Saturday, February 8th, 2003 was a big day for us.

It started with a HUGE chemtrail attack, then a strange late-model stationwagon drove into our clearing, did a quick three point turn and drove off as quietly as possible before we could find out any details. I've been here since 1977, and I've never seen that before.

At EXACTLY 12 noon our computer hard drive started going, "CLICK CLICK......CLICK CLICK......CLICK CLICK......CLICK CLICK......etc" and everything froze. We eventually leaned on the off button until everything stopped. Push the on button and eventually comes up "Cannot find operating system."

We rang our geek consultant and he says, "Sh-t! I dunno. Sounds pretty serious. Better take it back to the shop. It sounds like a major hardware problem that's not gonna just fix itself." So we phone around and contact a pair of close co-workers who immediately start PRAYING FIERCELY. An hour or so later, Vivienne pushes the on button again (like you do) and .... you guessed it.... it had passed as if in a bad dream.

So after an hour or so of enforced computer idleness, we got back on, uploaded, made up for lost time, etc. 6:30 comes and we take a break to watch the SBS TV news, around 6:45PM, (Feb 8th), we start to hear a strange sounding helicopter lurking around in the bush at a fairly low altitude about a km or three north north-northwest of us below the tree line, and after a few minutes we heard it approaching. Yup. You're way ahead of me. Our very first BLACK HELICOPTER! Just cruising along at under 1000 ft, at about 80 - 100 kph, headed due south, right over our clearing, just west of the roof. I got a VERY good look at it with good 10X50 field glasses. UNMARKED, BLACK, (with a big blob of very dark brown night camouflage on it's aft port side) military (Blackhawk?) attack helicopter with it's big central landing light on, and two huge external long-rang fuel tanks - the kind that extends its range to thousands of kms. Very mysterious and utterly ILLEGAL. But who do I telephone? So what do I do? Shoot it down? (I could have.)

On Monday morning the obvious answer came to me. Phone the National Security Hotline! Of course. So I did, and ... guess what ... they got all excited, as if they BELIEVED me and maybe had even been tracking it, and were grateful for the added intelligence. I had a nice talk with the very fast talking young man and told him we were official Disclosure Project reps. and that I'd written a letter which I thought had been inadequately responded to. I also said I was still waiting for a reply to my request for permission (!) to make a link. He was very sincere (sounding) and professional and said he'd review all this info, and someone would be ringing me back that same day to get more details. For a while there, I almost had my faith restored in the system. When will I learn? They are just like all the others ... never rang and I don't expect them to, so eventually, I'll add the National Security Hotline to our huge and growing list of treasonous public sector traitors to Australia's democracy.

February 13th update


Seems the war is hotting up. At 7:20pm, 12.2.03 we had a late model 2 engine fixed wing civilian aircraft come in from the WNW and do a 150 degree loop over us, to head off to the south. I took a poxy pic with our little digi camera and when we downloaded the shots the one with the aircraft had something else in the shot too. No bugs about, birds, or dirt on lens. Interesting. (See below .jpg) We do not know what to make of it but to remark that it certainly contains sufficient requisite semi-plausible deniability. Pity we got all our expensive photography equipment stolen (twice).

Not spectacular.


Since the National Security Hotline doesn't seen to care sufficiently about suspicious behaviour to contact us again, as promised, for the details of the illegal unmarked black helicopter (which was apparently not one of our RAAF inventory!), if - in the future - they decide they want to know about the unidentified flying objects here they can go to this website like everybody else.

These traitors haven't even replied to my polite email asking for PERMISSION (bah!) to provide links to their dinky little website!

They would be aware that us landowners in remote and rural Australia are required by law to keep our acreages free of noxious vermin, and we are legally armed with ancient but well-maintained high-powered licensed shoulder arms with telescopic sights accordingly. They would also be aware that ridgy-didge, dinky-di bushies (the real Australians) are hardly going to sit back and allow illegal unmarked foreign (?) aircraft to violate our sovereign air space even if the men now in charge of the RAAF do. And be aware also that we have been told that we are at war - formally declared or otherwise - and whether we like it or not - and you guys in the unmarked (and unarmoured) black helicopters are criminals. You've got the technical lead and can outgun us, but all Jahbulon's damned minions won't help you if you think Australia won't ferociously defend herself if attacked.

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