Exopolitical Exercise

> An Exopolitical Exercise
> By Ed Komarek
> 1/19/07
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> It might be a useful exercise for those with a interest in
> exopolitics to pose and then answer the following question. If a
> benevolent off world civilizations were to make itself overtly
> known to the people of earth and you were asked to be liaison and
> accepted that challenge, what would your address to earth peoples
> be? I found myself in a dream last night doing exactly this and my
> speech went something like the following.
> An advanced civilization not of this earth has now make itself
> publicly known to the peoples of earth. They have asked me to act
> as a liaison between their people and ours and I have accepted.
> This has been confirmed to you. I know you have many questions and
> I will try to answer to the best of my ability. A first question
> might be to ask why the need for a liaison? They would answer that
> they deem it best for all parties that interaction between their
> peoples and ours develop gradually. In their opinion the best way
> to now overtly buffer a evolving interaction is to continue to
> limit direct interaction between parties to a level that is
> acceptable and beneficial to both. Liaison interactions partly
> serve to address this issue.
> As most of you now know there has been in place a gradual covert
> acclamation program in progress for a long time and now it has come
> time for open limited contact. You will now be given the time to
> digest and process what is truly a profound revelation so that you
> may freely decide how you wish to respond to their now overt presence.
> Another question on minds of many is how do I know that these
> peoples not of this earth are really our friends. This is a
> important question and a teacher once said, "Judge a tree by it's
> fruits." By this is meant that one can never be truly be sure of a
> relationship until over time it gives fruit and if the fruit is
> good and beneficial then the tree is also good. This takes time
> and I like you will be watching. You are to be reminded that the
> universe if a very big place and there will and are those coming to
> earth that don't have your best interests in mind and you will
> have address this issue amongst yourselves. In doing so remember
> the old adage, "Birds of a feather flock together."
> Yes I have friends in high places but you must remember that I too
> am of this earth and I am sure my activities and relationships will
> be thoroughly researched covertly and overtly. You will see that I
> like you have experienced earth's challenges and I like you have
> both assets and liabilities. I was chosen because my character was
> deemed sufficient for the task at hand as well that I have taken
> the trouble to become knowledgeable in these matters and so am
> prepared for this.
> The following days, weeks, months and years will present great
> challenges and I would ask you to not become overcome by fear. Be
> careful and cautious in your deliberations and actions of course,
> but proceed in a constructive and enlightened manner. Thank you.



It's already happened and, as a result, we have received 24,000 pages
of information and six categories of irreproducible physical
evidence. Nonetheless, humanity has proven itself to be stubbornly
ignorant and arrogant. In fact, instead of valuing the gift that's
kept on giving for the last 65 years, some people prefer to ignore it
and do funny things...such as create imaginary, redundant scenarios
in which they themselves are somehow at the center of the historical
situation, portraying it as some Disneyesque walk in the park with
cameras rolling.

But would they have what it takes to survive the vilification,
character attacks and assassination attempts that actually were
directed against a real contactee by a thankless humanity? Not
likely. In the make believe world of "exopolitics", where "many
benevolent ET races" already have a "presence here on earth", the
real underlying motivation to their escapism is the predictable dream
of self importance and celebrity status, with some high-priced
"preparation for ET contact" seminars sold for good measure (and

A few suggestions to all "exopolitical" activists. Take a look at the
real world around you. Read a few interesting and difficult things
like the Henoch Prophecies. Then see if you can figure out why any
highly intelligent, more advanced race would care to come and mingle
here among the degenerate barbarians. And contemplate why you think
they'd want to create photo ops and sound bites for any of the
inhabitants of a planet who were too stupid to see what a suicidal
bunch of kool-aid drinkers they'd become, as they deliberately defy
all warnings given by this demonstrably wise and generous race, as
well as good ol' common sense of the earthly variety.

Michael Horn



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