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Added August 13th, 2007:  U.S. President George W. Bush (Order of Death - a.k.a. "Skull & Bones") and Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai (Master Freemason)

This item (below) was on page 7 of the (Australian) DAILY TELEGRAPH, October 28th, 2004, and we include it here to not only show Prime Minister Howard's classic Freemasonic handshake (which would have understandably infuriated obvious non-Freemason Mark Latham) but how the mainstream press is just starting to wake up, and is now increasingly making attempts like these to communicate to those of us who have already had the scales fall from our eyes. This is achieved by writing the prose in the slanted (in the favor of The Brotherhood) form demanded by Freemason editors, while highlighting the "secret' handshake. This "sailing close to the wind" provides cheap thrills for these sickos, and is how they win status in each others' eyes. Careful observation of the magnified insert will show that Mark Latham's thumb is in the conventional position. This is the way normal men traditionally shake hands, or fellow Freemason Bonesmen, when they chicken out in front of the cameras, as in the 3rd debate (directly below). Notice George's bulgy back?

George does NOT do masonic handshakes on TV.

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“I will assist a Companion Royal Arch Mason when I see him engaged in any difficulty, and will espouse his cause so far as to extricate him from the same, whether he be right or wrong.”  Malcolm C. Duncan, Duncan’s Masonic Ritual and Monitor, p.230. Blood on the Altar

Latham defend the handshake that branded him a bully

Shaken, rattled, rolled


 Chief Political Reporter


October 28th, 2004
MARK Latham yesterday invoked the flapping arm defence to explain the most notorious handshake of the six-week election campaign.
The power grab took place in an ABC office just before the October 9 election, and cost Mr Latham votes. He had taken John Howard's offered hand and then advanced on its owner until they were almost nose to nose.
To many, Mr Latham was menacingly shirt-fronting the much smaller Mr Howard.
Yesterday the Labor Leader denied he was being overly aggressive - he was just trying to stop the Prime Minister flapping his arm.
'He has an unusual handshaking style," Mr Latham said.
"I've found with experience the easiest way to shake his hand is to get a bit closer rather than [allow] the flapping style he had been using earlier in the campaign. So I don't think there is any big deal in that." The encounter took place outside a studio doorway and Mr Latham said the area was crowded, which required him to get closer than usual.
"I came out of the studio and shook his hand. It was a crowded room and I can assure you the handshake from the other end was very vigorous and he was flapping around," he said. "I don't enjoy a handshake that is more an armshake. I think it should be a handshake and with Mr Howard, to avoid the flapping, you've got to get a bit closer to him."
Whatever the reason, it wasn't a pleasant scene and yesterday Liberal campaign director Brian Loughnane said he had received mote feedback about it than from any other campaign incident.
"People didn't know who Mark Latham was. They're still not entirely sure but they have significant reservations about him," Mr Loughnane told the National Press Club.
"I think the handshake was one of those things that encapsulated the doubts they had about him.
"I think it was one of those insights which occur that say something fundamental about the individual."
He said voters already were wary of the Labor Leader and that "what they did know of him did not fill them with confidence".
"Mr Latham came. to the leadership with a reputation for colourful and strong language which, while many people might use it themselves, they do not like to hear it from their leaders," Mr Loughnane said. "He had a reputation for abusing others - everyone from the US President to ALP colleagues and Liberal opponents."

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Coming to grips  THIS head-to-head moment between Mark Latham and John Howard the day before the October 9 election is credited with turning voters off the Labor leader. In his defence, Mr Latham yesterday denied the radio station stand-off was a show of aggression on his part. He suggested it was John Howard's weak handshake (inset) that drew him towards the PM. "I don't enjoy a handshake that is more an armshake-flapping style," Mr Latham said. "I think it should be a handshake."

Almost a year later, we get Mark Latham's explanation.

ANDREW DENTON: What happened with that handshake?

MARK LATHAM: Well I, I, look I think that was a bit a gee-up in terms of the, the Liberal guy saying that, he would say that of course, wouldn't he, and our polling showed that on the last night of the campaign if people looked at that my numbers went up actually rather than going down.

ANDREW DENTON: Your own campaign ...

MARK LATHAM: But but, but only after the election. It's part of the mythology where the winners get to write the history of what they think happened and they were spinning that out there that this was some terrible slur on my character. I suppose I was in a situation where there'd been a bit of background about these handshakes right through the election campaign.

ANDREW DENTON: Explain the background.

MARK LATHAM: Well the background was that at the start of the campaign Howard would come up and do this flappy handshake and I think it's, I don't want to mean any offence here but I think it was a little man's thing where ...


MARK LATHAM: ... They sort of try and, the little guy's putting the squeeze on to show that he can match it with the bigger guy in a physical sense. So you know, and at the start I thought it was quite amusing that this little man's going like this and trying to break my hand and squeeze as tight as he could, it was quite funny. It was funny up to the point where the Sunday before the election out at the St George Rugby League grand final lunch he did the same thing to my wife, and she turned to me and said, that that guy there just tried to break my hand, it really, really hurt...


MARK LATHAM: ...And she's like this after one of these flappy Howard handshakes with too much force. Well I thought well you know we're not going to have any more of that.


MARK LATHAM: If he wants to, wants to have a test of physical strength the next time I see him he might work it out that he shouldn't do that my wife.

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The below television screen-capture was gratefully received by gaiaguys from an anonymous supporter of the truth, and plainly shows THAT Freemasonic handshake from The Reverend Brother Howard again.

We don't know if the nameless voter pictured here was demonstrating yet another arcane and secret Freemasonic sign, or was merely caught at the moment of conducting "the Australian Salute", also known as, waving off the bloody flies, which are a feature of the warmer months of Australia, as anyone who has been here then knows all too well.

Below: Australia's Freemason Head of State, the Honourable General Michael Jeffery, from his own official website . These are the ninth and twenty-first photographs from the top. We are informed that His Excellency joined The Craft relatively recently in order to get the top job.

Here's another really significant one which symbolically sealed the USA/Australian "Free Trade Agreement"




Freemason STEVE CANSDELL is the National Party Member of Parliament for our state seat of Clarence. Please visit his very popular UNOFFICIAL HOMEPAGE


 Brethren Parliamentarians Ian Causley and the current Premier of NSW, Morris Iemma)




Above: Presidents George H.W. Bush and his son, President George W. Bush share a secret handshake.

Below: world famous professional "Christians" exchange their secret masonic/satanic handshakes

This one, below, has got to win the prize for mind-blowing!

Brother (now "Ex") President Saddam Hussein and Brother (now U.S. Secretary of Defense) Donald Rumsfeld!?

(Sorry about the terrible "screen capture", but you can still make out the position of Saddam's thumb.)

Many of you would have already seen this infamous meeting between these two Reverend Brothers which took place way, way back in the 1980s while The Butcher of Baghdad was still America's friend and employee against The Evil (Iranian) Ayatollah Khomeini.

But look again at Saddam's thumb! There it is, fellow "profane" ... that old familiar handshake of the cockroaches!

The Brother Inspector: I am willing to practice revenge against all traitors of the Freemasonry.

THE VERY SOVEREIGN: I must announce to you that the man may be someone that you know. Possibly even a friend of yours, with whom you may have very strong ties. In that case you must suppress all your fellow-feelings, to only keep the feelings of revenge.

Excerpts from the Ritual for the Degree of the Elect of Nine (9th degree of Freemasonry)

(From one of our little summaries)

And now, off to CHINA!

(You didn't think this scourge was unique to the West, did you?)

Brother Jiang Zemin, below

And Brother Hu Jintao, below, with North Korea's dictator (left) Kim Jong Il.

(Would he be one too!?)

To the Middle East!

The Israeli (right) and Palestinian (left) Ministers for Tourism exchange fraternal greetings.

Thanks to SBS-TV news, November 25th, 2004

Thanks to SBS-TV news, November 27th, 2004

 PM Tony Blair of the United Kingdom (left) and PM Bertie Ahern of Ireland in front of 10 Downing Street.

European Union President  Durao-Barroso and his Brother George


Flamboyant Australian Foreign Minister Alexander "it-wasn't-anything-to-do-with-paedophilia" Downer greets his East Timorese and German counterparts.

Please visit the Official Webpage of the Australian Foreign Affairs Minister The Honourable Alexander Downer

"Wait a minute!", I hear you cry, "Surely ALL these men can't be Freemasons! What does a non-Freemason handshake look like anyway?"

I'm glad you asked. Believe it or not, Prince "talks-to-plants" Charles is NOT a Mason, in spite of the fact that his Mum is the head of them!

It was apparently a crushing blow to The Firm, mind you. Now you know why the corporate media ridicules him so much.

His elder son, Prince William also does not display masonic handshakes.

The expression, "like rats off a sinking ship" springs to mind.


No caption required.

Her Excellency Doctor Marie Bashir, the Governor of the state of New South Wales.

Interestingly, a quick search for images of Her Excellency (right, in photos below) shaking hands shows that she seems to be displaying what looks very much like the old master mason (formerly) secret handshake.

Is the Governor of our state of New South Wales a member of the Order of the Eastern Star (a.k.a. Lucifer)?

We think it would be an ironclad requirement of the position.

 The Honourable (Master Mason) Chris Ellison, Australian Minister for Justice

Senator Chris Ellison (right), and His Excellency Mr Thomas Schieffer, United States Ambassador, US Consul-General ... at the signing of a landmark reciprocal agreement between Australia and the United States on 8 May 2004.  This agreement will allow the deployment of US air marshals on US-registered flights and Australian Air Security Officers on Australian flights to and from Australia and the United States.


Photo courtesy Grant turner, Sydney Morning Herald

"America is proud to count Australia as a skilled and decisive ally. We have much yet to do in Afghanistan and Iraq to defeat freedom's enemies and consolidate the gains for democracy, but we will honour our commitments and we will remain on the offensive against the forces of extremism and violence". USAmerica's President of Vice, Dic Cheney, exchanging a fraternal handshake with fellow Freemason, Australia' Prime Minister, John Winston Howard during Cheney's visit to Australia in February 200.

Don't they look like clones? Right sown to the same tie.

Note that the flag, which would have been an older model stored for such occasions, does not display the more recently common Freemasonic gold fringe?

Of course Russian President Putin gives Freemason handshakes.


August 7th, 2007:  U.S. President George W. Bush (Order of Death - a.k.a. "Skull & Bones") and Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai (Master Freemason)        [From German TV - Deutsche Welle]

Another one from taken in March 2007 before Bush had completely wiped the grin of Karzai's face with all the civilian artillery and bombing massacres in Afghanistan.

Now virtual masonic handshakes!

An interesting news item in the Sydney Morning Herald illustrated with a master-mason grip

Virtual touch at our fingertips

Date: September 20 2007
Richard Gray

SCIENTISTS have developed a means of shaking hands across continents. Using the internet, the new technology can transmit such properties as grip, movement, even skin texture - everything, in fact, but actual physical contact.

A device that allows computer users to "feel" things online means old friends thousands of kilometres apart could shake hands for the first time in years, a mother could soothe her child's troubled brow from miles away or even send a kiss via the web.

With the aid of tiny motors and pressure pads built into a glove, users can transmit information about the position of their fingers, strength of touch and even the feel of their skin.

Professor Alan Marshall, from the department of electrical-engineering at Queen's University, Belfast, who has been developing the "haptic" or touch technology, believes it will make using the internet a far more "complete" experience.

He tested a prototype of the technology by conducting a virtual handshake between one person in Belfast and another at BT's research laboratories in Ipswich.

The pair could see each other on their monitors and were able to feel their hands grasping, despite being more than 480 kilometres apart.

Marshall is now developing the technology so internet users will be able to "feel" their way around and even handle products while shopping online.

"Haptic devices give the illusion of actually being able to shake hands, or move an object like a cup around a screen while actually feeling what it is like," says Marshall.

He expected haptic devices to be common within about five years, perhaps even replacing the computer mouse.

Telegraph, London

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Be patient.



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