Gaia - what does that word mean?   

(Vivienne Legg and Dyson Devine long ago.)

The philosophy that enlivens this website

Our website construction is entirely solar powered


We are both former Official Disclosure Project Representatives.

"gaiaguys" (pronounced like : guy-a-guys) is the name that Vivienne and I chose for our email address when we still naively thought we could maintain a shred of our once treasured - now utterly abandoned - anonymity.

We are not a commercial, political or religious organisation of any kind.

We're just two public spirited and morally obliged untrained, unpaid volunteer community workers (thinking globally and acting locally) with the rotten luck to live right next door to a place that has proven to be one of the most botanically critical in the whole world, suffering at the hands of Public Sector criminals who we are utterly determined to expose.

The equivalent of more than several years' modest income has now been sunk into this struggle to expose the truth.

We love our wonderful country, and we love our beautiful planet.

When something you love is dirtied, you try to clean it up. When something you love is attacked, you try to defend it.

Our original  banner's motto, "Fortitudine vincimus", roughly translated from Latin is: "By endurance we conquer".

Here's the much more up to date blurb, as taken from the links page of


"What began in 1997 as a rank amateur WWW attempt by Australians Vivienne and Dyson to blow the whistle on a local environmental scandal, has been nourished and then engulfed by cosmic events, and now provides a window into the sordid corruption of the governance of Earth at all levels.

Having signed on as Official Disclosure Project Representatives, this couples' organically labyrinthine gaiaguys website has developed into an enormous information resource which uniquely connects the three primary identified ET enlightenment initiatives. One, the Disclosure Project, is a Terrestrial project. The other two are Billy Meier's mission, and those gigantic and stunningly complicated forms in fields known as "crop circles". Encouraged by firm public evidence of Extraterrestrial participation in their lonely work, inspired by the renewed teachings of Jmmanuel and adhering to Natural Law, the gaiaguys survive by their motto, "Fortitudine vincimus" - by endurance, we conquer."


 Here are a few more quotes about our early website work

Before you start your legal action, don't forget to read our exhaustive disclaimer which we simply pinched off a state government website, and substituted our own name. It reads like satire. Isn't anyone responsible for anything anymore?


In an attempt to better distribute our energy around this website we have introduced these icons for those occasions when, for instance, one of us wants to pursue some area that the other hasn't had time to fully check, or when we can't always agree, or can't agree when it is timely to do so, or when the comment is written in the first person, singular. So what it basically means is that areas marked with these icons are particularly the responsibility of that particular author.

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What are the origins of these strange symbols?


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