded their forensic branch being capable of acquiring any fingerprints. We have also had several other more minor destructive assaults on our property, carefully timed to send a message to us and these have been described to us by our local police as "intimidation". 

Two other whistleblowers, with whom we also work very closely, Mr. and Mrs. William Steven McDonnell, have also become the victims of NSW Police/political corruption - Mr. McDonnell's in-person approach to the Police Integrity Commission in Sydney also coinciding with our explosion. They are currently suffering such fear for their lives that they have been too terrified to settle anywhere for some five months, and are thus homeless on the road and trying to stay at one safe house or another. I stress that these are not underclass "street-people". The McDonnells are a devout, middle-aged Christian couple, very widely respected among those who know the truth, and Mr. McDonnell was a successful sugarcane plantation owner here until he fell victim to a criminal conspiracy to dishonestly strip him of his farm and all his savings, led by the National Party MP, Hon. Mr. Ian Causley, who is also the Deputy Speaker of the Federal House of Representatives, and is reputed to be a 23rd degree Grand Master of the Tabernacle. This conspiracy also factored in Mr. and Mrs. McDonnell's recent eviction from their Yamba home. 

Many years ago, in a serious farming accident, Mr. McDonnell saved the Hon. Mr. Causley's life. 

It is important to point out that what is at risk here is our democracy. The Hon. Mr. Causley's understanding of the concept of democracy was publicly displayed when he asserted in the local press that voters participating in peaceful political protest should be stripped of their social security entitlements. 

Mr. McDonnell's troubles started when he gained personal knowledge of extensive and pervasive serious criminal corruption in the sugarcane and local building industries tied to the Hon. Mr. Causley. When he went to the local Grafton Daily Examiner newspaper to solemnly (and innocently) vow to reveal to the proper authorities what he knew, that same night he was terrorised by a gang of uniformed local policemen, in full riot gear and body armour, revolvers drawn and truncheons on the ready. The message they had come to deliver was, "Lay off".  

Mr. McDonnell, now 55, is still an enormous and powerfully built man who boxed before migrating from Ireland when he was 19. He was only too aware that it was Mr. Causley who was responsible for this illegal home invasion. The courage and gritty tenacity that Mr. McDonnell has subsequently evinced surfaced forcefully that night and, bare-fisted, he stood his ground, bellowing, "C'mon! I'll fight ya! And then I'll see you lot in court and tell the judge - under oath - about a certain rape case!" Had this unequal contest ensued it is very likely that there would have been fatalities. 

The rape case refers to the Hon. Mr. Causley's locally well known reputation, particularly in the local Aboriginal communities, as a brutal serial rapist, and upon hearing this pledge from Mr. McDonnell, and encountering a dangerous and quite unexpected degree of violent resistance, these corrupt cops quailed, holstered their side arms and drove off in their patrol cars, their truncheons unbloodied. One of the assailants, Sergeant Harley Willox, is now believed to be the acting superintendent of our local Maclean Police Station, and was - coincidentally - the investigating officer of our most recent break-in. Naturally, he refuses to discuss the matter when we are continually and speciously referred back to that position with our futile formal complaints. These formal complaints have been sent to every single higher link on the chain of command up to and including the Police Integrity Commission, The Police Commissioner, Police Minister, the Ombudsman, Independent Commission Against Corruption, Local Member, Premier and the Governor!  

We have now reached the astounding point where the Office of the New South Wales Governor has tendered formal complaints to the Office of the Premier of New South Wales about our so-called "offensive website" but NEITHER office dares reply in writing to our letters revealing evidence as published internationally. The information about the complaint from the Governor's Office was actually provided to us by the Premier's Office to whom the complaint was made.  

I recently telephoned Mr. Bob Sullivan, supervisor of the New South Wales Police's Child Protection Enforcement Agency, only to find my grievance sidelined as he threatened us repetitively with legal action. When I invited him to simply proceed, he screamed, "You'd LOVE THAT, wouldn't you!" That tells you a lot. He insisted that he talk personally with Mr. McDonnell and the next day similarly aggressively verbally attacked him. When Mr. McDonnell eventually asked, "I take it you're a Freemason?" Mr. Sullivan shrieked (loudly enough for Mrs. McDonnell to hear in the car parked next to the public telephone booth), "Who TOLD you that?!"  

The particulars of what was to follow the initial home invasion include a naive and futile search for justice through all the appropriate channels up to and including Shadow Police Minister, the Hon. Mr. Andrew Tink, who undertook in writing to pursue the matter further but never did. This quest for a hearing quickly led to grievous bodily harm for Mr. McDonnell's (now former) wife at the hands of two thugs named Smith and Strange, hired by Jim Shannon, a relative of the Hon. Mr. Causley. Just before she was punched senseless at 8:30 AM in a public park in Maclean, she was told to tell her husband to, "Lay off and don't go to the police". Only days earlier Mr. McDonnell wrote (former) NSW Police Commissioner Peter Ryan a letter detailing his problems. Mrs. McDonnell eventually recovered from her serious bruising and associated injuries, but was never asked by the local police to provide a statement. Little handwritten notes [ 1 , 2 ] (now published on the Internet) from Detective Sergeant Weir inviting off-the-record chats were all that were forthcoming, and indeed to this day, this is all that is on offer from the police. Nothing is ever committed to print. There is reason to believe that the assault victim's silence was bought. 

At one stage, Mr. Jim Dougherty, wealthy local business personality, audaciously and laughingly told Mr. McDonnell, from behind his desk at Westlawn Investments, (one of the organisations which stole funds from Mr. McDonnell's accounts) "We [Freemasons] have all got you stuffed!" 

Very recently, when Mr. McDonnell - thwarted by the Powers That Be - again visited the Grafton Police Station and again tried to report Constable Allan Shepherd (retired) as one of the assailants in the illegal police home invasion, that very night several pistol shots were heard by us here and by our two elderly neighbour couples, who were also alarmed. Constable Shepherd is alleged to be a local "hit man" and murderer of a local man whose family is still impotently seeking justice.  

Senior Detective Geoff Hodgson of Police Headquarters eventually (again) verbally misinformed Mr. McDonnell that he would be coming up from Newcastle to investigate this latest incident, but all these many empty verbal police promises have been broken. And when we then wrote to insist that these promised "investigations" be formally recorded in writing and also encompass Mr. McDonnell's grave allegations of a pederast ring protected by the police, nothing more was forthcoming. This pattern has been going on for many months and is recorded in great detail on our Website.

When, in growing alarm and despair, I telephoned Child Protection Enforcement Agency Supervisor Bob Sullivan, he haughtily and scornfully dismissed these un-investigated claims as, "NONSENSE!" and told me that we would never receive any replies in writing from any of the overseeing authorities we have formally complained to in writing, because, "We don't want to give you any credibility!" When I quietly pointed out that this chosen course of action was indeed leading to the opposite situation, given the rapid increase in international traffic to our site, he had no rejoinder. Officer Rick Palamara, also of the Child Protection Enforcement Agency, said this to me,  

"What I don't understand is: it's unbelievable that McDonnell hasn't just been interviewed because we'd soon find out if he was full of shit. " 

I attempted to explain to Officer Palamara that I thought it was not only because Mr. McDonnell's allegations are unbelievable - in spite of the published supporting documentary evidence - but he was also now being fobbed off because of the explosive political implications.  

We started our gigantic whistleblowers website in 1997, innocently trying to expose a local environmental scandal perpetrated by the Hon. Mr. Causley, who gave to a National Party supporter he described to me as "one of my oldest and dearest friends" - for a dollar an acre - the 492.5 hectare Pine Brush National Estate. It was registered in 1978 along with Kakadu, the Great Barrier Reef and the Sydney Opera House, by the Australian Heritage Commission as worthy of being preserved for future generations. Since 1997 the gaiaguys website has grown to almost 4000 files and 100 megabytes. In spite of apparent concerted hacking of our US based statistics server and New York Internet Service Provider (we were ultimately forced off shore three years ago by unfulfilled threats of legal action against our Lismore based ISP, by Hon. Mr. Causley), we have become a magnet for other whistleblowers. We now estimate that we are attracting somewhere in the neighbourhood of a half a million hits a day to our constantly updated website, which currently exposes to the glare of international scrutiny, detailed unchecked corruption and crime at all levels of society.  

We did not seek this dangerous and thankless burden. It was forced upon us by the institutionalised dishonesty that flourishes in a terrible synergy with the terrorism with which it is bound up. 

In March of 1997 I swore a solemn oath to the Hon. Mr. Harry Woods MP, our local Member, (in the presence of Mr. Terry Flanagan, the current ALP candidate, who, like his boss, also refuses to acknowledge our written initiatives to him) that if he continued to do nothing about the Pine Brush National Estate Scandal, we would not hesitate to publish on the World Wide Web, every piece of damning government documentation we purchased under Freedom of Information legislation.  

By the end of August our burgeoning website was launched and within weeks the first of three rounds of questions (with an unforthcoming written promise of a fourth from NSW Greens MLC Ms. Lee Rhiannon) were asked in Parliament, by Senator Bob Brown, NSW Greens MLC Ian Cohen and the Coalition Shadow Environment Minister, the Hon. Ms. Peta Seaton. We even had a Cabinet level enquiry, the results of which Premier Carr adamantly refuses to release as promised. These Parliamentary initiatives merely engendered one pack of demonstrable lies after another, and only weeks after the first questions were asked our neighbour was assassinated with one revolver shot to the back of his head, in what is believed by many to be a bizarre but credible case of mistaken identity. The man who was convicted of this murder, said to have been framed by the authorities, has reportedly already been released from prison. 

Terrorism demands secrecy. Because of the "total black ban" on this outrage, imposed by the mainstream media, few citizens are informed of the above facts, just as they are uninformed of particulars of the NSW anti-terrorism legislation. Just before Christmas, news of the tabling of this extraordinary legislation was eclipsed by media reports of the 40 life-threatening wildfires - deliberately lit within 30 minutes - ringing Sydney. These arson attacks coincided exactly with this proposed legislation being sent from the Senate to the Lower House for the debate that then never eventuated. This brings us to some incredible and internationally significant information that was overshadowed by the exquisitely timed public display of an historically significant semen stain on a blue cocktail dress worn by a Presidential Intern. 

I quote former United States Secretary of Defense in the Clinton administration, William S. Cohen, from an April 28, 1997 counterterrorism conference sponsored by former US Senator Sam Nunn. From the Department of Defense News Briefing, Questions and Answers at the Conference on Terrorism, Weapons of Mass Destruction, and United States Strategy at the University of Georgia, in Athens Georgia, USA.  

Defense Secretary Cohen, stated, "Others [terrorists] are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves. So there are plenty of ingenious minds out there that are at work finding ways in which they can wreak terror upon other nations. It's real, and that's the reason why we have to intensify our [counterterrorism] efforts."  

Know this. 

With a professional military technical background in microwave technology (radar), I am cognizant of the concept that the longitudinally polarized electromagnetic interferometers (scalar weapons) - secretly perfected over the last five decades by various countries - who do not consider themselves, as our Prime Minister does us, "friends and allies of America" - are quite capable of turning the various vast secret underground shelters, which are reserved for the elite to protect them from nuclear missiles, into unmarked graves.  

The World Wide Web - savvy Australian public is now rapidly growing aware of this, not to mention the illegal manipulation of our weather and our health in the form of "chemtrails" which float defiantly above us for all to see who are prepared to look, and how the monopolised mainstream media marches in lockstep with those now in power to suppress the truth as to the identity of the real terrorists and where the real dangers lie to our precious democracy that ex-servicemen like me are prepared to die to defend. 

Dismayed, we watch our naively patriotic young servicemen and women tearfully say goodbye to their families, many for the last time. Some of them ignorantly think the war they are being thrust into is all about democracy for Iraq or even fighting terrorism. Some might even think that it is about oil. Few if any have been exposed to the truth revealed to the Disclosure Project, and now comprehend that it is - inconceivably - really about Armageddon and the "Rapture", and it seems that this incredible scenario conceals an even more unbelievable, recently thwarted, ancient heinous objective to actually cull our entire species and breed what remains for slaves.  

Alarmed, in skies choked with smoke, we in the know now watch our beautiful country burning with flames so high that they are reported to be causing lightning strikes, in otherwise clear skies, which ignite the land before it. We see our nation's devastated capital, on the face of it, a deadly demonstration for our US allies, conceivably being the consequence of the January 13th warning from North Korea that they are prepared to "turn the citadel of imperialists into a sea of fire." Or more terrifying still, could it be another incredible deception, like those that have recently gone before on September 11th, 2001? And those our Director of the Disclosure Project, Dr. Steven M. Greer has been repeatedly informed about "by several highly placed media and intelligence sources" which represent Act Two of "9/11" and are yet in store for us, employed to bleed us and terrify us into a world united in terror and ignorance and war without end? 

Predictably, when we took it upon ourselves to write a letter about the Disclosure Project's terrifying discoveries to each our 222 Federal Parliamentarians, only 22 responded - none rationally. And when I recently wrote the Australian Bomb Data Centre about the explosion here and it's timing with the Bali terrorist attack, I didn't even get an acknowledgement of receipt. 

Walkly award winning journalist and current Editor of our local Grafton Daily Examiner put it like this to me in a telephone conversation last year, "What you have to understand is that you have had a total black ban put on your website. Unlike you, we [in the mainstream media] have hundreds of millions of dollars to lose. We can't afford to get sued. I have a large staff to support who rely on their paycheques to feed their families. My first responsibility is to them." If nothing else, this reveals an unthinkable degree of perilous international hegemony. 

We implore you in the strongest possible terms to rationally and carefully investigate for yourselves the logically corroborated scientific evidence, we now expose internationally, of globally organised terrorism, and be aware that a burgeoning use of the Internet by increasingly terrified Australian citizens is now leading to a dawning awareness among ordinary voters that there is a vast UFO cover-up. No commercial jetliner ever collided with the Pentagon. The Bali bomb appears to have been a tactical thermonuclear device planted by US/Israeli operatives. Weather war is the real cause of our current unprecedented drought and wildfire crisis. And there exist shadowy forces manipulating every branch of Australian government and private sector - with particular emphasis on the Intelligence Services, Military, Police, Legal fraternity, Judiciary and Law-makers. One powerful local aspect is Freemasonry, and its obscure international affiliations. You dismiss this fact at the cost of our national security whether you are prepared to display the intellectual courage to accept it or not. 

Ignorance is the real cause of fear. It seems only obvious that extreme ignorance is the real cause of terror. It also seems obvious that only accurately and adequately informed Australians can begin to win our real war on terror. 

Given our bitter experiences, as touched upon above, I have no faith in your organisation acting appropriately. Therefore I am publishing this email on our website. As time permits, I will be adding copious hypertext. 

Thank you for your attention and in anticipation of a prompt and genuine reply. 

Dyson A. Devine

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