Extraterrestrial Contact

 The Evidence and Implications

by Dr. Steven M. Greer.  

Chapter 24  Pages 152-154

The United Kingdom Wave Of The 1990s

Triangular Craft And More

    Flying triangles - huge, silent, low- and slow-flying, yet capable of acceleration at extremely high speeds. We began to learn of these objects during the massive Belgium wave beginning in 1990, CSETI activated its first investigative team to do real-time research in March of 1992 (see UFOs over Belgium, by Steven M. Greer M.D.), Over 2,000 sightings were registered in Belgium" many of them by law enforcement and military personnel. Indeed, the triangle had been tracked on both civilian and military radar through maneuvers and exhibiting speeds far in excess of that which any conventional or experimental aircraft could be capable.
    In 1992, UFO activity increased dramatically in Scotland. Set- tled in the towns and valleys between Edinborough and Glasgow, reports started coming in with regularity. One particular town, Bonnybridge, seemed to be the focal point of the flap. A close-knit community of about 5,500 people, young and old alike have reported numerous sightings of various craft, including the triangles. Bonnybridge Councillor Bill Buchanan stated in August of 1996, "to my knowledge, 3,000 people have seen something unusual in our skies during the past few years And there may be many more who have been afraid to come forward." [Daily Mail, (London) Weekend section, August 3, 1996]
    In the early years of the wave, most sightings involved balls of light, often spinning and maneuvering among themselves, or black discs. In the mid-1990's, sightings of triangular craft were often reported. Skysearch Scotland, an investigative group led by the Malcolm family in Falkirk, began amassing not only reports but videotape footage of, what appeared to be lights in triangular formation, balls of light, and black triangular-shaped hovering craft. Witnesses reported seeing these objects dive into the sea or emerge from it. Several Bonnybridge area residents recounted Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind, or human-interactive experiences. A young gentleman from Armadale told of an 35-40 foot bar-shaped object that came rapidly down from the sky during a lightning storm. It flew low over the ~edge rows and passed directly over the man's car, then came to a halt in a field. The witness reported, "it just sat there, hovering silently, about 15 feet off the ground. I got out of the car and pointed my halogen lamp at it to get a better look. Immediately, the bulb blew. Then my headlights went out. I tried the car ignition, but it wouldn't start. Suddenly, the thing lept up and reversed at incredible speed over the top of the car." [Ibid.] The witness called the police on his cell phone, but it was an hour later than when the sighting occurred. The gentleman cannot account for the missing hour. After his vehicle was towed back to town, the electrical system functioned perfectly once more.
    Starting in 1994, a spate of sightings of huge triangular craft began to come in from England. Most reports came from the Midlands and to the north. However, several reports were received from the southwest of England. Each incident had remarkable similarities. Eye witnesses reported the triangular craft to be dark or black, blending in with the night sky. The craft often had a light at each apex of the triangle, and a different type of light in the center. The huge objects flew at a low altitude and a low speed. They were either totally silent or emitted a slight humming noise.
    In the summer of 1996, a family was coming home to Glastonbury in southwestern England about dusk on a Sunday evening. Suddenly, "the driver- the father-noticed a dark, silent shape pacing the car. The entire family observed a huge triangular craft at low altitude above them. After observing it for a bit, the object was seen to simply vanish. [ Personal correspondence, CSETI. "] In October and November of 1996, significant waves of sightings of black triangles occurred in the United Kingdom, including a hot Spot in the Cardigan Bay area of West Wales where numerous sightings were reported within these two months.
    Two articles in The Sunday Times (London) in August of 1996 report that the triangular craft has been identified as an experimental craft unveiled by the U.S. Air Force and NASA in August 1996. The articles speculate that because of a near collision with a 747 commercial
jet in 1995, the government had come clean. Rumors have sur- faced since 1995 of an experimental triangular craft sighted in California and Nevada which was called "The Flying Dorito," no doubt not its official name. According to The Sunday Times, the "wave- rider" craft was proposed in the 1950s by British scientist Terrence Nonweiler. The account goes on to give specifications of the craft- capable of speeds in excess of 3,000 m.p.h.; "surfs" on the air; low speed flight and ability to float or hover near ground level (termed "LoFlyte"). The article further cites avionics experts who claim the triangle cannot be traced by radar and that a computer "flies" the craft because human pilots are unable to perform all of its complex maneuvers [. The Sundny Times, London, August 11, 1996, as reported by Greg Little, Alternate Perceptions magazine, Issue #36, Fall 1996.]
    While a significant percentage of triangular craft sightings since August
1996, particularly in the United States, may possibly be attributed to this experimental "LoFlyte" craft, it certainly does not account for them all. All of these events predate the release of any such experi- mental aircraft: The important and impressive wave in Belgium beginning in 1991; the sighting of a huge triangular craft dipping down from the clouds observed by the CSETI investigative team in Belgium in March 1992; the triangular craft encountered at close range by a CSETI team in Mexico in February 1993; and the statement made to the press in 1995 by Admiral of the Fleet Lord Hil1~Norton, comment- ing on the impressive wave in Belgium and the many reported sightings from the United Kingdom, that perhaps the Ministry of Defense was withholding information from the public on ET spacecraft.
The mystery of the gigantic triangular craft is far from solved. Sightings continue to be reported around the world to the present

(see UFOs over Belgium, by Steven M. Greer M.D.)


Excerpts from 'Extraterrestrial Contact: The Evidence and Implications' by Dr. Steven M. Greer.  

"It is imperative that we accept--and report--all the facts, and then analyze their meaning in a calm and non-hysterical manner. With the information and experiences we collectively posses thus far, we can neither proclaim these ET beings to be sinister Darth Vader space conquerors, nor can we assert that they are perfect space gods. Our polarization on this question is one of the chief manifestations of a collective hysteria which is at once pervasive and unproductive. And the greatest task facing us is the elimination of this hysteria and the transcendence of our own fear."



Your website authors are both Official Disclosure Project Representatives.

 The weight of this testimony, along with supporting government documents and other evidence, establishes beyond any doubt the reality of UFOs, extraterrestrial vehicles and life forms, and advanced energy and propulsion technologies resulting from the study of these objects. 

"A clear and on-going threat to the national security and world peace has arisen due to unsupervised actions that have led to the targeting and downing of these extraterrestrial objects. Related covert plans are in place to weaponize space. Since it can be proven that we are sharing space with other civilizations, it is critical that a full disclosure of this subject take place and that the National Missile Defense System/SDI be re-evaluated by policy makers in this new light."

(Dr Steven Greer, Disclosure Project Director. 2001 Background Briefing Points for Congressional Hearings and Legislation.)


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